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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I have some Windows 3.x games would like to emulate but I am looking for what is the best way to do this? Especially while using LaunchBox. Should DOSBox be used? I also found Wim31DOS Box and something called WineVDM. Ideally, I would like to be able to launch directly to the game in full screen from Launch Box. Thanks in advance.
  2. I had an old version of JoyToKey I enjoyed for the longest, and even downloaded a batch file someone made here to close off JoyToKey after I closed out a game, but seems that old JoyToKey I had was made for Controllers via USB and not ones using Bluetooth such as XBOX One S Controllers & etc. I have installed the latest JoyToKey in which I would make copies of them and place them with game folder of whatever game I set the profile to it to avoid any conflicted settings, but seems these days they have JoyToKey not only with the ability to detect Bluetooth Controllers, but seemed to make itself even more complicated by somehow taking all profiles you set to your Documents folder, no matter if you made copies of JoyToKey for certain games set to a single profile setting, it seems to automatically at times shift to a different profile you made with another copy of JoyToKey elsewhere. Not only that, but now they bug you to register for a full version after a while in which I plan to do so once I can fully understand the new complicated way they do this software now. So either I get understanding the new JoyToKey in the best way to be used with LaunchBox, or accept any alternative methods recommended to me by some of you out there who can give these classics a modern feel with such ease that allows me to fully use Xinput Bluetooth controllers all the way to the Z-Axis Triggers and every other part without limitations so I can play Pinball games and First-Person Shooters as if it they made for consoles instead of being stuck to keyboard and mouse. I totally wish at times LaunchBox had its own Keymapper built in for various computer-based games though. It would make things so much easier
  3. Hello everyone, I'm struggling with an issue that seems very strange. So I'm using Launchbox as my frontend for multiple platforms and MS-Dos is one of them. However I wasn't getting any sound on DOSBox that was built-in Launchbox. So I've tried to troubleshoot the problem and recently installed DOSBox SVN Daum to my Launchbox folder. I've had no sound at the beginning but began to notice something strange. There were 2 exe files within DOSBox SVN Daum; 1 named as "DOSBox.exe" the other as "DOSBox_x64.exe". To my surprise the sound worked when using DOSBox_x64.exe but the problem is that when I rename the file to DOSBox.exe to implement it into Launchbox, the sound immediately stops working. So I don't know how but the problem seems to be is that "DOSBox.exe" files dont work with sound. But I want to use Launchbox when playing MS-Dos games. Is there a solution for this?
  4. Hello, I recently purchased on Steam some games I played as a kids. Basically Doom, Quake and Descent. Now I haven't had a problem with Quake and Doom but I've been having issues with Descent. The version of DOS-Box this game comes with doesn't support a wireless controller, even with the controller support Steam has added to their system... I read online newer versions of DOS-Box support controllers and after testing I verified it does in DOS-Box Pure in retro arch. I really didn't know DOS well as a kid and looking for advice on how I can have the game launch with one click after some set up. I really don't know what are the files I need from my Steam Descent folder to do this in LaunchBox.. Any advice is appreciated
  5. I have always been using D-Fend Reloaded before I discovered Launchbox. I really don't want to go through the process of installing all my games again. My questions is, there a way to launch my games through launchbox using d-fend as the emulator and the programs profiles to launch a game?
  6. Hi, I've been setting up exodos games in LaunchBox via Rocketlauncher. When running a game directly from RocketLauncher, dosbox opens, launches the game in fullscreen, and the bezel displays correctly. When launching from Launchbox, the game launches, but it is hidden behind the game startup screen. I've tried the individual and combinations of startup override settings, but nothing works other than disabling the startup screen, which is a shame as that's a pretty cool feature. Looks like its some sort of window focus issue. Would be glad to try any other tweaks/settings if anyone has any ideas. I'm running Windows 10, Launchbox 9.2 Thx!
  7. Hi, This site is great by the way. Thanks for this. I'm running Star Trek A Final Unity and I got the mouse to work easily enough by editing the dosbox.conf and changing the output to overlay. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to stop this popping sound which repeatedly comes out of the speakers. I've experimented with the sound blaster settings in the same config file but cannot seem to find the right settings that stops this constant popping sound. Could you help me please?
  8. Hi everyone i need help for DOSBox settings. I want to install The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall but seems I need more space to install it. I Have already done the -freesize method but it doesn't work i'm so sad about this. I'm running it on Win 10 and I have downloaded the Bethesda version on their site. Thank to everyone that can do anything about this.
  9. So Gone Fishing has a CD and an installation folder. The file I run is: C:\Dos\AMTEX\GONEFISH\GFISHEXE.EXE The files from the CD are extracted to this location: C:\Dos\CDs\Gone_Fish I made a windows shortcut and this is the target "C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox.exe" -c "Mount d c:\dos\cds\GONE_FISH -t cdrom -label GONE_FISH" -c "amtex\gonefish\gfishexe.exe" When I run the short cut, the game works perfectly. But I cant figure out what settings I need in Launchbox to get it to run. Currently it just crashes after the initial DosBox copyright text comes up. I have tried setting up a mount with the letter D and type CD but that also doesnt work. Any help would be appreciated
  10. To the Point... decided the I would install windows 95 using dosbox for my games that won't run on windows 10 or dosbox, but how do I setup my shortcuts to go from: (In order.) icon / dosbox / windows 95 / game?
  11. Chlain

    Recess in Greece

    Hi guys! I've got a weird old game I'm tryin to run in Windows 10 "Recess in Greece" Won't run natively in Windows 10 or Dosbox so I'm THINKING I'm going to have to run Windows 3.1 in Dosbox and run it from that. Does that even make sense? Thanks! Here's a link to the game. http://www.museumofplay.org/online-collections/22/66/109.11681
  12. I've been having a few probs getting Rowan's 1994 flight sim Operation Overlord running... I can get the SVGA test to complete successfully but can't get the game to run with SVGA, also can't get the sound running either even after enabling it using the ? option on the main .exe file to configure the sound options. I'm sure I remember having this running fine in the dim and distant past but have lost that hard drive a long time ago so don't have anything to work from. EDIT: Also have tried using the ET4000 instead of the S3, I can get as far with both as SVGA on the ground but the game crashes when going to flight mode... it doesn't even load the cockpit. Still no sounds at any time, I'm wondering if anyone has managed to get Dawn Patrol to work as it's pretty much the same game, released in the same year. Anyone out there managed to get this game running in SVGA or even with sound?
  13. Is there any way I can do a mass edit and change the root folder of all of my DOS games at once? Launchbox defaults it to the specific games directory, which is incompatible with some games. I'd like to just do a mass edit and change them to my DOS root folder. There is no option in the mass editor, and I've tried to change them all in the MS-DOS.xml with Notepad++, but the changes don't reflect when I load LaunchBox again.
  14. So I have Windows 3.1 running in DOSBOX in Launchbox along with my other DOS/ScummVM games and I got a MAC game working (Math Blaster/Troggle Boggle) and I'm now trying to get Wishbone working. It keeps asking for a disk and I have no way to point it at my F:/ drive which is the Daemon Tools. My DOS C:/ drive is in Launchbox so I can't go up the tree to where my F:/ is
  15. Hi! I configured Xpadder with multiple emulators and Windows games but I'm not sure how to use different profiles for DOSBox games. I tried to use the feature "Additional apps" in Launchbox, which allows me to specify xpadder profile for each game. However, after I specify the profile explicitly it doesn't return back to autoprofile mode. I could have used game names for different profiles, but regardless of what game you're running in DOSBox, Windows only see DOSBox as an active process. I might add a batch file to shutdown xpadder after every game and reopen it, but I was curious if someone was aware of any better solution. Thanks.
  16. Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help. I have an old dos game (European Championship 1992) and when I try to play it in Launchbox the window appears and then closes almost immediately. When I run the same game in retroarch it plays absolutely fine. I either need to work out what I can do to get it running natively in Launchbox or how I can get one specific game to launch retroarch and then the game in retroarch automatically (presumably some command line). Please help. Thanks Chris
  17. matt_cece

    fable 1996

    I have a old point and click game called Fable. From 1996 not new one made by Peter the fraud. Anyway I load game and it freezes in the first min. Anyone ever play this or have any ideas?? Thanks all
  18. After an "argument" in the launchbox discord, i did some googlefu and found out that dosbox daum has the option to mount zip files. @Zombeaver promptly tested if it worked properly and surprisingly it does So here is a guide on how to run zipped DOS-Games. Download DOSBOX Daum from http://ykhwong.x-y.net Unzip (DOSBOX Daum, not yourself) Make 2 folders in the unpacked dosbox named "Data" and "Games" Copy your Games in .ZIP format into the games folder Start dosbox and type: "mount c Data:Games\YOURGAME.ZIP:/" replace YOURGAME.ZIP with your zipped game name, i'll use LBA.zip (little big adventure) here: Start your game as usual: Success You'll have to keep your isos in a seperate folder if you have to mount them for games that need them (Daggerfall, Little Big Adventure, etc.) and there are probably a few other problems and glitches but so far it works pretty good.
  19. I use my surface pro 4 all the time and its frustrating not being able to use touch in my old games. So wondering if it is even possible to code a way to have an overlay or some other method to get touch working with dosbox games (other emulations would be cool to). I read a while back about a possible method where someone had created a opengl or direct 3d or something like that, for dosbox and it was theoreticaly possible to get touch woking in that but when i tryed i couldnt get all the elements to work together. Another thought is it possible to turn the screen into a giant trackpad screen and moving mouse was simply dragging finger on screen? I love launchbox and really excited where its going. a great purchase in my opinion. p.s. if a touch interface is possible its the kind of thing i would pay good money for.
  20. Hello May I ask you guys for some help. we have an old system estimating package that runs in dos which we have got running sweet in launchbox, on a 64 bit win 7 machine, however we need to print from it.and it prints to LPT 1 i have read and used the Dosbox mega build to print and it does work,but its a job and a half to go in and out and re mount the drive each time we want to print. is there any way i can incorporate and use launchbox front end and go through to megabuild dosbox and operate from there I have tried deleting dosbox and inserting megabuild in the files in launchbox before starting for a first time but it still does not work. your ideas and help would be very much appreciated. many thanks Andy
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