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Found 8 results

  1. This is just a heads-up that in recent versions of PCSX2 chd support was added. For me converting iso's and bin/cue's to chd yields a size reduction from anywhere between ~30% to ~60% compared to the original files. The conversion is lossless and reversible. As chd's use streaming decompression (the data requested by the emulator is decompressed on the fly), no decompression before starting a game is needed like with .zip or .7z. Although PCSX2 already supported other compression formats like .cso (lossy compression) and .gz, chd's don't require the creation of an indexing file upon first boot and with chd the compression ratio is slightly better. If you have already compressed your collection to .cso or .gz converting to chd probably isn't worth it, but if your still using iso's and bin/cue's compressing to chd has some advantages. To convert your PlayStation 2 iso's and bin/cue's to chd create a bat file with: for /r %%i in (*.cue, *.iso) do chdman createcd -i "%%i" -o "%%~ni.chd Copy the bat file and chdman.exe (found in your Mame installation folder - but is probably a good idea to download the latest version of Mame and get it from there) to your root PlayStation 2 games folder. Start the bat file and chdman automatically creates all the chd's in your root PlayStation 2 games folder, even if you keep all your games in subfolders. A warning though. Converting your games to chd's can take a very long time depending on the size of your collection and your cpu. *Edit* I forgot to mention. To use chd's with PCSX2, you must use the latest development build of PCSX2. Download here: https://pcsx2.net/download/development/dev-windows.html
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to get flycast running through launchbox for Dreamcast games, but I'm really struggling with this at the moment and could use a few tips and pointers. I'm using CHD's for the games and they work without a hitch in retroarch on their own. The collection of games has been imported into Launchbox successfully with all the cover art and details etc. I've associated the flycast core with the Dreamcast section, but when I try to run any of the games, nothing happens, it doesn't even load retroarch at all. I have all the correct bios's in place, so it must be something to do with either file structure, filename or a launch command that I need to include. I'm guessing creating a batch file, could be a last resort to solve this. Can anyone help at all?
  3. Brand new to this! I just cleaned up a spare laptop and downloaded MAME along with LaunchBox. I downloaded a few games like Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct (along with associated chd files) from the Internet Archive. The games work in MAME and show in Launchbox which is great. I'd like to download what I believe is called a "ROM set" where there are thousands of arcade games and not just download one at a time like I did. I've searched and read a lot, but I can't seem to find a place to actually download something like this. Can someoone point me in the right direction? I also hear things like merged vs. split, but again, I can't seem to find a download for one or the other. I'd like to download a large set and if I'm missing any games I want, then I can download individually and add them. HOw do I do that?
  4. I'm having an odd issue with Launchbox. In general had no problems but this specific game (Chaos Heat) will not work in Launchbox no matter what. It works without a problem in MAME when the application is used directly, but when the CHD (this is a CHD-only game) is imported to Launchbox, a couple of key things go wrong. First, the metadata does not get properly configured. The game is in LaunchBoxDB, but it is not recognized as a valid game and the name does not even set properly (screenshots below). I can manually go in and set the name and import the metadata after the fact, but this does not fix the second, primary issue. The game will not launch through Launchbox no matter what I do. This cannot be overstated, no matter what settings I play with I cannot get this game to work. I have several other CHD-only games that all function in Launchbox without a problem and there is virtually nothing I can find that is unique about this game's case to point to in this case. I have other games on Taito's G-NET System that all work and are running identical configurations (and in fact Super Puzzle Bobble is a G-NET game that also CHD-Only, and this game works without issue!). I am drawing blanks here and pulling my hair out over this game, so I wanted to post over here and see if anyone has any idea. I will include a detailed walkthrough of my setup below so you all can get an idea of what I am running to (hopefully) spot something that can help. First, the configuration of the specific MAME build I am using for G-NET games (Chaos Heat included): I use this config setup for all of my MAME games in general, and have had no issue before. Here is the listing in the import wizard. Usually it would list the game properly, such as listing "Chaos Heat" instead of rom name "chaosheat". This is the first oddity I notice when importing. When I click "Finish" and let it import, here's what the finished product has for metadata (nothing): A few oddities here. First, it does list that it is grabbing the images when importing, but goes way too fast and doesn't show any when finished. Also, you can see it does link to the correct LaunchboxDB item, but as shown it doesn't correctly grab the name for some reason? The metadata is at least there for this game, as inaccurate as it is. Once I manually import the pictures, the next thing is to try to play the game. When I try to do this Launchbox does the same thing that it would do if a game was missing a rom file or something similar: it displays the loading screen and then immediately quits back to the game list. No error messages or anything. Problem is, there are no errors for me to troubleshoot in this case since the game functions completely fine when I launch it directly through MAME, and it plays without any issue! This is a great game and it pains me that it is being so troublesome to set up. If anyone has anything they can suggest to try or at least if anyone can verify that the game works fine for them it would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to let me know if anyone needs more information on this and I would be happy to help, I just want my Chaos Heat! ? Here's a screenshot showing the game is indeed working for me through MAME directly:
  5. Full sets take up a lot of space. I have that space, but that doesn't mean I want to use any more than I have to. Additionally, importing folders full of bin/cue/wav/etc for certain disc rips is messy. In a perfect world, every game would be compressed and stored in a single file. It seems most systems have at least one option, but with so many emulators and so many compression formats, it's been tricky figuring out what that option is. So far I've determined the following system - emulator - compression combos: PSP - PPSSPP - CSO Playstation 1 - Beetle PSX - CHD Playstation 2 - PCSX2 - GZ Gamecube/Wii - Dolphin - GCZ Dreamcast - DEmul - CHD Are these the best combos for these systems? What about other disc-based systems - Amiga CD32, Sega CD, etc? Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I have gathered a full set of US PSX games plus not a few PAL ones as well so my aim here is to save some space. After weeks of playing around and reading I have come up with different ways of combining games with multiple bins (normally audio tracks) into one, which is pretty straightforward to be honest. After this I tend to convert them into PBP files but since it is painfully taking a lifetime to convert every single game one by one I am seriously considering batch converting them to CHD. (I was using ePSXe first and now RA Mednafen HW). Everything is OK until this point BUT I have realised after combining bin files some games, they lose audio tracks and while playing I can hear, for instance, the sound effects but not the music. This has happened to me recently with Wipeout 3. My ideal world is to be able to: 1) Combine every single game to has just one cue/bin without losing any audio information and prepare them to 2) Batch conversion to CHD. This also without losing any kind of information from the prior cue/bin. Nor data or audio wise. My methods of combining bin files are: Daemon Tools Lite + Img Burn: mounting the .cue with Daemon in a virtual drive and creating and image from disc with the latter software. UltraIso: opening the .cue or main .bin and converting the game (again) into cue/bin. I am keen on suggestions of every kind or if you have a different workflow/pipeline for achieving this. Many thanks if you read this! This is driving me crazy.
  7. I am not a Noob really, but a Noob when it comes to CHD files. I keep my CHD's separate from my ROM's. I have a full set of .182 of both. I have watched the tutorials, and searched these forums. 1. Does every CHD have a corresponding ROM? 2. How do I add the CHD's to LaunchBox? When I point the importer to the location with all of the CHD's it doesn't seem to get all of the entries. I must be doing it wrong. Thanks for any help
  8. I am having trouble running mame games like Killer Instinct , the mortal kombat serie , Street fighter 3rd strike , sunset riders , all games with chd actually , I have the chd and the rom files because they run perfect outside launchbox . And as far as i know , i correctly entered the rom path. Any suggestions because i have been struggling for over three days now.
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