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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I'm new to Launchbox and so far everything has been coming along fairly well. My OCD is kicking in now though and really want to clean up one minor issues I have. Within my Arcade section I have "Arcade and MAME". Arcade is my FBNEO roms and MAME is my MAME2003 roms. Beign they are all arcade games is there a way to merge the MAME roms into the arcade platform without changing the RA core from mame to fbneo? I know you can move them and do this by a game by game basis but that would be very painful. I tested one game and changed its platform from mame to arcade, it did move it to the folder but didn't boot as expected since the core changed and wasn't compatible with the rom.
  2. I've been fighting with this for an hour now reading forum posts, watching videos, and nothing has worked. I'm trying to play a 3DS game using Citra 2018, it works fine in the retroarch outside of launchbox, but inside i click on it and it does nothing. I go to manage my emulators, i download the exe file that the wizard directs me to from inside of launchbox, i put everywhere where all of the videos say to put them, I open up the exe that i linked to launchbox, and i go to download the core, it says it downloaded it, but then it doesn't. It says it does, but i go to the main page and go to "load core" and there is nothing there (other than a cloud controller option). I don't know what i'm supposed to do to make this work inside of launch box, and when i go to the manage emulator and i see all of the cores they all say "core missing" and when i click on them it says "The Retroarch core is missing. Download it to ensure the platforms using them work as expected" but i can't download them, because they won't "stick" in retroarch when i do. what am I doing wrong here?
  3. I'm a big RetroArch user and a big N64 fan. I've been disappointed at the lack of compatibility for the Mupen64Plus core compared to other cores in RetroArch. Everywhere I've looked online points to GlupeN64 being the best core with the highest compatibility for the time being until ParaLLEL or Cen64 picks up steam. The problem is I can't figure out how to activate GlupeN64 as a core in RetroArch. I have the latest 1.4.1 edition of RetroArch, but GlupeN64 isn't listed as a core there. Does anyone know how to activate this core?
  4. Im trying to use mame2003plus for several games that run better with this core. Under edit tab for game, then under emulation/use comnand line ,I am using the following command line: -L "cores/mame2003plus_libretro.dll" This isnt working. Game wont launch. I was hoping by now, the latest version of launchbox would have a simple check box menu under the edit menu to choose which core you would prefer. You can do this for games with multiple versions.....simply choose the version click ok, and your done. But we are still manually putting in command line code for using a prefered core. Retropie allows you to choose a core and your done. Still....Im pretty happy with launchbox. Thanks for any help.
  5. Hello all, I just updated my retroarch build to the latest version 1.8.1 at the time typing this. I updated my cores and core info files, and noticed a new core called NeoCD (2019). A Neogeo CD emulation core in retroarch. I was happy to try it out then I noticed that I couldn't get any of the bios files I have working with this core. Anyone else having this issue? Has anyone else tried this core yet? I also checked here too: (didn't help me much) https://github.com/libretro/neocd_libretro
  6. I was asked to post my program here that I started over on the RetroArch Forums. Shout-out to lordmonkus. You can update your RetroArch Nightly builds and Cores in a few clicks instead of manually off the website. It is still in testing, if you experience a bug or crash, send me a message. Download https://stellarupdater.github.io Check for new versions as this is in development. Please update only once per day to conserve Libretro server bandwidth. Program requires 7-zip installed in order to unzip the files. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it works: It analyzes http://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/windows/ Gets the latest 7z file Extracts and overwrites exe's to your RetroArch folder Updates latest cores How to use: All you need is the exe. It's portable, no install. Select your RetroArch folder, click Update. It will download the latest Nightly 7z and extract only retroarch.exe and retroarch_debug.exe to your folder. The Check button will preview the file URL before downloading. It should not overwrite your configs, but keep a backup before updating. If RetroArch is installed in Program Files folder, you may need to Run As Administrator. Menu Options New Install - Installs RetroArch, Redistributables, & Cores. Replaces Configs with default. Upgrade - Upgrades RetroArch to the latest version, including Redistributables and Configs. RetroArch - Updates RetroArch to the latest version, excluding Redistributables and Configs. RA + Cores - Updates RetroArch and currently installed Cores. Cores - Updates currently installed Cores. New Cores - Installs Cores that are newly released or missing from your current install. Redist - Installs Redistributables. Helpful if RetroArch won't start after update. New Install: To install RetroArch and Cores for first time use (Large download): Create a RetroArch folder on your computer Select the folder Select New Install from the Download menu. Don't use this option to Update or if you already have it installed. Please conserve Libretro bandwidth. If you don't need Nightly alpha builds, consider using the Stable version1 before installing. Cores Update: Select your RetroArch main folder Select Cores from the Download menu Click the Check button to preview download (optional) Click Update It will check if Server Core Dates are more recent than PC Core Dates. Downloads only Cores you currently have, won't add more. Temp zip files are stored in %appdata% and deleted when complete. To Exclude Core from Updates Download List Click Check Button → Uncheck the Cores you don't want to update → Close Out → Click Update It won't save the checkbox states (for now), you will need to exclude again each time you update. Keep a backup of your important cores in case of accidentally overwriting Requirements: 7-Zip or WinRAR to extract 7z Older Windows may need .NET Framework 4.5 installed. Old versions of Windows 7 may need to be updated to SP1 Run as Administrator if accessing Program Files path (should be default). Notes: Only a few updated cores are released on the Server each day, not all. Server Time might be ahead of your PC Time, making some cores appear newer. Buildbot Displayed Modified Times are not the same as the Parsable HTML Times. This software is in Beta Testing.
  7. I've been experimenting with latency-reduction via RetroArch's runahead method and am very pleased with the results. Whilst a truly lag-free experience can only be achieved with original hardware and CRT displays, RetroArch produces results that are, in my opinion, good enough. However, this technique often comes with a serious performance cost. I have been experimenting with various RA cores to see which are better suited to latency-reduction on more modest specs. Surprisingly, Genesis Plus GX has no noticeable performance loss, whereas BSNES-balanced suffers audio and framerate stutters as does Nestopia. After switching out to less accurate cores, (SNES 9X and FCEUX) I have seen a performance boost in conjunction with significant lag-reduction. Unfortunately, I am not having any luck with Gameboy Advance, as the audio and framerate suffer from similar stuttering. My default emulator is MGBA and even the VBA core did not produce satisfactory results. I would like to compile a list of cores that support the runahead method (I believe the MAME cores do not) as well as which cores are good substitutes. Does anyone have any RA core/setting suggestions that they've found useful as it relates to latency-reduction? (I am only referring to emulator settings, not TV/display settings.)
  8. How would I import games if I wanted to use both Final Burn Alpha and MAME cores in Retroarch for my "Arcade" platform? Right now my FBA romset runs through RA and any ROMS not in the set run through standalone MAME. Both are in the Arcade platform. I'd rather have both FBA and MAME run through RA for ease of use, unity and the control options. Without having to create two separate platforms, is there a way or method to specify what core I want a ROM to run with while still being listed in the same platform? Thanks!
  9. Im trying to assign all of my buttons on my ipac4 within mame. The player 2 joystick down command is registered as key F. The problem is that within mame the F button is the full screen/window mode command. Is there a way to disable this within mame somewhere so that I can use the F button as my down button for player 2? Pressing tab to quick menu does not seem to show this at all.
  10. Hi, As I plow on with RetroArch, can someone help me in core config loads? Every time I play a core from RetroArch, It only loads the default Retroarch.cfg file instead of the config for each core. Can anyone provide guidance? Thanks!
  11. Up until a few days ago I didnt seem to have a problem using Retroarch between different emulation cores. I thought at first it was just me trying to reorganize my platform folders but to get to the point I noticed that when I try to play NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis that nothing would happen except the cursor would indicate something was loading then stop. No errors or anything else. However I could play PS1 and N64 fine. Today I discovered it appears that RetroArch may not be switching to the appropriate core for that platform. I discovered this by right-clicking on a game then running RetroArch and verrified which core was loaded then load the core if needed. My two questions are: Shouldn't Retroarch normally switch cores where I didnt have this problem previously? Is there a certain code to run where it would auto select the required core for a specific platform? Thanks in advance for all help.
  12. Launchbox is an amazing piece of software, a phenomenal front-end and I think it has the potential to be the best game emulator there is. Yes, I know that it's not an emulator and there are those who would say that Emulator front-ends should stick to what they know like Hyperspin, RocketLauncher and MAME all being separate. Let's dispel the notion that users actually want to have three separate programs or that it's necessary to keep front-ends, launchers and emulators separate. On the Mac side, OpenEmu has done an incredible job combining these three together, all the while letting the emulator developers continue to work their magic and have found a model that gives credit to these developers. It's a win-win-win for users, the open-emu team and the emulator developers because there are probably a hundred times as many users than there would be otherwise and in some cases, it might be a thousand or ten thousand as many users, for example for a small system, how many users would actually take the time to search out a Fairchild system emulator. So the magic is there and it's not because development of cores contained WITHIN OpenEmu was some huge technological challenge, it was because the approach for the OpenEmu team has been to determine how to get as many users using the system as possible. OpenEmu is dead simple in this regard as a user does NOT have to separately download an emulator core, it's contained right within the program as are new cores with each version update. Yes, there would be a TINY amount of ONE-TIME work required to ask each of the Emulator developers to give permission for distribution, but fortunately, OpenEmu has already paved this road, so any developer that gave permission to OpenEmu would most likely not have an issue in giving it to LaunchBox. If LaunchBox were to take this approach it would immediately become the 800 pound gorilla in the room of Front-Ends, pushing aside HyperSpin and setting the foundation for collaboration between the Mac, Windows and Linux communities in a way that has never existed before. With a potential user base of 10x, 100x or maybe even greater the Launchbox community would attract new volunteers. It's all about the user experience. Emulator set up is just far too hard for many users, consuming hours and hours to set up each emulator. It's past time someone stood up and volunteered to lead. As a community we need our William Wallace and I would gladly contribute my $25/year in support of this well deserved cause. Warm Regards, Rob E.
  13. I ve been into emulation and frontends for a while and just came back a couple of weeks ago but i see that alot of frontends are using retroarch instead of the original emulator!!! I do not like all of the strange configurations and on many games like atari 2600 I get blank screens so i want to just use the emulator and fontend without retroarch , so if there is a way to just use emulator+lauchbox and nothing else Thanks
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