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Found 19 results

  1. Hi everyone. Hoping one of the arcade machine users can help a brother out... I finally got Killer Instinct (Steam Version) working with my arcade controls using an app called x360ce. (An app for mapping an input device as an xbox 360 controller) I set LB to use the .exe file and imported it as a windows game rather than importing it as a steam game if that matters to assist in providing a solution (although I don't imagine it will but you never know...) So when I launch Killer Instinct, x360ce automatically opens without any manual intervention (I don't have to set it up as an ad
  2. Hi All, I am looking for ahk script that will allow me to hold "button 10" on my arcade stick for 5 seconds to exit out of an emulator. The code below that was submitted in the noob script section will exit on key press only. $joy10:: ; my start button { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} ;closes emulator } thanks in advance bman
  3. Hi, I am trying to set up PPSSPP currently and got it all mapped with AHK using the standard "key down, Sleep 10, key up" method which works fine except I realized something playing Mega Man. Because it just recognizes that the key is pressed down for a short amount of time he only jumps a really low jump. I could increase the sleep time but then he would always just super high. Does anyone have a script for different variables which I can use? What is the workaround that people use for this issue? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue with AHK and finding my joystick names for remapping. I'm using a GP-wiz 40 encoder and I'm trying to remap the joystick for up/down/left/right respectively. I read through some documentation and I'm not able to figure it out unfortunately. Devices in control panel only lets me see which number the buttons are relating to, not the joystick. Is there an easy way of figuring it out? I tried the test script AHK has but it doesn't seem to recognize my gp-wiz40 for some reason, even though it does in launchbox. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Good Morning All, There are a few of us trying to use ahk script with taito games. Has anyone worked out a sure fire way to get this up and running? I am looking for exit emulator script to set to arcade joystick control panel button to exit. I have the script running with all the other emulators. There are other applications too. I know @Lukeyboy wants help with xpadder and keyboard controls Methods I have tried are:- 1 Trying to use windows game ahkscipt in LB 2 Setting up ROCKETLAUNCHER and using that as emulator to hook ahk into games. CHEERS BMAN
  6. Hey guys, I don't really use AHK and was wondering if I can get a hand from somebody, I'm thinking this would be easy. I have a game which always launches a "configurator" but it saves the settings from last time I played, so I can just hit Enter then go back to my couch. Can anybody automate this so that AHK fakes an "Enter" keypress say 10 seconds after game launches?
  7. Hello, first post here. I really like Launchbox, it's working well for me. Is there a way to access the Platform or System name and Game or ROM name in the AutoHotKey script tab of the Edit Emulator window? Kinda like you can use {{{StartupEXE}}}. I would like to do things with that info when launching games. Thanks
  8. Took waaaaaay too much messing around to figure all parts of this out, but I have finally successfully found a working solution. The problem: I use an Xbox 360 controller for most emu gaming, and wanted to use the silver "Xbox logo" Guide button on the middle of the controller as my "Get to the menus" / "Get out of this game" button. My reasoning is pretty simple: the 360 has enough controls to serve as a pretty good solution for almost all kinds of games, up to the Playstation DualShock controls. ALL the buttons on the controller will be used up if you're using a 1:1 mapping to a
  9. Ok trying to add Flash Games for my launchbox using Flash Projector. Problem is that there is no command line to start it in full screen. So, one has to hit CTRL-F once the player has loaded i feel like a Auto Hot Key script should work for this (window wait and send CTRL F command) . But I don’t know how to write that script. Anyone able to Help.? is this possible?
  10. Hi Saw this tool for testing AHK send and click commands , This tool comes from Snowflake at AHK FORUM https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/95653-send-and-click-tool-v41/
  11. Hi, I want to avoid an emulator to be opened until I press a key. There are many threads talking about closing the emulator with some key (for example esc key), but I haven't seen any topic related to doing the opposite, this means, waiting for a key and once pressed then launch the emulator. I don't know if this may be possible because what I can see is that launchbox launches both the emulator and the ahk script at the same time. Any thoughts?
  12. Version 1.0.0


    The main purpose of the included AutoHotKey code was a proof of concept. I wanted to add an additional "overlay" to the standard GCE Vextrex overlays that come furnished with the MAME artwork files (see the attached picture). Sort of a single purpose function similar to what RocketLauncher can do. The attached file has two main parts, one, a file with the name of vextrex.zip. This is a replacement for the standard MAME overlays and should be placed in your artwork folder under your MAME installation location. The included png files are higher quality that the default overlays. Note: I did
  13. Mame_Vectrex_Overlay_AHK.7z View File The main purpose of the included AutoHotKey code was a proof of concept. I wanted to add an additional "overlay" to the standard GCE Vextrex overlays that come furnished with the MAME artwork files (see the attached picture). Sort of a single purpose function similar to what RocketLauncher can do. The attached file has two main parts, one, a file with the name of vextrex.zip. This is a replacement for the standard MAME overlays and should be placed in your artwork folder under your MAME installation location. The
  14. Hi all, I'm sure somebody has done that already but I didn't find anything in the forums... I'm using AHK for a couple of games for keymapping. The problem is I need to make sure that the keymapping gets killed after the game is closed. I know I technically can do that directly in the AHK script but many key mapping scripts can be used on several games. So I'd like to use the same script for many games with as less as possible customization. So if you have a good, fast to implement on many games, way of doing so. Thanks for the advises.
  15. Here is a script I use to navigate Bigbox with controller buttons instead of the x/y axis or POV. Edit the controller numbers and buttons to suit. eg: 1JOY12 = 1st controller/joystick and button HID number 12 Edit sleep time to change the rapid fire. Its not suitable for games as it emulates the way the keyboard driver inputs. It only activates when BigBox is the main window so it wont interrupt games So press key, inputs, then if held after half a second rapid fires. It should feel exactly like using the arrow keys. Hopefully sometime soon the BigBox team will add remapp
  16. First of all I only recently purchased a premium license and this is my first post to the forum. So hello everyone! I'm excited for learning about how to make launchbox/bigbox work for me. It's already working pretty good. I'll have some tips/tricks and/or scripts to contribute in the near future My question is about some Windows/Steam games using non-skippable launchers (Final Fantasy IV for Steam being my first example found). There's a FF4.exe as well as a launcher.exe (I don't have it in front of me, close enough) but the FF4.exe just brings up the launcher anyway. I rememb
  17. IfExist, .\NesysService.exe Run, NesysService.exe -app Sleep, 5000 IfExist, .\cryptserver.exe Run, cryptserver.exe Sleep, 10000 IfExist, .\RFIDGod_inject.exe Sleep, 5000 Run, RFIDGod_inject.exe Escape:: Process,close,NesysService.exe Process,close,RFIDGod_inject.exe Process,close,Game.exe Process,close,cryptserver.exe Process,close,Start_Game.exe Process,WaitClose,NesysService.exe Process,WaitClose,RFIDGod_inject.exe return Save script as Save_Game.exe. Compile with AutoHotScript so end results is Save_Game.exe. It's not much but I hope it hel
  18. how to run bat file with ahk script? any help? thanks
  19. I've been working on trying to make the center "Guide" button on my Xbox 360 controller usable in emulators outside of RetroArch. I found a brilliant AHK library for working with Xbox 360 controllers over on GitHub, which does allow the user to read the Guide button inputs. However, putting this code into LaunchBox as an AHK script or even using an #Include statement causes LaunchBox to crash when attempting to launch a game. The library does work with the latest AutoHotKey mainline branch, so I'm guessing the issue is something to do with the way the library works. I'm guessing this is probab
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