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Found 8 results

  1. I just updated Retroarch to 1.10.0 and now games play at 2x normal speed, no audio and somehow changes my display settings. After closing retroarch/launchbox, display changes and can barely read text. To fix, I disable HDR setting in Win10. This puts it back to what it looked like before starting Launchbox/retroarch. Games opened through Launchbox and Big Box all run at 2x normal speed and no audio. So it must be retroarch. Retroarch audio driver: xaudio Please help.
  2. any help would be cool jus added the games for ps1 a cupule of them work nice but most are lagy jumpy and sound ecos allways says things twice but they load fine intros movies are fine just in game this is happing.im using windows on screen keyboard to type this . my new keyboard comes today . thanks
  3. Hi all, I have gathered a full set of US PSX games plus not a few PAL ones as well so my aim here is to save some space. After weeks of playing around and reading I have come up with different ways of combining games with multiple bins (normally audio tracks) into one, which is pretty straightforward to be honest. After this I tend to convert them into PBP files but since it is painfully taking a lifetime to convert every single game one by one I am seriously considering batch converting them to CHD. (I was using ePSXe first and now RA Mednafen HW). Everything is OK until this point BUT I have realised after combining bin files some games, they lose audio tracks and while playing I can hear, for instance, the sound effects but not the music. This has happened to me recently with Wipeout 3. My ideal world is to be able to: 1) Combine every single game to has just one cue/bin without losing any audio information and prepare them to 2) Batch conversion to CHD. This also without losing any kind of information from the prior cue/bin. Nor data or audio wise. My methods of combining bin files are: Daemon Tools Lite + Img Burn: mounting the .cue with Daemon in a virtual drive and creating and image from disc with the latter software. UltraIso: opening the .cue or main .bin and converting the game (again) into cue/bin. I am keen on suggestions of every kind or if you have a different workflow/pipeline for achieving this. Many thanks if you read this! This is driving me crazy.
  4. Hi guys, I have a question regarding splitting HDMI image and audio. My aim is to do it with PS4 but you can apply this to any other system, console, emulator and that is why I am posting it here. I would like to play on the tv and my computer monitor. That is easy with a 1 input 2 output hdmi splitter. Issue comes when my monitor does not have an audio output and I also want to get audio out (tv is easy as it is using its sound bar sound). So how can I get audio at the same time on my monitor and the tv at the same time? Ideally I will be using headphones so I can play on the monitor and some friends can hear it through the sound bar on the tv. Many thanks in advance!
  5. Hi I use dosbox on my Dell laptop without problems. Yesterday I tried connecting it to my HT receiver thru hdmi: video to the TV is ok, but there's no audio. It's not a PC problem, as if I play YouTube I see it on TV and I can hear it on my speakers, only with dosbox I hear no sound. Thanks for any help
  6. Recently I discovered Bridge M1, a nifty little media player that scrapes the music from your MAME roms. I have been wanting to expand my background music selection on BigBox, and was wondering if there is any way to change the audio media player to M1, so that I can have the music from my ROMs playing in the background.
  7. I thought I would start a thread for discussing audio setups. What do you have? What do you want? What do you like? I'm not talking about specifically those that buy $12,000 headphones or believe they can hear frequencies beyond that of dogs, just people that enjoy pursuing auditory excellence in one way or another. Could be relative to gaming, music, movies, whatever. For my part, I own some higher-end AV equipment and speakers (relative to budget, I suppose), but try to buy closeout stuff or find good deals. We're doing some home renovations, so my home theater and listening room are non-existent at the moment, but I still try to work with what I've got. In my office - where my primary gaming computer is located, I've got an older Yamaha RXV863 powering Definitive Technologies BPX speakers and a Rel Q201E sub. It took a while to find a configuration that provided a good sweet spot for listening relative to my seating position in the room, but it works well for most music and games I play. In the current living room which has a more open design, I had to opt for displacement over refinement to get something that worked well. In there I've got another stereo setup in lieu of a full surround setup. Yamaha RXA3000 powering two Definitive Technologies BP7002 towers and an older Klipsch 12" sub. This setup is connected to our Kodi PC, Xbox 360, WiiU, and the N64 and is primarily for watching movies and TV, but when I'm home alone, it's where I listen to music... really, really loud. Scares the kittehs. My arcade machine is less impressive, but consists of the TV speakers (Sony FWD42PV1 speakers) and a Rel Q108 sub. It's loud and clear enough, though, to feel the punches and articulate all the bleeps and bloops I love to hear. I may eventually incorporate a proper amplifier and some better speakers, but it's very low priority. The home theater used to be the RXA3000 powering four BP7002 towers, two BPX presence height channels, CLR3000 center, and a couple subs, but the future theater will be much more robust. I'm planning on building most of my own speakers and my own subs. It should put anything I currently own to shame as well as make me prematurely deaf.
  8. The problem is the following. If Big Box enable the volume control + and -, it works perfectly if we raise or lower the volume when we BigBox, But if we start a game, if we try to lower or increase the voume (I use a combo of buttons for volume as Select + B), the B button after adjusting the volume will work intermittently. Everything starts to work if we leave the game and then we start again.
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