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Found 8 results

  1. I've been kinda silent here cause of work but i had a bit of time again to work on my own frontend for launchbox called Massive (in size and hopefully in features sometime in the distant future ) Without further ado, here is a short pre pre pre alpha video: As you can see it's based on Unity3D and parses the xml's generated by launchbox. Everything (3d models, textures, sounds etc.) is loaded dynamically from easy to edit theme files (currently .ini based) . Currently i haven't adjusted the platform files so most 3d models are rotated wrong. I'll probably
  2. Hi all, so, is there a way to remove the ESRB rating from coverflow? also, I noticed on some videos that the platform and game title are switched, is this an option? is there an option to choose what info to display? thanks for your time.
  3. @Jason Carr Is there a variable exposed that would enable something like this... I'd love the user to choose what game images to use via Big Box options instead of coding alternate XAML views Cheers in advance, Dave <coverFlow:FlowControl Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="9" x:Name="FlowControl" ImageType="{Binding GameImageType}" CurveAmount="0" CameraZPosition="8.4" VisibleCount="7" PageSize="14" ItemZPosition="2.5" SelectedItemZPosition="4.0" Spacing="2.5" > <coverFlow:FlowControl.CoverFactory> <coverFlow:Horiz
  4. Have been playing around with Big Box for about a month now, have most of my collection in there. I'm using the platform videos as the background, and using Clear Logos for the left scroll wheel. Is there any way to turn off the square "platform image" that occupies the top center area? It blocks out a lot of the action in most videos. Second question - is there a way to get the Game Notes (as in the overview/plot of game) in the Coverflow view that has the Clearlogo (left) and game image (right). I've turn off all the platform/developer info, as I just want the game info in there..
  5. Just wanted to share something that may help some people. I have been having considerable performance issues with Coverflow on the PC I use for development which is running 2 980's in SLI, custom watercooled, needless to say the performance issues are not spec related. Today I was determined to figure it out, I tweaked advanced video settings, turned off gsync, changed my refresh rate, removed my video drivers and did a clean install, tried a bunch of things. Last thing I tried was turning off SLI and sure enough that was it. I have no idea why SLI would cause that, maybe my other card is defe
  6. First off I would like to thank @Grila @eatkinola and @keltoigael for the themes you guys have put together, everyone really, awesome work! I have learned a lot about XAML just looking through CityHunter, Switch, Epoch09 and BigForce, been a huge help figuring some things out. At this point I am stuck on a few things, more than likely they are either bugs or just not possible right now with the current implementation. 1. Setting a font size for ListBoxItem. I have tried everything in the ListBoxItemStyle.xaml ResourceDictionary. I tried adding a setter for TextBlock.FontSize, TextElement.
  7. Hi, I just installed Lauchbox with BB on my dedicated HTPC switching over from xbmc to get a more polished appearance. The image transition from one image to the next is not smooth like in any of the videos and hesitates almost every time. I have tried disabling transitions altogether, reducing image quality, reinstalling .net 4.6.1 framework, changing my GPUs performance settings and installing Big box on my other PCs to see if was different all of which had no effect. Here are my specs Win7 64 120gig Crucial SSD 8 gigs ddr3 AMD 3.2ghz x4 Geforce 550 Ti
  8. Hello all! I love the feature that downloads Steam banners in lieu of box art that can't be found, however, after a while, I decided to standardize my library, as I use coverflow and it got a bit irritating seeing the odd-sized steam banners(even though this is a great feature!). I download some box art, and looked in the box art folder, named it appropriately as far as I can tell, then refreshed my images but only one banner changed to a box. Any tips? Thanks in advance!
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