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Found 8 results

  1. Hey Everyone ! First Post here, not sure If I'm posting in the correct forum so let me know if not. I'm using BigBox for my custom Arcade Machine for a while now and I keep adding stuff and upgrading it over time. Recently I had the idea to Add Bluetooth on my machine, to be able to use DS4 and 8bitdo controllers on it for some windows and consoles games. The fact is I'm not using those controllers only for this Arcade machine so, sometime I pair them back on other computers, PS4, raspberry pi and more. My Goal here is to find a way to stay within Bigbox and Pair my controllers, without using the official win10 Bluetooth interface. The reason is, my explorer.exe isn't running when I'm using BigBox, to improve performance, boot speed and such. But without it I can't start the Win10 Bluetooth app. ATM If I want to Pair a new controller I'm Forced to kill BigBox, Run explorer.exe back, start the win10 Bluetooth app, delete old pairing save, pair again. And it's a PAIN. I had the idea to find a program/app that I could run over Windows game (maybe) to allow me to replicate what I can do just like the official win10 Bluetooth app. And then Just kill the app just like any other windows games when I'm done (With a dedicated Exit button I have on my control panel with an ahk script) But I CANT FIND any program, googling for hours and nothing. It seem that the only way to pair new device is going through the win app ABSOLUTLY. Any suggestion or idea is appreciate ! I want to find a way ! (English isn't my mother tongue) Bojak
  2. I have an Xbox One controller connected to my steam link using Bluetooth. It works in Steam Big Picture and in BigBox (launched through steam). But it stops working properly after I open Dolphin Emulator from BigBox. I don't think Dolphin is recognizing that the controller is connected because it's 2 steps removed from steam. Steam (controller works) > BigBox (controller works) > Dolphin (controller doesn't work) Additional info that might be useful: If I open dolphin emulator menu from BigBox then I can see the controller is detected in controller settings. But if I open Dolphin from my desktop then controller configuration menu shows it isn't connected. Windows devices window (the one you get to from control panel) also shows the controller isn't connected.
  3. Hello all, Just spent a couple days setting up LB/BB and I think I have found an obscure yet annoying bug. I am using a genuine Wii bluetooth module wired up to usb and connected using dolphins bluetooth passsthrough feature (more info here). The module allows basically perfect Wiimote behavior, no dropped connections or "re-syncing" required. My ideal set up is using an 8bitdo Xinput controller to navigate and launch, (as well as play Gamecube games) then pick up a Wiimote to play Wii games. When it is time to quit or switch games i use the Xinput controller to close the active window. The problem is when using Launchbox or BigBox, if i try to quit a game using the "Close active window" controller mapped button it kills the bluetooth, and it does such a number on it that reinstalling the libusbk driver is required to get it working again. One thing to note is that hitting ESC on the keyboard or using the mouse to "X" out the window does not kill the bluetooth, it only happens when using the controller to close the active window. So is "Close the active window" essentially mapped to Alt+F4? Anyway to change that to ESC? Any reason to not do that? I bought Bigbox mostly for playing Wii games and it is quite annoying to have another peripheral on the couch with me (Controller, Wiimote, and now wireless keyboard to hit ESC) so hopefully there is an easy fix. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm using beetle PSX HW and I can't figure out how to get games to recognize input from my Logitech F710. It works in Retroarch menus and my other cores, but not Playstation. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  5. Hello, Does anyone know of a good controller that can be connected via wired USB or Bluetooth? I'd like to have a single controller that can switch between the two connection methods.
  6. Good afternoon, I have successfully paired my Xbox One S Wireless controller to my Windows 7 PC over bluetooth. All the buttons respond in the game controllers properties, also retroarch etc recognize it. However Launchbox nor BigBox see this controller when i go to options... controllers, the list is just empty? In windows the device shows up as xbox wireless controller in my bluetooth connected devices... [EDIT] seems someone already posted an issue on the bug board but it hasn't been responded to their either... https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2263/new-xbox-ones-controller-not-showing-up-in Any ideas? Thanks -ted
  7. Morning fellow Arcadian's As the title points out I currently have an issue with my Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth) with connection to the emulator WinUAE (current version v3.4.0), when launching through Launchbox (current version as of 28/02/17). I currently have Launchbox setup to launch all my emulators and games via Rocketlauncher (current version v1.0.1.10 with latest driver updates as of 28/02/17). Now all the other emulators I have installed and setup through Rocketlauncher work without a hitch with my Xbox Wireless Controller. I have read up that WinUAE is susceptible to issues with the Xbox Wireless Controller via bluetooth and in order to get round this you need to put the following parameter '-norawhid' in at execution. I have tried this on the standalone WinUAE (applied to the icon startup parameter field), and this works perfectly with the Xbox Wireless Controller. However I cannot seem to pass the '-norawhid' within the Launchbox emulator setup area for Rocketlauncher. Just to explain how I have setup Launchbox with Rocketlauncher a bit more clearly. I have Rocketlauncher as my only emulator for all the associated systems/platforms that I use in Launchbox and within the 'Associated Platforms' field in Launchbox I pass the following command line to Rocketlauncher: -f "Z:\Launchbox\Launchbox,exe" -p RocketLauncherUI -s "Commodore Amiga" -r This command then works in conjunction with the Rocketlauncher's setup for the platform (i.e.), 'Commodore Amiga' which I have left as default...due to the complexity of Rocketlauncher and my shameful small understanding of this beast!! Now I have tried placing the parameter '-norawhid' into this commandline, but it does not register on the excution of WinUAE via Rocketlauncher and as mentioned my understanding of Rocketlauncher is severely limit. I cannot seem to understand how to enter additional parameters to the WinUAE (Commodore Amiga), platform in Rocketlauncher at all....aaaahhh!!!! As I've mentioned above this setup works with no problems with all the other platforms setup with Launchbox/Rocketlauncher - so my question (which I can appreciate may be more a Rocketlauncher forum topic!), has anyone else had this issue of passing the '-norawhid' parameter in a similar scenario and succeeded or can anyone shed a light on my frustration due to my limited abilities here?? Many thanks in advance - Chris C. Software used version recap: Launchbox - v7.7 Rocketlauncher - v1.0.1.10 + Latest Drivers WinUAE - v3.4.0
  8. Hello, Since my computer forcefully updated to anniversary edition update my Wireless Xbox One Controller (New Bluetooth Model) isnt working properly in Retro arch. I have the latest build and have it set to XInput. Other Games seem to work Fine but in Retroarch some weirdness has been happening. It does work in a way, but things like hotkeys to load states dont work "EVEN ON MY KEYBOARD" I try re configuring and re binding the inputs but they dont seem to work. My face buttons ABXY work properly but Start and Select are reversed. So much weirdness is going on its hard to explain. The main and most interesting ive noticed is... Before when a controller was recognized in Retro Arch it would Identify it as XBox One BlueTooth Wireless Controller, now it Identifies as XInput Controller. This may be the most important piece to the puzzle. Although, it seems as if it shouldn't be an issue because XInput is the API for the XBox Controller itself, should be the same for the XBox One Controller. This is a weird and difficult problem to explain, not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue and knows any work around. I tried rolling back the driver but it seems that the driver i found on the Microsoft site is intended for the controller connected via USB. If all else fails System Restore may be in order.... Thanks
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