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  1. So I've been trying for the past few minutes to figure out how to get Steam to close automatically after I shut down a game that uses it that was loaded through Launchbox. What I've discovered is that, so far, I'm stymied by the fact that games that require Steam to run don't actually RUN, they just call Steam to open and THEN run from within Steam. So what seems like a basic batch file start /wait "" "gamename.exe" taskkill.exe /F /IM steam.exe doesn't ever trigger the second step. Trying to have the batch file run steam plus the game's Applaunch parameters leads to the situation where STEAM doesn't ever close, so it never triggers the second step. Having a dedicated batch file to just kill steam set to run after the main application under Additional Apps doesn't seem to do anything, either. Having it run BEFORE the main application, and waiting for the main application to exit, doesn't work; it seems to be ignoring the 'wait' part and trying to close Steam before it even opens. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I'm having some trouble getting Kronos to properly function with Launchbox. I originally had it working well enough for one troublesome STV arcade game (Cotton 2, since the music is fixed in Kronos as opposed to MAME) but I realized that when I tried to add more MAME-incompatible games it just loads whatever game was set up to load last in the Kronos UI instead of the game it should be loading. For example, Cotton 2 only worked because I had loaded it previously with the UI but if I change it to be anything else it will always load that game instead of the one I am wanting. I can't find anything conclusive after doing a bunch of searching and my current config is shown here: Is this just a command-line issue or is Kronos not able to play STV games via command line? If it is not possible, does anybody have any good alternatives they recommend for STV games on Launchbox? If it is possible, is there a way to set the bios region on a per-game basis? (US bios for games that support it, JP for ones that don't)
  3. Hey everyone, over the last few days I've been trying to get various computer systems to work with mame and having games automatically loaded via autoboot command. With the help of @JoeViking245 and @kurzih I was able to get several the Acorn Electron roms to automatically boot when starting a rom via LaunchBox. You can accompish this either by using a command line or by editing the electron.ini in...system\mame\ini\ (if you use retroarch: Example: # # SCRIPTING OPTIONS autoboot_command "*cat\n\n\n\n\n\n*run !boot\n" autoboot_delay 2 autoboot_script Since I'm a total noob when it comes to figuring out working autoboot commands, I thought it would be great to have a thread where we can share and collect autoboot commands (or even scripts) for several computer systems when emulated with Mame. The idea is that anyone who has figured out how to autoboot roms for a particular system can post instructions here and I'm going to add them to the following chart: System Format Command line Mame Standalone Command line Mame RetroArch Aamber Pegasus cart "pegasus -rp \"L:\LaunchBox\Games\Aamber Pegasus\" -rom1 \"%romfile%\"" ABC 80 flop abc80 -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_delay "3" -autoboot_command "loadhiresinv\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nrun\n" -flop1 every rom needs its own command line, because the file name has to be typed out to boot each individual game. The command line above is an example for booting the game "hiresinv.zip". Also, depending on your machine, you might need to add a couple of ” \n”. Acorn Electron cart "electron -exp romboxp -rp \"L:\LaunchBox\Games\Acorn Electron\" -cart1 \"%romfile%\"" cass electron -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_delay "2" -autoboot_command "*tape\nchain""""""\n" -cass "electron -exp plus3,bios=1 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command *tape\nchain\"\"\"\"\"\"\n -rp \"L:\LaunchBox\Games\Acorn Electron\" -cass \"%romfile%\"" flop (ADFS) electron -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_delay "2" -autoboot_command "*cat\n\n\n\n\n\n*run !boot\n" -flop "electron -exp plus3,bios=1 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command *cat\n\n\n\n\n\n*run!boot\n -rp \"L:\LaunchBox\Games\Acorn Electron\" -flop1 \"%romfile%\"" flop (DFS) = .ssd files electron -exp plus1 -cart1 seds -cart2 ap5 -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "*cat\n\n\n\n\n\n*exec !boot\n" -flop some games need *run instead of *exec "electron -exp plus1 -cart1 seds -cart2 ap5 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command *cat\n\n\n\n\n\n*exec!boot\n -rp \"L:\LaunchBox\Games\Acorn Electron\" -flop1 \"%romfile%\"" some games need *run instead of *exec rom "electron -exp plus2 -rp \"L:\LaunchBox\Games\Acorn Electron\" -rom1 \"%romfile%\"" Apple II Apple IIGS Flop (floppy games that need to boot from OS) apple2gs -skip_gameinfo -flop3 "PATH TO System 6.0.1 DISK IMAGE" -flop4 "apple2gs -flop3 sys601:flop1 -rp \"L:\LaunchBox\Games\Arcade\" -flop4 \"%romfile%\"" Software list roms must be in the correct folders for this to work. So, in my example, the apple2gs roms should be placed here: “L:\LaunchBox\Games\Arcade\apple2gs” BBC Micro cass bbcm -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "*tape\nchain""""""\n" -cass floppydisk1 mame bbcb -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_delay "1" -autoboot_command "*cat\n*exec !boot\n" -floppydisk1 D:\mame\roms\bbcb\CastleQuest.zip Comment: Can supply file format as .zip or the unzipped .ssd file Camputers Lynx cass lynx128k -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "mload""""""\n" -cass Dragon 32/64 cass (Basic Games) dragon64 -autoboot_delay 4 -autoboot_command cload\n -cass if emulating the Dragon 32 replace dragon64 with dragon32 cass (Machine Codes Games) dragon64 -autoboot_delay 4 -autoboot_command cloadm\n -cass if emulating the Dragon 32 replace dragon64 with dragon32 Fujitsu FM-7 To my understanding FM7 disks boot right away, so no need for an autoboot for them. cass fm7 -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "LOADM”“,,R\n" -autoboot_delay 4 -cass (Note! Same thing with Sharp X1 the ”“ after LOADM are not the same as "", Mame will just quit if it's wrong. And unfortunately this machine does not auto-play the cassette unit automatically so you'll need to play the tape yourself within MAME after you see "Searching" after the autoboot command has been executed.) Matra & Hachette Alice cass alice90 -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "cload\n" -cass Memotech MTX512 cass mtx512 -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "load""""""\n" -autoboot_delay 3 -cass Oric Atmos / Oric 1 cass orica -autoboot_delay 4 -autoboot_command cload\"\"\n -cass if emulating the Oric 1 replace orica with oric1 Philips VG 5000 cass vg5k -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "cload\n" -autoboot_delay 3 -cass Sam Coupé flop samcoupe -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "\nBOOT\n" -flop1 It might be necessary to add an autoboot delay, such as: samcoupe -autoboot_delay 2 -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "\nBOOT\n" -flop1 Sharp X1 cass x1 -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "CHAIN”“\n" -autoboot_delay 9 -cass (You need to be careful with the ”“ they are not "" :D) Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer flop flop (Pac-Man) coco3 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command run\"pacman\"\n -flop1 flop (Donkey Kong) coco3 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command run\"donkey\"\n -flop1 flop (Donkey Kong Remix) coco3 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command loadm\"dkremix\":exec\n -flop1 There is a long wait (over 1 minute) before Donkey Kong Remix opens! flop (Assembly Demo) coco3 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command loadm\"asm-demo\":exec\n -flop1 or coco3 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command loadm\"asm-auto\":exec\n -flop1 … Directories such as: "L:\LaunchBox\Games\Acorn Electron\" must be replaced with your own directories. They must point towards where your bios file(s) for the system in question is located. Do you think this is a good idea? I have started with the Acorn Electron autoboot commands and I hope I didn't make any mistake putting those together?. Feel free to participate by adding to this list.
  4. Certain games require that Pcsx2 go though the BIOS sequence to function properly (particularly where saved data is concerned). I found a couple threads on the Launchbox forums that indicated the problem could be solved by putting --fullboot in command line parameters. Problem is, it isn't doing anything. No command line I enter into launchbox does anything (at least in relation to pcsx2). Anybody have any idea what is going on and how to fix it? EDIT: Issue is resolved, it was related to the custom command line parameters instituted by the plugin PCSX2 Configurator. Issue resolution makes PCSX2 configurator perfectly functional, I highly recommend it. The issue is caused by games using individual command line parameters after installing config files with the plugin (necessary to save individual graphics settings). You can alleviate the issue by erasing the config file or altering the individual parameter to include a desired command. PCSX2 Configurator will keep your platform commands when creating individual command line parameters, so as long as you create/download the configuration file after editing the parameter under emulators everything will work as expected. For example, if you have --fullscreen and --fullboot in your emulators command line parameters, as shown here: Then they will be included when you create/download a config file with configurator, as shown here: You can find PCSX2 configurator here:
  5. Hi, everyone. All my console games are in merged sets, and there are a couple of cases where I want to play a particular version. I mostly use MAME for console games, and in the console it's straightforward to say (for example): mame64 genesis -cart "MY\ROM\PATH\FILE.ZIP" CLONENAME That will get me my clone and I'm happy. But in Launchbox, I can't figure out how to do it. I've tried different configurations of custom command lines and nothing has worked. This seems like it should be simple, but somehow I haven't stumbled on the solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Greetings Launchbox team and enthusiasts... I have been using LaunchBox for a few weeks now, and I am impressed with the quality and features of this remarkable tool. An extensive amount of work has gone into it, and the level of support to connect up and launch all manner of emulators is very high. I am now trying to determine how to wire up my disk images for the Commodore 64. I am, and will always be, an enthusiast of the Commodore64 and Atari 800 series of computers. I grew up using, playing on, and programing both computers. Atari and Commodore were quite remarkable for their time. The mid-1980's to the early 1990's was an amazing period of growth for the personal computer. Years ago I purchased a CatWeasel floppy drive controller for my 486 PC, and successfully archived most of my floppy diskettes to Disk Image files that I could run through emulators on my PC. This worked very well, and I am now in the process of loading them into LaunchBox so that my kids can easily access and enjoy them. LaunchBox makes it simple to connect up all of these platforms. In my opinion, the best Commodore64 Emulator ever written is CCS64. Staring during the heyday of MS-DOS, It is one of the oldest emulators, released more than 2 decades ago, in 1995. After many years of development, It's accuracy is nearly perfect, offering cycle exact emulation of it's 6510 CPU, 1541 floppy disk controller, VIC (video) and SID (sound) chips. If the software ran on the original Commodore64, it will run on CCS64. One of the coolest command-line features of CCS64 is to be able to run any game on a disk image, through the use of an optional index. As anyone who has used any of the old 8-bit computers know, multiple files and programs could be stored on a floppy disk, unlike a cartridge which generally ran a single program or game. By default, CCS64 will launch the first game on the disk image using the familiar LOAD "*",8,1 syntax (load and execute). But what if the program or game is not the first program on your disk? CCS64 offers an optional index parameter (after the disk image), which tells CCS64 to load the 'n' file on the floppy diskette. Example command: CCS64 C:\EMULATE\DISK01.D64,4 So, how to make that work with LaunchBox? Most optional command-line param's are entered immediately following the program name, and before the ROM file. This is the pattern that LaunchBox uses. This works great for most emulators I have already configured in LaunchBox. I have been trying to determine a way to append the index at the end of the file, to indicate which file on the disk image to load. I got part of my answer from a previous post, in which snarfo67 was attempting to similarly add a command-line switch after the ROM name. He was trying to do this with M.A.M.E. According to SentaiBrad, one solution was to make use of the %romfile% variable, which is great; it's probably the best direction to take. The closest I have been able to get is to: Enter the path to the ROM file under the Launcher Tab Configure the Emulator of choice (CCS64) in the Emulation Tab Edited Emulator Details and placed this in the "Default Command-Line Parameters" : %romfile%,4 Tried checking the box, "use filename only without file extension or folder path" Checked "Don't use quotes" The resulting output comes very close, but is not quite right: CCS64.exe %romfile%,4 File If I could just get rid of that lingering 'File' reference at the end, I believe the command would work. Because the emulation configuration in LaunchBox can be controlled from at least three different places, each of which seems to have options for command-line parameters, finding the correct combination of switches and configurations is the trick! :-) I am hoping for direction on how to easily configure this without manually hacking each game. :-) Then it would be a simple matter of adding a quick configuration for those games that are not the first game on the target disk image. Multiple game configurations could be created and then be easily launched... all from a single disk image. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  7. Sorry for my bad English, I need to know if there is any way to make the games start in fullscreen, I have tried several methods but nothing works, so far I have tried the following: command line: -f -4 all the options of the emulator update to a newer version with that native option (I do not run games well) It really bothers me, I would like to know if there is any line of command or other solution that works, thank you very much for reading and an apology for my English again.
  8. I would love the ability to say "Alexa, Play Mario" and have My TV turn on, switch to the correct input, and BigBox and/or LaunchBox startup with a search for all my Mario games. I would be able to script this very easily if BigBox.exe could have a command line switch "-s Mario", for example. This would launch BigBox straight into search results screen for all games with Mario in the title. Would this be possible?
  9. Hello everyone, i need your help. I use demul for emulate some Dreamcast games , but with some games I use "MakaronEX 4.1 NewGen" because the performance is better and it has some options that demul does not have. But i dont know what command line to use for open a CDI or GDI (Dreamcast games format) file with "MakaronEX 4.1NewGen" automatically using launchbox. Because when i tried, only the emulator opens and it doesnt load the game. Do you know the command lines that work with "MakaronEX 4.1 NewGen"? Because i Search but cant find anything. Thanks
  10. Hi All, I am keen to start a list of common command-line parameters we can all use for getting games to run, So I will start =) -autoconfig - Restores video and performance settings to default for the current hardware detected. Ignores settings inside any .cfg files until this parameter is removed. -dev - Enables developer mode. Also disables the automatic loading of menu background maps and stops the quit dialog from appearing on exit. -condebug - Logs all console output into the console.log text file. -console - Starts the game with the developer console enabled. -toconsole - Starts the engine directly in the console, unless a map is specified with +map. -dxlevel <level> - Forces a specific DirectX version when launching the game. This is useful if your graphics hardware is older, and gets significantly better performance in an earlier version of DirectX. Below are the most common modes used: -dxlevel 80 -dxlevel 81 -dxlevel 90 -dxlevel 95 -dxlevel 98 -fullscreen - Forces the engine to start in fullscreen mode. -windowed or -sw - Forces the engine to start in windowed mode. -16bpp or -32bpp - Forces the selected color mode (bit depth). GoldSource only -w <width> - Forces the engine to start with resolution set to <width>. -h <height> - Forces the engine to start with resolution set to <height>. This launch option does not need to be set in the presence of -w. The width value will determine the height automatically. -refresh <rate> - Force a specific refresh rate. SOURCE https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1040-JWMT-2947
  11. I have MESSUI64 set as my default emulator for Genesis roms and when using the MESS program on its own, without Launchbox, I can get my Genesis roms to run just the way I want, with correct full screen 4:3 ratio and really nice looking scanlines and saves states and preset volume control and everything I love about Mame that I can never get working properly on other Genesis emulators. So I was really dissapointed when I tried launcing some roms through LB. I can get them to run (using: genesis -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow as the command line prompt) but it will not use any of the settings I have stored in MESS and it gives me ugly stretched looking games that are in the wrong ratio, plus all the controller and keyboard settings are totally messed up. I have tried adding extra command line prompts (like -effect Scanlines75dx4_J4.png etc) but none of these seem to work or maybe I have the syntax wrong? I really want to work this out because because I'm hoping to run other systems like NES and SNES through MESS as well, because I prefer the usability and options in MESS a lot. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks
  12. Anybody know how can I specify plugins via command line? I have 1 .cdi image of FPWD english translated that I can't find a GDi or the original patch to apply to a JP GDI anywhere on the internet, only .cdi translated roms. I managed to make it work changinng the plugins, but I have to config the Launchbox command line for it so it will load correctly the gdrImage plugin with this specific image, all the other images are CHD files and work with the gdrCHD plugin. Any idea? Thanks!
  13. Ok, I want a third party app, in this case, launchbox, to launch an emulator, such as Dolphin, THROUGH steam but with passing through custom command line switches to Dolphin, obviously so it can load a game normally. See, I normally use Dolphin through steam and that works perfectly but there are drawbacks. All of my ISOs are compressed 7Z archives so I have to unpack the roms I want to play so that can be a bit annoying. I have decided to try out using launch box and it has that feature to unpack the iso at runtime into a temporary spot and run the game, neat! Plus, it is really pretty and I do like it alot. I have an HDD space constraint so I can't unpack ALL my ISOs at the same time, even with the Dolphin built in compression because it is simply not good enough and it changes the ISO itself so I can never have the unmodified ISO again. I can load LB right from steam and it works and it works quite well. There are a few niggles that make me completely unwilling to make this the normal way I use Dolphin, I will explain. My EXTREMELY complicated Steam Controller config for Dolphin is not automatically loaded since it is, in fact, loading a launchbox config. Many, if not most, of my other games, are using Retroarch and still other emulators on a per system basis. These emulators do not have the exact same control setup so they would not be compatible with either the Dolphin or the Retroarch configurations. Besides, when I launch Dolphin this way it shows I am playing Launchbox and NOT Dolphin and that just bugs me SOOOO much you have no idea. Call it OCD or whatever but it just feels wrong. Ok, when you make a steam shortcut to any game, steam or non-steam, you get something that looks like this. "steam://rungameid/21090" This particular shortcut would launch F.E.A.R. and it does work for non-steam games too. I have been doing some research and if you wanted to have steam pass along command line switches to the game being launched you could add it right to the end like this "steam://rungameid/21090//-Switch1 -Switch2" and it does work but ONLY for steam games! This method will not work AT ALL for non-steam games. Depending on how you set the shortcut up, you will either get the game without the switches or it simply won't work at all. If I use a shortcut to steam.exe and then add the "-applaunch GAMEID" it will also work, but ONLY for steam games and NOT non-steam games at all! Is there a way anyone can think of that will allow me to launch LB game from steam but also be able to pass command line switches to the Dolphin game FROM the command line so LB can be my first layer? If not, I get that this is super complicated and a VERY fringe edge case here. Thing is, what grinds my gears to no end, is that with a steam game it works, perfectly well with the command line switches. It seems Valve is explicitly blocking non-steam games from having the same convenience. I have been fiddling for the last few hours on this and I simply can't get this to work at all, no matter what I do. Am I missing something here? Is loading LB from steam the only way to work it and I just have to deal? Also, I know most of you aren't going to be using the steam controller but this is absolutely a game breaker here if I can't use my SC so I will have to just deal with it if this cannot be managed. I am just hoping there are some super smart guys out there that may have some insight on this and can help out. Thank you VERY much for any assistance anyone can provide, in advance!
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