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  1. I posted this on the Libretro forum some time ago, but wanted to see if anyone here has found a way to do this. Is it possible to implement a screen gap option into the Citra core like desmume has for the regular DS? This is a very neat feature as it allows you to customise the layout for a border overlay. I have found a very nice border overlay for the 3DS but it is not useable without the simple screen gap option.
  2. My LucasArts Bezels/Overlays for ScummVM View File Tested in Retroarch 1.9.3 My desktop resolution is 2560x1440 Shader crt-geom.glsl Submitter Aniv Cuderoes Submitted 06/20/2021 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Tested in Retroarch 1.9.3 My desktop resolution is 2560x1440 Shader crt-geom.glsl
  4. So im having this issue where when I connect a gamepad controller to my phone my screen (On Super Retro 16) turns from black into an off grey, and its SUPER annoying, I cant figure out why this is happening, if somebody has the same isssue or could lend me a hand and give me some ideas why this is happening, PLEASE dont hesitate to shoot me a MESSAGE or reply to this thread, I really need your help. Once again the screen (upon direction input) goes from deep natural black colors, to off gray. Thanks for reading, hope to hear from someone soon/. Please help
  5. pretty much what the title says...its great that you guys have several emulators already setup for us, but, you DONT allow us to add our own. Emulator of note (that I cannot believe you dont have, its literally the main emulator for this) is PPSSPP. The defacto PSP emulator. I tried to add it, and launchbox wont let me add it, since its not in the pre-defined list of emulators. This is IMO a big oversight and needs to be corrected.
  6. Hello. I am a newbie to launchbox but I understand the basic functions (i.e. adding roms and emulators). I am currently working on my first lb build and things were going well until I attempted to import my Sega Model 3 roms. When going through the set up- at the phase where you can choose which roms to not add to launchbox, none of the roms show up! I have tried this multiple time, choosing individual roms, or the whole folder, it is always the same, no roms show up. I will include screenshots of my process and my Supermodel Emu settings. Help would be much appreciated, Thank You. pics.zip
  7. I absolutely love MAME, one of my favorite things in the world is sitting down with my atcade stick and exploring through hundreds of random old gems I’ve never heatd of, particularly Japan-exclusive stuff. but I kinda wonder how MAME even works. I understand the basic premise behind console or computer emulators, they’re artificial environments that trick game files into thinking they’re running on original hardware. With thousands of games running on different hardware, how is MAME organized? I can see that a lot of earlier games are based on Z80 or Motorolla 68000 chips, does MAKE have like two or three overarching architectures that can simultaneously handle all the different variants of those or does literally each and every game require its own emulation environment? Obviously some systems like Neo Geo only tequire one setup, but it still mystified me how one program can handle Donkey Kong and Time Crisis at the same time. if anyone can explain to to me in me nice dum-dum words I’d greatly appreciate it.
  8. I've been looking around the autohotkey area, and I can't find a command that'll wait 1 second, then send the {F11} keystroke. I'm basically trying to get BSNES to startup in fullscreen. At first I was trying Higan, but I couldn't find any way to get that to launch in fullscreen, so now I'm trying to get BSNES to go fullscreen right after the game launches. I've also tried FEleven but I can't find a good way of executing that along with BSNES and loading the ROM. Although, this would all be much easier if there was a command line parameter that would just toggle fullscreen at launch. Please let me know if you've been able to get this to work.
  9. I have been searching these emulators for PC-98.But i couldn't find anything about fdd files.I have 2 fdd files which these are disk 1 of 2 and disk 2 of 2.There is no emulator could open this game.I thought i need converter fdd files to other files [d88,fdi etc.] but i guess i couldn't convert or there is no converter.What should i do.I dont give up.Im gonna crazy if i cannot do that :D.Which emulator should i use and which one can open .fdd files? Thanks. (this game works on pc-98 and its came fdd file when i download it.1 is 1 of 2 i mean 1st disk,2 is 2nd. it says 1. is disk A 2. is disk B ,maybe SL9821?)
  10. Hey, the past week I've had tons of issues getting emulation properly working for STV arcade games. My launchbox build is arcade-only, and there are some great STV games that simply don't work in mame yet. For individual games I have been able to get Kronos working, but can't seem to be able to swap arcade roms from whatever is set in the program UI itself via command line. That brings me to the topic of this thread, does anybody else have STV games in their launchbox collection? If so, I'm curious to hear about what emulators and config settings you are using.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has had much of a go at the Philips VG5000 with the DCVG5K emulator? MAME will get the command-screen (or whatever you call it) open but won't seem to go any further despite typing in the correct command. Once you get used to stuff like the keyboard layout (which I haven't fully grasped yet) like typing "Q" instead of "A" on your normal keyboard to type "CLOAD" to load a cassette it isn't too bad. Whilst it is nothing to write home about there are definitely some fun little games to play. You can chose English from the options too.
  12. Can anyone help me run intellivision roms in launchbox? I have no idea what i'm doing What emulator should I be using and such. p.s. I've got the roms installed.
  13. I downloaded NullDC and played some of my ROMs with it and all worked just fine. I then imported NullDC to Launchbox and after I did that, i cant get the emulator to work. When I Launch a game now, it gets to the sega screen, and then it crashes. I get the " NullDC has stopped working" message. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the emulator and running it without launchbox, still the same problem oddly. Very frustrating! Im not sure if this is a launchbox issue, But i do know that I started getting these problems when i first imported it to LB.
  14. So I've been doing a lot of fooling around in Retroarch lately, and I've finally been able to figure out how bezels work (for platforms and individual games), along with auto save states for some games I don't have time to do in one play through (Sonic on Genesis for example). I'm really loving that I can have overlays for 4:3 games on my 16:9 monitor. I have Dolphin configured per game, so some games are 4:3 while others are 16:9, all depending on how the extra space gets drawn (or doesn't in some cases). I wanted to see if anyone knew of a way to configure overlays in Dolphin. For the life of me, I can't figure it out. So any help would be fantastic.
  15. Hey everyone. I'm new to Launchbox. I've been trying for hours now to add an emulator and every time it doesn't work. I go to tools, manage emulators, then I select add. Then for the name of the emulator I select one of the pre-entered ones bc I have it. Its snes9. So after I select that for the emulator name I go down to browse for the emulator path. I go to the folder where my file is suppose to be and it isn't there. Then I go to the folder outside of this and the file is right there. If I don't select an emulator name and then go to add an emulator path first the file shows up but once I click on the emulator name it deletes the emulator path. I just cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. any help would be appreciated.
  16. I'm having trouble setting up BizHawk as my emulator. Every time I set it up, it opens BizHawk but it doesn't open the ROM, this is pretty annoying as I'm trying to be more organized with my computer.
  17. Simply was wondering what you guys recommend in terms of best Colecovision emulator. To be honest, I highly prefer using RetroArch or MESS when it comes to all consoles. I'd rather learn two software programs than 100 seperate emulators. That's just me, so if a standalone emulator is the best or only option, then I'd appreciate your recommendation, but these two emulators are my preference FYI. I've seen that the BlueMSX core in RetroArch has ColecoVision compatibility. I know that BlueMSX is a cycle accurate emulator for the MSX, but can't find any compatibility reports on ColecoVision games. Is this the core you guys recommend for ColecoVision? Also, I saw Bizhawk (I think that's what is called) is similar to RA and has a Colecovision core. What do you guys think?
  18. Hi all! i would really like to use MAME in Retroarch, but I can't seem to get games to launch. Every time I try, nothing happens or it opens and then crashes. I have the standalone MAME emulator, but I'd like to use Retroarch for its input mapping organization. The MAME rom version I have is 0.181. Which version of MAME do I use in Retroarch? Do I have to do anything with any BIOS files besides have them in the System folder? Is there anything I need to do in Launchbox itself? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  19. Greetings Launchbox team and enthusiasts... I have been using LaunchBox for a few weeks now, and I am impressed with the quality and features of this remarkable tool. An extensive amount of work has gone into it, and the level of support to connect up and launch all manner of emulators is very high. I am now trying to determine how to wire up my disk images for the Commodore 64. I am, and will always be, an enthusiast of the Commodore64 and Atari 800 series of computers. I grew up using, playing on, and programing both computers. Atari and Commodore were quite remarkable for their time. The mid-1980's to the early 1990's was an amazing period of growth for the personal computer. Years ago I purchased a CatWeasel floppy drive controller for my 486 PC, and successfully archived most of my floppy diskettes to Disk Image files that I could run through emulators on my PC. This worked very well, and I am now in the process of loading them into LaunchBox so that my kids can easily access and enjoy them. LaunchBox makes it simple to connect up all of these platforms. In my opinion, the best Commodore64 Emulator ever written is CCS64. Staring during the heyday of MS-DOS, It is one of the oldest emulators, released more than 2 decades ago, in 1995. After many years of development, It's accuracy is nearly perfect, offering cycle exact emulation of it's 6510 CPU, 1541 floppy disk controller, VIC (video) and SID (sound) chips. If the software ran on the original Commodore64, it will run on CCS64. One of the coolest command-line features of CCS64 is to be able to run any game on a disk image, through the use of an optional index. As anyone who has used any of the old 8-bit computers know, multiple files and programs could be stored on a floppy disk, unlike a cartridge which generally ran a single program or game. By default, CCS64 will launch the first game on the disk image using the familiar LOAD "*",8,1 syntax (load and execute). But what if the program or game is not the first program on your disk? CCS64 offers an optional index parameter (after the disk image), which tells CCS64 to load the 'n' file on the floppy diskette. Example command: CCS64 C:\EMULATE\DISK01.D64,4 So, how to make that work with LaunchBox? Most optional command-line param's are entered immediately following the program name, and before the ROM file. This is the pattern that LaunchBox uses. This works great for most emulators I have already configured in LaunchBox. I have been trying to determine a way to append the index at the end of the file, to indicate which file on the disk image to load. I got part of my answer from a previous post, in which snarfo67 was attempting to similarly add a command-line switch after the ROM name. He was trying to do this with M.A.M.E. According to SentaiBrad, one solution was to make use of the %romfile% variable, which is great; it's probably the best direction to take. The closest I have been able to get is to: Enter the path to the ROM file under the Launcher Tab Configure the Emulator of choice (CCS64) in the Emulation Tab Edited Emulator Details and placed this in the "Default Command-Line Parameters" : %romfile%,4 Tried checking the box, "use filename only without file extension or folder path" Checked "Don't use quotes" The resulting output comes very close, but is not quite right: CCS64.exe %romfile%,4 File If I could just get rid of that lingering 'File' reference at the end, I believe the command would work. Because the emulation configuration in LaunchBox can be controlled from at least three different places, each of which seems to have options for command-line parameters, finding the correct combination of switches and configurations is the trick! :-) I am hoping for direction on how to easily configure this without manually hacking each game. :-) Then it would be a simple matter of adding a quick configuration for those games that are not the first game on the target disk image. Multiple game configurations could be created and then be easily launched... all from a single disk image. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  20. Hey guys. How are you? I know that maybe this is simple for some or most of you, but I'm having a really hard time with this, and I am not being able to enjoy my games properly during my vacation time.. I have already tried to set the best configs. for my PCSX2, and I think I've already set up the Memory Cards correctly.. But as the saving function isn't working as it should, I feel that maybe I've done something wrong on the configuration process. Every time I am playing some game and chose to save it so I can quit and keep my progress, it seems that the system is doing what it is supposed to, and after it says "you are good to go", I quit the game. But after that, when I try to play the games again, and load from where I stopped last time, the games tells me that there is no saved data on the memory cards.. This is getting really annoying guys.. Can you guys help me to solve this? So I can start playing the games knowing that when I want to stop, is safe to save it on the memory cards and quit them.
  21. Hi all, I’ve recently imported my GB and GBC collection to Launchbox. Everything just fine. Setting it up wit retroarch Gambatto and running great. The issue apparently came when I imported my SNES collection because in some way, when I now load go or gbc games, an automatic error message is shown. After looking inside emulator config I see retroarch is set up for go and gbc using that core and SNES emu seems to be linked only as default with proprietary games, not gb or gbc. I have noticed it by editing any gb/gbc game which shows SNES emulator as default for them but I can’t see the way of changing this as a default setting for every gb/gbc games. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  22. OK so i have multiple emulators that i am using like citra and cume etc. i have a gtx 1070 ti and i5 8600k. i was told that if i go in my invidia settings and turn on triple buffering along with max frames 1, it would make my emulators run better? what exactly is the options for?, in simple terms? if i would to the same for big box would it help? i get occasionally freezes.
  23. For most people emulating the NES through Retroarch using either the Nestopia or FCEUX cores is plenty good and is by no means a terrible way to emulate the NES. But for anyone looking for better emulation I would like to recommend the emulator PuNES. This emulation has a 96.2% accuracy according to TASVideos testing http://tasvideos.org/EmulatorResources/NESAccuracyTests.html This emulator is pretty freaking awesome. After playing around with it for a while I like it a lot. It supports Retroarchs CG shaders, though not every single shader preset will work but crt-hyllian does and that is a very good shader. It also supports the Famicom Disk System and you can bind controller buttons to eject and flip disks like in Retroarch. You will need the DISKSYS.ROM file in the emulator directory for FDS support of course. Anyways, just wanted to make this emulator known for people who maybe do not know about this fine piece of work. Link for the emulator: http://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6928 Edit: And before anyone jumps in with Nestopia and FCEUX being perfect. No NES emulator is perfect at the moment and it is not due to lack of cpu power or effort. It is because there are literally hundreds of custom mapper chips that came inside the cartridges and they all need to emulated individually. No emulator right now emulates 100% of them but PuNES and Mesen are the two closest.
  24. FUSE 1.5.1 sdl build View File FUSE build with sdl for fullscreen support. source: http://goo.gl/3bZJSZ Submitter Mayora13 Submitted 07/01/2018 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins
  25. Version 1.5.1


    FUSE build with sdl for fullscreen support. source:https://tinyurl.com/yar66e4g
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