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Found 3 results

  1. When doing an audit on a complete set of USA NES ROMs from a Full No-Intro set, LB is showing me that a few of the games are duplicates, even though I know for a fact that they are not. Only four games are affected in this romset, and they happen to be games that were, indeed, developed and published by different companies; they were just released with the same title. (See the attached screenshot.) For example, the first one on the list is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Two games were released with that title--one by Taito, one by UBI Soft--two years apart. LB, however, thinks they are both the Taito-published game. Now, I know I can right-click on the UBI Soft one and click Edit to change it. I can disassociate it from the "found" LB database ID, append " (UBI Soft)" to the end of the title, then click the "Search for Metadata" button to have it search and find the correct database record. While this mostly works, several other issues still exist. The images for both titles are a mix. There are Screenshots and Clear Logos for both titles attached to both titles. To help alleviate this, I've edited the title on both games to append (Taito) and (UBI Soft), then cleared out the images in both, and had it re-download them. Even doing this, it still got some of the wrong images for the UBI Soft version, so I had to weed them out. The notes section is incorrect for one of the games. In this example, the UBI Soft version has Taito's back-of-box blurb. I'd really rather not have to re-type the blurb on the back of the UBI Soft version box. Audit still thinks they are duplicates. In the Audit screen, you cannot just click the checkbox in the "Duplicate" column for a game to clear it. Thus, LB will always think that these two games are duplicates. RetroAchievements problem. In this example, only the UBI Soft version of the game has any RetroAchievements. The achievements are being listed for both versions of the game, however. At least, they are being shown for both in LB; they are only shown for the correct version of the game in RetroArch. Incorrect music. This is relatively easily fixed in the Edit screen, but again, seems like it should be unnecessary. The correct version needs to be downloaded from EmuMovies' FTP site first, of course, then pointed to in the Edit screen for the game. (In this particular instance, EmuMovies made an error and has the Taito music for both games. I've already notified them of this on their forums.) Incorrect manual. See above. The downloaded manual from EmuMovies' FTP site is correct, at least. Incorrect video. See above. Again, EmuMovies' FTP site has the correct file, which had to be downloaded manually. There must be some better way of fixing these sorts of problems, because I'm sure it won't end with just these four sets of games. That's just for the USA region NES games. I can't imagine the horror with other regions and, especially, other platforms! 😱 Is there any better fix for this other than manually editing each pair?
  2. snoopaloop83

    Cleaning up duplicate images?

    Hello, I am a big fan of Launchbox keep up the good work! Not sure how I did it (i have several theories) but i seem to have obtained several duplicate images in many games across platforms, from boxes to screen shots logos etc.... Does anyone recommend any utilities or methods for getting rid of these? Other than starting over again. Thanks!
  3. Bilbotorm

    Hopw to remove duplicates?

    Hi all just discovered launchbox recently and I have to admit i love it and took lifetime support immediately. I start added some roms, full sets I had since a long time but wanted to start removing duplicates. I searched in the forums and found 2 ways: - custom filters by region and only keep USA, but it's not a good way for me, as it removes exclusive japan titles for example, I only want to remove roms that I have 3 or more times (japan, europe, etc.) - use launchboxtools, but unfortunately, I am under the impression that it was working for previous versions, when the xml was one big stuff, but now it's split by plateform is there anyway to achieve what i am trying to do ? thanks ! Bil