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  1. So, I've had my cab built for a while now and am in the middle of a "refresh" of all the software after the computer died And I feel like I want a spinner Only problem is that I have no idea where I might put it on my panel (picture attached) I think the answer is that I probably can't, but the only thought that comes to replace the bottom right p2 button (which rarely if ever gets used), but no idea if it then might get in the way of normal use, and if it's even in a usable position. Other idea is replacing the 2p coin, but again not sure if might feel odd there Open to ideas/thoughts! Thanks
  2. I grew up playing games in Arcades and I've been wanting to build my own arcade cabinet for over 20 years.... After discovering LaunchBox / BigBox, I finally decided to get started on my "dream project". Since the original Midway design for the Mortal Kombat II and Killer Instinct cabinets was my favorite, I decided that was where I'd start. I needed some Artwork, so here's the initial mock-up for the cabinet artwork I did in PhotoShop. (I've seen plenty of Killer Instinct reproduction cabinets, so I decided to go with the Xbox/Windows version) Here's the final version of the control panel that I mocked up in Photoshop.... I planned on getting clear button housings with black plungers so the outer rings could be illuminated based on which game was being played: I had the artwork printed at GameOnGrafix.com and installed it onto the cabinet control panel.... I ordered the joysticks and buttons from ParadiseArcadeShop.com, and when they arrived, I installed them: I installed the monitor, lower "marquee" monitor, and prepped the plexiglass for paint: While waiting on the marquee and side art, I got started on the Big Box theme. I wanted it to have a similar look as the Killer Instinct game.... Here's the Killer Instinct in-game options menu and the way the Options menu looks in my custom theme: Here are a couple of screen shots of the other theme menus (keep in mind, these are all works in progress and I've never done this before ) The PC that will be running Launchbox/BigBox: Here's the side art being installed: Here's where I completed the control pannel wiring and front artwork.... Installed the power strip, PC, Speakers, amplifier, subwoofer, etc. and cleaned up the wiring... Cut the back panel, then decided to add some additional ventilation to keep everything cool.... (The top fans blow out, bottom ones suck in) Here's a closer look at the top fans and the thermostat that monitors the cabinet internal temps and regulates fan speed. I'll post more pics and details as I finish the project..... It's VERY close.
  3. Hello from Greece !!this is my arcade cabinet unfinished build with Star Wars theme.Its an upright custom arcade cabinet with Launchbox installed and about 2700 Mame games. The project is unfinished ,I need more emulators and bezel glass.
  4. I’ve recently had a second attempt at building my LB setup having taken some time off and essentially started from scratch. I achieved more this time around and I’m on a roll. It is nice to have a setup running on my PC and connected to my TV but deep down I would love to have a bar top or full arcade cabinet setup. The prospect of constructing an Arcade cabinet seem from the outside looking in to be slightly more involved/complicated than just doing a straight forward LB build. I’d Really like to get something up and running over the next 6 months or so but don’t really know where to start. I’m based in the UK and see a large selection of retailers in the US that provide all manner of cases, even huge 4 player plug in and play modular controller. Unfortunately most won’t ship to the UK I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences during your builds, and any pitfalls you came across during the process. Also any recommendations on buttons, joysticks, monitors, light guns etc would be most appreciated.
  5. I am searching for a square/4:3 monitor that would fit my arcade cabinet. Which is about 25"x25". I am guessing around a 24" monitor/tv would fit. An company or site, monitor or TV, hell I would even consider a CRT! Thanks in advance!!
  6. Just finished up my arcade cab (less graphics which will get done someday) and thought I'd share my builds. All of these builds boot directly into Big Box and use a mix of GFCE, Critical Zone 1.8, and default themes. Arcade Cabinet - First is a wall-mounted arcade cabinet designed from scratch in Sketchup but loosely based on a Donkey Kong cabinet. I used 3/4" and 1/2" melamine, a 2x4" frame and Plexiglas. Everything is modular and can be taken apart and put back together with a screwdriver and a crescent wrench. Controls are Happ Suzzo and a i-PAC2 keyboard encoder. Two USB controller ports on the front and wireless mouse and keyboard for when you need it. The monitor is a AOC 27" LCD that looks amazing! (2) hidden mount 50w 4" full range speakers and a 35w stereo board fill out the sound. (Please don't mind the mess in the pictures! Redoing my basement!) At 60 FPS it runs up to Dreamcast on console, Noami and Sega Model 3 in arcade, and it runs as high as Gameboy Advanced currently for handheld but could probably do better. PC Specs: HP Compaq Pro 6300 Small Form Factor Tower (Craigslist) Intel Core i5-3570 @ 3.4GHz 4GB of DDR3 500 GB SSD MSI Computer Video Card GT 710 2GD3H LP (Needed a cheap card for HDMI output) Big Box Console - This was inspired by ETA Prime's review of the NUC Skull Canyon on his Youtube channel. Specs for the NUC Skull Canyon are here but I did overclock the CPU to 3.2GHz. There is 8GB of DDR4 2400Mhz RAM and (2) M.2 SSD @ 250 GB and 500 GB. I use 2 8Bitdo SN30 PRO controllers and these things kick ass. The controllers can run the entire system by unified automation with Controller Companion installed. Controllers even work perfectly with ScummVM! I travel a lot and this is perfect for the hotel. At 60 FPS it runs up Nintendo Wii and PS2 on console and any Arcade game I can throw at it. No handheld on this but it could probably handle PSP no problem. Surface Pro - This is for the plane. Work gave it to me and I didn't need it so it's a game pad now! Honestly this thing sucks for emulation but at least I can play up to PS1 at 60ish FPS. Use a Buffalo SNES USB controller that get the job done. Cat likes it cause of how hot it gets! Thanks for looking and happy gaming!
  7. Woke up yesterday, decided to teach myself Google Sketchup... never worked with CAD like programs before. Managed to get a very accurately designed cabinet made based on a side view outline I made. Glad I did, was able to avoid a few potential issues that would have been missed if drawn on paper. Still a bit to tweak here and there but, for the most part, I have all the braces in place inside, location of the holes for buttons, even little LED strips for the marquee. Just finishing up the back now. For extra airflow, instead of a door or wooden access panel, I'm using a 16"x20" furnace filter. I'll have a 120mm fan near the top to blow out warm air, but figured with the furnace filter I'd get better air flow and no dust inside. Bought a power bar off Amazon for $17CAD with surge protection and a 12' cord, was cheaper than buying wire and a plug to run to a light switch then to a power-bar anyways. This way I can cut off 10', wire it up to a light switch about 4' up, and have 2' from the switch to the power bar inside. 2 small holes under the monitor are for USB plugs I got off eBay for times I may need a keyboard or controller. The small hole between the speakers, I initially made for the volume knob for the AMP I got (also eBay) though may set the volume and use a button-combo to adjust the volume, and use that hole for a power button for the PC since I have a small one about 1/4" in diameter. Speakers, I have a pair of full range Sony 3.5" speakers I got for $3/pair at a garage sale. Were from a surround setup, but very heavy duty magnets in them. Still waiting for that eBay amp so I can test them out. Will have a joystick, 6-buttons, coin and player button for each (two) player. Plus 4-aux buttons recessed at the front so can't accidentally press them. Using these buttons from Amazon. Idea for this one was to make something a bit shallower and narrower than traditional cabinets. Plus I wanted the marquee to sit back more... I'm 6'3" tall and I don't want to have a marquee right in my face, and because of the angle I'd have to look down at, if it sticks out too far it would block my vision a bit when looking down at the screen. Sides are 3/4" plywood, as is the control panel and monitor panel. The monitor hole will be cut at the front to match the screen size, and at the back I'll route in 1/2" for the dimensions of the monitor's frame, that way the screen will only sit 1/4" away from the front. I may even route the front a bit, use a bit to add a 45' angle cut 1/8" in. The bottom of the cabinet will have doors and shelves for storage. Debated a drawer for a keyboard but, unlikely I'll need it... probably use a Rii when needed. Overall dimensions so far are 6'2" tall, 26" wide and 22" deep. PC specs in my signature. I'll keep this thread updated as I go... just looking for some thoughts/ideas so far.
  8. Hi all, After previously having tried out pretty much all of the popular frontends out there, I found LaunchBox and the rest is history – once again, simply amazing work Jason and team. Anywho, the right frontend deserves a proper arcade cabinet, so I build what you see below. I wanted lots of colors and ended up with a design that mixes two of my favorite games, and I am pretty happy with the final machine.
  9. Taito Type X Arcade Cabinets (Custom) View File These are custom arcade cabinets for Taito Type X games. I know the controls are backward, I'll make an updated back as soon as I can. Submitter OmenBoy Submitted 02/01/2017 Category Arcade Cabinets
  10. I have an old cabinet that I am finishing up to list on various sites to hopefully sell. I would like to buy a copy of the lifetime version of LB/BB to go with the cabinet. I want to make sure that the person who buys it gets the nice setup that I have made, while abiding by whatever the licensing requires. I hope to get my old arcade out of my house to make way for the new build, and give the new owner a great experience with as little hassle as possible. Can I do this? What is the best way to register this for the new user? Can I put it in the listing that a lifetime license comes with my cab as a "perk"? (with the press that LB is getting, it will be an enticement.) I just want to make sure that the Launchbox team is ok with what I am doing, and if not, what should I do in this scenario?
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