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  1. Hi, Before I get into bigger ideas / projects - this is my first plugin if anyone would like to review / test. Two new game context menu options: Search Cover Simple opens your browser to Google Images with the game platform and title as search parameters. Paste Image Copies an image in the clipboard (e.g. right-click image in browser and select 'Copy Image') to the game's images folder for the Image Type selected. Paste Image options There are options available for the "Paste Image" function in the Tools > Paste Image Settings menu. By default the "Paste Image" command will save to the game's region image sub-folder. If "Ignore Region" is turned on, it will save to the game's platform folder. If "Delete other images" is turned on, it will delete existing images for the Image Type selected. If both options are turned on, all images for the Image Type selected will be deleted, leaving only the pasted image. This is actually my use case - I wanted as shortcut to force the new image to be the only one available for LaunchBox to display. Please refer to the git hub readme.md for full detail, code review and feedback and bugs are welcomed. https://github.com/Skarnivorous/LaunchBoxPasteImage
  2. Not sure if this discussion has happened before (not sure if this is the right section of the forum to ask) but I am wondering other's preferred methods for organizing Beta roms in Launchbox. Playing Betas was actually one of the first things that brought me to emulation nearly 20 years ago, and I have amassed quite a collection of Beta roms for the various systems. I don't really like the idea of the Betas clogging up the actual release libraries when browsing through Launchbox (especially when they didn't have box art). What I initially did was set up NES (Beta) SNES (Beta) Sega Genesis (Beta) etc. etc. as their own platforms to keep them separate and out of the way. Now that Launchbox supports hiding games without boxart, I would consider just leaving the Betas with their original platform and just turning off the "Hide games without Boxart" on the occasion I wanted to try out a Beta. Just wondering what other people out there are doing and perhaps looking for inspiration to improve my set up ?
  3. I'm loving the new LaunchBox Next! It's obviously missing a lot of features right now but that's to be expected. My absolute favorite new thing about LaunchBox Next is how it loads your boxart images into memory. No more waiting for them to load up one or a couple at a time. It only happens the first time you view them all, but once that's done never again. It runs smoothly. I really hope it stays this way. Thanks for your hard work guys. It's appreciated.
  4. My platforms were in alphabetical order in LB since I installed it for the first time a couple months ago (then bought Big Box) , the last couple beta's the order was the same but on Both my PC and my cabinet the platform order now seems random. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Big Box is still in alphabetical order and Launchbox.net is good too but desktop is wacked.
  5. Back again with another issue. BigBox had been working great for me lately and I have now realized it was because I had not updated it in a while due to there having been no new Betas for a while. A new Beta was released yesterday and as soon as I updated all cover flow images had to load again and if I go to the "Force Populate" option in the menu it starts from scratch where before the update it was it was showing a quick green loading screen since everything was populated. I realize now this has been a major problem for me for a long time so Is this a known issue? it would suck if I had to constantly repopulate after every update as I have a massive library and I have to leave BigBox populating over night.....
  6. Hi, I have had this problem on my fresh installation of Windows 10, My PC games keep disappearing (it seems to be the latest games I had added) I have them under PC Games because I use RocketLauncher. I have checked that my LaunchBox files are not set to read only and all the security settings for all Launchbox files are set to full control. I had this problem before on an older installation of LaunchBox on an older installation of windows 10 and reinstalling and rollback of LaunchBox fixed the problem, That did not work this time. I can't seem to find my missing games anywhere in the Data folder, and searching through Launchbox with the "ALL Games" view does not make them reappear, and as soon as I add a game it disappears again when I restart launchBox, As far as I know this is only happening with PC games but I am concerned that other games may be missing as I have an extensive library. Please help! This problem is a real pain.
  7. Hey everyone. So I recently updated to the latest beta release of Launchbox (Beta 7) and when Launchbox was initializing, it got stuck at "Caching Playlists", which was one of the new features Jason implemented for this beta I believe. It was stuck for well over 5 minutes and I couldn't close the program unless I used task manager to end the task. Afterward I tried relaunching it and that time it loaded, however it continues to get stuck the majority of times right at "Caching Playlists". It's also worth noting that I received an error stating that my metadata.xml file is corrupted and recommending me to re open Launchbox to avoid other issues. I've received this error twice now. So far Launchbox keeps getting stuck and occasionally I get the same error that my metadata.xml file is corrupted. Launchbox is a great front end, and I thank Jason for developing this awesome program and everyone else who contributes to the community. I just need help with this one issue. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the error: Metadata.xml file is corrupted. Please try closing and restarting LaunchBox. App: LaunchBox Version: 7.10-beta-7 Type: System.Exception Site: System.Data.DataSet () Source: Unbroken.LaunchBox at () at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Search.LocalDb.get_DataSet() at () at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Search.LocalDb.GetPlatforms() at (String , Boolean ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Search.LocalDb.GetValidPlatformName(String name, Boolean officialOnly) at (PlaylistGame , Dictionary2& , Dictionary2& , Dictionary2& ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.PlaylistGame.GetGame(Dictionary2& platformFileNames, Dictionary2& platformTitles, Dictionary2& platformRoughTitles) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.Playlist.<>cDisplayClass156_0.<GetGamesManual>b5(PlaylistGame g) at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereSelectEnumerableIterator2.MoveNext() at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereEnumerableIterator1.MoveNext() at System.Collections.Generic.List1..ctor(IEnumerable1 collection) at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToListTSourceat Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.Playlist.GetGamesManual(Boolean sort) at (Playlist , Boolean ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.Playlist.GetGames(Boolean sort) Best wishes. IMG_2054.MOV UPDATE: Jason fixed this problem for the new beta. It no longer gets stuck at caching playlists. Thanks Jason
  8. I'm running into issues where when I stop either LB or BB it is coming to a point where it crashes because it is trying to create a path to E:\Emulators\LaunchBox\Music\Platform (I put the generic platform because I've seen the issue now with two different platforms in the error message the issue is this tablet only has two drives C and D so of course the program trying to install anything to an E drive will cause an issue I perfectly understand that. I've used NotePad++ and opened every XML in LB folder and can't find anything looking for any type of E; path so this error is so weird.
  9. We're going to start a new beta testing thread here now because the old thread got so long.
  10. Hello, I can't get LB. 6.2 to upgrade to the betas.... I disabled my antivirus (Avira) but it still doesn't tell me about updates with both boxes checked in the options. Is there somewhere I can just download the beta? I have a premium if that matters.
  11. I don't know if this is the right place to post about Beta issues, but I figured I'd put out a feeler to see if anybody else is having issues. I have verified that on the same machine where LaunchBox is installed & running I can login to files.emumovies.com using an FTP client, and have re-entered my credentials in LaunchBox, but I'm getting errors when I try to import ROMs into LaunchBox since the update this morning. Can anybody confirm?
  12. Hi everyone, great job on the remarkable program and thanks for all the cool new features. On to my problem: Launchbox is working perfectly, but as soon as I try to enable voice recognition (either in the program or in the config manually) Launchbox does not want to start anymore and instead shows an error message, stating I wouldn't have write permissions in the launchbox folder (which is untrue) and the access to path "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start menu\Programs" was denied (of course it was, and launchbox is not installed there, I have it installed on "D:\!MediaPC\Launchbox") Launching with admin permissions doesn't help either. For reference, my system specs: AMD FX-6300 OC @4.1GHz AMD Radeon 270x @stock 8GB DD3-1600 RAM Windows 10 Pro 2 HDDs, 1 SSD
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