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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to set up PPSSPP currently and got it all mapped with AHK using the standard "key down, Sleep 10, key up" method which works fine except I realized something playing Mega Man. Because it just recognizes that the key is pressed down for a short amount of time he only jumps a really low jump. I could increase the sleep time but then he would always just super high. Does anyone have a script for different variables which I can use? What is the workaround that people use for this issue? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue with AHK and finding my joystick names for remapping. I'm using a GP-wiz 40 encoder and I'm trying to remap the joystick for up/down/left/right respectively. I read through some documentation and I'm not able to figure it out unfortunately. Devices in control panel only lets me see which number the buttons are relating to, not the joystick. Is there an easy way of figuring it out? I tried the test script AHK has but it doesn't seem to recognize my gp-wiz40 for some reason, even though it does in launchbox. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi there After the latest two updates, AHK scripts set in the emulator setting boxes are not working anymore (they are not executed). The first thing I thought was due to the AHK folder movement to the new created third-party one. Putting the folder back to the root (where it was) makes everything working again. Is there a way for checking the path where LB is looking for the AHK exe or is it hardcoded in the main app? Is it only my problem (maybe something went wrong during the update) or somebody else had the same? For the moment I solved copying the folder back
  4. Installation Instructions To use the smart switch, do the following: - Rename AutoHotkey.exe to AHK.exe - Copy AutoIt3.exe into the Launchbox\AutoHotkey directory - Copy AutoHotkey.exe included in ZIP file into the Launchbox\AutoHotkey directory How to use The smart switch will default to using AutoHotkey to maintain compatibility with existing scripts. To use AutoIt3.exe, have the first line contain ";AutoIt" Example: Msgbox(0,"Hello World","You are using AutoIt!") ;AutoIt You can download AutoIt3.exe at https://www.autoitscript.com/
  5. Hello, currently I have created a small script with AutoHotKey in "Tools -> Manage Emulators -> Running AutoHotkey Script", which allows me to associate the 2 buttons of the joystick 2, as second player for Dragon's Lair. The code is as follows: ; Start 2 2Joy7:: Send, 2 return ; Coin 2 2Joy9:: Send, 6 return I have already configured the keys in the DaphneLoader.exe configuration: Dragon's Lair -> Configure -> Input: Start 2 = Primary Key -> 2 Coin 2 = Primary Key -> 6 When I start it from LaunchBox or BigBox the keys on the keyboard work. Instead
  6. Hey guys, I don't really use AHK and was wondering if I can get a hand from somebody, I'm thinking this would be easy. I have a game which always launches a "configurator" but it saves the settings from last time I played, so I can just hit Enter then go back to my couch. Can anybody automate this so that AHK fakes an "Enter" keypress say 10 seconds after game launches?
  7. Hello, first post here. I really like Launchbox, it's working well for me. Is there a way to access the Platform or System name and Game or ROM name in the AutoHotKey script tab of the Edit Emulator window? Kinda like you can use {{{StartupEXE}}}. I would like to do things with that info when launching games. Thanks
  8. My Setup is a little different for Cemu so please read before jumping down my throat about missing autohotkey script Dualshock 4 running a modified version of ds4windows that has motion detection output that Cemu can hook into (Motion aiming in BOTW) Launchbox and Big Box works brilliantly with exiting other emulators with the controller shortcut. But it will not fully exit Cemu, just makes it not full screen. I did have the autohotkey script in place for Cemu that fixed the exiting issue but it is not longer working because... I use a batch file per Wii U game to add
  9. I am trying to set up an AutoHotKeyScript to run with my FS UAE emulator to control the mouse with my Xbox 360 controller. However the script doesn't run. I have tested the script with AutoHotKey seperately and it works. What am I doing wrong? Below is the script exactly as I have pasted it into the emulator's AutoHotKey tab.
  10. Name: AutoHotKey Tutorial Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2018-01-30 Submitter: Pyrometheous In this video, I go over how to use AutoHotKey Script to launch the Higan emulator in Full Screen from BigBox. AutoHotKey Tutorial
  11. Hi, I want to avoid an emulator to be opened until I press a key. There are many threads talking about closing the emulator with some key (for example esc key), but I haven't seen any topic related to doing the opposite, this means, waiting for a key and once pressed then launch the emulator. I don't know if this may be possible because what I can see is that launchbox launches both the emulator and the ahk script at the same time. Any thoughts?
  12. Please help as i am losing my mind! I am having some severe issues with the x-arcade tankstick working with Launchbox/bigbox 7.1. First of all i was having issues binding keys in retroarch. Every time i try and bind keys it says error unable to save configuration file. So i moved on from trying to use retroarch for a all-in-one emulator. So i first started with basic ahk script inside the emulator edit tab. I used a few basic commands to exit emulator and remap a few keys such as alt and cntrl that are standard buttons on the tankstick. Launchbox/bigbox completely ignores everything in t
  13. Version 1.0.0


    The main purpose of the included AutoHotKey code was a proof of concept. I wanted to add an additional "overlay" to the standard GCE Vextrex overlays that come furnished with the MAME artwork files (see the attached picture). Sort of a single purpose function similar to what RocketLauncher can do. The attached file has two main parts, one, a file with the name of vextrex.zip. This is a replacement for the standard MAME overlays and should be placed in your artwork folder under your MAME installation location. The included png files are higher quality that the default overlays. Note: I did
  14. Mame_Vectrex_Overlay_AHK.7z View File The main purpose of the included AutoHotKey code was a proof of concept. I wanted to add an additional "overlay" to the standard GCE Vextrex overlays that come furnished with the MAME artwork files (see the attached picture). Sort of a single purpose function similar to what RocketLauncher can do. The attached file has two main parts, one, a file with the name of vextrex.zip. This is a replacement for the standard MAME overlays and should be placed in your artwork folder under your MAME installation location. The
  15. #NoEnv ; ================================================================================= ; FOR MAME TO ACCEPT AHK SCRIPTS keyboardprovider IN mame.ini MUST BE SET TO dinput! ; ================================================================================= ; Fast Forward 4Joy15:: If GetKeyState("4Joy15") { SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 MmC:=!MmC if MmC = 1 Send {Insert down} else Send {Insert up} return } Return ; Pause 4Joy20:: If GetKeyState("4Joy20") { SetKe
  16. So, I recently purchased Doom II on GOG, and something I had forgotten since childhood is that the controls aren't what I'm used to. I found this script LAlt::return n::LAlt #If GetKeyState("LAlt","P") w::Up a::Left s::Down d::Right however I can't find a place to add it as an autohotkey script in Launchbox. My goal is to use "W" for forward "S" as down, "A" as strafe left, & "D" as strafe right. I believe "Alt + left/right" are the strafes by default, up/down directional buttons move you forward and back. The mouse I'd like to keep the same, I'm just finding it imposs
  17. Hi all, I'm sure somebody has done that already but I didn't find anything in the forums... I'm using AHK for a couple of games for keymapping. The problem is I need to make sure that the keymapping gets killed after the game is closed. I know I technically can do that directly in the AHK script but many key mapping scripts can be used on several games. So I'd like to use the same script for many games with as less as possible customization. So if you have a good, fast to implement on many games, way of doing so. Thanks for the advises.
  18. Here is a script I use to navigate Bigbox with controller buttons instead of the x/y axis or POV. Edit the controller numbers and buttons to suit. eg: 1JOY12 = 1st controller/joystick and button HID number 12 Edit sleep time to change the rapid fire. Its not suitable for games as it emulates the way the keyboard driver inputs. It only activates when BigBox is the main window so it wont interrupt games So press key, inputs, then if held after half a second rapid fires. It should feel exactly like using the arrow keys. Hopefully sometime soon the BigBox team will add remapp
  19. I was looking for a way to display some info - mainly easily forgotten key combinations - while playing games with WinUAE through Launchbox. WinUAE is using rawinput so it can't accept directinput commands from Autohotkey. Searching through the http://eab.abime.net i came upon a script which uses the WinUAE Pipe to get events from Autohotkey. I modified the script so when i press button 16 on my 4th gamepad, WinUAE goes into window mode, a message is displayed with some helpful info and waits for me to press OK (the game is still running normally in the background). Pressing OK make
  20. Hello everyone! So I've had this problem with Nestopia. I have two Xbox 360 controllers that I've configured with it. I didn't like the fact that if both weren't on, Nestopia would have a popup saying "One or more joysticks is not connected would you like to remap?" And no matter if I clicked Yes or No, it'd erase my config. So I set the .xml file to read only. That helped and I even managed to get rid if an annoying popup when I closed it saying "Can't save the configuration!" by copying a ePSX ahk script I found online. So what could I do to get rid of the popup "One or Joys
  21. I have written an AutoHotKey Script to open an image of my controller-keyboard layout for each of my emulators. The way it works right now, it opens the image when the emulator starts, opens for 15 sec., then closes, and goes back into the game. This works well enough, but what I'd like to know is, is there a way to have the emulator wait until the script exits? I've noticed that I can do this with each individual game. If I add it as an additional program, I can have the main application (the emulator) wait until the additional application exits ( compiled AutoHotKey Script). And while I
  22. If you use STEEM for your Atari ST emulation, here's a quick AHK script to Pause/Unpause the emu using a controller button. I setup ALT+P using the STEEM Shortcuts to Toggle Start/Stop Emulation. When the emulation stops, STEEM drops you out of fullscreen. If you resume by pressing ALT+P again, STEEM leaves you in window mode, but.. If you turn fullscreen on instead, the emulator resumes automatically. So the script bellow - mapped to my 4th controller button 20 - works as follows (using MyC:=!MyC: as an on/off switch): when you press the button it sends ALT+P to STEE
  23. Joy6:: Send !{enter} Sendinput {Alt Down} Sendinput {D} Sendinput {I} Sendinput {E} Sendinput {Alt Up} WinWait, Choose a disk image file WinWaitClose Send !{enter} Return I am assuming that you start Hoxs64 in fullscreen mode (else you don't need this script!) Hoxs64 must be in windows mode to be able to change disks, so this script disables fullscreen and opens up the dialog to select another disk. As soon as you are done it reverts to fullscreen mode. The script runs by pressing the cont
  24. I've been working on trying to make the center "Guide" button on my Xbox 360 controller usable in emulators outside of RetroArch. I found a brilliant AHK library for working with Xbox 360 controllers over on GitHub, which does allow the user to read the Guide button inputs. However, putting this code into LaunchBox as an AHK script or even using an #Include statement causes LaunchBox to crash when attempting to launch a game. The library does work with the latest AutoHotKey mainline branch, so I'm guessing the issue is something to do with the way the library works. I'm guessing this is probab
  25. I'm using BigBox on a cabinet in a semi public location. If someone chooses a game and walks away, I didn't want MAME running indefinitely. I would rather return to BigBox so the next person knows he can choose a game. I used the following script to exit MAME if there is no input for two minutes. In LaunchBox's Manage Emulators window, choose MAME and Edit Emulator. Then, on the AutoHotkey Script tab, enter the following: Hope it works for someone else too!
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