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Found 15 results

  1. Introduction If you’ve tried your hand at PS2 emulation with PCSX2 for any length of time, you’ll know that it’s an impressive but thoroughly imperfect emulator that needs a guiding hand more than most. There’s really no one-size-fits-all setting solution when it comes to PCSX2 configuration (other than setting it to software mode and leaving it there, and even then you’ll still run into some issues, just much less frequently) which means that you really need to create configurations on a per-game basis to get the most out of it. This is often a slow, tedious, and incredibly time-consumin
  2. Hello everybody! First time poster. I have an arcade cabinet setup and ready to go, but the only thing that got me stumped is the controllers. I'm using BigBox as the front end and the Retroarch as the emulator. When I go to configure my buttons on retroarch, i noticed that retroarch would autoconfig them as "N64 Retrolink controller". I've have been messing around with it for a couple of days and I think that autoconfig is the source of my issues but I don't know how to change it or to make it stop. Have anyone else run into issues like this? Thank you for your help and I appreciate any help
  3. My emulation controller suddenly won't work. The controls have been reset to the keyboard. I can't change the controls. Can anyone help me? Update: I'm hearing jingle noises that activate and deactivate the controller. Anyone have a similar problem?
  4. Ok I'm trying having issues getting a controller set up for citra.exe. I can set up the controllers in citra-qt.exe and everything works fine, but when i try to use that as my launchbox executable I get a Invalid rom format error. When I use citra.exe as the lauchbox executable the game boots fine and i have keyboard support, but i don't have controller support. I have had the same exact results with nightly and canary builds. I looked in %appdata% and i can find the qt-config.ini, but i can't find a config file for plain citra.exe. Does anyone know if there is a way to get launchbo
  5. This issues has been driving me nuts for weeks. I can’t seem to figure it out. I’m trying to configure Retroarch for the first time. I want to use it to emulate NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, etc on my Arcade. The arcade has an Xtension 2 player control panel, configured for keyboard inputs. Works just fine with MAME games & the standalone MAME emulator. But I’m just focusing on NES & Retroarch for now. This should be simple, since I just need to enter control inputs for up, down, left, right, A, B, Start & Select. I just can’t figure out Retroarch. I’ll load the N
  6. I know how to add the handheld border shaders through RetroArch like the GBA one which was included in RetroArch's initial download or shader update here: I find it much more enjoyable playing like this. Though I want to be able to add ones that I have downloaded like this Atari Lynx one: Problem is it does not have a .cfg file, it just came with the following:The .ini just has the following information in it: I know the short answer to this would just be to create a .cfg file, but I have tried and not succeeded. Has anyone done this before and if so would someone be so kind as
  7. Hey guys, I have a PS4 controller and a Gamecube controller. I like to play Dolphin with the Gamecube controller, but once it's wired sometimes I give up to play to avoid the chance to fall, hit my head, and die when connecting the cable (or just to avoid fatigue). So I like to play with the wireless PS4 controller sometimes as well. For now I have two separated folders for dolphin (using the portable.txt) and I have 2 emulators set on Launchbox, each one with one config for controller. The problem is: I couldn't figure out how to merge the save files. Does anyone knows any othe
  8. So, I'm trying to get my tankstick set up with MAME so that NEO GEO games use a different config from other games. I see this is already built into the X-arcade.cfg file I put in the ctrlr directory a while ago, but I realize it is looking for a 'neogeo' system. Right now, I don't think this is set up, since it is currently not formatted according to what it says. Right now, it's using "Ctrl, Alt, Space, X", but I want to use "C, Shift, Z, X" as seen in the X-Arcade.cfg. How do I define what games are part of the 'neogeo' system in mame as displayed in X-Arcade.cfg?
  9. Hey all! In order to play multiplayer on New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, I need to set player 1 to controller 2, player 2 to controller 3, while for most other Wii U games, it works to map them to order (so player 1 is controller 1 and so on). I couldn't find anything in the CEMU documentation, but do you guys know if there is a way to set up config files per game yet, such as in Dolphin? Or other solutions to this problem? In other words, an easy way to switch configs on launch
  10. Okay so, I used Launchbox --> Retroarch before but rocketlauncher offered a lot of nice features so i decided to give it ago. Forever later after i finally got it working properly i noticed i don't have custom configs for every console i'm using inside Retroarch (nintendo64, nes etc). So i looked through RocketLauncher and i found the "CLI Parameters" which i assume stand for something along the lines of 'command-line parameters'. Which is great, it's the same as the the option in launchbox called "Default Command-Line Parameters" where you put in your config source per console. Thing is i
  11. Launchbox with Retroarch with MAME2014 Libretro core I took a long break from configuring my arcade machine and recently dived back into it. I am running into a problem that I cannot seem to find an answer to so I thought I would come here to see if someone could help. The issue is that when I load up a game in Launcbox using the MAME2014 core, the global buttons are not being used by default, instead the buttons for the specific machine that I load are the ones being used. However, this is obviously very inconvenient because every time I fire up a game I have to go in and chang
  12. Im trying to assign all of my buttons on my ipac4 within mame. The player 2 joystick down command is registered as key F. The problem is that within mame the F button is the full screen/window mode command. Is there a way to disable this within mame somewhere so that I can use the F button as my down button for player 2? Pressing tab to quick menu does not seem to show this at all.
  13. Hi! I`m pretty new in Launchbox, and I love it. Today I was testing some graphical things with Crash Bandicoot of PSX, and LB did`t load must of my configurations (load some), that was weird, beacuse I launched RA as a standalone and their where there... I may clarify this, I used the -L "cores\mednafen_psx_libretro.dll" -c "config\mednafen_psx_libretro.cfg" command... So where did I drop the ball? Sorry, my english could be a little rusted and as I said before, I'm a noobie in LB. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello everyone! So I've had this problem with Nestopia. I have two Xbox 360 controllers that I've configured with it. I didn't like the fact that if both weren't on, Nestopia would have a popup saying "One or more joysticks is not connected would you like to remap?" And no matter if I clicked Yes or No, it'd erase my config. So I set the .xml file to read only. That helped and I even managed to get rid if an annoying popup when I closed it saying "Can't save the configuration!" by copying a ePSX ahk script I found online. So what could I do to get rid of the popup "One or Joys
  15. Hello all, First off, LOVE the work being done here. Just bought my premium license an hour ago. Best purchase I have made in quite some time. That being said, I have an issue it seems (which is saying something because I have been using this for a few days solid with no issues, speaks volumes to the stability of the program and tutorial support out there if you ask me). I am trying to remap my Xbox 360 controller for Windows to a set of buttons per core. For example, I would love to remap my buttons for CPS-1 and CPS-2 games in a manner which is more in line with the majority of fig
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