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  1. Version 1.0.1


    Hi all, This pack contains over 3000 Amiga game box covers with realistic box spines. As there are very few sites with decent box spine scans, most of the images for this pack come from eBay photos, and some of my earlier sets made for other platforms. Box quality varies quite a lot, due to lack of good sources and a personal preference for boxes with stickers, dents, and price tags left on. You will not find any ultra clean HD boxes in this pack I’m afraid. Games with multiple box covers have been separated by developer/publishers rather than by region of release, and I've not included any compilation or educational games in this pack for the most part. Enjoy!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hi! I'm not that good with photoshop but i really hate to see vacant spaces in my CLEAR LOGO visualization in LB. So i've extracted some of them from games and covers. Probably they are not so good but not even so bad (most of time there was no HD image to use). I would to share my work. It's free to do it! So i hope some will find usefull this little package. In the package you will find this clear logos. Cheers and sorry for my bad english. - 4-Get-It-01.png" - 4-Way Lynx-01.png" - Above Top Secret-01.png" - Abu Simbel Profanation-01.png" - ABZoo-01.png" - Ace the Space-Case-01.png" - Action Cat-01.png" - ADI Junior Helps With Counting 6_7 Years-01.png" - All About America-01.png" - Amazed-01.png" - American History Adventure-01.png" - Amiga Poker-01.png" - Amy_s Fun-2-3 Adventure!-01.png" - Animal Kingdom-01.png" - Answer Back_ Junior Quiz-01.png" - Answer Back_ Senior Quiz-01.png" - Arena 2000-01.png" - Barney Bear Goes Camping -01.png" - Barney Bear Goes to the Farm -01.png" - Bi-Fi Roll_ Action in Hollywood-01.png" - Bi-Fi Roll_ Snack Zone-01.png" - Billiards II Simulator-01.png" - BIT in the Magic Castle -01.png" - Blockhead-01.png" - Boing!_ The Game -01.png" - Bouncing Bill-01.png" - Bride of the Robot-01.png" - Build-It_ Das Bauhaus-01.png" - Casino Roulette-01.png" - Championship Cricket-01.png" - Championship Of Europe-01.png" - Charlie Chimp-01.png" - Classic Invaders-01.png" - Clever & Smart-01.png" - Club Football_ The Manager -01.png" - Clystron-01.png" - Cobra -01.png" - Conflict_ Korea -01.png" - Cribbage King & Gin King-01.png" - Cross Out the Intruder-01.png" - Crusade, The -01.png" - Crystal Quest-01.png" - Damage_ The Sadistic Butchering of Humanity-01.png" - Deathbots-01.png" - Delta Run-01.png" - Demolition-01.png" - Denver Presente_ Je Decouvre Les Formes-01.png" - Detector -02.png" - Diablo-01.png" - Diego Maradona World Football Manager-01.png" - Drachensteine-01.png" - Draggy and Croco-01.png" - Dragon Cave-01.png" - Dribbling_ Calcio Serie A 1992-93-01.png" - Dylan Dog 1_ La Regina delle Tenebre-01.png" - Dynatech-01.png" - Energie-Manager-01.png" - Entity-01.png" - Equality-01.png" - Escape from Tharkan-01.png" - Euro League Manager -01.png" - Excellent Card Games-01.png" - Explorer-01.png" - Extasy-01.png" - Exxon-01.png" - F.1 Manager -01.png" - F1-Racer-01.png" - Familien Duell-01.png" - Fantasy Manager_ The Computer Game -01.png" - Firezone-01.png" - First Letters and Words-01.png" - Flamingo Tours -01.png" - Football Champ-01.png" - Football Club Manager-01.png" - Forest Dumb -01.png" - Fortress Underground-01.png" - Fruit Machine-01.png" - Fruitmania-01.png" - Fugger-01.png" - Future Space-01.png" - Galaxy Fight_ The Incredible Space Flight-01.png" - Gnome-01.png" - Hanse_ Die Expedition -01.png" - Harry’s Balloons-01.png" - Helicopter Mission-01.png" - Heliosfera -01.png" - Hoversprint -01.png" - Hugo_ Pa Nye Eventyr -01.png" - Hurricane Commando-01.png" - Iceball-01.png" - In 80 Days Around the World -01.png" - In the Dead of the Night -01.png" - International Championship Athletics-01.png" - International Golf -01.png" - International One Day Cricket -01.png" - International Soccer Challenge-01.png" - Italian Night 1999 -01.png" - ITS Cricket_ International Test Series (1995 Edition)-01.png" - Jail Break-01.png" - Jara Tava The Isle of Fire-01.png" - Jet Set Willy 3-01.png" - Jigsaw Puzzlemania -01.png" - Journey to the Center of the Earth -02.png" - Jump Em-01.png" - Jumpman Junior-01.png" - Jumpman-01.png" - Karamalz Cup-01.png" - Karate Master-01.png" - Keith_s Quest -01.png" - Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match-01.png" - Keyboard Cadet-01.png" - KickIt_ A Day for the Laiban-01.png" - Kinderama_ Five Early Learning Games-01.png" - Knightmare-01.png" - La Colmena-01.png" - Lasermania 2-01.png" - League Challenge-01.png" - Leeds United Champions!-01.png" - Les Castors Juniors Dans La Forêt-01.png" - Let_s Spell at Home-01.png" - Lethal Formula-01.png" - LodeRunner-01.png" - Long Lance_ A Computer Game of Tactical Naval Combat in the South Pacific-01.png" - Lothar-01.png" - Magic Coins-01.png" - Magiczna ksi-01.png" - Marathon-01.png" - Marble Rescue-01.png" - Maria_s Christmas Box-01.png" - MasterType-01.png" - Match-It-01.png" - Math-a-Magician-01.png" - Matrix-01.png" - Mau Mau-01.png" - Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing-01.png" - Metagalactic Llamas_ Battle at the Edge of Time-01.png" - Meteors-01.png" - Microbattle-01.png" - Miki -01.png" - Mind Force-01.png" - Mindbreaker-01.png" - Mirror Magic-01.png" - Mission_ Con-Bat-01.png" - Mistrz Polski Manager _96 -01.png" - Money Cascade Professional Fruit Machine-01.png" - Money-Player Professional-01.png" - Monster -01.png" - Mortal Weapon -01.png" - Motorola Invaders 2 -01.png" - Mover-01.png" - Moving-01.png" - Multi Zocker-01.png" - Muzzy-01.png" - Napoleon I-01.png" - Nebula the Wars of Uropa-01.png" - No Greater Glory_ The American Civil War -01.png" - O.B.Y. I-01.png" - Oberon 69-01.png" - Obstickle-01.png" - Oldtimer_ Erlebte Geschichte Teil II -01.png" - Olimpiada _96 -01.png" - Omni-Play Horse Racing -01.png" - On the Road -01.png" - Oo-Topos-01.png" - Operation Overlord_ The Invasion of Europe-01.png" - Osiris-01.png" - Overrun!_ A Tactical Game of Modern Land Warfare-01.png" - Oxyd Magnum!-01.png" - Oxyd-01.png" - Paint It-01.png" - Paradox-01.png" - Parasite-01.png" - Paris Dakar-01.png" - Patience I-01.png" - Patience II-01.png" - Pechowy Prezent -01.png" - Penguins -01.png" - Pepsi_ All Over the World-01.png" - Persecutors-01.png" - Peter Pan-01.png" - Pick Out-01.png" - Piece _N_ Space-01.png" - Pinball I.Q.-01.png" - Pipe Master II-01.png" - Pipe Panic-01.png" - Pipe Rider-01.png" - Planet of Lust -01.png" - Poker Nights_ Teresa Personally-01.png" - Poltergeist -01.png" - Popeye 3_ WrestleCrazy -01.png" - Pop-Up-01.png" - Power Pac-01.png" - Power Roller-01.png" - Power Walls-01.png" - ProFlight-01.png" - Project 1-01.png" - Project Battlefield -01.png" - Project Intercalaris -01.png" - Psyborg -01.png" - Psycho Squares Deluxe-01.png" - Punkt Punkt Punkt-01.png" - Pursuit to Earth-01.png" - QBall-01.png" - Quadrix-01.png" - Quantox-01.png" - Quiksilver Pinball-01.png" - Radio Controlled Racer-01.png" - RasterBike-01.png" - Realm Of The Warlock-01.png" - Rectangle -01.png" - Reel Fish_n-01.png" - Rescue 2-01.png" - Rescue-01.png" - Reverse-01.png" - Reversi (Avalon)-01.png" - Riskant!-01.png" - Robin Heed-01.png" - Robin Smith_s International Cricket-01.png" - Rocket Attack-01.png" - Rollerball-01.png" - Rollerpede-01.png" - Rolling Stones-01.png" - Roll-Out-01.png" - Romantic Encounters at the Dome -01.png" - Roton-01.png" - Roulette-Royal-01.png" - Roundabout-01.png" - Rugby Coach-01.png" - Rugby League Coach-01.png" - Ruhrpott Fussball Manager-01.png" - Rules of Engagement -01.png" - Ryder Cup_ Johnnie Walker -01.png" - S.T.A.G.-01.png" - Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio-01.png" - Schelober_s Quest for a Babe -01.png" - Scorched Tanks-01.png" - SeaHaven Towers-01.png" - Sen -01.png" - Senso-01.png" - Serie-01.png" - Sex Olympics -01.png" - Sex Vixens from Space -02.png" - Shapes-01.png" - Shuffle Pix-01.png" - Silver Eagle-01.png" - Skarbnik -01.png" - Slaygon-01.png" - Slider ( Joseph Carlson)-01.png" - Sliding Skill-01.png" - Smash -01.png" - Smash the Beast-01.png" - Soccer King-01.png" - Soccer Supremo-01.png" - Software Manager -01.png" - Soko-01.png" - Solitaire Royale-01.png" - Solitaire_s Journey -01.png" - Sony Game-01.png" - Soul Crystal -01.png" - Space Bomber 2-01.png" - Space Bomber 3-01.png" - Space Bomber-01.png" - Space Day-01.png" - Space Dunk-01.png" - Space Fight-01.png" - Spatial Hyperdrive-01.png" - Speed!-01.png" - Speedrunner-01.png" - Spell Book-01.png" - Spinworld-01.png" - Spoils of War -01.png" - Squarestone-01.png" - St. Thomas -01.png" - Stable Masters II-01.png" - Stable Masters III-01.png" - Stable Masters-01.png" - Star Ways-01.png" - StarSettlers-01.png" - Steigenberger Hotelmanager -01.png" - Stellar Crusade -01.png" - Stres-01.png" - Strikes -N- Spares Professional-01.png" - Strikes -N- Spares-01.png" - Struggle-01.png" - Sub Rally-01.png" - Super Bob Dylan-01.png" - Super Huey_ UH-1X-01.png" - Super League Manager-01.png" - Super Sport Challenge -01.png" - Super TaeKwonDo Master -01.png" - T Tec Maze-01.png" - Tajemnica Bursztynowej Komnaty -01.png" - Task Force-02.png" - Technology 2 -01.png" - Tee Off!-01.png" - TeleEpic II-01.png" - TeleEpic-01.png" - TeleGames-01.png" - Tennis Champs -01.png" - Teo-01.png" - Terror Liner-01.png" - Test Match Cricket -01.png" - Tex 01_ Mefisto-01.png" - The Enigma Device-01.png" - The Game of Life-01.png" - The Last Inca-01.png" - The Manager-01.png" - The Official Everton F.C. Intelligensia-01.png" - The Paradox Effect II-01.png" - The Paradox Effect-01.png" - The Punisher-01.png" - The Shepherd-01.png" - The Sun Crosswords-01.png" - The Surgeon-01.png" - The Times Crosswords Vol. 1 & 2-01.png" - Think Twice-01.png" - Think!-01.png" - Three Musketeers, The -01.png" - Times Crosswords Vol. 3 & 4-01.png" - Tischtennis-01.png" - Titano-01.png" - To The Rhine_ The Allied Advance In The West-01.png" - Top Banana -01.png" - Torch 2081-01.png" - Trax (Hironymus Jumpshoe)-01.png" - Treble Champions-01.png" - Trivia Game Show-01.png" - Trivia Trove-01.png" - Trois Petits-01.png" - Tron 5000-02.png" - Truckin On II -01.png" - Trump Castle II-01.png" - Tunnels of Armageddon-01.png" - Turbo Jam -01.png" - Turn It II-01.png" - Turn It-01.png" - Twilight Knights -01.png" - Twilight_s Ransom -01.png" - Two to One-01.png" - Two-Up_ The Australian Gambling Game-01.png" - Ultimate Quiz II, The -01.png" - Ultimate Soccer Manager -01.png" - Vermeer-01.png" - Victor Loomes-01.png" - Video Vegas-01.png" - Wacus the Detective -01.png" - Wall Street Wizard-01.png" - Wall$treet-01.png" - Wall, The -01.png" - Walls-01.png" - War (Electrosoft)-01.png" - Wheelie-01.png" - Wingnuts -01.png" - Wizards Castle-01.png" - World Class Rugby_ Five Nations Edition-01.png" - World Cup All Time Greats-01.png" - World Cup Cricket Masters -01.png" - World Golf -01.png" - World Series Cricket -01.png" - Wrath of Gwendor 2 Return-01.png" - X-IT-50_ The Quest for the Meaning of Life-01.png" - X-ploit-01.png" - X-Swap_ Booming Edition-01.png" - Zack!-01.png" - Zardoz-01.png" - Zargon-01.png" - Zeron-01.png" - Zock Out-01.png" - Zzzep-01.png"
  3. This is a side project I've been working on for the last couple days, inspired by people like Biffman 101 of The Collection Chamber. The idea is to setup some older DOS/3.1/95+ games, create some artwork for them, and package them up in a nice, modern installer package with desktop and/or start menu shortcuts just like any modern PC game (which, of course, can be imported directly into LB as well). Everything will be configured beforehand so you just run the installer and you're good to go! My policy for these will be that I'll only be doing games that aren't available on digital storefronts like Steam and GOG - those options are already there for you if you want to play those games - these are for games where no such option is available and your only choice is to buy it off a guy on ebay (assuming you have a disc drive) or download an iso (either of which also assumes you know your way around DOSBox, in the case of DOS games). I've done a few so far, but I've got a big list of stuff that I want to cover. Zomb's Lair (website) Full list of currently completed games This post is getting a little unwieldy, so new additions will be noted in this thread with links to the relevant page on zombs-lair.com but won't be listed below. Below are the first 20 packages that were completed. Dreamweb Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person Developer: Creative Reality Year: 1994 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Dreamweb Special Notes: pdfs of the "Diary of a Madman" and the manual are included - both are required in order to be able to operate the main character's network terminal in his apartment - page 12 in the manual, and the last page of the diary, specifically. Editorial Comments: The Terminator Double Pack (Future Shock and Skynet) Genre: FPS Developer: Bethesda Softworks Year: 1995 (Future Shock) / 1996 (Skynet) Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: The Terminator: Future Shock / The Terminator: Skynet Special Notes: Includes both Future Shock and Skynet, and an optional graphics patcher for Skynet to enhance the visuals if you so choose (the standard visuals are present by default). Editorial comments: Rama Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person Developer: Sierra On-Line Year: 1996 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Rama Special Notes: Due to size constraints for the installer package, this one requires you to manually move some files into the installed directory - place the contents of Rama Discs.zip in the "Disc Images" folder and you'll be all set. Also note that the game is spread across 3 discs - when prompted to change discs, press Ctrl+F4 to change from disc 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 1. Editorial comments: The Journeyman Project: Turbo! Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person Developer: Presto Studios Year: 1993 Platform: Windows 3.1 Emulator: DOSBox Daum Wikipedia: The Journeyman Project Special Notes: Because this is running an instance of Windows 3.1 within DOSBox, you'll need to press Ctrl+F9 to quit - Esc will just exit back to the 3.1 desktop. Also note that the TSA door code near the beginning of the game is 6894895. Editorial comments: Blade Runner Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd Person Developer: Westwood Studios Year: 1997 Platform: Windows Emulator: None Wikipedia: Blade Runner Special Notes: Okay, so this one has a potential snag - you need to have some type of disc drive visible when the game starts otherwise it will crash. It doesn't matter whether that drive is physical or virtual, mounted or not, but it needs to be able to see it. If you have DT or VCD you can have virtual drives visible at all times, even unmounted, and it'll work. If you don't have any dedicated virtual drive software or a physical disc drive and you're on Windows 10, you can mount a disc image - any disc image - and a drive will then be visible which will allow Blade Runner to work. I'm investigating whether or not it's possible to make the built-in virtual drive visible at all times, even while unmounted, in Windows 10. Currently, however, you need to have some type of disc drive visible in order for the game to work. Old games are really stupid about this kind of thing some times... Editorial comments: Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 Genre: Action Adventure / 3rd Person Developer: Ritual Entertainment Year: 2000 Platform: Windows Emulator: None Wikipedia: Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 Special Notes: The game has been patched to run in 1920x1080 resolution. If you wish to change to a different resolution, edit the "config.cfg" file in the "fakk" subdirectory and change the "seta r_customwidth" and "seta r_customheight" values. Editorial comments: Dark Seed Collection (Dark Seed and Dark Seed II) Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd Person Developer: Cyberdreams Year: 1992 / 1995 Platform: DOS / Windows 3.1 Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 / DOSBox Daum Wikipedia: Dark Seed / Dark Seed II Special notes: Press Ctrl+F9 to quit Dark Seed II - quitting the game normally will just exit back to the 3.1 desktop. Editorial comments: Drowned God Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person Developer: Epic Multimedia Group Year: 1996 Platform: Windows Emulator: None Wikipedia: Drowned God Special notes: None Editorial comments: Gunman Chronicles Genre: FPS Developer: Rewolf Software Year: 2000 Platform: Windows Emulator: None Wikipedia: Gunman Chronicles Special Notes: The intro cutscene may have some artifacts at the very beginning but it should go away after a couple seconds. Editorial comments: Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Genre: Puzzle / Logic Developer: Brøderbund Year: 1996 Platform: Windows 3.1 Emulator: DOSBox Daum Wikipedia: Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Special Notes: press Ctrl+F9 to exit the game - quitting normally will just exit back to the 3.1 desktop. Keyboard shortcuts in-game for save and load are Ctrl+S and Ctrl+L respectively. Editorial comments: Companions of Xanth Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person Developer: Legend Entertainment Year: 1993 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Companions of Xanth Special notes: Companions of Xanth makes good use of MT-32 audio, so if you have Munt installed and want to use it, edit the dosbox.conf by going all the way to the bottom, and in the autoexec section, change "xanth" to "install", then start DOSBox.exe and set the music to MT-32 audio. Then change "install" back to "xanth". Also, don't forget to set the "midiconfig=" value in the .conf to whatever it should be for MT-32 on your system - you can check your midi device numbers by opening a standalone DOSBox prompt and typing "mixer /listmidi". Most people don't use things like Munt or VirtualMidiSynth, so I have to create these packages with that in mind - they use Sound Blaster by default. Editorial comments: Perihelion: The Prophecy Genre: RPG Developer: Morbid Visions Year: 1993 Platform: Amiga Emulator: FS-UAE Wikipedia: Perihelion: The Prophecy Special notes: This is the WHDLoad version so no disk swapping is required! Just start the game and go - play, save, load, etc. press F10 when you want to quit the game. Save games are not stored permanently for WHDLoad games if FS-UAE's menu (F12) is used to exit the game. Save states are enabled, but your mileage may vary - standard in-game saves are more reliable. Editorial comments: Commander Blood Genre: Adventure Developer: Cryo Interactive Year: 1994 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Commander Blood Special notes: none Editorial comments: Alien Legacy Genre: Strategy / Management Developer: Ybarra Productions Year: 1994 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Alien Legacy Special notes: none Editorial comments: 3D Ultra Minigolf Deluxe Genre: Sports / Minigolf Developer: Dynamix Year: 1998 Platform: Windows Emulator: None Wikipedia: None Special notes: 3D Ultra Minigolf Deluxe is picky about folder names in its path not being too long - if they're too long all the graphics in the game will be black making it unplayable. "3D Ultra Minigolf Deluxe", for example, is too long of a folder name, which is why the default path used has it named "Minigolf Deluxe". If you start the game and everything's black, it's because one of the folders in the path to the game has too many characters. Editorial comments: Elvira Collection Genre: RPG / Adventure Developer: Horrorsoft Year: 1990 / 1992 Platform: Amiga Emulator: FS-UAE Wikipedia: Elvira / Elvira II Special notes: This is the WHDLoad version so no disk swapping is required! Just start the game and go - play, save, load, etc. press F10 when you want to quit the game. Save games are not stored permanently for WHDLoad games if FS-UAE's menu (F12) is used to exit the game. Save states are enabled, but your mileage may vary - standard in-game saves are more reliable. Editorial comments: The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes Collection Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person Developer: Mythos Software Year: 1992 / 1996 Platform: DOS Emulator: ScummVM Wikipedia: The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes Special notes: The soundfont FluidR3 is also included to greatly enhance the music. Osprey's music looping patch has been applied to Serrated Scalpel (so that music repeats once the song ends). Editorial comments: Spaceship Warlock Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st Person Developer: Mike Saenz, Joe Sparks Year: 1991 Platform: Windows 3.1 Emulator: DOSBox Daum Wikipedia: Spaceship Warlock Special notes: Press Ctrl+F9 to quit the game - Esc will just exit back to the 3.1 desktop. Click near the top of the screen to access the file menu for saving/loading games. You'll need to then click the Drives drop down and select the ? drive (it defaults to D:, which is the virtual disc drive), before saving. The ? drive it shows isn't your actual ? drive, it's [wherever you installed the game]\Spaceship Warlock\HDD. Also keep in mind that the save names can't be over 8 characters. Editorial comments: Ripper Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st Person Developer: Take-Two Interactive Year: 1996 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox Wikipedia: Ripper Special notes: Ripper spans six CDs, but I've setup the configuration and ini files to have access to all six at once - what this means is that the game will still prompt you to change discs on occasion, but all you need to do when this happens is press "continue" and you'll be able to continue on, no muss, no fuss! Editorial comments: Chasm: The Rift Genre: FPS Developer: Action Forms Year: 1997 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Chasm: The Rift Special notes: Includes the addon levels and level editor. The game has been patched to run at a high framerate at 640x400 resolution (double the base resolution). Editorial comments: More to come!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I was looking for a curated Commodore Amiga collection, similar to Zombeaver's C64 Dreams collection for the Commodore 64. I stumbled on DamienD's collection, and worked out a way to import it directly into LaunchBox. Unfortunately for me, the images included with the collection were not at all LaunchBox-friendly. Fortunately for YOU however, I've made it that way! These images were collected by DamienD for his curated Commodore Amiga Collection in WinUAE. All I've done is rename and sort files, then put them in the proper directory structure. The screenshots (Title Screens and Gameplay) are largely complete, he may have generated those himself. The Boxart is not complete, it's missing around 850 images. I'm not sure at this point how much the LaunchBox Database closes that gap. DamienD's Collection = 3,513 Games Coverage Box - Front = 2,659 Images Disc = 145 Images Screenshot - Game Title = 3,512 Images Screenshot - Gameplay = 3,509 Images To install this pack, simply extract the ZIP file and, with LaunchBox closed, drop the resulting "Images" folder into your LaunchBox folder. You can remove this pack at any time by going into your LaunchBox > Images > Commodore Amiga, and deleting the _DamienD folder out of "Box - Front," "Disc," "Screenshot - Game Title," and "Screenshot - Gameplay" folders (I wanted to try and keep this somewhat modular). Don't forget to refresh your media! Also, for the sake of keeping the media pack complete, no image has been removed from this offering. Any image that wasn't strictly Boxart, Disc scans, Screenshots, or other misc images have been zipped up in the "Other" file - I figured it would be best, if for no other reason than to source them as raw images to be used in other ways. I don't know if DamianD ever makes his way over here for any reason, and I don't know how to go about contacting him, but huge shoutout and many thanks for putting his collection out there. Enjoy!
  5. Hey all. I've been following ZomBeaver's excellent guide to installing and configuring FS-UAE and running it within LB. It's a fantastic guide and must have taken him a long time to put it together, so a huge thanks for all the help. Eirulan's UUID application is another tremendous contribution. Amazing work. So far I have everything working (WHDLoads, everything working in LB etc) and have tried to follow the instructions to the letter, but there's one thing I can't solve: Saving WHDLoad games within FS-UAE. The options to save or load are both greyed out. I've set up a custom button that quits each game, but I can't save. I assume I would need to save first, then quit within the game before leaving the emulator in order to commit the save from RAM to my HD but I can't get that far yet. Do I need to specify a folder for my saves, or have I missed something else entirely? Thanks in advance to anyone that's able to help. This Forum is full of really great people who are extremely helpful and supportive. Hopefully I've posted this within the right section. Cheers,
  6. Found an interesting article about the effort to preserve disappearing Amiga games: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-12-03-your-amiga-games-are-likely-dying
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I didn't find any box scans for the Amiga in the list, so I found some online. Feel free to use as you like. Now all I need to do is figure out how to add these to LaunchBox and I'll be set lol! Sorry, I'm still extremely new to LB, but so far all of my attempts to update the photos without re-scraping the entire list has avoided me. Hope these help someone!
  8. Commodore Amiga box scans View File I didn't find any box scans for the Amiga in the list, so I found some online. Feel free to use as you like. Now all I need to do is figure out how to add these to LaunchBox and I'll be set lol! Sorry, I'm still extremely new to LB, but so far all of my attempts to update the photos without re-scraping the entire list has avoided me. Hope these help someone! Submitter IamNegan Submitted 03/31/2018 Category Game Box Art
  9. Hi i got small problem, i dont know why but fs-uae "dont see" many of my games like dune 2 or super frog. I can start them manually (chose files and put them to drives (files are in adf)) but when i press update game database they dont appear on game list . any idea why? thanks.
  10. as much of an Amiga enthusiast i was when i owned and amiga, i still have yet to try to add Amiga to my LB. i have avoided it like the black plague because i have this notion it's a major pain. is it really? what is currently the best guide to follow for it? and is it a pain to play once setup or is it simple to play? can you use a controller? i hear Amiga calling my name....
  11. How does one have Commador Amiga and Amiga CD32 as 2 separate platforms in Launchbox? I have a collection of Afd and whd load Amiga games plus a collection of cd32 games as well but they all run from same emulator so when synced into launchbox it puts all the games under just Commador Amiga. I used Eirulan's UUID Launcher to load games into Launchbox. Thank you for your time
  12. Hí guys! Looking here in the forum I don´t find any info about this site and I like to share this to all of you, looking for info and cover box and any info about games for commodore amiga? no more delays here is the link: https://openretro.org/ I hope this site help everybody looking for info and of course help the database of launchbox with any info or media if is not in the launchbox database to help it to grow. Thank you for your attention for this post and have a nice game!
  13. I have had 2 big projects for my own setup going on for months and had a great week for those Finally had the time to get a big chunck of PS1 bin/cue games renamed to a solid curated database og 1807 games. Some 823 done and about 70 more to collect and convert....Final push wont be so bad before getting to test some and add in that set config files made by someone here (@criticalcid iirc-little search needed) Bigger than that a dude (BippyM) popped up with the connections and knowledge to get Uae4Arm updated to allow for external launching on Android....this means the huge task of fixing up a database specifically for Commodore Amiga to utilise the Ultimate Amiga WHDLoad pack for Raspberry Pi...VERY exciting to have something that will be far auperior to the PUAE core in RetroArch (fyi love Libretro) All in all lots of time consumed by this stuff. The icing on the cake is that with a few additions from @slipsystem i can now have a LaunchBox/Bigbox setup on Android....well that is awesome for me. TaTa
  14. Morning fellow Arcadian's As the title points out I currently have an issue with my Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth) with connection to the emulator WinUAE (current version v3.4.0), when launching through Launchbox (current version as of 28/02/17). I currently have Launchbox setup to launch all my emulators and games via Rocketlauncher (current version v1.0.1.10 with latest driver updates as of 28/02/17). Now all the other emulators I have installed and setup through Rocketlauncher work without a hitch with my Xbox Wireless Controller. I have read up that WinUAE is susceptible to issues with the Xbox Wireless Controller via bluetooth and in order to get round this you need to put the following parameter '-norawhid' in at execution. I have tried this on the standalone WinUAE (applied to the icon startup parameter field), and this works perfectly with the Xbox Wireless Controller. However I cannot seem to pass the '-norawhid' within the Launchbox emulator setup area for Rocketlauncher. Just to explain how I have setup Launchbox with Rocketlauncher a bit more clearly. I have Rocketlauncher as my only emulator for all the associated systems/platforms that I use in Launchbox and within the 'Associated Platforms' field in Launchbox I pass the following command line to Rocketlauncher: -f "Z:\Launchbox\Launchbox,exe" -p RocketLauncherUI -s "Commodore Amiga" -r This command then works in conjunction with the Rocketlauncher's setup for the platform (i.e.), 'Commodore Amiga' which I have left as default...due to the complexity of Rocketlauncher and my shameful small understanding of this beast!! Now I have tried placing the parameter '-norawhid' into this commandline, but it does not register on the excution of WinUAE via Rocketlauncher and as mentioned my understanding of Rocketlauncher is severely limit. I cannot seem to understand how to enter additional parameters to the WinUAE (Commodore Amiga), platform in Rocketlauncher at all....aaaahhh!!!! As I've mentioned above this setup works with no problems with all the other platforms setup with Launchbox/Rocketlauncher - so my question (which I can appreciate may be more a Rocketlauncher forum topic!), has anyone else had this issue of passing the '-norawhid' parameter in a similar scenario and succeeded or can anyone shed a light on my frustration due to my limited abilities here?? Many thanks in advance - Chris C. Software used version recap: Launchbox - v7.7 Rocketlauncher - v1.0.1.10 + Latest Drivers WinUAE - v3.4.0
  15. Is there any way the Hall of Light databases (http://hol.abime.net/) can be included in the default metadata searches. This appears to be the only 'one stop shop' for Amiga game information and includes heaps of information that is not available via LaunchboxDB, wikipedia or emumovies.
  16. Name: Amiga CD32 + WinUAE + Launcbox Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-09-05 Submitter: locvez Hi folks, I have created a small, basic tutorial that shows how to setup WinUAE to run cd32 games and integrate into launchbox. I used the freely available TOSEC set on the internet archive library to test games I own and they come in a lovely zip file which I extracted to their own folders giving .cue and .bin files. Setup WinUAE, pull the .cue's into launchbox, and enjoy! Criticism of the video welcome, it is my first ever upload, thanks. Amiga CD32 + WinUAE + Launcbox
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