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  1. I am running Demul to emulate a number of Naomi games. On its own on they run fine. When trying to launch Demul via LaunchBox Naomi gives an error of "ERROR 01 THIS GAME IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BY MAIN BOARD." My emulator setup has the 'No space before ROM' checked. Under associated platforms I have the following: Associated platform: Sega Naomi Default command-line parameters: -run=naomi -customrom= Default emulator is also checked. What am I doing wrong?
  2. hey so i have retroarch and redream but they wont run some roms. SO im trying demul as a last resort. I have the latest version and many dreamcast bios which seem to work find elsewhere but in demul I get the message "unable to find 'set5v0.41bin' in romset 'dc'. So im guessing either i dont have it or its in the wrong place but i used a guide and it all seems to be correct. Who knows...maybe you do ? Pls assist and if you have an alternative emu for DC pls suggest. Thanks
  3. So I finally got my DEMUL working perfectly... however I can't get it to see my Xbox One Controller. I even heard some had same issue with Xbox 360 controller. Any one know of any solutions? It just doesn't map. Drivers are all good and work on ever other emulator I have. Google searches I see people talk about it years ago but no conclusions. Thanks!!!
  4. When I launch a game via LaunchBox, Demul starts up what I assume is a music player. When I go 'back' and select 'play', it tells me to insert a disc. I mean... at least I got Demul to finally launch lol... but now this. uhg
  5. Hello All, This is a follow up to my previous post regarding demul and Sega Naomi. I was able to import the Naomi games thanks to @DOS76, unfortunately when I try to launch a GD rom, demul appears but nothing happens after that. I receive no errors from Launchbox or Demul. Could this be an issue with a plugin in Demul? Non-GD roms are able to launch fine and I have the roms & bios directory highlighting my mame folder with a merged chd set included. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone Nice to meet you all. I desperately need help if you don't mind. My "Naomi" roms and chds on the "Demul" emulator are all working fine, except for "Virtua Fighter 4", both the Evolution and Final Tuned version. To go into detail, the performance of the game itself is good, but the output of the graphics are not particularly feasible. The characters, stage backgrounds are all cutted, and therefore the models are not complete. My issue is exactly like this: http://www.emutalk.net/threads/55764-Demul-v0-7-alpha-200915-Glitchy-gfx-flashing-textures Except no one gave
  7. Hi! I stumbled upon a problem with the NAOMI and NAOMI 2 system. I tried different emulators and each one has his own problems. Can't figure it out. If hope to get one of these emulators to work. First Emulator: DEMUL v0.7 alpha I can get DEMUL to launch through Launchbox but it give me the error:"Unable to find 'epr-21576d.ic27' in romset naomi". But that file is located in the directory that I assigned to the games and roms. The type of game rom files are *.zip and contains type *.ic* files. Maybe I'm using incompatibele rom files? In the settings menu I tried alread
  8. Hi guys, I have a little problem with Demul in Launchbox. If I start the games directly with Demul then start without problems. After I want to start but with Launchbox opens a program window for 1-2 seconds and closes immediately (CMD ) . I have no idea what I'm doing wrong I've set everything right also the checkboxes No space before rom and Use file name only without file extensio n or folder path. So what am I doing wrong? soory for my bad english i am from germany ^^
  9. MAME to Demul Rom Copier (MAME .184 & demul07a_180816) View File So Derek (@DOS76), originally posted these scripts, and I saw that they were not copying over all of the files for these systems, and that there were now some errors thrown in. So I updated all of the scripts to include name changes, newly added games, and now the Naomi GD and Naomi GD2 scripts also copy over CHD files. Required Files: 1. These scripts obviously. 2. MAME .184b and demul07a_180816 2. A MAME .184 split or non-merged rom set. Searching mame dome of pleasure hel
  10. I've downloaded and successfully run both ReDream and DEmul on my Windows 10 machine, however, LaunchBox won't interface with either of them. As you can see in the pictures I've attached (regarding my DEmul attempt, which I heard is the most stable), I've associated Sega Dreamcast with DEmul and have included the necessary "Default Command-Line Parameters" as described in the following video: Despite all this, any time I try to open a Dreamcast game from within Launchbox/BigBox it doesn't even begin to launch. I've also uninstalled the Reicast core from RetroArch just to make su
  11. Hello, I looked for similar posts to ensure this wasn't covered anywhere and I couldn't find anything like this. I apologize if it's been posted elsewhere and I missed it. I've configured Demul as required: When I attempt to load a game by double clicking - absolutely nothing happens. However, if I go to command line and do the same exact thing that LB should be passing through, that works perfectly... Is some part of the string not being passed correctly? Am I missing something obvious here? I've tried everything and can't figure this out. Any help would be much app
  12. Version 1.0.0


    So Derek (@DOS76), originally posted these scripts, and I saw that they were not copying over all of the files for these systems, and that there were now some errors thrown in. So I updated all of the scripts to include name changes, newly added games, and now the Naomi GD and Naomi GD2 scripts also copy over CHD files. Required Files: 1. These scripts obviously. 2. MAME .184b and demul07a_180816 2. A MAME .184 split or non-merged rom set. Searching mame dome of pleasure helps. (Non-merged is suggested for the best compatibility, even though it's much larger). 3. A MAME .184 CH
  13. Im Using demul and im almost at loading the rom but when i load it, it goes to the demul, then to the rom selection and no further.. am i missing a step here? Im almost there!! below are the settings (if they are correct) and where the game stops where i load it.
  14. Hi, I finally got DEMUL working but even though I check off the FULLSCREEN option, it stays windowed. Any ideas? Thanks!
  15. I tried all possible combinations. Atomiswave if I run, it will not work Dreamcast Check "Use file name............." and work atomiswave uncheck "use file name........." and work Dreamcast but not work Atomiswave http://imgur.com/a/u5txy
  16. Anybody know how can I specify plugins via command line? I have 1 .cdi image of FPWD english translated that I can't find a GDi or the original patch to apply to a JP GDI anywhere on the internet, only .cdi translated roms. I managed to make it work changinng the plugins, but I have to config the Launchbox command line for it so it will load correctly the gdrImage plugin with this specific image, all the other images are CHD files and work with the gdrCHD plugin. Any idea? Thanks!
  17. Alright, so I am presently using a mixture of MAME and Demul for my Launchbox rig. I love that Demul has functionality for not just Dreamcast, but also for Sega Naomi/Naomi 2 and Sammy Atomiswave as well. Overall, Demul is great for all my purposes and I have it pretty seamlessly integrated with the rest of my Bigbox lineup, complete with a key bound to quit. However, it recently came to my attention that my high scores have not been saving in the various Naomi games I have. I first realized then when I inputted the code in Cannon Spike's bios to unlock hidden characters, only for them to be g
  18. So, I've been trying to troubleshoot this for a while now, but I just can't seem to get the Naomi Metal Slug 6 conversion to run properly in Launchbox. It runs fine when I launch it in Demul, although I do have to launch it via "Load decrypted rom", as it is a custom hack. The file itself is a ".bin" file, so I am not sure if this has anything to do with the problems I'm having. Here's my a screenshot of my default Naomi setup for Demul that I'm trying to run this conversion with (works perfectly for all normal Naomi games). When I run it with this setup, it just pops up with a demul window
  19. Ok I followed the tutorial here to set up demul fromBrad, Brad, bo-rad Banana-fana fo-frad Fee-fi-mo-mrad Brad! LOL Anyway, IM having difficulty getting the game to start up AND couldn't find anyone wth this issue so maybe its just something small I'm doing wrong. Demul opens but doesn't start the game. I have tried going through retroarch and some of the games seem to work fine. IM assuming that some games just have a compatibility issue with reicast or needs a different bios. Can anyone help with this issue? Also, while using
  20. Hello all!! I am a proud lifetime purchaser of LaunchBox and after messing with it for 2 weeks now, I have only come across one issue, which should indicate how great of a program it is! I am using DEmul in LaunchBox so that I may play some of my favorites like House of the Dead 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, etc on my MAME cabinet. However, there is a very weird issue. I am not sure if it is a glitch or what. If I enter DEmul by double clicking the executable and running the games that way, games save just fine. A good example of a game that needs to save is Marvel vs Capcom 2, because you
  21. You can download from their forums here: http://forum.emu-russia.net/viewtopic.php?p=25989#p25989 Brief changelog: SH4 * OnChip access correct bit width only * add flti0/1 PR flag check * reg binding cleanups and fixes, PR sanity checks * fix DIV0S, optimize DIV1 and add linking current block * fix Invalidation code * fix delayed slot exceptions * interrupts fixes / improvements GD-ROM * fix CD PLAY after SEEK for Taxi2 * small fix for bleemcast (almost work) * G1 DMA discrete step AICA * use less attenuated ALFO * mixing levels fixes * EG timer fixes *
  22. Hi guys, I have an issue with DEmul, I've tried with both Dreamcast and Naomi 2, they run great windowed but when I go fullscreen it just freezes. I can then ALT+ENT back to windowed mode but the emulation will stop and I have to restart the emulator. If I select 'Start in Fullscreen' it just goes black when I boot a game and not even the BIOS screen will load. I've messed around with different settings, edited the .ini files and disabled DPI scalings in the Windows demul.exe properties but no luck. Whatever I try, it will just freeze. Is there anything I can put into Launchbox comma
  23. Is there anyway to filter files within zips? For example, I have all of my Dreamcast images in zips, and there are 3 files in most. When trying to launch Demul, it does nothing if there is more than one file in the folder. If it's a single file it launches correctly.
  24. About ready to start building a cabinet, but still stuck getting a few MAME systems working with LaunchBox. Goal is before I start construction, I have the software issues sorted out. I'm doing this all on my PC for now, making detailed notes for each system... it's not the system that will be used, I haven't purchased that yet. Right now, my enemy is Naomi. I have Capcom vs Streetfighter II. I tried with my MAME emulator, and it starts... Naomi logo comes up, choppy sound, fades away then Loading Game appears and that's it. I downloaded DEMUL but can't get the game to load. In
  25. So this is going to be a wide open question. Does anyone know how to bypass the storage limit of saves using the vmu/vms in Demul. Is there a way to create a vmu for each game and automatically select that vmu for when the game launches. Is there a way to use scripts (don't know how to use scripts) to switch between vmu's or somenting like that, trough Launchbox. I want it to be an automatic process. Do not want to go and change the vmu for each game. I hope this makes sense and i hope soemone will be able to assist me with this. Thank you Regards AVissie
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