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Found 25 results

  1. Fixing the Database: #1 Dedicated Help: The database is crucial to the Launchbox experience, but it seems to always go to the wayside in favor of flashier features. It's even somehow still in "Alpha". So why not let Jason handle Launchbox development, and have designated volunteer(s) or a paid staff member handle the database? #2 Protect Correct Data: Values in the database should have an "Is this is correct?" option next to them that is only visible to moderators. Selecting "Yes" on this option + games that haven't been changed in years would go into the
  2. I want to add Steam tags and genres to https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/genres Does someone know how? If this already been answered, just link me to the answer.
  3. I wanted to create an auto-generated playlist for vector games. Is there a field for whatever this would be called ("screen"? "monitor"? "graphics type"?) so that I could filter by that?
  4. I believe for the future integrity of the database and continued success of Launchbox these basic database features are necessary and should be considered. Please add a "heavy DB revamp" option in the next poll, and link to this post so the community can decide on it. Thanks. #1 Dedicated help. Jason has talked before about having another developer in the future. This new dev position should be someone working full-time on the database. At the very least, have someone part-time or a volunteer who is fully knowledged in the database working on features/fixes. The database is crucial to the
  5. An example of an incorrect name is "Daphne". Daphne is an emulator for Arcade LaserDisc games, not the name of the platform or machine. It should be re-named to "LaserDisc". An overarching problem is whether or not the company name should be included or not. All Nintendo and Sega consoles have the company names in the front, however many "NEC" consoles don't. There should be a standard of either having the company name, or not having the company name. @Jason Carr @Lordmonkus
  6. There are some duplicate platforms in the database: - XaviXPORT - Mattel HyperScan - Taito Type X
  7. Hello everyone, I'm very happy with my premium license! and I want to contribute every possible thing in my hands for the community and the app, pdta: sorry if my english is not appropriate, this is the situation: Have you think: Why something games does not download artwork and why do not merged automatically ? that's the answer: I've noticed that all the games (generally Japanese versions) in the database with an alternative names but without its corresponding region , have issues with auto download Metadata & Media and especially with the merge function as well. Fo
  8. I'm trying to use ExoDos and nothing works!!! I used Dosbox as a emulator and imported the roms folder but no games where imported.
  9. Hi All, I enjoy helping the Launchbox community by moderating the Database, Approving and Declining peoples updates. Recently though I have got very frustrated with how slow it is to do this. Clicking on the approve or Decline button seems to takes ages to move on to the next game. Timing it just now, it took 26 seconds to do a simple approval on a new image. There is currently a moderation queue of 1067 items and I have noticed this getting longer and longer, it use to be only a couple of hundred. So I assume I am not the only one losing patients with database.
  10. Hey guys, figure this place is as good as any to ask about this, hopefully I'm not just uselessly cluttering up the forum. I know it's not technically "troubleshooting", since there's nothing I can really do on my end to fix it, but is there any specific reason ratings are so universally low for Arcade roms? Nearly every game, including some very classic staples, are around .5 to 2 star rated with enough votes to have evened out to a higher average. Are people spamming the ratings system with low scores intentionally, or is something else going on?
  11. Hello, i've noticed that i can implement a star rating on my themes, but then i download metadata, it doesn't download the star rating and i have to manually add them on the games. But on my profile from Launchbox Database the information is there. Is there a way do sync the ratings from the LB database to my games? Thanks a lot.
  12. it would be great if we could delete our own change/update requests on the Database. I just accidently uploaded the same image twice, but I cant do a thing about it. all I can do is hope people are smart and pick the first one to be approved and the second one to be rejected. -update- also I just realized I posted this in the wrong section. please move to the proper section. thx!
  13. So I really want the MAME Database to be updated, and want to help the only way I know how to at the moment. So I went looking for some freely available info that I hope can help. There is a good chance all this info is already known, but I'm just looking to help any way I can. MAME Databases Players Database Summary: NPlayers.ini fills the "Players" column of your favourite MAME / SDLMAME frontend letting you know how many players the game supports and if it's simultaneous play or not. Site: http://nplayers.arcadebelgium.be/ File Location: http://nplayers.arcadebelgium.be/files/np
  14. Hello all! So, I am having issues bulk editing Nintendo Game Boy Advance.xml in "user\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms". The issue that I'm having is that many (not all of them, about 60%) of my roms are labeled with "# GBA" at the end of the file name. This is incredibly annoying as it makes it impossible for the scraper to go through and identify each of these files with the corresponding game db entry. I also would prefer to not have to manually go through and re-tag some x-100 files. To work around this I simply attempted to do a replace all searching for " # GBA </Title>"
  15. Hello and thank you so much for creating BigBox! I can't play retro games without it anymore Something strange happened to me yesterday on the LaunchBox Games DB site. Almost all of my uploads are gone from my Changes Status site. In the last weeks I created a lot of fanart backgrounds for games without a single background or games with backgrounds I didn't like, and a couple of North American box fanart for games only released in Japan. I had 26 pages on my Changes Status site, and now only one with the stuff I uploaded today and yesterday. I also notice that the Moderation Q
  16. The games database is a fantastic thing to have, but given the nature of Launchbox and how easy it is to get it to launch a player and watch any movie, would a movie database be possible? Or maybe a connection to The Open Movie Database API? Seems a bit silly, since Launchbox is mainly a game-focused launcher, but I want to know if there's any chance of putting movies into the mix. ...Or books...
  17. I've been going through the SNES DB and making contributions where I can and fixing things I am 110% sure on while building my collection. However I added an alternative name for the SNES game Smart Ball. After submitting it I realized the name was not correct and not knowing how to retract the submission I put in another one saying that that submission and the previous one should be rejected... And now they both have +2 for approval lol. Maybe if there already isn't, add a retract submission option in the change status page for your account, before they are implemented. Peace.
  18. Whenever I launch any game in Launchbox, all Crash Bandicoot games, I get sent immediately to a black screen with no sound. I've followed the tutorials on youtube from the Launchbox channel and another tutorial which was the second video when i searched 'retroarch ps1 blackscreen'. I've followed every step and have the bios in correctly I made cue files from the iso for each game and haven't had any luck. I will be happy to provide screenshots of anything requested and any help would be graciously appreciated since I told myself at 3pm EST " I'll just set up the PS1 emulator and then go shower
  19. work in progress arcade ..around 500 cabinets so far as well as an atari, genesis, nes, snes, rooms. Includes a windows/pc room , a music room w jukebox , a sports room and a wrestling room . a movie hallway with all movie themed games and started a driving game room . all cabinets have walkup video previews and all games playable.still long way to go .Much credit to the launchbox database community.
  20. Hi all, I have a very large Commodore 64 collection (22,541 programs, over 2 GBs in .t64). Very few of the games are actually in the database. Note: Some have been cracked because often the manuals and cardboard that came with the games have all been destroyed or are sitting in a landfill. Since this is about the basic metadata and not the legality of the games, I hope it's okay to ask for help. My situation is that I have a very large folder where all the games are in separate subfolders with a .NFO file that has a large amount of pertinent metadata. I'd like to know if there is a w
  21. @Jason Carr Nokia N Gage is one i have had on mind. i know i have seen suggestions on things i haven't even heard of https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/issues/130/nokia-n-gage-in-the-database heres what more i could see on the Bucket. XaviXPORT https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/issues/63/platform-addition-xavixport . Hyperscan https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/issues/62/hyperscan-platform-missing Gamewave https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/issu
  22. Hi there, I have imported some roms in launchbox and after I was finished, I realized that I have quite a few duplicates. Creating an AdditionalApplication entry from the gui is possible but it might take some time. So I just created a duplicate identifier that automatically creates the xml tags for your platform xml and lists all the files that can be removed (manually) and puts that into a results folder. In theory, you can copy the additional apllication tags into your system.xml and you can remove the files that are listed as duplicates now. No gu
  23. When I read around on this forum I have the impression that there's a big majority here that uses Launchbox as a ROM launcher. I on the other hand am hoping it can replace Collectorz Game Collector as my games database front end. A while ago I sent a feature request to Collectorz asking for a possibility to add local videos (instead of just a youtube player) to the games "details" page. The answer I got was pretty off-putting: "nobody wants that, and they're focusing on "the cloud". Since I dislike everything DRM (I can't view a video from within my database if I'm offline or the
  24. The database have a bug, and a bunch of partially deleted entries. When you find a entry without any image or developer/publisher data is a partially deleted one. Please don't send again to moderation to delete it, or add data. Is a waste of time. Jason is working to manage the issue.
  25. How would I go about fixing a game on the database that has had it's name changed and been heavily altered with an update? For example, Evolve. Evolve is correct for all the various platforms and covert art however when importing the new updated version "Evolve Stage 2" there is no information. Should Evolve Stage 2 be put into the database as a separate game with a different release date and artwork? A feature to add multiple game names for one title would help (sorry if I'm just not seeing this feature). Just for the sake of example SimCity4 and SimCity4 "Deluxe" has this problem as well.
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