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Found 12 results

  1. I have read this problem in other sites without a clear solution. I have 11.7 premium version installed on my Windows 10 last update, but the start button in any control (gamepad, joystick) exit any game in any emulator. I checked the mapped buttons and exit all the steam, origin etc, but it does not seem anything wrong with that. Please any clue? Regards, Santiago
  2. I'm a quite new premium user of LaunchBox/BigBox and can't say enough how awesome it is! However, I have a very annoying problem happening often that I can't seem to find a solution for. Not always, but most of the time BigBox doesn't seem to exit properly and just stays as an invisible process (see attached image) in the task manager never disappearing. I have let it be for hours but never seems to close. I've also tried BigBox on two different computers but the problem happens there as well. I always have to force close it which I've understood can result in corrupted data if I am unlucky. I am using a custom theme but seems to happen with the default theme as well. Am I alone in experiencing this problem? And more importantly, is there a fix?
  3. I know this has been discussed before, but I still haven't found a solution... I have no problems AT ALL with version 7.0, but when I update to anything newer than that, I run into the following issue: (Doesn't happen every time) But often, when I exit an emulator (using the built in automation... (select + start)) BigBox will completely hang.. It happens often enough that I created an AHK that closes and restarts BB. As I said, everything works fine on version 7.0, but I really like the playlist functionality (amongst other upgrades) Things I've tried: I have used both VLC and Media player for videos. I forced populated all game wheel images. I'm using the max RAM cache. Hide Taskbar (Checked & Unchecked) Show "Loading Game" (checked & unchecked) Some observations: I am running Windows 7, but I shelled with BigBox (replaced explorer.exe with BigBox.exe)... If I have explorer.exe loaded when the freeze occurs, I can see the taskbar (meaning BigBox lost focus). But clicking on BigBox to return focus doesn't solve the issue, I have to kill and restart regardless The videos and scrolling game info freeze as well It generally doesn't freeze after exiting the first game... only after the second or third exit Sometimes BB will lose focus after exiting an emulator, but the gamelist video will still be playing... if this is the case, then I can just "click" to give BB focus back, and all is well (if the video is frozen... then I have to close/restart BB) Specs: Windows 7 64bit Core2Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz 8GB RAM I will update this as I try new things... Please ask me if you need any other details Thank you all in advance for the help Cheers!
  4. dov_EL

    Exit in PES 2010

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with PES2010 for Windows (on bartop), it is the only game that with the EXIT button that I assigned to the CAB, not only does not work but gives problems and can no longer return to the game or to bigbox . Does anyone know a method to fix the delta from this title to return to BigBox, or remove the EXIT function of BigBox just for this title so as to use the natural EXIT of the game? Thank you
  5. Hi guys, i have a premium LB account and have seen the option to be able to exit games inside big box but I don’t have a clue of how to set it up or if this affects on the current game controls. For instance, I’d like something like in RetroArch when you can configure going back to main menu via start+select buttons. Thanks in advance
  6. Im having a problem exiting standalone epsxe emulator using the launchbox autohotkey, i press my start button joy12 and joy9 Really quit? screen pops up, and I can press Enter to exit. So I can exit with my hotkey and then press enter. The problem is I have an arcade setup with the joystick and buttons, so this doesnt work. Ive also tried hotkeys in launchbox. $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{ePSXe.exe}}} } Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? A autohotkey solution? Ive looked at alot of forum posts and I havnt been able to find anything that works.
  7. Hello People - Nice community forums ! I have been cracking my skull for the past week with problems exiting Emulators on Big Box, some of them work fine, others like PPSSPP just crash the Big Box on exit. I try everything I was able to search on the forums and at the end I think I found the cause and temporary solution: Possible cause: The Crash happens when using Big Box Auto Controller Automation method, but this do not happens when using the same feature on LaunchBox or when using the "esc" key on the keyboards... only on Big Box using the controller automation (X-Box 360 Controller). Temporary Solution: After trying almost everything I disabled Controller Automation on Big Box (OPTIONS), end up installing Xpader and configure the program to get "esc" output from the controller by pressing Select + Play Button.
  8. Is there any simple way to bind Alt+F4 to a controller input Universally across all apps? Id prefer XBOX GUIDE+BACK but BACK+START works too. Thanks!
  9. Is there any application that lets me map a button press Universally across all applications to the controller? For example, I just want to configure my Wireless Bluetooth Xbox One controller to the following bind. Xbox Guide Button + Back converts to ALT+F4
  10. Is there a way to shutdown steam when exiting BigBox? I usually let windows shut it down upon exit, but that creates an issue when booting up every time. Steam wants to check itself due to an improper shutdown. So what I'm looking for is a way to have steam properly shutdown when BigBox shuts down. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. -jmog
  11. Hi All, I have spent a lot of time trying to work this out but can't seem to get it. I use Rocketlauncher as my default emulator and I have an escape button in the keymapper in it for every emulator, only I can't for MAME and Supermodel as they have to be used through Launchbox only. Thats fine with MAME I can just add my ESC button in the UI but with Supermodel I am having serious difficulty. I don't know much about Autohotkey scripts but if someone could tell me how or point me in the right direction so I can finally map my Xbox One controller to exit Supermodel it would be much appreciated...
  12. Is there any way to set all emulators to exit with the same key? Not all emulatores exit with esc and some of them cannot be changed. some exit with weird combinations like crtl+f11 etc... all of them exit using alt+f4, but i do not have that on my arcade. I had an option on maximus arcade to exit all emulators pressing x key + y key for z amount of seconds and the emulator will exit no matter in what state it is. I would like to have something like this.
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