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  • cocktail mass settings mame 4 launchbox?

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Found 37 results

  1. When try to import WiiU ROMs in Loadiine format, I found that Launchbox list every single files in the game folder. How can I tell Launchbox to import *.rpx files ONLY? I didn't found such settings. Example: importing two games: Mario Kart 8 and Xenoblade Chronicles X This is what happened when I try to import ROMs using `Scan for Added ROMs`, there're only 2 roms, but launchbox listed like 25k files, the window freeze for 5+ seconds if I try to select and delete some of them. I mean, seriously? Launchbox even list *.tga, *.h264, *.svg, *.url, *.xml files. I don't know there were WiiU games in *.url format, amazing, can I play it with my Firefox? I know I can import from files instead but `Scan ROMs` is much better if it has a file type filter: 1. `Scan for Added ROMs`with filter - Simply click, click `Next` 3 times then we arrived the Ready to Import window, since there're only *.rpx files we can click Finish immediately. - Done, we finished importing for newly added ROMs in 4 simple clicks gracefully 2. `Scan for Added ROMs`without filter - Simply click, click `Next` 3 times then ....then window freeze for 10+ seconds, then we arrived the Ready to Import window - Ok we need to delete everything except *.rpx files, which means you need to found those *.rpx files out in 25k+ files, and each action (select/delete) freeze the window for 5+ seconds - After few freezes we finished importing for 2 new ROMs. I can tell you it will be {5 * roms} seconds of freeze before the Ready window showing, {15k * roms} files listed in the Ready window. Good luck filtering manually. 3. Import from files - Choose add files, then navigate to the deep path where you store your roms because Launchbox can't remember what the folder was last time - Type *.rpx in the right top corner and try to figure out which one is the newly added ROM because game name & rpx file name are usually different and unrelated. - Choose what platform the game is, again - Choose what emulator it use, again - Choose dont-move-my-roms option, again - Click `Next` 4 times then wow, finally we arrived the Ready to Import window - Done. But next time you added a ROM, you need to repeat all the steps above, AGAIN. Every SINGLE time. That's extreme tedious and annoying. So I hope there're filters before Launchbox list all unrelated files. Wildcard, regex, autohotkey script or whatever, better than nothing.
  2. After following the LaunchBox Tutorial on how to set up Daphne with Launchbox, I kept running into this problem every time I tried to launch any of the games. "Daphne got an error and that rom xxxx couldn't be found in .../roms/xxxx. " After re-installing Daphne several times and spending hours on wiki and forums. I found no answers. - This is how I solved the problem. - First, I would recommend you to complete all the steps given in the LaunchBox tutorial on how to install Daphne. After you have downloaded your games and set up Daphne. Open the DaphneLoader.exe within your Daphne folder, choose any of the legally obtainable games (I chose Astron Belt) and press Start! After this you might be prompted that you will need to enable download again. If you do, go to your preferences by clicking on File > Preferences And enable these three options. Click Apply and Close the window. When back into the Daphne Loader window, Press Start again and Daphne will download the missing files you require. For me it was a 94kb download size. Press Start again and Daphne will prepare your game. After I did all of this, all the games started working withing Launchbox. ** Remember to go back and Disable the three options in Preferences when you are done. I am still a Newbie to Daphne, but I hope this may help anyone who had the same struggle as I had. Thanks!
  3. quazl

    Opinion on PS1 Dumps

    Just curious on everyone's opinion on the best and cleanest PS1 dumps? Is there anything as clean and accepted like No-Intro?
  4. jonedc

    Installing MAMES

    Guys I'm going F'n crazy I followed instructions to a tee. Every time I double click game I get this zip file box coming up what the hell am I doing wrong????
  5. So I've got RetroPie running on both a Pi Zero and 3. I think I know enough about how RetroPie manages things to download extra cores and change emulators per ROM. Unfortunately I have a large list of ROMs that are not running on the Pie at all. Under PC using Snes9x_next things are great. On the Pie using Snes9x_2002, 2005, 2010, Snes9x, and PiSNES not so good. I've looked through the verbose logs but no clues other than Retroarch isn't loading the rom as it doesn't see the rom as valid. I'm not sure what to do next. The list follows (and many of these are bizarrely arbitrary: Lagoon (never had trouble before) Lufia fortress of doom (the other Lufia works fine) Mechwarrior 3050 (Mechwarrior works fine) Might and Magic II (don't care too much, this was just curiosity) Might and Magic III (don't care for same reasons) Pilotwings (a launch title I've never had trouble with? Plus other mode 7 games load fine) Prince of Persia R Type III Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi Empire Strikes Back Legend of the Mystical Ninja The Lion King (Aladdin works fine) UN Squadron (weird, never had a problem with this one) Ultima Runes of Virtue II (don't care; curiosity again) Ultima Black Gate (don't care; SNES version sucked anyhow) Ultima False Prophet (don't care; U6 controls are bad bad bad) Ultraman Uncharted Waters Wing Commander Secret Missions (Wing Command proper works fine though) I should note that I don't use anything like a full collection. These are part of my actual SNES library or, as noted, pure curiosity that I don't really need. And to reiterate they *all* run on Snex9x_next Retroarch core on PC fronted by Launchbox.
  6. Hi, When I am using the Scan for Added Roms functionality after copyng files in the right directories (ie where theother roms for the concerned platform are already stored), Launchbox do no detect any new rom. The Scan for Removed ROMs function is working as intended but this one don't. I'm forced to make an "Import" then specify the folder one more time, etc. Am I missing something here ? thx
  7. Hi Guys, First time poster and frech Launchbox User here. After TWO YEARS of Hyperspin fiddling, I gave up on it for now and switching over to LaunchBox, hoping that the community is not as poisoned as the HS community. And I'm already having isses ;-) Trying to go with the first SNES tutorial Video and emumovies is not connecting. I've already changed my password but it's not working. In the "Roms importing" window, it tells me that it's unable to connect to emumovies. No firewall no nothing. Anyone else having the same issue currently? Thanks
  8. It seems like RetroArch is the preferred emulator. From I can understand it does not support compressed roms. Is there a list of systems/roms that be used in compressed format? I realize some emulators support different formats but they might not be the best one for the job. Just trying to save space when possible. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys! I just got the premium license from the video contest, and I´m loving it. Soo many things to setup and make it look nice. I don´t know exactly if this is the corret place to put up some ideias for Launchbox getting even better, so sorry if I´m wrong. These days I was trying to figure out a way to select a specific ROM inside a .rar (see image), many fullsets comes with a rar with Hacks version, USA, JAP and etc. But actualy Launchbox autoload the first ROM in the zip. It would be nice to make this possible by selecting the number of the ROM to be select inside the .rar or even selecting the correct file inside it. (see image for example). Thanks again guys.
  10. Hi, I currently have a collection of Playstation One title that I would like to inport into Launchbox. The thing is, some of these title have different version numbers and can be bigger and smaller in file size. What I want to know is which one to use? I'm kinda running out of HDD space so ideally I would like to take the smaller sized version but I don't know if that's the best method. Any help would be great guys.... oh and gals of course...
  11. It would make it easier for users if Launchbox can read the iso/rom's title ID and name the game automatically. like how Dolphin/Cemu show the id and region
  12. Hi. How work scrap metadata and images when adding rom to collection. Today i added cps2 rom folder. All names of roms is ok, but no images download. On edit screen no Launchbox db id is added. So i must click search for metadata, choose LOCALDB or Wikipedia and then click for images. Is any chance to get it in bulk all roms? Maybe is this an error? Sorry for my English Ed
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