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  1. While playing around with RetroArch 1.60 at work today, i threw this plugin together to quickly launch netplay sessions. It works great in lan but i haven't tested it via WAN... you'll probably need a good connection for it to work decently over wan for now. I haven't added the framesettings etc. yet, it's as simple as can be. If you want to test it, make sure that the host and client both use the same core in retroarch and EXACTLY the same rom, retroarch will say nope otherwise Here's a short video of me testing it locally with mk2(pool fatality, pit fatality, fatality!) f yeah : If there's any interest i'll update this with more features and saving of the nickname etc. LBP_SimpleRetroarchMultiplayer.dll
  2. I'd like to disable the fanart showing up behind the list of games and the music playing whenever I click on one game. I find it a bit disturbing and I'd rather have only the details bar in the right. I searched in launchbox options but couldn't find it, is this possible at all? Thanks!
  3. Nocta

    Sharing my Launchbox

    Hi there, I'm a new (and very happy) premium user of Launchbox and now that my setup starts to be nice, I'd like to share it with my friends but I don't want to give them the premium features because that would be uncool for the developers so I wonder if you think it would be fine to share a setup without the license.xml file? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have been using Retropie but now moving to a PC based system and purchased BigBox.. Is there an easy way to use my retropie drive? I have over 2TB on an external drive complete with metadata and artwork.. Would love to be able to reuse them all.. I can import the ROMs but the drive is full of all the other stuff retropie uses and would be a PITA to clean it all out..
  5. Celeste is AMAZING retrostyle game. Put Celeste in your bartop with X360 ce , Only 3 keys are used in the game, and the exact configuration is essential to play well. AMAZING !!
  6. Hello. I am using the free version of LaunchBox 7.10 as a frontend for classic games. However, when I downloaded and installed this version of LaunchBox, opened it, and then closed it, the next time I opened the application, it forcibly installed an update to the newest version (version 7.16). I would like to keep using version 7.10 without any updates being forcibly installed. Is there any way to disable auto-updates such as these? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Has anybody had luck with only using a gamepad for Citra? Here's my situation. I start steam link, it sends a magic packet to my computer, I navigate through steam big picture mode to Big Box mode, I select a 3DS game, and it launches. I've managed to hide the console window (thanks Launchbox settings) and I've managed to use specific layouts for controllers via manual config file editing so my controls work. But I still require a mouse and keyboard... I want to make the R3 button on my controller do a CTRL + TAB key combination to swap screens and I want to press start + select to initiate a ALT + F4 to close the emulator. Because steam link forces my controller into a generic XBOX 360 controller setup with Dinput, I can't get Joy2key or xpadder to work, even if I launch them through steam. The last problem (which is a nightmare) is to use a c-stick/joystick to move an emulated mouse, and use L3 as a left click. I've heard of a few 3rd party programs but they need to start up before Citra does while inside of steam link so I'm thinking I need some sort of script. Is what I'm trying to do possible? Please share your success stories with me if you have any! Edit: From what I've researched so far, I should check out antimicro. Perhaps starting that should handle my woes for buttons (if that works) but I'd still like to see what you guys do. Edit #2: Antimicro actually handled the majority of my problems! If I start antimicro before starting Citra, I can use the c-stick as a mouse and have custom keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + TAB to swap screens by pressing R3. I'm going to script this into Launchbox, or have it run when the PC starts and just depend on profiles. I initially wanted start + select to end my games but I couldn't get combinations to work so I'm just holding start for 2 seconds to close now.
  8. Hi, l would like to make all of my games work before buying Bigbox but I'm having some issues: I've added TG-16/PC-Engine games to my library, followed the instructions, the games are on the correct platform but, for some reason, RA loads games using an Atari 7600 core (Prosystem) instead of mednafen_supergrafx_libretro. I already did a bulk edit to change either the platform or the emulator but the problem persists. I also tried to work around it by deleting the Atari core but then it simply would not launch the games. l linked an image where you can all see my the default directories for Retroarch's cores (l don't even have Atari 7600 as an associated platform). Thanks.
  9. To the Point... decided the I would install windows 95 using dosbox for my games that won't run on windows 10 or dosbox, but how do I setup my shortcuts to go from: (In order.) icon / dosbox / windows 95 / game?
  10. Hello, this is probably my first problem so far. I am having trouble getting the sony psp to launch using PPSSPP emulator. I have watched the video, i have added many numerous emulators without issue. Im using the latest launchbox, latest ppsspp and I already added the emulator. Platform name: Sony PSP How this happened. I first tried the retroarch psp emulator, i didnt like it so i setup PPSSPP instead. when i right click a game it shows the default launch Retroarch. It shows "launch with" PPSSPP so that works only. When I click a game, it looks like it tries to load and just doesnt, ive already tried numerous things PLZ HELP K
  11. Hey guys, figure this place is as good as any to ask about this, hopefully I'm not just uselessly cluttering up the forum. I know it's not technically "troubleshooting", since there's nothing I can really do on my end to fix it, but is there any specific reason ratings are so universally low for Arcade roms? Nearly every game, including some very classic staples, are around .5 to 2 star rated with enough votes to have evened out to a higher average. Are people spamming the ratings system with low scores intentionally, or is something else going on?
  12. I would like to add my oculus games to launchbox, but everytime I go to import, it doesn’t see any of my games. I believe it does scan the correct folders for the games. Has as anyone gotten this to work successfully?
  13. Hello! I just discovered frontend emulation just yesterday, and I also discovered Launchbox and its awesome service, Big Box, today! I've seen videos of people using Retroarch and using it in conjunction with Launchbox. What I'm especially interested in is being able to play games and having the achievement icon be displayed whenever I activate a certain achievement. What I want to know is, is it possible to activate achievements just like in Retroarch in Big Box mode, and if it is possible, where could I find a tutorial? I'm really new to this stuff, and I really want to be able to play retro games while also earning achievements, as I feel that it makes the experience so much more fun.
  14. Hey! @Jason Carr just wondering how music box is going to take form through launchbox in the future and how and in what capasity? Any plans?
  15. So, I've been trying to troubleshoot this for a while now, but I just can't seem to get the Naomi Metal Slug 6 conversion to run properly in Launchbox. It runs fine when I launch it in Demul, although I do have to launch it via "Load decrypted rom", as it is a custom hack. The file itself is a ".bin" file, so I am not sure if this has anything to do with the problems I'm having. Here's my a screenshot of my default Naomi setup for Demul that I'm trying to run this conversion with (works perfectly for all normal Naomi games). When I run it with this setup, it just pops up with a demul window and the games list for Naomi. Any suggestions?
  16. Hello LaunchBox Community Forums, I am new here, and I am thankful for being in this community—thank you for having me here. I would like to kindly provide suggestions: What do you think of adding the missing ESRB ratings to Games DB and LaunchBox software? AO - Adults Only (it is missing in Games DB) KA - Kids to Adults (it is missing in Games DB and LaunchBox; there are a lot of Sony PlayStation 1 video games with that rating) Any thoughts? Regards!
  17. Hi all, just done a thorough search for this issue and I can't find anyone else with this problem on the forums. I have the following issue: whenever I try to play an Arcade rom with MAME, I get the following prompt instead of the game launching: I have my MAME roms set up as per this guide: I've also checked that my MAME copy runs fine, following this guide. No problem running SF2 : Here's a screenshot of the MAME emulator folder: And this is the roms folder (mame.ini rompath points to here): This is how MAME has been set up in Launchbox. If you see any mistakes please point them out for me:I'm at a loss here. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  18. knightCrawler


    Quick question does Launchbox offers fightcade support? Thanks
  19. I have added several platforms under "Manage Platforms" in Launchbox such as Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Genesis, and Arcade (MAME). I want people to be able to browse through my ROMs by navigating through these platform names in BigBox, and only these platform names. When viewing the platform lists, the ones listed there aren't the ones I've defined under "Manage Platforms", but platforms that LaunchBox identified my imported ROMs as originally being designed for. Now the list for example shows Atari 2600, NES, Capcom Classics, Capcom Play System, Capcom Play System II, etc... How can I make it display roms by the platforms I configured and imported into, and only by those platforms I've imported into? -Keith
  20. Version 1.0.0


    I'm really enjoying making these if anyone has any suggestions or preferences for music or characters let me know and ill try to fit it into my schedule. More music variations of this one coming soon. Hope you all enjoy. The original file contains = 'EBEN - Assassin'
  21. Fanmade/Hack Games Platform Theme Video 720p (Assassin's Creed Theme) View File I'm really enjoying making these if anyone has any suggestions or preferences for music or characters let me know and ill try to fit it into my schedule. More music variations of this one coming soon. Hope you all enjoy. The original file contains = 'EBEN - Assassin' Submitter 116randomness Submitted 12/02/2017 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  22. Hey guys I know this had to be asked before but I simply couldn't come up with the correct search terms to find it. Maybe IM the only one with this issue. So I have lotsof roms that downloaded pics from the metadata but they don't show in launchbox. However they show up in the edit area of launchbox. Is there a way to get launchbox to look pretty? I haven't dove into my Bog Box yet to see if they will display properly because I would like this area to look good as well.
  23. I have been using LaunchBox for a while now, I recently went to open the program and it told me there was an update. I installed the update (November 4, 2017) and Now the Roms inside of the Program (I only use SNES) will not launch with the emulator SNES-9x unless I go select the rom file information, go into Edit & make it Launch with Snes9x......... I have tried to change the emulator path and I know I have SNES9x selected, yet every time I double click a box it says emulator path does not exist, unless I change the path manually, its not a big deal, it only takes 5 or 10 seconds, but still annoying and something I wanted to bring up for the next update if its happening to other peopl. Once you select the ROM files new path it will remember it, but you have to do it for all the games you want to play if you havent played them. So Im not sure If the update now requires emulator in the launchbox folder or what......... I would really appreciate some help on this, thank you
  24. Hi Team . Many people like me have inserted Launchbox in a Bartop, they all have the same need that is this: If we leave free access to options, a less capable person using a launchbox, or a child, can easily enter the options and may combine some mess, If we put the PIN, we should have the ability to shut down Launchbox (shutdown PC) directly from HOME by setting in the options a button to hold 10 seconds to turn off. I think this is the ideal solution that does not bother even the UX
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