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Found 23 results

  1. hello all, my client wants me to add a binary to text conversion on my app. I am not an experience developer and I was really bad at this kind of number conversions in my college. Is there any code to convert binary to text in java? any reference to this conversion will be appreciated.😀
  2. Hello everyone, I speak from Brazil and I am not fluent in English and I will use the Google translator to make this post, I apologize for possible errors. I have faced a difficulty / doubt in relation to uploading images to GamesDB more precisely images for Android games. games for android / ios are obviously distributed by their respective stores and in no way on physical media, so there is no cover, cart front's, etc. but I use android emulators to make it possible to run them on the PC and use the launchbox to start from it ... adding the missing games to GameDB I find the absenc
  3. Hi All! Loving the Android app and paid for premium usage 🙂 I have a massive games list ported to my Android and it's a really pain moving the right hand side scroll thing up and down to get to a game. Can we search yet? or even press the first letter?
  4. Getting multiple errors first installing launchbox. Error 1 - No data was found on your devices internal or SD card storage (happens on startup) Error 2 - An unexpected error occurred while trying to initialize Launchbox folders: Object reference not set to an instance of an object(happens on startup) Error 3 - When I try to select a folder to import games it just shuts down and says unfortunately lauchbox has stopped I had already installed retroarch and the few emulators I tried work. I have even tried roms on both internal and external SD cards; both work. Another thin
  5. When configuring retroarch at the Launchbox platform, I could not find the core I wanted to use when running PSX using retroarch (The core Beetle PSX HW), that's such a shame because that is the core with the best customizations at least for me
  6. Due to moving the folder my roms are in and re-importing some of them, I have some dupes, some work, some don't...it's a mess...rather than delete from phone individually in Launchbox via press down menu, is there another way to just start over and have LB scan a folder to add only 1 instance of a game? (in this case NES)?
  7. Please remove if not allowed. Hey everyone. This is my very first android theme I have made so don't be to hard on me 😜 Posting here as it's game related and thought you may all be interested! Here is a little bit about the theme... This theme was made with a mate 20 pro device and you may need to make some tweaks, I will include 3 screen sizes (19.5/9, 18.5/9 s8+, 18/9, more to come) but may have graphical off sets on some devices. You navigate the device like a real console, buttons and all! There is special effects when playing music such as a sliding game c
  8. When launching a game in Launchbox on android, is it possible to load separate .cfg-files for each system, like what’s possible on Launchbox for Windows by typing in »-c coreconfigfilename.cfg« i think?) in emulator settings. This would solve the problems i am facing trying to set up my Nvidia Shield TV not having to remap the buttons each time i’m playing N64 with a N64 usb Retro-bit controller or Sega with a Sega usb Retro-bit controller each time.
  9. Hi, great work so far but how can I remove "games" from my "Android" platform? Not only most of my apps are now linked there but also many system programs as shown in the attached screen shot. Is there a hidden way or do I simply have to wait for an update? This would also apply to all the other platforms but as far as I'm concerned, I'd like to sort out my android platform. With kind regards, Niklas
  10. Hey, is it planned to automatically sync your collection from the desktop app to your android phone (server-client-style)? Many thanks in advance! Regards, Wonderwhy
  11. I went to the google play store today to download launchbox for my gpd xd and it said it wasn’t compatible with my device. Did I do something wrong, because I play all my retro games on it up to psp and I feel like it could handle it ok. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  12. Well I was watching the latest news and android got a mention which peaked my interest. As a Nvidia Shield TV user it would be amazing see an Android power of LaunchBox. Maybe one day 😄 I setup GameCube recently and I have tested some games with great results it's impressive what the Shield TV combined with Dolphin can get you. I also updated my Shield firmware last night and it's brought some great additions that hampered the emulation user experience BUT I have not tested all my emulators yet to see what problems it's caused. We all know updates cause problems!! Oth
  13. Hey all, I just found out I can stream BigBox to my android phone and use my moga controller to navigate the interface and play the games! Nvidia have an app that allows you to stream from your pc to a Shield Device with very low latency. An app on the Google Play Store called Moonlight allows regular android phones to do this as well. It also supports controllers. To do this you need an Nvidia graphics card. Download the Geforce Experience app from here: https://www.nvidia.co.uk/geforce/geforce-experience/ In the Geforce app click the settings gear icon and select shield.
  14. So, I am interested in making an Android section, so I ask, any one already messing around with Android emulators and recommend a great one? Thus far I have found these few but haven't played with any: ANDY Droid4X NOX
  15. Requested tutorial last week sorry it took so long to make it... included is exclusive Nox App PLayer PDF user guide 1. you will need one or 2 programs #XPadder or #JoyToKey for this tut I am using Xpadder because I have a wireless xbox 360 controller use whichever you prefer... Make sure the controller is plugged in and turned on... lol 2. Open any game of your choice inside of Nox 3. click the option in left panel that looks like a joystick called #controller configuration 4. if your device not there click refresh until it appears then hit connect...
  16. Hi, I'm working on a BigBox plugin and an associated Android app to enable a tablet to be used as a side screen / auxiliary screen to show marquees / banners / control layouts and pdf manuals for the game that is currently selected in Big Box. The idea is that the tablet would be automatically synchronized via WiFi to the selected game in Big Box, and it would show relevant data for that game. This could be especially handy to show the control layout and manual for a game when using Big Box in a cabinet. I was wondering how much interest there would be in the community for me to rele
  17. I bought this device about a month ago, and I have loved it so much, and found it to be so utterly unique, that I feel it is worth sharing with the community. This is not intended to be an add spot for GPD. Rather this is my experience using the handheld, what worked well for me, and how I think it compares with other handheld emulation devices. Without further ado, my review of the GPD-XD: GPD XD: The Ultimate Portable for Serious Gamers https://www.gpdxd.com/ The GPD-XD is a android tablet with a built in controller. The intended purpose of the device is to
  18. Evening all, If anyone has a Shield Tv I would love to hear about your setup choice and general experiences. I love it... Anyway there is the posibility that RetroArch will be getting multiple mice support soon, hopefully it makes its way to Android. https://www.bountysource.com/issues/43321776-multiple-mice-support Duel light guns baby, I'm working on my Commodore Amiga setup which is a crazy task. 2000+ WHDLoad packs converted to hdf (not by me, well maybe 100 by me) to start testing and making configs for Unless I find a better solution. I sti
  19. Not those kind of threats silly. (Android promo-I set up a little Discord channel for Android, Nvidia Shield TV and Hyperspin users. If you want to join that PM me) EXCUSE MY SPELLING ITS LATE HERE I have been threatening to buy a subscription for far to long.....I was feeling a little flush so pulled the trigger. I felt guilty watching so many Launchbox YouTube videos and enjoying what this place has to offer. Thanks to @Jason Carr for LB/BB, the dev live streams and news updates while @WoodHawker was away for some reason, can't remeber why he was off but think he mentioned it
  20. I saw that android is a platform option bt how the hell do we use it.. I mean I have nox on my systems but it doesn't even install to a normal location so its impossible to locate the app exe... Can this be done with bluestacks? Again giving me files I don't have a clue about using with the movies is pointless... I created an acoount I got my API key etc but how the heck do we add movies to launchbox?
  21. Since we actually have a game theme designed for android is it possible to emulate it through Launchbox like with Nox or Bluestacks?
  22. Pietro

    Android games

    Hey guys, any of you ever emulated android games?? If so, how do you do?
  23. So if I wanted to add links as ROMs (for instance, the android emulator Bluestacks will create a link to each game so it's accessible from Windows), how does everyone go about adding those? If I add a link as a ROM, Launchbox wants an emulator associated with it. All I really want to do is launch the link. I've been able to add the links in a round about sort of way and have them launch, but when editing the game details in Launchbox, Launchbox fusses that there is no emulator assigned. Doesn't seem to matter, the games will still launch. Just wondered if there is some other way I should be do
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