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Found 13 results

  1. If I search for Batman for example I get pages and pages of games. It'd be nice if searches could be filtered by platform.
  2. For those who dont know, Parsec is a program which allows you to host your game/screen, and allows other people to join your game, with full controller inputs, from a client app at another location. Its a bit like Netplay for Retroarch, except without the hassle of needing identical matching ROMs and Cores, essentially opening up every multiplayer game in your library to be able to be played with friends (or strangers) online easily. Anyway, I'd really like to see Parsec Integration make it into the next Community Poll, and for that it needs people to vote for it on Bitbucket, so if this sounds interesting to you, please get over to Bitbucket and give it a vote, I think it would be an awesome addition. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6214/parsec-integration
  3. My wife recently received some time off, and as such, I thought that it would be a nice idea to spend time playing some games together. The sort of games I wanted to play with her were multiplayer co-op games, where we could go through a story together and actively complete the game together. She's a fan of The Legend of Zelda series, so Four Swords on the Gameboy Advance, Four Swords Adventures on the Gamecube and Four Swords Anniversary Edition (DSiWare) came to mind immediately. Alongside games like Kirby's Amazing Mirror (Gameboy Advance). I also wanted to give Triforce Heroes (3DS) a shot, before being reminded that it's 3-Player only. We started with Four Swords on the GBA. I opted to do this through emulation because it would allow us to effectively play 'Split screen' while sitting on the couch and playing the game(s) through HDMI-out (mirrored) on the TV. For my purposes, I found that the ideal setup was to have two of the same emulator in separate locations from my usual Emulator directory for Launchbox (as not to mess with the settings). They would each be set up with separate settings (for controller input and any other quirks required) so it would simply be a case of booting them up each time and selecting the game I wanted to play. It works rather nicely, however of course this all has to be done outside of Launchbox/BigBox, because Launchbox does not support Multi-Console Multiplayer. This is a real shame as I thoroughly enjoy the ability to boot straight into BigBox and set everything up from there via controller input as I'm sure many of us here do. This got me thinking on how such a feature could be implemented, and I think I have a pretty reasonable solution: BigBox already has an "Additional Apps/Versions" option when selecting a game, as well as a "Launch With" option. I'd like to apply similar ideas here, with a "Launch with Multi-Console Multiplayer" option (Obviously it can be named differently). Technically, how would this work? First, it's important to note that almost all of work is done on the emulator-end, but it requires support to function in a front end. It requires some pre-requisites: In addition to current emulator support, LaunchBox/BigBox would need to understand Multiplayer 'slots'. I'll try my best to explain this: Right now, LaunchBox understands that (for example) VisualBoy Advance is a Gameboy Advance Emulator, because I've told it that's the case. What it currently has no concept of, is whether I wish to launch multiple emulators, and whether or not those emulators are all separate from each other and/or correspond to a particular player slot. So, continuing on with the example of Four Swords for the Gameboy Advance, this game (for multiplayer) requires 2-4 instances of a Gameboy Advance and the game to play with friends. What I'd like to be able to, is to set these multiplayer emulators from within LaunchBox. So under 'Gameboy Advance', I'd have my regular Gameboy Advance emulator (when I'm playing regularly without multiplayer) and 4 additional directories for each potential player. I'd have a directory set specifically for Gameboy Advance Multiplayer Player 1, another for Gameboy Advance Multiplayer Player 2, and so on. What's the purpose of this? Going back to the launch option mentioned above, you'd select "Launch with Multi-Console Multiplayer" > Select the number of players (the maximum could be presented based on the max players field). Let's say I pick 3. It would then ask me to select a console for Player 2 (We already know what Player 1 is using, because we've already selected our ROM/Console, so it would pick the emulator directory set for multiplayer slot 1 for that console). By default, this would also the same console as Player 1, however it should be possible to pick other consoles from your emulator list. (I'll explain why the ability to pick another console is important in a moment). It would then ask me to select a game (based on the ROM list of the previously selected console/emulator) for Player 2. If I've selected the same console as Player 1, I will have the default option of the same ROM/Game, or the option to pick another. Once Player 2's options have been selected, Player 3s options are selectable. Once the respective options for all 3 Players have been selected, Launchbox will open each emulator and selected game based on the respective slot. For example: I've set my Gameboy Advance (Multiplayer) slot 1 to: C:\LaunchBox\Multiplayer\Emulators\VisualBoy (Player 1)\vbam.exe I've set GBA (Multiplayer) slot 2 to: C:\LaunchBox\Multiplayer\Emulators\VisualBoy (Player 2)\vbam.exe I've set GBA (Multiplayer) slot 3 to: C:\LaunchBox\Multiplayer\Emulators\VisualBoy (Player 3)\vbam.exe and so on. The benefits of storing this information in 'slots' are as follows: - Easy to understand - Controller configuration will always be consistent regardless of consoles picked (assuming it's set up correctly on the emulator) - Sizing/Screen positioning of the emulator(s) will always be consistent regardless of consoles picked (assuming it's set up correctly on the emulator) So to answer the questions from earlier: Why allow people to select a console at all? Why not just launch the same console type automatically? Two reasons: Games such as The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures on Gamecube (and many others such as Wind Waker, Phantasy Star Online 2 or Pokemon Colosseum), require linking to other consoles (in this case a Gameboy Advance) to participate in multiplayer features. It allows for games with cross-platform support (usually online) to play with each other. Why allow people to select another game at all? Why not just launch the same game automatically? In the same vein as the above, due to some games require linking to different consoles, you need to be able to select the respective ROM associated with the console you've selected (GBA Bios for Four Swords Adventure, or Sonic Advance in the case of linking to Phantasy Star Online 2) Even if you're selecting the same console for every player, you may wish to perform a trade or link between different games, such as between Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. Other ways to improve the idea would to be able to manually select the defaults for each game individually, or base it on something in the ROM information field, but I don't believe such a field exists yet. One potential issue some emulators may be compatible with multiple 'consoles' but only be able to be set up to link with 1 console type at a time. For this reason maybe a set of slots per link type might be a potential solution. So that's the idea, a long winded write up I know, but the concept is actually rather simple. If anyone has any questions or my explanation didn't help, please feel free to ask. There might be a better method of achieving what I am presenting here, however this is the best "Plug and play" method I could come up with from my experience setting some of this stuff up manually, while also giving full compatibility with almost all link types.
  4. Hey, hopefully I'm not suggesting something that already exists. Looking at the Games Database as a simple one stop shop to organize and grab media, I think Playlists should be the same way. I've created loads of Playlists, and just end up hoping that the wording I used might match something when I use the "Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos" tool. It'd be nice if there was a way to standardize Playlists, so that I can select the Playlist, and then grab the clear logos/art/video files I want. It doesn't even have to auto add games to it, though that'd be awesome, I can do that manually myself. I imagine with something like this, it could be expanded for theme creators in BigBox to facilitate additional art for their themes. Thanks!
  5. So this is a fairly big feature request, but everything needs to start somewhere. In the Movie metadata databases they have a feature called collections. This is where they group a series of related films together. An example is the Star Wars Movie Collection you can see it here https://www.themoviedb.org/collection/10 Scope could be as big as 'All sonic games' across all platforms, all versions of a single game across platforms e.g. Green Beret, or versions of a game on a single system 'Roland games on Amstrad CPC 464' Primarily it helps you navigate to other versions or related games. This doesn't yet exist so there would need to be some community input to add Collections they wanted.
  6. I posted wrong place, so re-post here. Hello, I hope you understand that English is not my native language.(post from Korea.) I found this amazing application and made a premium payment without hesitation.(plus emumovie!) I'm very satisfied with launchbox, but There is one major, unexpected problem which is very slow when downloading metadatas. It's understandable enough that it's slow given that it's sent from Korea to the Netherlands, but I wish it was a bit faster. And, maybe because it's too slow, sometimes the download stops without any indication. It hasn't progressed for several hours, so I checked it, it stays there for hours without any network transmission. In that case, I have to force restart the app and start downloading again. The problem is that the download is too slow, so it's hard to determine if it's getting a download or if it's stuck. (especially downloading video) So, if you add a feature that shows a progress percentage(or bar) for individual metadata file that tells you whether the download is slow or has stopped at all, I would very appreciate it. Thanks for read. Keep up the good work!
  7. Wondering if there is an add on or a feature or anything like that that is similar to be what used to be Johnny 5 or cpwizard? Basically a way to quickly make images of what buttons are used for each individual game and what each button does and then in theory making it one of the pictures on the select screen so when you go to select your game you know what button does what? And ideally you could like import your own mame cabinet image so people could easily see that the 3rd button over is actually L and in this game L is jump or something along those lines...? Thoughts?
  8. Given that every platform has a specific number of released games and that most of those platforms have already ceased to release new games, and granted that the launchbox already have a database with all that data, it would be nice if we could have a way to keep track of what we're missing in our collection based on official releases. It could work like that hearthstone book feature, where the boxes of the games you don't have would be displayed grayed out like the image below: How do you guys feel about that?
  9. keops

    Three requests

    Hi. I have some requests: 1. Being able to edit fields for all titles (for example, if you have many games under a publisher, you can simply rename the entire field without having to modify for each title separately) 2. Search category " Custom Fields " to be available in Big Box and also to recognize multiple values when using ; 3. A dedicated button to scroll the game notes in Big Box along with a scroll bar when manual scrolling is selected. Thank you.
  10. Dear Developers, I think it is time to update icons for this great product you have including LaunchBox icon itself , any software gets icons update by time for a modern and more flat icons and UI/UX enhancement to match the standard (Windows 10/ Material Design and such on...) I know some people think this kind of stuff are worthless and new features are more important but be sure that this is not true and this kind of improvement should not be neglect and have to be done as soon as possible in my opinion Thanks and hope you will read it and take care of it.
  11. I don't know if this is the best place to post this or not but a feature I'd like to see implemented someday (since I have a large collection of games that are still missing their videos in the platform wheel) would be the ability to go into a game and press a button that you map somewhere in the main menu that will take a video capture that will then be saved and used as the chosen game's video upon starting launchbox again. Even more ideal would be to have the option to upload it to emumovies or whatever launchbox uses for its media server so that effectively the community can start to fill in the videos that are missing over time. Don't know how hard that would be to implement but it was just an idea I had.
  12. I've noticed that if you redo the Download Images/Media feature it re-downloads the ones you already have, creating duplicates. Is this correct? Surely it would be better to only download the missing ones and/or any new media that has been added to the online services?
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