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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, For anyone having issues using dolphin and pause screen in BigBox, I have found this simple solution to fix issues such as: black screen while resuming from pause, no hotkeys working (reset, exit, save/load state). The problem is Dolphin related not Big Box. Open Dolphin emulator, then: First, check the "keep window on top" checkbox in the "Settings / Interface" menu tab. Second, check the "background input" checkbox in the "Controller Settings" menu. OPTIONAL (if it still doesn't work): Uncheck "hotkeys require window focus" and check "render to main window". This is how I fixed the aforementioned issues, hope it helps!
  2. I have an Xbox One controller connected to my steam link using Bluetooth. It works in Steam Big Picture and in BigBox (launched through steam). But it stops working properly after I open Dolphin Emulator from BigBox. I don't think Dolphin is recognizing that the controller is connected because it's 2 steps removed from steam. Steam (controller works) > BigBox (controller works) > Dolphin (controller doesn't work) Additional info that might be useful: If I open dolphin emulator menu from BigBox then I can see the controller is detected in controller settings. But if I open Dolphin from my desktop then controller configuration menu shows it isn't connected. Windows devices window (the one you get to from control panel) also shows the controller isn't connected.
  3. Using Big Box I can open and play games with Dolphin Emulator 5.0 no problem. But when I go into the BB pause menu and try to exit I get a black screen. I can still hear the game continue playing in the background and even return back to the BB pause menu. But I can't get back to the game, I can only cycle back and forth between the BB pause menu and the black screen when I either select resume or exit on the pause menu (those are the only one's I've tried). I can alt+tab back to Dolphin, and continue playing or press ESC on my keyboard to exit the game. After pressing ESC the game closes just fine, but the black screen is now back on my monitor. If I alt+tab over to BB then I get the "Game Over" screen quickly showing up before returning to BB. My issue sounded similar to what was posted in this topic. I tried putting the AHK script suggested by Retro808 into my "Exit AHK Script" tab - didn't work I tried removing all AHK scripts from the "Exit AHK Script" tab - didn't work
  4. So I've been doing a lot of fooling around in Retroarch lately, and I've finally been able to figure out how bezels work (for platforms and individual games), along with auto save states for some games I don't have time to do in one play through (Sonic on Genesis for example). I'm really loving that I can have overlays for 4:3 games on my 16:9 monitor. I have Dolphin configured per game, so some games are 4:3 while others are 16:9, all depending on how the extra space gets drawn (or doesn't in some cases). I wanted to see if anyone knew of a way to configure overlays in Dolphin. For the life of me, I can't figure it out. So any help would be fantastic.
  5. Hi. Very new here. I was able to setup Launchbox with dolphin ( thank you youtube ) . Did a quick test with Mario Kart double dash and all is working good with keyboard, but I am not sure if it would be possible to set up 4 controllers to play split screen Mario kart ? Google was not much help and I did a quick search on the forum and still nothing. I would also like to be able to use 2 of those controllers for coop play in other emulators like retroarch for SNES or NES games ? I would like to be sure that this is possible before I go and buy 4 controllers. probably going to be cheap wired controllers for now. Something like the Speedlink XEOX pro ( XUM-FB9-2PB-1).
  6. Hi, I've been playing with Launchbox for a while and everything seems to work well for the most part, but I was wondering if there was a way or a specific command line option I should choose to see the Gamecube BIOS/startup and the PS2 BIOS/startup in Dolphin and PCSX2 respectively. They both start fine if I run the emulators by themselves but when launching through Launchbox it always skips the bios and goes directly to the game. I know this is a pretty trivial thing but I was wondering if there was a workaround to this or something I'm missing (Demul boots with BIOS fine through Launchbox). I'm aware that with ePSXe there's a command you can add to force it to launch the bios before starting the game.
  7. Hi LB Forums, First-time poster, long time creeper, also Happy Holidays! TL;DR - What is the best controller setup when running BigBox via Steamlink (Dolphin specific) I'm building a semi-Frankenstein setup post-holidays and was hoping to get a bit of input from the community My question - What is the best controller setup for mostly Dolphin Emulation with one or two SNES Games sprinkled in? - I was going to use the Gamecube Adapter and Wavebirds, but I wonder if using the new Xbox Controllers with Bluetooth is the better option? My Setup - Dell 7577 with 1060 Max- Q - All roms, emulators, launchbox, retroarch on External SSD (Samsung T5) - Steamlink plugged into TV - Xbox One Controller or Gamecube Adapter with Wavebirds Thanks in advance and apologies if I broke any rules!
  8. Hi guys, I have just watched the tutorial on how to play Game Cube and Wii games on LaunchBox and what I don't get is the way to layout the xbox 360 controller. I have done it as in the video but I suspect maybe when selecting "classic" instead of nunchuk you go under a sub-setup, not the main layout on the controller section? I have attached a couple of pics showing my configuration. Hope you guys can help Many thanks in advance!
  9. hey guys I am using dolphin for gc and wii games. I am also using another version of dolpin (dolphin triforce) My issue is I cannot set permanent gamecube controls on either emulator. dolphin using standard controllers and triforce using am baseboard. I have to go to the emulator and switch them when moving from one emulator to the other. Why are these settings not seperate. I have looked at dolphin forum and found nothing I have also tried to register with dolphin forums several times and never receive my approval email to register. PLEASE HELP!
  10. Hey guys, I have a PS4 controller and a Gamecube controller. I like to play Dolphin with the Gamecube controller, but once it's wired sometimes I give up to play to avoid the chance to fall, hit my head, and die when connecting the cable (or just to avoid fatigue). So I like to play with the wireless PS4 controller sometimes as well. For now I have two separated folders for dolphin (using the portable.txt) and I have 2 emulators set on Launchbox, each one with one config for controller. The problem is: I couldn't figure out how to merge the save files. Does anyone knows any other way that can I have 2 controller settings for dolphin and use on Launchbox/BB quickly?
  11. hi there i have a preminum license subscription for launchbox, i have emulator and games in my launchbox folder but i can't use the controller in the games, doesn't work. i have a third party xbox one controller but it functions like an official one. does anyone know how to setup a third party controller in the configuration in LaunchBox? Thanks
  12. Does anyone out there know where to find or have access to command line parameters for Dolphin? What I want to do is set up two Dolphin emulators in LaunchBox - one at original resolution and one at HD so the player can pick one using the "Launch with..." option in BigBox. Searched everywhere for a list but can't find it anywhere. Thanks!
  13. Hi, One thing that has bothered me for a bit and I've not really found a good way around it is setting the per game.ini files for games in Dolphin. I found this to be rather tedious and slow and sometimes you change the settings and if you close the game the settings don't get saved properly so you need to make sure you got the ini file open in notepad and then resave it. So my question is, Is there a manager or tool of some sort that makes this process easier that people use? Would be great if it was an in-emulator feature, similar to how PCSX2 does it Cheers
  14. I'm trying to key map the dolphin emulator to use a keyboard but it does nothing.. not even the keyboard mapping work at all I'm using an xbox 360 controller
  15. Hi There, Any experience with the Intel Apollo Lake N4200 processor and the Dolphin Wii emulator? How's the performance on DX12 and/or Vulkan? Is there anyone who can tell me if this processor gives a reasonable performance for Wii? Thx a lot!
  16. Hi, Has anyone encountered this problem before? In latest versions (not stable) of Dolphin whenever you turn off "Scaled EFB Copy" you only get native resolution regardless of what you got it set as? Some games require it to be off in order to function correctly... Does anyone know if there is a solution to this problem apart from using an older version? Cheers
  17. Didde3000

    Dolhin Wii

    Hi! Is it somehow possible to configure Dolphin or Launchbox to load some games with emulated wíi-motes and some games without? In Smash bros with 2 emulated wii-motes you will get 4 players (when you want two) If you disable the emulated wii-motes, you will get two players. I am asking this because my son is to young to configure Dolphin =)
  18. Just downloaded Tales of Symphonia for Dolphin and apparently the m3u method does not work for Gamecube? I looked at some other posts and found that people are using the additional apps method. However, whenever I go to add the second disc as an additional app the .iso files do not show up. Is there a way to do this?
  19. Hi there so I am having a little bit of trouble setting up WindWaker into Launchbox through retroarch. Also I seem to be having trouble letting retroarch actually scan and recognize the iso file for windwaker? I imported the iso file into launchbox and made dolphin the default core for Nintendo Gamecube and such. However, the game does not launch when I click on it. I am able to play the game if I drag the .iso into retroarch. Any suggestions to why it wont load into retroarch also why launchbox isn't launching the game? I started LaunchBox yesterday so Im really nooby but please help if you can. Thanks!
  20. Not having much luck. I did a disc rip from Homebrew's CleanRip and concatenated the two files from the SD Card. I have two issues. One, the disc loading screen taking forever, is a known issue so I'm not worried about that. However selecting new game leads the game to hang on the loading animation with the Monado. I never get to the actual game. Has this been encountered before?
  21. I know there are videos out there already but most of them are un clear so I did my own version. 1. first open up Dolphin emu and select a game you wish to add AR codes to 2. once you have the game right click and select properties 3. select 3rd box inside properties which is AR Codes 4. quite a few games come preloaded with AR Codes but for those that don't you can add your own. 5. click the add button botton right corner of box. 6. make sure what ever code you add is correct or dolphin will prompt you the code is incorrect. 7. once you have everything added close properties box and select the game to test your cheats 8. once game loads select tools then cheat manager in drop down menu of dolphin 9. selct the cheats you just added and hit apply but don't close the box or cheats wont work!
  22. hi guys, posted this at dolphin forums. posting this here as it's a little more active here and more likely someone encountered the same problems. My google-fu failed me to find a solution for this Setup: I'm using Dolphin 5.0, with 2 ds4 controllers via ds4windows. I have 3 profiles setup, and each game with it's own profile. The problem: Every time I connect my ds4 controller, it seems to assign a new xinput (between 0 and 3). Because of this, I often have to re-open dolphin, and save the already-existing profile to the current xinput. Otherwise the profile won't read as the .ini is associated to 1 specific xinput. Is there anyway to save multiple xinputs to 1 profile, or other solution? Frustrating to launch a multiplayer wii game from bigbox, only to have to exit, open dolphin, and change both controller profiles. Thanks again
  23. New to Launch Box. I have Dolphin master-5.0-1043-x64 at my D:\ disk, with pretty much the original set up. It works really fine on standalone basis. I’ve imported the Roms at Launch Box and configured the emulator with the standard options available. However, when I launch any game, all I get is a message stating “***Caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating”. Of course I can’t launch any games. Playing with some Dolphin settings, the same error but now the emulator screen appears, but with no games on it, and the above quoted message still appears. I have Windows 10 home edition Anniversary Update. I had installed Dolphin 5.0 and after that uninstall it and keep only the dev version. Any ideas on how to solve this?
  24. For a while every few seconds in Dolphin I had about 3 frames dropping resulting in stuttering on a machine with a Gtx 970 -.- For anyone having stuttering problems in general, has a lower-end machine, or stuttering when they know their hardware is well adequate, try Dolphin Ishiiruka. https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-unofficial-ishiiruka-dolphin-custom-version With even better graphics settings than I had in Dolphin when it stuttered, and some HQ texture hacks, I was maintaining a constant 60fps in all games I tried and had no elusive micro-stuttering. Simply Austin made a great video on this if anyone wants a video guide:
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