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Found 13 results

  1. Download the attached batch file and put it inside your Daphne folder where your daphne.exe is. Open the batch file with notepad or other text editor. Make sure all the quoted games (such as "astron") match the file names of the .txt files inside Daphne\framefile folder but not including the .txt extension. Change the names in the batch file if any don't match your files. At the end of the last line is the resolution setting. It is set for 1920x1080. Change that to match your monitor if you like. Save the batch file before closing it if you made any changes. Create a new platform for Daphne. Create a new emulator called Daphne. Point the Daphne emulator to the attached batch file called daphnebatch.bat Put a checkmark on these two emulator settings: "don't use quotes" and "use filename only without file extension..." Add platform Daphne in the Associated Platforms tab and set to Default (if you want). Import your Daphne games (as rom files) into LaunchBox using the game .txt files inside your Daphne\framefile folder, choosing the new Daphne emulator and platform. That's about it. Try it out! I hope this helps some people. daphnebatch.bat Or copy and paste text below to make your own bat file. @echo off if "%1"=="ace" set bank= -bank 0 00000010 -bank 1 00000001& goto :start if "%1"=="astron" set bank= -bank 0 00000000 -bank 1 00000000& goto :start if "%1"=="badlands" set bank= -bank 0 00000010 -bank 1 10000011& goto :start if "%1"=="bega" set bank= -bank 0 00000000 -bank 1 00000111& goto :start if "%1"=="cliff" set bank= -bank 0 00000000 -bank 1 01000000 -bank 2 00000000 -bank 3 01111011& goto :start if "%1"=="cobraab" set bank= -bank 0 00000000 -bank 1 01001000& goto :start if "%1"=="esh" set bank=& goto :start if "%1"=="galaxy" set bank= -bank 0 00000000 -bank 1 00000000& goto :start if "%1"=="gpworld" set bank=& goto :start if "%1"=="interstellar" set bank= -bank 0 00110001 -bank 1 00000000& goto :start if "%1"=="lair" set bank= -bank 0 11011001 -bank 1 00100111& goto :start if "%1"=="lair2" set bank=& goto :start if "%1"=="mach3" set bank= -bank 0 01000100& goto :start if "%1"=="roadblaster" set bank= -bank 0 00000000 -bank 1 00000001& goto :start if "%1"=="sdq" set bank= -bank 0 00100001 -bank 1 00000000& goto :start if "%1"=="tq" set bank=& goto :start if "%1"=="uvt" set bank= -bank 0 00000000& goto :start set bank= -bank 0 11011001 -bank 1 00100111 :start daphne.exe %1 vldp -framefile framefile\%1.txt -blend -ignore_aspect_ratio -blank_searches -min_seek_delay 1000 -seek_frames_per_ms 20 -homedir . -fastboot%bank% -nocrc -noissues -noserversend -sound_buffer 2048 -fullscreen -x 1920 -y 1080
  2. I was wondering if anyone has the Daphne core in Retroarch working? I have the daphne program working as a stand alone emulator in my launch box build, but it would be nice to see how this retroarch version works. I don't even know if the same files I'm using with the daphne emulator work with the retroarch core, or if it wants the arcade files.
  3. Ok...Heres Whats Happening. I've Finally Got Ninya Hayate & Time Gal Laserdisc Games Working on Daphne singe....albeit by .bat files. i want to change the input to the buttons of my choosing. i dont see a input dll file either. i guess its because of the version im using.. Help
  4. Laserdisc Game Marquees View File Here is a collection of familiar Daphne and ALG marquees, but also added some fan made singe games as well such as Samurai Jack, TitanAE, Star Blazers, etc... Also for American Laser Games I added fanmade singe shooters Platoon and Freedom Fighter. And while I was at it... I did the ActionMAX games, hell why not... Submitter drewjbx Submitted 04/25/2020 Category Game Marquee Images  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a collection of familiar Daphne and ALG marquees, but also added some fan made singe games as well such as Samurai Jack, TitanAE, Star Blazers, etc... Also for American Laser Games I added fanmade singe shooters Platoon and Freedom Fighter. And while I was at it... I did the ActionMAX games, hell why not...
  6. Hello, currently I have created a small script with AutoHotKey in "Tools -> Manage Emulators -> Running AutoHotkey Script", which allows me to associate the 2 buttons of the joystick 2, as second player for Dragon's Lair. The code is as follows: ; Start 2 2Joy7:: Send, 2 return ; Coin 2 2Joy9:: Send, 6 return I have already configured the keys in the DaphneLoader.exe configuration: Dragon's Lair -> Configure -> Input: Start 2 = Primary Key -> 2 Coin 2 = Primary Key -> 6 When I start it from LaunchBox or BigBox the keys on the keyboard work. Instead on the joystick of the second player, only the button associated with the "key 6" (2Joy9) of the keyboard (the one that gives the token) works for me. The other button (start 2 - 2Joy7) does not want it to work. And the button number is right, because if I start the AutoHotkey script on Windows and press one of the two joystick buttons with the notepad active, the correct keyboard input is sent. What's wrong? Thx!
  7. im hoping someone can help me. i got daphne setup in lb and all games run.. although for some reason when i go to configure a games inputs.. daphne doesnt recognize or see my controllers. i have 2 dualshock 4 controllers as well as 2 sets of joystick and buttons hooked up to my pc. every other emulator (mame, retroarch) work fine with my controllers. what could be the issue? thanks
  8. Good day friends, With ETA's recent tutorial on importing MAME, I was finally successful in adding that collection to LaunchBox. In doing so, I had selected the option to also create the subcategories (if you will) that fall into the classics- Atari, Data East, Nintendo, etc. A few days later I managed to also import my Daphne collection using the .txt and .bat files ETA has included that with that tutorial. However, now I appear to have two Daphne platforms in both LaunchBox and BigBox. I was wondering what would be the best solution so that there is only one Daphne entry? Any assistance would be much appreciated, thank you.
  9. After following the LaunchBox Tutorial on how to set up Daphne with Launchbox, I kept running into this problem every time I tried to launch any of the games. "Daphne got an error and that rom xxxx couldn't be found in .../roms/xxxx. " After re-installing Daphne several times and spending hours on wiki and forums. I found no answers. - This is how I solved the problem. - First, I would recommend you to complete all the steps given in the LaunchBox tutorial on how to install Daphne. After you have downloaded your games and set up Daphne. Open the DaphneLoader.exe within your Daphne folder, choose any of the legally obtainable games (I chose Astron Belt) and press Start! After this you might be prompted that you will need to enable download again. If you do, go to your preferences by clicking on File > Preferences And enable these three options. Click Apply and Close the window. When back into the Daphne Loader window, Press Start again and Daphne will download the missing files you require. For me it was a 94kb download size. Press Start again and Daphne will prepare your game. After I did all of this, all the games started working withing Launchbox. ** Remember to go back and Disable the three options in Preferences when you are done. I am still a Newbie to Daphne, but I hope this may help anyone who had the same struggle as I had. Thanks!
  10. So I followed the instructions from eta Primes Daphne tutorial this weekend and everything is pretty much working great, even got Dragons Lair 1 & 2 and Space Ace running. However one of my favorite games is Cobra Command. When running through the Daphne emulator itself it works fine, no issues. However using the tutorial setup when the game starts I get a message saying basically the games emulation is not working with a timer, when the timer ends the game starts but it doesn't start at the beginning city it starts in a frozen cave somewhere without having to put coins in or hit start. Not sure what is going on. Any help would be appreciated. As a side note, using what I've learned from all the tutorials I was actually able to get the ActionMax game system up and running this weekend!
  11. Daphne laserdisc emu video collection View File Contains videos for the following Daphne laserdisc games Astron Belt Badlands Begas Battle Cobra Command Dragons Lair 2 Time Warp Dragons Lair Eshs Aurunmilla Galaxy Ranger GP World Interstellar M.A.C.H. 3 Road Blaster Space Ace Super Don Quix-ote Us vs Them Submitter Panget Submitted 04/05/2017 Category Game Theme Videos  
  12. Hi guys just wondering if theres any plans for a Daphne or a Future Pinball tutorial? Thank you
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