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About Me

  1. I have setup CEMU in Launchbox, I have -g in the default command line parameters but every time I try to launch a game, I get the message "Unable to open file" I am loading .wud's. When manually opening them through cemu they play fine. I thought that maybe since I was loading the isos from a network drive that was possibly the issue so I mapped the network location as a drive and that had no change. I am on Launchbox 7.6 currently
  2. Hi there! I'm having issues with Launchbox and Cemu. When I go to play a game, it just opens Cemu, but doesn't open the game itself. I tried Cemu outside of Launchbox and it launches games perfectly with no issues. Has anyone had this problem? Is there a setting in Cemu that I need to implement that will enable Launchbox to open the emulation AND game? Any assistance with this will be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hi there, For some reason, Retroarch through Launchbox will not open any of my PS1 games. When I double-click the game, nothing even opens. When I opened open Retroarch outside of Launchbox, the game doesn't open either. I've switched to ePSXe, but I like the Retroarch much better. I'm using Mednafen. Doesn't that emulator open .bin files? Am I using the wrong files? I've tried both .bin and .cue files and both don't work. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hi, IVe been away for a while, and came back recently to my Launchbox project. I am looking for a cheap (ideally), yet very reliable 2 to 4 contreller setup, wirelessly. I curently have 1 DS3, 2 DS4, but needing one for ps4 limit my choices. I was wondering what people use nowadays, if there are any end-all, be-all piece of software to manage controllers (Windows 10 is giving me a pain). I currrently tried different solutions, but nothing coclusive yet. Thanks in advance!~
  5. Morning All I seen Launchbox the other day and loved the work being done here. I have since donated and become a lifetime supporter. However i got to the the PS1 emulation and hit a wall. I have some games that are (Pal) and Most (NTSC) The games that are for Pal when try to load from Launchbox get a black screen. Is there no default command to have Retroarch use a specific Bios for specific games. I have the bios files required as i can get them to work in PSXE but i am trying to get as many working in Retroarch as possible before going with other emulators. How does Retroarch choose what bios to use when launched? is it only working with NTSC bios's ? The only solution otherwise it to find NTSC versions.
  6. Pietro

    Android games

    Hey guys, any of you ever emulated android games?? If so, how do you do?
  7. Here's an odd question (and I am impressed with LaunchBox)... can this software detect or at least start a CD game by launching the appropriate software for the CD? For example, say I want to play Assault Rigs from the PS1. Would I have to start the emulation manually, or can it detect the PS1 code? I prefer CD emu vs ripping them
  8. Name: Nintendo DS Configured to 4K Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-31 Submitter: SIMPLY AUSTIN Nintendo DS Configured to 4K
  9. Name: Emulating the SNES - How to Set Up Retroarch for Beginners - LaunchBox Tutorials [Updated Tutorial] Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-11 Submitter: SentaiBrad Today's tutorial is back to basics so that everyone of any skill level can utilize this tutorial and learn how to get SNES up and running and how to set up RetroArch through LaunchBox. I cover importing your SNES games, adding RetroArch to the emulators list, updating RetroArch if you already have it, setting the core in RetroArch, some basic settings like adding and using a PS4 controller with InputMapper, setting custom configs and shader's in RetroArch. I also show you two awesome websites as bonuses, RetroAchievements.org and RomHacking.net, both sites which are invaluable to emulation. If you have any questions about anything covered in this tutorial please leave us a comment below or head on over to the forums to ask your questions of us there. List of cores that have Achievements (may be outdated or updated at anytime) These are the cores I recommend for Achievements, but the list may be bigger (like Snes9x also works for SNES, but bsnes is a better core). Game Boy / Color (gambatte) Game Boy Advance (mGBA) NES (QuickNES) SNES (bsnes) Genesis/Mega Drive (picodrive) Sega 32x (picodrive) LaunchBox: https://www.launchbox-app.com/ RetroArch: http://buildbot.libretro.com/ Our Forums: https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/launchboxapp Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/launchboxapp Our Steam Group:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LaunchBox# Brad's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/SentaiBrad Emulating the SNES - How to Set Up Retroarch for Beginners - LaunchBox Tutorials [Updated Tutorial]
  10. System: I5 Dell 3847, Geforce gt 730, 8 gigs ram. ePSXe 2.0.5. I was playing Kings field, it played flawlessly and I reached level 11. Then the weapon did not appear during attack, the energy bar and mana bar responded like the attack was made. I ruled out problems with the controller, I could still pick up things and do other things like select menu items and so on. I deleted the game save and tried to start over. The dagger you start with is equiped but, even with a new game and new memory cards the same thing is happening, the hand do not appear with the dagger. Setup was very easy with Pete's d3d. Any idea what happened to the attack routine?
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