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Found 7 results

  1. For some reason the only way to fix it is to straight up turn off my pc It usually happens after updating data or importing games or media but now it happens randomly opening big box I dont know what else to do
  2. I've been troubleshooting this issue for over a year and I'm honestly out of options now. I'm experiencing random reboots on my PC with Launchbox/BigBox and I'm to the point where I think it has something to do with BigBox. I suspected a bad PSU, but I just replaced it and it didn't help anything. GPU and CPU temperatures seems to be within specs. When playing Fortnite on this PC, the GPU will get to about 80 C and the CPU 75 C, but the PC never reboots when playing graphics intensive games like Fortnite, RocketLeague and Rainbox 6 Siege. It only seems to crash when I'm navigating the BigBox games menus. Video - Another annoyance in BigBox is when I go to the Manage Themes menu for example. When backing out of that menu to the main options menu, BigBox will hang for about 15 to 30 seconds before it actually gets to the main menu. It never crashes when doing this, but my BigBox installation started behaving like this about a year ago and has been doing this ever since. I'm running the latest drivers on this PC. Any help would be appreciated. System Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz 16 GB Ram EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3 GB
  3. Hi guys Every time that I go thru Menu/Tools/Option the desktop app crash. Does anyone else have this issue or know how to solve that? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I've been using LaunchBox for about 2 years now, ever since I finished my MAME cabinet. I never had an issue until the 9.x update. I am currently on the latest version. I am running MAME 0.203. Ever since updating, I always have an issue launching my first game. For example, I'll click on Street Fighter 2 in Big Box mode. 9 times out of 10 it will start correctly flashing the buttons and speak its commands (LEDBlinky) and everything will go well. But then the game will never start. I will either get a black screen, or it will get stuck at the first screen where MAME tells you the info like screen res and such. I always have to force close Big Box and then start it up again, and then everything works fine. Obviously this is a pretty big issue because my young children want to play it sometimes when I am not home and it's not easy explaining to them or my wife how to force close a program and then open it again, especially with arcade controls. Does anybody know what changed from 8.x to 9.x that is causing this? I doubt it's my computer as it's an i7 @ 4.0ghz with 12GB of RAM and an SSD. And this issue did not exist with 8.X for me. I disabled "show loading screen" but that didn't seem to fix it. I even have issues sometimes when I exit games, where I exit and it takes forever and I have to force exit (kill Big Box then open it again), though this exiting issue is a lot less common than the startup one. I am running Windows 10 Pro. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  5. When I crank up Reicast's internal resolution to something like 1920x1440, it looks great, and runs great when I'm using Retroarch on its own. However if I launch the same games via Launchbox, Retroarch is crashing when using any Reicast internal resolution other that 640x480. Is there a conflicting configuration somewhere that Launchbox would care about? One that doesn't Retroarch when running independently? Update: Looks like the crashing is dependent on shaders, everything works great with no shaders enabled, once enabled starting a game from Launchbox crashes Retroarch. Update 2: Narrowed it down further to crashing only when a shader alters geometry, I can work around that but I'm still curious why this would only come into play when launching from Launchbox?
  6. Outside of LaunchBox Mame works fine. I even have it set up to where it will get games from the folder inside the Launchbox games folder. I'm testing out 10 yard fight. And it works if I launch it outside of LB. But if I hit play it will start up and then crash. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Hello everybody. So I'm really new to Launchbox, just downloaded and bought premium today, and I can't figure out my controller issue. Every game I've tried through Wii, PSX, & NES so exits the game anytime I press the start/options button on my DS$ controller. Also if I press the right trigger the screen flashes and the controller won't work in the game anymore. I've searched the internet and also the forums and couldn't find anything mentioning these problems. I've gone through the pad configs on the emu and in LB and still can't fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help.
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