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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. I posted this on the Libretro forum some time ago, but wanted to see if anyone here has found a way to do this. Is it possible to implement a screen gap option into the Citra core like desmume has for the regular DS? This is a very neat feature as it allows you to customise the layout for a border overlay. I have found a very nice border overlay for the 3DS but it is not useable without the simple screen gap option.
  2. Ok I'm trying having issues getting a controller set up for citra.exe. I can set up the controllers in citra-qt.exe and everything works fine, but when i try to use that as my launchbox executable I get a Invalid rom format error. When I use citra.exe as the lauchbox executable the game boots fine and i have keyboard support, but i don't have controller support. I have had the same exact results with nightly and canary builds. I looked in %appdata% and i can find the qt-config.ini, but i can't find a config file for plain citra.exe. Does anyone know if there is a way to get launchbox to not throw the invalid format error so I can use citra-qt.exe as my executable? Or does anyone know how to set up a controller in citra.exe without the GUI? I'm sure it can be done through the command prompt that program brings up but it sounds very tedious to program that and it's not my strong suit.
  3. since the last couple of Citra updates Citra no longer launches through Launchbox (it crashes) but games run/launch directly from Citra was wondering if anyone has figured out the new command line yet.... Thanks for any input..
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