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About Me

  1. So, presently I am using MAME64 v. 191. I saw that 193 just came out over the holidays and I wanted to move to the newest version of the emulator, but at the same time I want to keep all the configurations I have done to my version of MAME. I also like my current UI okay, but can't seem to find the same UI for 193. Can anybody help? Just to clarify, I included a screenshot showing how my current UI is for MAME, in case it has a special name I am not aware of (From my understanding MAMEUI64 is different).
  2. Just a simple demonstration of my Nintendo 3DS eShop set up in BigBox with the Citra emulator.The snaps are from other platforms as there are no eShop snaps available yet. Some games work well, some not so much and some just crash. The 3d boxes can be downloaded here:
  3. Requested tutorial last week sorry it took so long to make it... included is exclusive Nox App PLayer PDF user guide 1. you will need one or 2 programs #XPadder or #JoyToKey for this tut I am using Xpadder because I have a wireless xbox 360 controller use whichever you prefer... Make sure the controller is plugged in and turned on... lol 2. Open any game of your choice inside of Nox 3. click the option in left panel that looks like a joystick called #controller configuration 4. if your device not there click refresh until it appears then hit connect...
  4. Alright, so I am presently using a mixture of MAME and Demul for my Launchbox rig. I love that Demul has functionality for not just Dreamcast, but also for Sega Naomi/Naomi 2 and Sammy Atomiswave as well. Overall, Demul is great for all my purposes and I have it pretty seamlessly integrated with the rest of my Bigbox lineup, complete with a key bound to quit. However, it recently came to my attention that my high scores have not been saving in the various Naomi games I have. I first realized then when I inputted the code in Cannon Spike's bios to unlock hidden characters, only for them to be g
  5. So, I'm trying to get my tankstick set up with MAME so that NEO GEO games use a different config from other games. I see this is already built into the X-arcade.cfg file I put in the ctrlr directory a while ago, but I realize it is looking for a 'neogeo' system. Right now, I don't think this is set up, since it is currently not formatted according to what it says. Right now, it's using "Ctrl, Alt, Space, X", but I want to use "C, Shift, Z, X" as seen in the X-Arcade.cfg. How do I define what games are part of the 'neogeo' system in mame as displayed in X-Arcade.cfg?
  6. Hi There, Any experience with the Intel Apollo Lake N4200 processor and the Dolphin Wii emulator? How's the performance on DX12 and/or Vulkan? Is there anyone who can tell me if this processor gives a reasonable performance for Wii? Thx a lot!
  7. https://www.libretro.com/index.php/category/blog/
  8. Hello all hope everyone of you all had a fun retro-tastic week thus far and knowing the weekend will pass by again. Maybe this could become possible, I've been constantly organizing my library on retro gaming l was wondering if anyone on the community uses the snes9x emulator on with or without lunchbox or not, I've then went over my emulator's settings (onto snes9x) the games run smooth and all, but there is this one common annoyance that's driving me up the wall , haven't loaded any SNES ROM (just the roms only not any of the save states) I've added to my library its very diff
  9. I have googled, I have researched, have studied, have watched tons of tuts, I have tested etc... If anyone from this community has this emu successfully running I'd love to know how the hell you did it! Off topic: my sega dream cast emu works fine just one small issue... days ago it started up only booting GTA 2? no matter what game I launch from LB it only plays gta 2 why and how do fix this issue... fyi for those few always complaining and moaning about google etc... unlike most ppl if I have a fix for someone I am going to share it with them! I am not going to send them elsewher
  10. Changes: -- 0.9.45: -- May 29, 2017: Tweaked netplay sound buffer underrun kludge code. The netplay server host and port being connected to are now printed to the netplay console at the beginning of a connection attempt. Netplay connection attempts to servers are now non-blocking. May 25, 2017: SS: Synchronize end of SMPC clock change commands to beginning of vsync instead of beginning of vblank, per tests on a SS. May 23, 2017: SS: Reworked how the VDP2 rendering thread waits, to make Saturn emulation usable with the default OpenBS
  11. Some Australian guy named Brad was making a "Windows 3X emulator" to use 16bits apps on a x64 PC We haven't any news since November 2016. I think that the project is dead, He also wrote an awesome blog about this "emulator" and his progress Twitter Project page Project blog
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Border/Overlay/Bezel for Super Mario World (4 Color Variants). Designed for use with retroarch on 16:9 displays. Unzip and drop the .png and config file in 'Overlays' folder in retroarch directory.
  13. Super Mario World - Bezel Overlay View File Border/Overlay/Bezel for Super Mario World (4 Color Variants). Designed for use with retroarch on 16:9 displays. Unzip and drop the .png and config file in 'Overlays' folder in retroarch directory. Submitter nadonate Submitted 06/02/2017 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  14. Do we have a real Zapper USB compatible with these emulators?
  15. I saw that android is a platform option bt how the hell do we use it.. I mean I have nox on my systems but it doesn't even install to a normal location so its impossible to locate the app exe... Can this be done with bluestacks? Again giving me files I don't have a clue about using with the movies is pointless... I created an acoount I got my API key etc but how the heck do we add movies to launchbox?
  16. While building my youtube & progetto scraper, i noticed that there is not a single public resource to view and maybe get video previews of ALL systems. This is the reason why i have started the channel "Archive of Game Emulation" or AGE for short. Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFnHbktEWR_1gozbUuXr6A/ I'm currently uploading all my amiga videos, which is gonna take a while because i can only upload 50 - 100 videos every day and i have collected LOTS of previews for other systems over the years. If you have any interest, please subscribe, as every subscription h
  17. Hi, I'm using Retroarch virtualjaguar_libreto.dll to run my Atari Jaguar games, and am running into a lot of issues. The games that are working fine are fun, but it seems to be running a hair too fast. Any tips on slowing this down a touch? Also I'm having trouble using that core with the following games: Battlesphere (not loading) Club Drive (retroarch crashes after driving for a second or two) Cybermorph (sound seems to not work for everything) Iron Soldier (won't get past gun assign screen) Tempest 2000 (super choppy at menus and transitions) Dino Dudes (screen cut off o
  18. Looks like the switch has a rudimentary hack already, how long till we can run emulators I wonder? http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2017-has-nintendo-switch-already-been-hacked
  19. This is a brand new gaming web series of mine I hope you enjoy it enough to tune in each week for exciting new episodes! I have plenty of Mugen games but I decided to pick this one since is one of the most popular Mugens out to date with really interesting gameplay.... catch the show here: Retro Gaming Channel Game Info: Mugen Souls features a free-roaming battle map, turn-based combat, and massive amounts of customization and growth to maximize the fun players can have with the game.Expansive worlds to explore: Travel freely on each world to explore and find treasures
  20. Since we actually have a game theme designed for android is it possible to emulate it through Launchbox like with Nox or Bluestacks?
  21. extensive searching, testing, researching, coding... does anyone have this system and a correct working method to get it running on Launchbox?
  22. Here is a guide to setup the ROM Collection Browser on your Kodi device. Before doing this you need: Emulator on your device/computer ROMs Without the above this guide is useless, but I will presume you have them as that is why you have landed on this page. The ROM Collection Browser is, as the name suggests, just a browser. It scans your ROM library and allows you to pick which ROM you want to launch in your external emulator. First we need to add some sources to your Kodi File Manager. These are local sources for your Emulator and your ROMs. If they are located in the sa
  23. ive look all over the net back and fourth and tuts i did fine just were so off and all over the place... I have spent far too long trying to set up DEmul emu on my laptop my brain is friend im doing other things and this is holding me up. i know how to set it up wih launchbox but because of my extreme OCD i like to test all my work on my laptop before adding it to lb. can someone anyone please tell me how to correctly set this thing up.
  24. I have setup CEMU in Launchbox, I have -g in the default command line parameters but every time I try to launch a game, I get the message "Unable to open file" I am loading .wud's. When manually opening them through cemu they play fine. I thought that maybe since I was loading the isos from a network drive that was possibly the issue so I mapped the network location as a drive and that had no change. I am on Launchbox 7.6 currently
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