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Found 52 results

  1. Hi there everyone, I am trying to run Big Box and open a game but whenever Retroarch opens, my bigbox starts to lock itself in front of everything. I can't get to the retroarch screen which is really annoying. I run Bigbox in fullscreen mode for anyone wondering. I tried some stuff already but that didn't work either. If anyone could help me, that would be great.
  2. Hello everyone just your usual scrub here, Right now I am trying to have Mednafen load just the cue file in launchbox because that emulator runs everything extremely clean, how would I go about doing that exactly? Is it a setting on the emulator or launchbox and if it is launchbox what exactly is command line I should input so that only the .cue file is read related to the game.
  3. PC core 2 quad q6600 4gb ddr2 667mhz EVGA GTX 560 super clock Asus p5b motherboard 500gb mech drive 1.0tb mech drive 300gb mech drive Azza 650 w PSU Ok so I bought big box .on my main rig just now finally got it completely set up with all my PC games and emulation ,got my platform videos and game snaps absolutely perfect .BUTTT on the bedroom rig where I have the CRT hooked up to this old ,light gaming ,emulation, htpc build have added license to it as well lunchbox itself works ok just a little longer on load time ,butttt when I try to launch big box it just stays on the splash logo and doesn't progress at all .in taskanager can see that it goes to around 26% utilization to nothing after a minute or so .ram usage for the app slowly goes down as well .not sure what my issue is any input would be appreciated
  4. (Forgive any formatting issues, it's my first time posting here.) Hi there, recently I have been having some weird and frustrating issues with both LaunchBox and BigBox. Launchbox itself works perfectly, however it immediately freezes whenever I try to go to options. BigBox, however, I can hardly get to launch. I see the splash screen and it just sits there. Any clicks on it and it will show up as not responding, in the task manager it starts at ~27% then almost immediately drops to 0% CPU while the whole time still using almost 1GB RAM. If I just leave it alone it takes roughly 10 minutes to finally launch. I have my installation on my SSD, to try and troubleshoot I installed it on my 1TB HDD and only imported 2 games, still the same thing. I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this issue before? What I'm running: Windows 10 Pro Intel i7-9700K 16GB DDR4 RAM GeForce GTX 1080 FTW 512GB NVME (Windows) 256GB SSD (LaunchBox) 1TB HDD (Misc) 4,500+ games Running just the stock theme
  5. Hi, just purchased BigBox but I have really slow and jerky interface performance. Running Windows 10, 16GB RAM, i5 6400, Vega 56, SSD. Thanks!
  6. I'm having trouble setting up BizHawk as my emulator. Every time I set it up, it opens BizHawk but it doesn't open the ROM, this is pretty annoying as I'm trying to be more organized with my computer.
  7. Is there a way to make launchbox or bigbox look like steam? Like not the steam box art mode, but just the default library, i'd want the categories or platforms across the top, and the games from the selected category running down the left side, and the game info and screenshots where the game grid usually is.
  8. I have tried everything to get BigBox running properly and I cannot figure it out , themes seem to change nothing and no videos are displayed aswell. It looks like garbage and it sucks I payed 50$ for something that won't work correctly. LaunchBox_Big_Box_2019-04-17_18-21-01.mp4
  9. Hi, I'm having trouble with FBA in launchbox. There isn't a command line in the box where you edit it, but this window keeps popping up every single time I try to play an arcade game. Anybody know how to fix this?
  10. Good afternoon, For experimental purposes, I decided to setup Project 64 just to see how it compared to RetroArch. In terms of graphics, I'm actually pleasantly surprised and glad I took the time to set up the new emulator. For testing purposes, I decided to throw in Majora's Mask. To my surprise, I saw that the language text was set to Japanese by default in RetroArch. However, it comes up in English in Project 64. I wanted to know if anyone knows why this is, and more importantly, if anyone knows how to change the language text so I can play the game in English in RetroArch. Thank you.
  11. Hey guys. How are you? I know that maybe this is simple for some or most of you, but I'm having a really hard time with this, and I am not being able to enjoy my games properly during my vacation time.. I have already tried to set the best configs. for my PCSX2, and I think I've already set up the Memory Cards correctly.. But as the saving function isn't working as it should, I feel that maybe I've done something wrong on the configuration process. Every time I am playing some game and chose to save it so I can quit and keep my progress, it seems that the system is doing what it is supposed to, and after it says "you are good to go", I quit the game. But after that, when I try to play the games again, and load from where I stopped last time, the games tells me that there is no saved data on the memory cards.. This is getting really annoying guys.. Can you guys help me to solve this? So I can start playing the games knowing that when I want to stop, is safe to save it on the memory cards and quit them.
  12. I've just started using this service and I'm feeling kind of a idiot asking about this, but.. I am trying to register into the cloud service through the LaunchBox app, but I'm having a problem about my login info.. The app tells me that I'm using incorrect login info, but I hve no toruble when I try to login on the website, as you guys can tell as I'm using the forum. However when I try to see my info on the website, it shows a smaller password than the one I created for my account, and I don't know what is this about.. I'm sure I am trying to use the exact same password on both websire and app, but there is something wrong with it, and I don't know what is it.. Maybe you guys can help me please..
  13. Most game videos are about 30 seconds long and have not been an issue for the most part except now I have started using the YouTube scraper for movies and the previews are all longer than 30 seconds. So is there a way to have attract start once a video is completed before it moves to the next. That would help for the extended videos in the console setselection.
  14. Sorry for my bad English, I need to know if there is any way to make the games start in fullscreen, I have tried several methods but nothing works, so far I have tried the following: command line: -f -4 all the options of the emulator update to a newer version with that native option (I do not run games well) It really bothers me, I would like to know if there is any line of command or other solution that works, thank you very much for reading and an apology for my English again.
  15. my cemu is no longer launching games from launchbox. it was working yesterday before i got a big box update and now it wont launch my games. it works when i am launching games from cemu but not from launchbox??? Desktop_2018_09.11_-_15_40_18_02.mp4
  16. Hi, I seem to have accidentally created an “All” platform category, and cannot seem to get rid of the duplicate. Right clicking on either one just gives “grayed-out” options. Cannot delete or change either one. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have tried using backup xml files but do not think I fully know how to use it properly since I do not haves LaunchBox.xml file in the root folder. I am running latest version of LaunchBox. Any advice would be appreciated.
  17. is cemu no longer compatible with big box? i don't have the option to choose that emulator. is there another way to add none supported emulators?
  18. Hey pretty inexperienced with emulators but I have a few of them. This is the first major issue I've had with PSXfin and it really sucks. Downloaded and started playing Monster Rancher 2 recently. Everything works fine except this one part. When I go on an expedition, when I choose to go back home the game freezes when the screen goes black just before the "loading..." screen is displayed. It happens every time without fail. The entire emulator freezes and I can not click anything. If helpful, I can turn on my stream and show the issue (or link a VOD). Any suggestions? Expeditions play a very important role in the game.
  19. It's my first time using LaunchBox (8.5 ver) and I'm loving it. Nevertheless, I have some issues with the background change when I select a game, which I find distracting and slows down my computer too. I have tried different options in the default background settings, but nothing worked. I deleted all the images in the Fanart - Background folder, but now the background is the default one + the logo of the game selected. Is there a way to keep the default background alway set? Am I missing something? Is that a premium option? Thanks!
  20. Hey! So I have my BigBox set up as a front-end for my Multicade, with numerous arcade titles to play, going so far as to add arcade music to the "Launchbox/Music/Background" folder so that it will shuffle through various arcade musics while the game screen is up. It works excellently and I even added album art and info for each game so it displays the song name, game it's from and who the artist is, along with a nice image of the game box art when a new song plays. To make sure the album art is retained for every song, I have each game's music in a different folder within the Background folder. It displays everything fine, but the issue I'm having is it's not shuffling the music, no matter how I set it up. Here's a better description of the problem: When I launch Big Box, it does select a random song, but afterwards it will sequentially play every song from that game (folder), before moving to the next game alphabetically and playing all the music from it as well. If I force it to next song with the BigBox binding, it will indeed select a random song, but afterwards will go back to playing them alphabetically. I have shuffle turned on in settings, but no matter what it won't actually shuffle them if I leave it sitting. It's annoying, as I want it to ideally shuffle every track together, while also retaining album art and info (tried having them all mashed in one folder, this did not fix the issue and in addition messed up album art). Does anybody have any suggestions?
  21. So I made zsnesw a default emulator for Rom hacks. Is there a way to start the game and have it instantly launch because when I launch the game it takes me to the zsnesw menu and I have to select the game from there. I know I can exit the game quickly by setting KeyQuickExit to 1, but is there something similar to launching the game?
  22. It keeps sending me to the BIOS screen with "Drive Empty" messages! I've tried everything I can think of, running the .cue files, the other files, all of it! What the heck do I do?!
  23. Greetings everybody, a simple question: is it possible to rename a ROM like the name present in LB? I've renemed about 1000 games while scraping but my ROMS have the same name, so I could have problems trying to re-import them another time. Today is going to arrive my raspberry pi so I would like to copy my roms from LB to it, avoiding to rename them again in Retropie. I know the question was asked years ago, but I don't know if meanwhile a solution has been implemented. Sorry for my english and thank you. EDIT: Please even if somebody knows that it isn't possible, just tell me, I prefer knowing that than waiting an answer that doesn't exist.
  24. Hey guys, I have this concept/idea for an Xbox Original theme (4:3 and 16:9 Ratio) and was wondering if anyone could make this concept a reality. Hyperkin has developed a new "Duke" controller for the Xbox One/PC so having the controller and a Big Box theme to match it would be cool in my opinion. I would develop it myself if I had any coding experience. Would anyone want to take a stab at it? Here's some images and a psd file of what I had in mind. 1920x1080 1600x1200 Template Xbox Original Dashboard with blur/noise effect Font I used: https://www.dafont.com/imagine-font.font PSD Files: Xbox_Original_Theme.psd Xbox_Original_Theme_2.psd
  25. RetroArch isn't always the most stable program, and can be quite fickle; even a simple change in a single setting can cause the program to potentially crash. While it isn't exactly a common occurrence to experience crashes, they happen nonetheless. For my machine, I'm not keep on keeping a mouse and keyboard connected in the event that this happens, and I am unable to click on "okay" and regain control of Big Box with only a controller when the Windows error message appears. Is there a way to handle the error window with a controller so I don't have to plug in a mouse or restart the system? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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