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Found 15 results

  1. This is a side project I've been working on for the last couple days, inspired by people like Biffman 101 of The Collection Chamber. The idea is to setup some older DOS/3.1/95+ games, create some artwork for them, and package them up in a nice, modern installer package with desktop and/or start menu shortcuts just like any modern PC game (which, of course, can be imported directly into LB as well). Everything will be configured beforehand so you just run the installer and you're good to go! My policy for these will be that I'll only be doing games that aren't available on digital storefro
  2. Hey all. I've been following ZomBeaver's excellent guide to installing and configuring FS-UAE and running it within LB. It's a fantastic guide and must have taken him a long time to put it together, so a huge thanks for all the help. Eirulan's UUID application is another tremendous contribution. Amazing work. So far I have everything working (WHDLoads, everything working in LB etc) and have tried to follow the instructions to the letter, but there's one thing I can't solve: Saving WHDLoad games within FS-UAE. The options to save or load are both greyed out. I've set up a custom butto
  3. Found an interesting article about the effort to preserve disappearing Amiga games: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-12-03-your-amiga-games-are-likely-dying
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I didn't find any box scans for the Amiga in the list, so I found some online. Feel free to use as you like. Now all I need to do is figure out how to add these to LaunchBox and I'll be set lol! Sorry, I'm still extremely new to LB, but so far all of my attempts to update the photos without re-scraping the entire list has avoided me. Hope these help someone!
  5. Commodore Amiga box scans View File I didn't find any box scans for the Amiga in the list, so I found some online. Feel free to use as you like. Now all I need to do is figure out how to add these to LaunchBox and I'll be set lol! Sorry, I'm still extremely new to LB, but so far all of my attempts to update the photos without re-scraping the entire list has avoided me. Hope these help someone! Submitter IamNegan Submitted 03/31/2018
  6. Hi i got small problem, i dont know why but fs-uae "dont see" many of my games like dune 2 or super frog. I can start them manually (chose files and put them to drives (files are in adf)) but when i press update game database they dont appear on game list . any idea why? thanks.
  7. as much of an Amiga enthusiast i was when i owned and amiga, i still have yet to try to add Amiga to my LB. i have avoided it like the black plague because i have this notion it's a major pain. is it really? what is currently the best guide to follow for it? and is it a pain to play once setup or is it simple to play? can you use a controller? i hear Amiga calling my name....
  8. How does one have Commador Amiga and Amiga CD32 as 2 separate platforms in Launchbox? I have a collection of Afd and whd load Amiga games plus a collection of cd32 games as well but they all run from same emulator so when synced into launchbox it puts all the games under just Commador Amiga. I used Eirulan's UUID Launcher to load games into Launchbox. Thank you for your time
  9. Hí guys! Looking here in the forum I don´t find any info about this site and I like to share this to all of you, looking for info and cover box and any info about games for commodore amiga? no more delays here is the link: https://openretro.org/ I hope this site help everybody looking for info and of course help the database of launchbox with any info or media if is not in the launchbox database to help it to grow. Thank you for your attention for this post and have a nice game!
  10. I have had 2 big projects for my own setup going on for months and had a great week for those Finally had the time to get a big chunck of PS1 bin/cue games renamed to a solid curated database og 1807 games. Some 823 done and about 70 more to collect and convert....Final push wont be so bad before getting to test some and add in that set config files made by someone here (@criticalcid iirc-little search needed) Bigger than that a dude (BippyM) popped up with the connections and knowledge to get Uae4Arm updated to allow for external launching on Android....this means the huge task of f
  11. Morning fellow Arcadian's As the title points out I currently have an issue with my Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth) with connection to the emulator WinUAE (current version v3.4.0), when launching through Launchbox (current version as of 28/02/17). I currently have Launchbox setup to launch all my emulators and games via Rocketlauncher (current version v1.0.1.10 with latest driver updates as of 28/02/17). Now all the other emulators I have installed and setup through Rocketlauncher work without a hitch with my Xbox Wireless Controller. I have read up that WinUAE is susceptib
  12. Is there any way the Hall of Light databases (http://hol.abime.net/) can be included in the default metadata searches. This appears to be the only 'one stop shop' for Amiga game information and includes heaps of information that is not available via LaunchboxDB, wikipedia or emumovies.
  13. Name: Amiga CD32 + WinUAE + Launcbox Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-09-05 Submitter: locvez Hi folks, I have created a small, basic tutorial that shows how to setup WinUAE to run cd32 games and integrate into launchbox. I used the freely available TOSEC set on the internet archive library to test games I own and they come in a lovely zip file which I extracted to their own folders giving .cue and .bin files. Setup WinUAE, pull the .cue's into launchbox, and enjoy! Criticism of the video welcome, it is my first ever upload, t
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