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  1. -f -g "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE" -f (for fullscreen) so Default commandline parameters -f -g
  2. Recently the Cemu developers implemented a feature in the latest (experimental) Cemu builds to combine and compress Wii U games + their updates and DLC into a single file with a .wua (Wii U Archive) extension. This file format can be run directly from your Wii U roms folder and updates and DLC no longer have to be installed into Cemu 's virtual file system. Not only does this save some space, but managing your Wii U games becomes a lot easier with a single file per game instead of thousands in a folder structure. Coincidentally this makes importing your Wii U games into LaunchBox a lot easier too. No longer do you need to manually add the game 's executable (.rpx) to LaunchBox or use a LaunchBox Wii U importer plugin as importing single file games is as easy as it gets. Before you start, backup your current Cemu install. When combining and compressing your games into single files your old games won't be deleted. So you can experiment and delete them afterwards. - Download the latest Cemu build here. I started with a fresh install. - Open Cemu and point Cemu to your Wii U games folder. - Go to Tools --> Title Manager. Then sort by Type --> base. - Right click your game --> Convert to compressed Wii U archive .wua As I did a fresh Cemu install, after compressing my games into single files, I copied Cemu's controllerProfiles / gameProfiles / sdcard / shaderCache folders from my old Cemu folder into my new Cemu folder. Then I copied my old savegame folder (cemu\mlc01\usr\save) to the correct folder in my new Cemu install. Of course you don't need to start with a new Cemu install, but remember, with the new file format you don't need to install game updates and DLC's into Cemu's virtual file system. So you can remove (please backup) the cemu\mlc01\usr\title folder. With the 22 Wii U games that I have, that saved 22 GB of space in the Cemu folder alone. In LaunchBox you can edit your Wii U games to point to the newly created .wua files or just re-import your Wii U games folder. Maybe check if your emulator paths are still correct in the LaunchBox emulator settings. Lastly a rediit thread with some additional info.
  3. AFAIK, in order to apply updates and dlc to Wii U games in Cemu, you also need to install the game directly into Cemu. As a result, Cemu stores all of those games/update/dlc on the filesystem in its own directory structure, e.g. c:\cemu\mlc01\usr\title\005000e\1010af00\... How do folks then manage those games in Launchbox? Do they keep a copy of the game roms in another directory and import those into LaunchBox? As far as my limited testing has shown that does work (Cemu will launch using the externally-selected rom, but still load the updates/dlc installed internally), but it means there are two copies of the game on the filesystem taking up space. Not a huge deal since it only affects about 30 games in my case, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something that'll eliminate the duplication.
  4. My Setup is a little different for Cemu so please read before jumping down my throat about missing autohotkey script Dualshock 4 running a modified version of ds4windows that has motion detection output that Cemu can hook into (Motion aiming in BOTW) Launchbox and Big Box works brilliantly with exiting other emulators with the controller shortcut. But it will not fully exit Cemu, just makes it not full screen. I did have the autohotkey script in place for Cemu that fixed the exiting issue but it is not longer working because... I use a batch file per Wii U game to add it to launchbox. This allows me for each game to say "controller 1 is a gamepad and controller 2 is a wiimote and here are the custom CPU and graphic settings for this game". So I can specify for each game the controller types, graphic and cpu settings. Is there another way of doing this without batch files? I add each batch file to Launchbox like you would a non steam game. Everything launches and runs fine, I just cant exit without a keyboard Any suggestions? I've tried launching a seperate AHK at the time of launching a cemu game but it doesnt seem to work as it's almost as if cemu completely takes over the gamepad. I've even tried putting in a ds4windows script without any luck. And I've even tried launching it through steam with a controller shortcut to alt+f4. Nothing. Any suggestions?
  5. Hey all! In order to play multiplayer on New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, I need to set player 1 to controller 2, player 2 to controller 3, while for most other Wii U games, it works to map them to order (so player 1 is controller 1 and so on). I couldn't find anything in the CEMU documentation, but do you guys know if there is a way to set up config files per game yet, such as in Dolphin? Or other solutions to this problem? In other words, an easy way to switch configs on launch
  6. After updating to 7.11-16 CEMU (1.9.1) crashes as soon as it attempts to load the game. The game can be launched manually through the emulator fine. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the command line switches "-f & -g", because I can launch the emulator and game fine through a command prompt. I believe this is a Launchbox issue because everything seems to work outside of Launchbox. Can anyone try to replicate this issue?
  7. Just a heads up for those of you that emulate the Wii U. Cemu 1.7.2 has been released. You'll find the link and changelog beow. If you are playing Windwaker HD, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised! Download: http://cemu.info/index.html#download Changelog: Cemu detailed changelog for 1.7.2c Patreon release date: 2017-02-16 Public release date: 2017-02-23 New in 1.7.2c: GX2: Fixed a bug in GX2SwapScanBuffers() that could cause the GPU command stream to get corrupted New in 1.7.2b: coreinit: Fixed a crash bug in coreinit initialization code New in 1.7.2: general: Reorganized menu options for better clarity (Some debug option stuff wasn't really for debugging) general: Added option to choose fullscreen scaling mode (stretch to screen or keep aspect ratio) general: Default and recommended value for CPU timer option is now 'Host based' PPC: Thread emulation is now using Fibers. Technically speaking, this change was made to simplify context switching within HLE functions. It allows certain API to behave more similar to the real Cafe OS. coreinit: Fixed a bug that caused MEMGetAllocatableSizeForExpHeapEx() to return negative values under certain circumstances coreinit: Fixed a crash bug in MPRunTasksFromTaskQ() coreinit: Added API MPDequeTask(), MPWaitTaskQWithTimeout(), MPRunTask() coreinit: Fixed rare deadlock in alarm handler VPAD: Fixed fullscreen touch input for non-16:9 displays GX2: Fixed that under certain circumstances GX2WaitTimeStamp() could return immediately due to the low accuracy of the internally used timer (affected only 'Host based timer') GX2: Added support for texture format R16_G16_B16_A16_SNORM GX2: Added support for sampler2DRect textures GX2: Unsupported instructions in a GS Copyshader will no longer cause a crash GX2: Fixed texelFetch() accessing textures upside-down if ARB_clip_control is used GX2: Adjusted handling of vsync and flip event to decrease latency GX2: Optimized texture encoding & decoding GX2: Optimized frequently used GX2 API GX2: Optimized various parts of the GPU command processor GX2: Fixed incorrect mapping of GS->PS attributes if gl_FragCoord is used GX2: Fixed handling of GS input primitive LINE_STRIP
  8. I have setup CEMU in Launchbox, I have -g in the default command line parameters but every time I try to launch a game, I get the message "Unable to open file" I am loading .wud's. When manually opening them through cemu they play fine. I thought that maybe since I was loading the isos from a network drive that was possibly the issue so I mapped the network location as a drive and that had no change. I am on Launchbox 7.6 currently
  9. Hi there! I'm having issues with Launchbox and Cemu. When I go to play a game, it just opens Cemu, but doesn't open the game itself. I tried Cemu outside of Launchbox and it launches games perfectly with no issues. Has anyone had this problem? Is there a setting in Cemu that I need to implement that will enable Launchbox to open the emulation AND game? Any assistance with this will be appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Hi! Is there anyway to configure Launchbox to launch a compressed Wii U game (in loadiine format) with Cemu?
  11. orac31

    cemu changes

    I updated to cemu 1.6b and it stopped working in launchbox I read the forums and found you have to have -f for full screen -g to make cemu run the game in the command parameters hope it helps someone
  12. i was looking into wii u games and as i understand this loadiine compression makes the games tiny. but i still dont fully understand what it is or how Cemu & launchbox can use them? . any experience anyone?
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