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Found 187 results

  1. How do I get multi disc games (such as Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy etc.) to work in RetroArch and how does this affect Launchbox?
  2. I drafted a long message to post to the Hyperspin forums, but before I did so I decided to do some Googling and look for other options. There are many opinions out there when looking for arcade/MAME front-ends for some reason, a thread asking which is the best can result in 10 different answers, but I'm happy that one person's response led me to look at Launchbox. I'm instead taking that draft message, changing it a bit, and posting here. I've wanted to do some kind of MAME setup for years, and had something really rudimentary setup with arcade sticks for a long time. However, looking at Youtube videos left me drooling to do something much nicer, maybe within an arcade cabinet or maybe not. I work a lot of hours and have a wife and kids so time is very short. About 6 months ago I decide to dive head first into Hyperspin. I had heard it was a bear to work with, but figured "how bad could it be?". I'm in the IT field so typically if I make the time I can wrap my head around anything like that. I spent lots of hours over a week or 2 setting up Hyperspin. Although I got it 80% of where I wanted it to be, I was left not having a good understanding of how everything worked. Everything seemed hacked and kludge together, with many add-ons overlapping one another feature was. The configuration was not straightforward at all to me, and any time I wanted to change something I found myself looking at tutorial after tutorial hoping to find one that was current and using the most modern add-ons/hacks. I was left pretty discouraged. About a week ago I decided to dive back in but was stressed out just thinking about it and wondering if there was a better way. I had donated to Emumovies and the Hyperspin forums already so had money invested. 5 minutes after installing Launchbox I was so glad I did. My Emumovies donation was not going to waste, and downloading all the media and metadata was sure lots easier! I replicated everything I had setup in Hyperspin and much more in a fraction of the time, and I feel like I have a good idea of how Launchbox works. Things are much smoother and more reliable, and every time I've found a hiccup with something (usually an emulator issue) Launchbox seems to have a solution. I can tell a lot of logical thought went into Launchbox, ongoing development seems awesome, and I was happy to purchase it! Anyway, so glad to be here.
  3. Hello, First of all I've had launch box premium for 2 weeks now and it is awesome. Everything I could've wanted plus more. The only thing I'm having trouble with is exiting the pcsx2 emulator with controller automation. I can only use the ESC key on the keyboard. I've got about 13 other emulators working perfectly with it using a wireless Xbox 360 controller and holding back plus pushing start as an exit combo. I also don't believe pcsx2 has a controller config to do this within the emulator. I looked at this thread and followed the steps but it didn't quite work for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is the very last step to having a complete big box setup with no mouse or keyboard. Edit: I just realized this may be in the wrong forum. Mods please move if necessary.
  4. Whenever I launch any game in Launchbox, all Crash Bandicoot games, I get sent immediately to a black screen with no sound. I've followed the tutorials on youtube from the Launchbox channel and another tutorial which was the second video when i searched 'retroarch ps1 blackscreen'. I've followed every step and have the bios in correctly I made cue files from the iso for each game and haven't had any luck. I will be happy to provide screenshots of anything requested and any help would be graciously appreciated since I told myself at 3pm EST " I'll just set up the PS1 emulator and then go shower", thinking it would be as easy as Dolphin, I still haven't showered.
  5. Hey guys - it's me again with another stupid question I'm sure. After watching Jason and Wood and Brad's videos I finally upgraded to a lifetime Premium account. I'm really loving Launchbox and Big Box makes it just that much better. So my question - I'm loving the custom big box themes that are available. I've downloaded a handful of them (most per Woods' recommendation) but i can't seem to get any of the background images to show. I can get the fanart or clear logos but for ones like CityHunter that have all those great videos or Minimal AO has a whole folder of backgrounds that I have no clue how where to put them etc, just to name a couple. Is there an easy way to add or specify a background image that's not the random fanart or clear logo? Or to make a great theme like CityHunter's not just have a blank black screen on all the platforms? Excuse my ignorance. Trying to figure this out on my own had had me pulling my hair out and it's not like i have a lot to begin with anymore Thanks guys! LG
  6. Hi, Just wondering how big everyone's Lauchbox directory is(excluding roms!). Reason I'm asking is because I'm in the process of building a computer inside an original Xbox case, and don't have a lot of space for extra storage, so I thought I'd get an M.2 SSD big enough for LaunchBox. Thanks
  7. akramserry

    gui facelift

    vote please i thought of this simple modifications to the gui , i think they would be helpful with the current quantities of games. the choose by letter is for each platform not like the list on the left
  8. So I've used retroarch with a ps3 controller and got tired of scrolling through the cores and menus to get to games. I want to use Launchbox as a 1-click solution, but everytime I click play in Launchbox it says Retroarch has stopped working and error window freezes. My cores match in associated platforms and Retroarch loads find outside of Launchbox
  9. Hello, I would like to launch Mageslayer through Launchbox, however I have a slight issue, The map stitching in Mageslayer requires a dos propt window to be open, DOSbox cannot launch this game. Leaving DOSbox open seems to work favorably, however DOSbox closses upon opening Mageslayer this way through Launchbox. Is there a way to suppress DOSbox from closeing when it realizes the game is not compatable?
  10. I've been hosting a Arcade Products Forum (coin Op) for a few years and I've converted many people to launchbox . (+retroarch) Since after a while I was tired of arguing with many people (the usual fanboy), I decided to open a separate group that deals exclusively with Launchbox and Retroarch in Italian. I did all the possible guides in Italian, help and support all thanks to the lessons that come from this forum . So I wanted the official blessing of Jason and all the greats of the forum, for my new adventure of the Facebook group of LaunchBox + retroarch I ask for the official blessing from Jason, and the whole Launchbox team https://www.facebook.com/groups/retrogamingnodogma/
  11. Can you add a game to your own collection (example MAME) in Off LIne mode, then add hand, cover, and video etc ?
  12. Can anyone tell me how to map my BIGBOX for inputs? I have the following set up: P1 - Joystick w/ 7 buttons, coin button, and p1 start button P2 - Joystick w/ 7 buttons, coin button, and p2 start button P3 - Joystick w/ 4 buttons, coin button, and p3 start button P4 - Joystick w/ 4 buttons, coin button, and p4 start button Trackball w/ two buttons 3 Utility buttons at the top Thank you, Blake
  13. Can anyone tell me how to map my BIGBOX for inputs? I have the following set up: P1 - Joystick w/ 7 buttons, coin button, and p1 start button P2 - Joystick w/ 7 buttons, coin button, and p2 start button P3 - Joystick w/ 4 buttons, coin button, and p3 start button P4 - Joystick w/ 4 buttons, coin button, and p4 start button Trackball w/ two buttons 3 Utility buttons at the top Thank you, Blake
  14. Hello there everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. I have watched zombeaver's guide to setting up fs-uae and enjoyed it thoroughly. Almost all my amiga games are running great through launchbox, and i am very happy with it. My single problem for the moment seems to be with the game superfrog, which is also my favourite amiga game. when i launch it through FS-UAE it works flawlessly, and there is no problems at all, but when i try to launch it through launchbox it seems as if it doesnt launch the whdload image of the game. Or at least thats what i think happens, it just loads up straight into the boot / workbench mode of the amiga emulator. Also, i maybe think that it is booting up the wrong kickstart rom. I have attached some pictures of my launchbox emulator setup and my setup in fs-uae. Have any of you had similar problems? I would value any help greatly. Best Regards - Jonas
  15. I saw that android is a platform option bt how the hell do we use it.. I mean I have nox on my systems but it doesn't even install to a normal location so its impossible to locate the app exe... Can this be done with bluestacks? Again giving me files I don't have a clue about using with the movies is pointless... I created an acoount I got my API key etc but how the heck do we add movies to launchbox?
  16. Hey guys. I didn't see anyone else having this issue and I need help. I tried using the latest Beetle/Mednafen core for sega saturn, and unfortunately many of the games have sound issues when ran through that core and retroarch. But I downloaded mednafen standalone and they work fine. I added the Mednafen emulator to launchbox, set the application path to the mednafen app, checked the box to be default for Sega Saturn. It will not run. In fact, it still runs off of retroarch. So I tried just deleting that line in retroarch, which gave me nothing working. I feel like I'm missing something here, but I followed the instructions for adding emulators to a T. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi, I love launchbox and have quite a collection of roms and emulators and was wanting to add OpenLara onto Launchbox. I downloaded the core on retroarch but couldn't figure out what was needed from the original tomb raider game to make it work so that I could add it on launchbox. Does anyone know how to do this?
  18. When we start a game and then leave the game while remaining in the console or Arcade menu, attract mode does not start from the beginning. Can this lack be fixed?
  19. Hi all, Just want to start off by saying how great I think Launchbox is! It has really changed my life with retro gaming. I have a quick question regarding MAME Arcade roms. Usually I have no problem importing these roms into Launchbox via the regular import wizard, however some of my roms are broken up into rom sets so they will be like gametitle1.zip gametitle2.zip etc.. I can get these to run from the MAME Emulator gui but when I try to import them via Lunchbox they wont work.. Any ideas? Cheers
  20. Hi! I`m pretty new in Launchbox, and I love it. Today I was testing some graphical things with Crash Bandicoot of PSX, and LB did`t load must of my configurations (load some), that was weird, beacuse I launched RA as a standalone and their where there... I may clarify this, I used the -L "cores\mednafen_psx_libretro.dll" -c "config\mednafen_psx_libretro.cfg" command... So where did I drop the ball? Sorry, my english could be a little rusted and as I said before, I'm a noobie in LB. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi Jason, We will have a Easter Sale Promotion 2017?? Claudio
  22. I Have 3 PC . every time Microsoft launches a major release, I do not like to update, but completely I format the PC . Sure enough I have to repeat again the configuration launchbox + all emulators on every PC. Mainly I use only MAME and Retroarch . I saw this video and wanted to know if you can make a real backup, so you can move on all 3 of my PC not do it all again if I format the computer . at each installation in Windows 10 lacks this DLL that must be entered manually for the operation retroarch d3dx9_43.dll . This is Launchbox Dependencies link - https://mega.nz/#!Q8UVXLRT!LVjgSIkpu826al7QhV32JtOg_jBUTE726RYXX_hqi7U We can clarify here what are the steps step by step to do to move launchbox-retroarch and mame on a new PC without reinstalling everything? So you just have to configure the controls.
  23. Well like 2 days ago I installed the creators update for Windows 10, I had Comodo Antivirus and firewall installed on my system... The update is not compatible with one of those things... After Windows rebooted from the updates nothing worked right, all the icons on my desktop had zero text and programs where missing text and I couldn't even perform a system restore (broken stuff) None of the tools I would normally use to repair Windows with would work. OK no problem just reinstall Windows and all my stuff? (This is how I learned that Comodo was not compatible) OK 2nd Windows install in one day (thank God for a fast SSD and my windows install being stored on a USB 3.0 thumb drive.) I finally have all my programs installed and I wanted to enjoy some of my Launchbox/BigBox games... All of those files where stored on other drives so Windows being reinstalled shouldn't have been a problem.... But a lot of programs refuse to run from my other drives it's hit and miss... NeoRageX 5.0 runs fine (with compatibility mode for Windows 95 and DPI scaling off) but other ones including LaunchBox will not run. I have tried the take ownership (takedown) command on all the drives and all the folders and even setting Launchbox to compatibility mode doesn't work (also run as admin) If anyone has any helpful advise please tell me what I am doing wrong lol (I have also googled my brains out and resorting to forum posts are my last resort, I try not to bug people with any problems, as usually Google has answers for almost everything.) Edit: Also I gave every account on my machine full access to all drives, still nothing. Edit 2: Good news everyone! I downloaded Launchbox again and had it just reinstall to the same folder, everything now works as it should even the 3 emulators I tested, the installer gave me some odd error that I managed to fix by right clicking the installer and selecting "install as administrator" Not sure why all this is going on... Makes me miss Windows XP and even 7 never gave me these issues (I have had multiple drives forever, it makes things like Windows reinstalls a lot less painful.
  24. Trying to update movies, etc. for my Launchbox setup (especially since I wiped out my roms from LB completely by accident). I still have my roms on my HD but gone from my LB. Anyway, logged into Emumovies on the website but in LB it can't connect. Anyone else have this problem?
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