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Found 8 results

  1. Vertical Prototype Pinball Media View File *Updated 08/29/2020 - 281 Visual Pinball Games, 20 Future Pinball Games and all the Williams FX3 Games Here is a collection of Pinball Media I created for my vertical theme. This now includes Vertical video snaps, Marquees if you are running a second monitor and clear logos. Game List: Visual Pinball.pdf Future Pinball.pdf Windows media can be found here. Arcade media is here. pinball.mp4 Submitter goblindriver Submitted 04/18/2020 Category Game Media Packs  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    *Updated 08/29/2020 - 281 Visual Pinball Games, 20 Future Pinball Games and all the Williams FX3 Games Here is a collection of Pinball Media I created for my vertical theme. This now includes Vertical video snaps, Marquees if you are running a second monitor and clear logos. Game List: Visual Pinball.pdf Future Pinball.pdf Windows media can be found here. Arcade media is here. pinball.mp4
  3. Hi everyone. Been a while since I've been able to get on here. I have found bits of information on this topic that for a complete newb the basics are missing. Basically what I am trying to do is get joytokey to start and end any time I open a visual pinball game through LB. So far what I know is a batch file needs to be made in order to get joy to key to exit when exiting the game because a script will only start joytokey and not exit upon leaving the game. I don't know if it makes a difference but I did have to turn off each tables association with an emulator to get it to launch properly so none of them have an "emulator" per say through launchbox because it won't auto launch the game and instead brings up the emulator as if I am loading the table and still need to hit play to start the table. My assumption then is I may have to do that for each game that is unless I can script it to go through the emulator and automatically hit play after the table loads like it does without the emulator association. Cool with it either way, just don't know the nitty gritty. Lets assume I know what has to be done terminology wise but that I don't know how to do any of it (writing scripts, creating the batch file proper, ect.) I can say that I had to make quite a few batch files for my dreamcast library and the CDI I believe (its been a while) so I know the basics of running the batch program by putting what you want made into a batch file into the proper folder with the batch program but lets assume here that - I don't know how to write scripts (very little programer knowledge) - I don't know how to specifically make a batch file for anything but the mentioned up above - Am not sure how to direct everything properly afterwords to make sure launchbox is reading everything right (ex. do I just redirect to the batch file instead of the "tablename".exe file?) Sorry to make this so wordy or if these are some stupid questions. The closest I get to doing anything script wise or anything related here is working on this launchbox project. I am just a humble retail manager ?. Thanks so much!!!!
  4. I just wanted to write some questions and answers explaining for anyone who cares why virtual pinball is different that regular emulation. This topic is mostly aimed at Visual Pinball, but can also apply to Future Pinball in regards to the community work involved. The commercial offerings to a lesser degree. Q. Why is Visual Pinball so hard to set up? It's just a program running a ROM like any other emulator, right? A. Not exactly. You should probably think of Visual Pinball more like a simulator than an emulator. Emulators run ROMs that somebody dumped/copied from a real machine. Virtual Pinball tables have a lot more variables than simply running a ROM. When we are emulating/simulating a table, there are several moving parts that all need to come together to make it all work. First are the pieces you can see. The playfield, the backglass, the DMD. The table has been constructed by someone, or in most cases many people that we call table authors. The table authors have several things they have to do to make a table work. They scan or photograph the playfield and backglass of the table or create the art by hand. A lot of times this means physically deconstructing a real table in order to get the images correct by removing the glass and sometimes ramps and bumpers to get the shot correct. They script the table. They create the art or reconstruct the images, place all the bumpers, slings, etc. They have to get the sounds just right. The person that scripts the table needs to know how to interface the ROM from the table with events that happen on the playfield for scoring purposes and interaction with lights and sounds. This is all over simplified of course, but is a basic overview of what the table authors have to do to get a table running. The table that is created by the author, is created in the Visual Pinball editor and the game play is ran through the Visual Pinball program. If the table is being recreated from a real live production table, it will usually be running in combination with Visual PinMame, which is the software that runs the ROM that was dumped from the real table. If this is the case, the table is considered a re-creation. If it doesn't have a ROM, it is usually considered an Original. When an Original is scripted, the author also has to figure out the rules and gameplay part of the table as well as create a DMD visual experience or some other visuals for scoring, etc. If there is no ROM involved, PinMame is not used. Most of the time, the scoring is viewed on the DMD or Dot Matrix Display. A lot of games have additional stuff on the DMD such as mini games or quests, etc. Games that don't have a DMD often had the scores on the backglass in either a digital format or reels if the table was older. A lot of people nowadays have built their own pinball cabinets to play virtual pinball, so now the authors have to consider not only the original landscape composition but also portrait or cabinet mode. Since a lot of these playfields are so large, a big effort has been done to make they playfield graphics 4k. In consideration of cabinet mode, the programs now need to be able to not only talk to each other but also to multiple displays. In addition, another program is now needed called the B2S Backglass Server which also talks to the table at the same time the rom does. The Backglasses are also created by an author (a lot of times different from the table author) and is not a simple picture but often times include flashing lights and scores that react to game play. Some tables run a different kind of backglass that uses video in a program called Pinup Player which can have pretty elaborate stuff going on. In this case the Pinup Player will be used instead of the B2S Server. The backglass needs to run on the monitor specified and the DMD also needs to run in it's own monitor or a real DMD display that the software needs to know how to talk to. If running in landscape mode like most of the stuff we do in Launchbox, the DMD can be set to a side of the main screen and the backglass is not used. The DMD is run by a DLL that is included with Visual Pinball. Third Party DMD DLLs can sometimes give better results such as colorized DMDs and cleaner looking interfaces. Just another thing to be taken into consideration. Q. Why are there so many versions of the same table? A. Different authors, varying quality, updating tech. As you can imagine, depending on the skills of the table authors, the quality of the re-created tables may vary. In some cases, one table author might see a table created by someone and think he can do a better job and will make his own version of the table, or maybe with that author's permission, he may MOD the original table resulting in a different version. For example, there are several versions of Attack from Mars table. In many cases the table author may revisit his older creation to update it. For example, a new process called fast flips was recently developed within the community that does just what you might think, reduces lag in the flippers. An author may revisit his table to add something like that so a new version of the table will come out with fast flips. Maybe someone has better scans of a table so the author might revisit and update the graphics. There are many reasons for all the versions but it mostly boils down to each author loving what they do. Q. Are there any good download packs of tables? A. Why would you want to do that? There are a couple places I've seen where you can download several tables at a time, but with everything involved in getting a table set up properly, don't you think doing one at a time would be a better way to go? There is just way too much to set up and in all honesty, it doesn't pay any respect to the table author to just download a mega pack of tables. Those Mega packs are usually not very up to date anyways. I would rather have 30 or 40 really killer tables that I actually enjoy playing than trying to collect them all. I know many of you won't care about my opinion here and will do whatever you can to get every table ever created, but I think you are really doing yourself and the community a disservice, and frankly - I don't think you get it. Q. Why doesn't the database have any art assets for my tables? A. Read my answer to the first question. Now try and understand that after all the trouble and work a table author or asset creator goes through, they might not want their work shared all over the internet. Pin heads are a pretty good group, but they are also very protective of their work. I didn't understand this when I first started out and I wanted to share every asset I could find, but the more I got into it, the better I understood what it is all about. This is why you won't find a good resource for mass downloading of art assets out there that is supported by the Vpin community. Most assets you'll need are easily created with OBS or other screen capture techniques. Logos are only an internet search away. Not a big deal if you're really into it. Q. Why treat collecting Tables different than collecting arcade/console ROMs? A. This is comparing apples to oranges. The members of the pinball community are very vocal and take pride in their work. Seriously. Look into some of the pinball forums or even better, join a Visual Pinball Facebook group. Stick around a while and see how much love these guys pour into the work. I don't really know how else to answer. If you don't care, then I can't really help you, but if you get it, you get it. Me and my mini cabinet.
  5. Really appreciate all the help I've received on this forum so figured I'd make a couple download links to share of all the images I acquired to use in Launchbox for Visual Pinball & Future Pinball. A couple hundred backglass + cabinet pictures from various pinball tables. I spent MONTHS searching around for all these, and not all are perfect quality, but are the best I could possibly find...Most are decent I believe..Hope some of you can make use of them. Also, I can't remember where I got my wheel images, but for those needing them, doing a search should pull up a couple sites that have packs of 1000's (intended for Hyperspin I think, but are fine for LB) Steve https://www.sendspace.com/file/uq1k60 https://www.sendspace.com/file/qakwi5
  6. I've recently become interested in visual pinball. I'm curious about people's experiences with it. Has anyone built a cabinet? Has anyone tried launch box with it? Has anyone played that darn Red Dwarf Ultimate pinball table that has disappeared from the internet?
  7. Visual Pinball Cinematic Video View File Visual Pinball Cinematic Video 1080p60fps Submitter RetroHumanoid Submitted 07/08/2017 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  8. i am just 3 emulators away from a complete build. i still need to setup Daphne and hope to have that working soon. for now, I want set up Visual Pinball and Future Pinball. i have AutoHotkey scripts that work with another FE. If there is a good tutorial or write up on getting this working, please share it. Thanks and look forward to a solution.
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