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Found 7 results

  1. Crypt101


    I need a little help understanding how to import the exoDos release into Launchbox correctly. I know that it is supposed to be a self contained DosBox/ScummVM launcher with LB included but I already have an existing LB/BB installation with MAME and Consoles. Can someone please either direct me to a guide for: 1) which build I need to use to selectively install only the games I want (lite or full ver. 5) 2) how to import them into LB/BB correctly (I'm fine getting all the metadata and box art etc later using LB and Emu databases)
  2. Hello everyone! Finally purchased a couple of 512gb MicroSD cards on Prime Day and I've loaded up the eXodos collection on it. Trying to use it on my GPD Win 2 and play all the old DOS games with the built in controller. I've got a bunch of profiles in Xpadder and I'm using the additional apps options per game to have the desired profile start when the game starts... But for the life of me I can't figure out how to kill Xpadder after the game ends. Can anyone help me out with this?
  3. Note** The tutorial was originally written for only the eXoDOS collection but it will work all the same for win3xO. You will have to rename the ID4 game names in Launchbox, and there are around 5 random .bat files that will import as games but you can find and delete them easily as the pictures will not load for them. Here is a method to import the eXoDOS collection retaining Exos DosBox configs, install system and all images ect but using Launchbox images also. Makes for a very user friendly complete looking Dos collection that saves on space as you are only installing the games you play. Ex0s images had to be renamed to work with Launchbox 7. Download the renamed versions here https://archive.org/details/Win3xO1.0Launchbox7Images https://archive.org/details/eXoDOS_LB_Images Open launchbox and start a fresh rom import. Import files from the !dos folder, search for *.bat Wait a few minutes till the search completes as it takes awhile, scroll to the bottom of the list to be sure its not still updating. ctrl+a select all organize the game import list alphabetically and delete all instances of install.bat. Make a new platform and call it eXoDOS, and a new emulator(point it at any exe it doesn't matter, could use a current emulator I guess) Scrape as MS-DOS Do not connect to the LB database or download any metadata/images, untick all boxes but leave force import duplicates ticked. After the import is complete close Launchbox Put the renamed images you downloaded earlier in the Launchbox image folder. Open Launchbox Select all eXoDOS games and bulk edit choose emulator and leave it blank and save/exit backup your eXoDOS.xml in launchbox data. Best to make it a .zip right there as you will need to use it to replace your eXoDOS.xml after each metadata update. (Sometimes when you search the LB database for game information it renames the games to incorrect names. This means the entire collection will never be tied to a LB DB number but if you have the images/videos present it will all still work.) Ctrl-A eXoDOS collection Download metadata Choose what images/videos you want and on the last page uncheck all boxes. After downloads are finished refresh close open LB and replace your eXoDOS.xml with the backup one if names have changed back to dupes . With the renamed image download you will find there is are no images for 4-5 games,. 2-3 games have upsidedown ?'s in Launchbox that need to be renamed to the .bat file name (minus the year). Alice Through the Looking Glass and Leather Goddess have file names that are too long, you decide what to rename them, those 2 are the only images that require renaming. Everything else should work Enjoy Image links https://archive.org/details/Win3xO1.0Launchbox7Images https://archive.org/details/eXoDOS_LB_Images
  4. I'm trying to use ExoDos and nothing works!!! I used Dosbox as a emulator and imported the roms folder but no games where imported.
  5. Here is a small plugin I made to import the eXoDOS games into LaunchBox. Currently it does not import images, just the game and the info about it in the about.txt and the ini file in the eXoDOS folders. Usage: Backup your MS-DOS.xml file if you have one. Make sure you have run the "Setup eXoDOS.bat" file or this plugin will fail. Place plugin in the Plugins folder of LaunchBox. The plugin should appear at the bottom of the tools menu. When you click on it, it wants you to select the root folder of the eXoDOS folder structure. This means the top folder, the one that houses the Setup eXoDOS.bat file. After that it will go through the Games/!dos folder to find all your games and it will import them into LaunchBox. This takes a bit. For some reason when I was generating the xml file without the plugin system it worked in about 20 seconds. However using the IGame add new game function, it takes a couple of hours for my 5094 games. I would suggest running this at night. To do: Import images. Does anyone know a quick and easy way to detect where the LaunchBox install is? There I could find the correct folders to place images in. My other option is to have a second File Dialog Box that lets you select your LaunchBox install folder. I will only be importing front and back images. Make this run as a separate thread. I made a BackgroundWorker and made a delegate to run the IGame add new game in the background, but it did not seem to work. Any hints? Make a progress bar. The video that the LaunchBox creator did shows how to control a gui through a theme, but I can't figure out how to make a progress bar on its own. Any hints? eXoDosImport.dll Edit, I have uploaded my Visual Studio folder. I am no longer going to develop this so I figured others might want to see how I went about it and make their own. Warning, this is not optimized code. If you are learning how to code, do not follow my examples. This is very sloppy and while I know better, I was lazy. You can use this to see how I made the plugin and what API calls I made, but don't learn to program this way. This is bad programming. If you want to learn C# and .net I would suggest going to plural sight (It is worth the price if you are going to use it) and start by looking up object oriented programming basics, then doing some C# .net tutorials. If you end up tweaking it and make it run in a background process so you can still use LaunchBox and/or add a progress bar, let me know so I can see your code for when/if I make my next app. eXoDosImport.zip
  6. I'm not sure if this will help anyone but this is how I got the eXoDOS 2.0 collection with all inform, images and play function into the current 7.5 version of LaunchBox. The "Export to Launchbox" feature in MEAGRE does not work with Launch 6.0 and up (from what I know). This install only works if you have no DOS games currently installed, make sure to have your eXoDOS 2.0 collection folder in its permanent resting place before setting everything up. If you have input please feel free I am a Noob. 1) Download the eXoDOS 2.0 collection 2) run the Setup eXoDOS.bat in the eXoDOS folder and complete the setup. 3) After the setup is complete run MEAGRE check that is everything is running, correct and all info and images are present 4) Download Mergre from https://sites.google.com/site/meagrefrontend/download 5) Replace the MEAGRE.exe with the new (the MEAGRE.exe from archive.org is the old version) 6) Download a copy of Launchbox 5.7 (this is the only version that worked for me) 7) Install Launchbox 5.7 in a temporary folder, make sure it works 9) Open MEAGRE from the MEAGRE.exe 10) With MEAGRE open Go to Edit>Export to Launchbox 11) Find the LaunchBox.xml in your Launchbox 5.7 folder click Open 12) After the import is complete go to your Launchbox 5.7 folder find the "LaunchBox.xml" right click edit, once open find (cltrl f) "ImagesReorganizedFor5" change the "<ImagesReorganizedFor5>true</ImagesReorganizedFor5>" to "<ImagesReorganizedFor5>false</ImagesReorganizedFor5>" and save. 13) Open Launch Box 5.7, the games, info and images should be present. If not Refresh the images. 14) Upgrade Launch Box 5.7 to the current version of Launchbox (right now it is 7.5) 15) Go to the now upgraded Launch Box 5.7 directory folder and under Data\Platforms folder move the DOS.xml and PC Booter.xml into your current version of Launchbox Data\Platforms folder. 16) Now go to the upgraded Launch Box 5.7 directory folder and go to the Images folder move the DOS and PC Booter folders into the Images folder in your current version of Launchbox. 17) Open your current 7.5 version of Launchbox and all 5193 games should be installed and working under the DOS and PC Booter PLATFORM. With me I left the dos games zipped and they worked great, not ever game has box art but all have at least screen caps and more than enough information for you to know if you want to try it out. If you to want avoid installing DOS games all day this is as easy as I think it can get.
  7. Hi, I am having trouble adding some DOS games to Launchbox from eXoDOS 2.0, a downloadable collection of DOS games. First, I downloaded eXoDOS 2.0. The games come zipped, so I unzipped a few or my favorites and placed them in a folder. I opened LaunchBox, clicked Tools > Import > MS-DOS Games. This opened the Import MS-DOS Games Wizard. I added the folder with the games I unzipped. I clicked Next, then Use the files in their current location. LaunchBox parsed the files and said the games are ready to import. But two of the games are not listed and do not import. These are: Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire (1995) Whale's Voyage (1993) I do not see an option in the Import Wizard to add the missing games. Below I am adding screenshots of the Wizard so you can see Whale's Voyage and Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire (1995) are missing. I am also adding images of the files in the unzipped folders for Star Wars and Whale's Voyage. I think the cause may be that the files are not in .exe or .bat format like the other games that imported. Is there a way to import the missing games through the Wizard or individually? Thanks.
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