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Found 13 results

  1. I really love this frontend for Android. I have launchbox for PC and I am addicted to it. I immediately got the full version so this could complete my addiction. However, would it be a possibility later on down the line to create a way to add a new emulator if its not listed. What I mean is when I open emulation setting per game and open override platform emulator settings, you get to choose a different core for retroarch. I would like to be able to add a new core like "flycast_libretro_android.so" to the list of cores for arcade so I could play the one game that is a pain and that's Marvel Vs Capcom 2.
  2. tSRDazz

    Notes Box

    Hey guys, I've just started using LaunchBox, and I can already tell you that it is beyond all other applications. Management is a complete cinch! My only issue I've conceived so far is that while I can add a tonne of emulators to the application, some of my games are stored in compressed archives while aren't. This isn't a problem, but what is is remember how I'm handling some of these things on the backend. For example, while I have retroarch extracting archives prior to booting them, I have PCSX2 not doing so, and instead having the emulator handle the decompression with their own method. I also know that I've modified the data of some of the games in my collection for one reason or another. It'd be nice if, within the menus for emulators and games, I was able to leave myself helpful little notes to review if I ever encounter and issue and need to change anything. I know that this is kind of technically possible with a commented out message within the autokey header, but I'd rather avoid that for the sake of keeping things clean. I'm not sure if this is really a feature that people are going to want, as I know that we could just keep a little notepad file somewhere, but I thought it might help people who are arranging complex setups. Cheers, Dazz
  3. Wondering if there is an add on or a feature or anything like that that is similar to be what used to be Johnny 5 or cpwizard? Basically a way to quickly make images of what buttons are used for each individual game and what each button does and then in theory making it one of the pictures on the select screen so when you go to select your game you know what button does what? And ideally you could like import your own mame cabinet image so people could easily see that the 3rd button over is actually L and in this game L is jump or something along those lines...? Thoughts?
  4. Given that every platform has a specific number of released games and that most of those platforms have already ceased to release new games, and granted that the launchbox already have a database with all that data, it would be nice if we could have a way to keep track of what we're missing in our collection based on official releases. It could work like that hearthstone book feature, where the boxes of the games you don't have would be displayed grayed out like the image below: How do you guys feel about that?
  5. FlyFSX

    Config Presets

    A cool, feature would be if launchbox would be able to tell on which device it's running and create a preset for each emulator and device, so you're able to keep your settings even when using many different devices.
  6. Hi Team . Many people like me have inserted Launchbox in a Bartop, they all have the same need that is this: If we leave free access to options, a less capable person using a launchbox, or a child, can easily enter the options and may combine some mess, If we put the PIN, we should have the ability to shut down Launchbox (shutdown PC) directly from HOME by setting in the options a button to hold 10 seconds to turn off. I think this is the ideal solution that does not bother even the UX
  7. the idea here is to make our video's look better, easier. lets say youve got a video you want to include in your Big Box for a game (using my own personal example here because its the game Im currently playing), lets say Growlanser Heritage of War. you record your video, it looks nice, but you dont really know how/have the programs needed to make it into one of those super nice "Theme" video's that some others are making here. No Problem! Find a fanart background you like, stick the video right into it, automatically give the video a border (like the one in CZ2) so it looks nice, and you're done! So, what do I mean when I say all this? Well here's a screenshot of a typical "theme" video found on this forum. Note: the foreground image (overlay) doesnt move at all, its completely static. The only moving part of this video is the Generic gameplay footage on the top Right corner. wouldnt it be easier to just let people make their own Generic Gameplay footage and pick an image similar to this and the video outputs to it. So lets say youve got an image (like the one above) and where the Top Right Box is, its just Transparent. So it would play the video on the layer Under the Image (I assume using Z-indexing???) Thoughts? (Im not sure I did a good job explaining this, but I hope you all understand)
  8. it would be great if we could delete our own change/update requests on the Database. I just accidently uploaded the same image twice, but I cant do a thing about it. all I can do is hope people are smart and pick the first one to be approved and the second one to be rejected. -update- also I just realized I posted this in the wrong section. please move to the proper section. thx!
  9. In Big Box mode there's an image stuck on each game menu and game details screen that I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of. Ill post some pictures to see what I'm talking about.
  10. (This request is for desktop version, not bigbox since I don't have premium.) So I use LaunchBox as a nice organizing shortcut for all my retro games, and my non-steam PC games too. But what I'd like to do is to add a bunch of programs' shortcuts (for example: Blender, Discord, paint.net, etc) on my computer to this, without having them unnecessarily mixed up with the games (I have alot of programs on my computer which are hard to locate at times). I was thinking that there could be another button or something to switch from "games view" to "program view". If this is a feature in premium or if there is a plugin, please inform me. Otherwise I'd love for this to be a feature.
  11. I see this and.... is possible add INSERT COIN TO PLAY Only for console 1 Coin 30 min 2 coin 60 min etc. Mame have coin button built in
  12. Hey guys I'm pretty new to the scene moving most of my things over from Hyperspin. I thought I might share some ideas/feature requests i had. This is kind of a group of features that work towards one big feature. What inspired this thought is going through my collection and fondly remembering games and realizing there were other similar great games I had never played or even games in the same series that I hadn't ever realized were there. I wouldn't expect this feature to be implemented all at once but to maybe be an aim as the other features get implemented that eventually they'll converge to create this. Anyway without further ado... Discover Mode (specifically in Big Box but also in LaunchBox): A intuitive and quick way to both rediscover old favorites and create new ones. Through a combination of player data, community rating/suggestions, and series/genre information. I'll start with what I think may be the easiest implementations and would also help clean up the look. 1. Sub-genres and Sub-Series (AKA Nested Lists): I really like having the option to sort via genre or series however sometimes that can still leave me with a huge list of games and still not the easiest to discover this way. I'd really like to continue to narrow down the games. Instead of having 50 genres or so it'd be awesome to look at genres and see (we'll use sports as it's a good example) sports and that's it vs inside my genre view Sports - *type of sport* for each sport. The flattened view just makes it kind of messy. I'd rather just click sports and then see a list of all the different sports sub genres which I could then click on one (say basketball) and then see all the different basketball games. Same thing with series. Take either Ghosts 'n Goblins or Bubble Bobble. Instead of having a huge list of series that includes (a flat option). Bubble Bobble, Bubble Bobble etc, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Ghosts 'n Goblins etc, Gargoy's Quest, Maximo, Makaimura etc, Rainbo Islands, Puzzle Bobble(Bust-A-Move), I'd prefer to have it be just Bubble Bobble and Ghosts 'n Goblins then when you click on each you'd see for Bubble Bobble (either Main or Bubble Bobble) and Bust-A-Move for Ghosts 'n Goblins see the images (more of a tiered option). Being able to have a choice between the flat and the tiered views would be nice (some settings toggle). 2. Option to compare Launchbox Metadata vs Wikipedia Metadata: When you have tens or hundreds of thousands of games it can be a bit daunting to go through. Let's say I'm importing a just one game into my collection and it's missing some information like the Series from Launchbox but some of the other information from Wikipedia. Since I'm being platform and name specific It'll usually pull up a small list of matches or even just one match. I'd like the ability to set one as my primary data source and have the other as a secondary data source. This happens with many games typically Wikipedia will pick up on the original Japanese release while Launchbox will use the USA release that's why it'd be nice to set a primary when comparing since that'd change things like dates and publishers. Mostly this is to fill out missing info that one or the other might not have. *Edit: Also there's sometimes when parsing the data from Wikipedia if it's not recognized in Launchbox that it'll put quotes around the series name "Battleship", "Archon". Sometimes it'll be an apostrophe 'Bubble Bobble' and I've also seen it do double appostrophe. If when parsing the series information from wiki could we get it so it scrubs those off? One last thing a question, if for example the Launchbox database for a game get's updated, let's say Brandish has it's series added, does that update get pushed to me and if so how long / how often do I check for updates? 3. Community Rating: I know this is already planned so there's not much else needed to say. However I'd recommend both a simple and a in-depth aspect to it. What I mean is an overall rating and a area specific (game-play, sound, graphics, story, difficulty, voice acting, etc). We'll talk more about this in a bit. 4. Users: Think Netflix / PSN / Xbox Live / etc. This has many different advantages/reasons to do so. 4a. Multiple Users: Pretend I have a group of friends or family that I like to play games with and of course they like to play games on their own as well. Each user can log in while playing so if it's just me I'd log in as just me. If there's 8 of us all 8 could be able to log in and it'd track that information for each of us (we'll come back to this). 4b. Connected Data (aka It Follows, yeah kinda like the movie but as a good thing): I imagine in the future when Launchbox has grown, become more ubiquitous, and spread to other platforms. Let's continue with this little scenario and say I have Launchbox on my main PC, and Arcade cabinet, my cell phone, and on some hacked consoles/ handhelds/tvs/tvbox etc. As I play on one area it'd be nice to carry that information over to my other setups, say I complete a game or add it to my favorites I'd want that to carry over to all my systems. How about I go to a friends house who also has many different launch box configurations, same story. In regards to #3 the community rating this could be tied into that to provide a recommendations. I mean gathering player data to help recommend (again will come back to this... starting to get old I know). 5/4c Saves Manager: This is sort of a continuation of the users but it's big enough that it really does warrant it's own section. I mean being a save manager for save states, emulated saves (memory cards, etc), and computer game saves. This'd probably be a paid service, part of Big Box subscription, an add on to it, or etc. So imagining parts 4a and 4b with this in mind. My saves follow me to any device, my buddies house, and even on the road. We can be playing that 8 player game (just for the sake of being over the top) and we can continue it at any location using any of their profiles to load from. Backups if you lose any data and I'm sure there's even more scenarios. 6. Discover Mode (yay the end! and also the beginning): Having all of these things working together. Play data gathered from time spent playing games on my User profile combined with community ratings to produce recommendations. Also taking into consideration how many players I play with typically. Being able to weight different areas of the rating systems in-depth portions. Say I don't care as much about graphics as I do about story and maybe I have a difficulty preference (piece of cake, insane, etc since difficulty either way could be what I'm looking for). There's a recommendations area that suggests games for me. It can be based upon my playing habits and the games I've rated myself. A section added in the screen that you launch games from that says related games (which could come from the community / wiki / etc). Area for Top Game of the week, month, year etc for many different categories (platforms, genres etc). 7/6b On the Fly Filtering (I lied before but this really is the end): As a part of Discover mode I'd like on the fly filtering akin to playlist creation inside of Big Box (with an option to save as a Playlist for Discover Mode). An example Filtering by Board games and then Series or Sub Series and then by how many players. Essentially I want a hotkey that filters my current selection down further by whatever choice. And this can be applied over and over. Could be something like f or alt + f or ctrl + f etc to bring up a filter menu, which could also be mapped to a key combination or have a button up at top or to the side to do so. P.S. I love LaunchBox , but really I'd also like to have access to the max player information I know it's on the websites information but I don't see it anywhere inside of LaunchBox or Big Box, just the type Single Player, Multiplayer, and Cooperative unless it's a Arcade game. I'd like both sets of information to be applied to both groups of games. I really like knowing if ti's N player alternating or simulatenous as well as if the style is cooperative or mulitplayer (competitive?). Cleaning this section up and organizing might help. Maybe had Multiplayer Style: Which could include things like, cooperative, single player, competative, mmo, etc. Multiplayer Mode: Which could be 1 Player, 2 Player Alternating, 2 Player Simulations... n Player Alternating, n Player Simulations. Multiplayer Connection(??): These things could be Split-screen, Single-screen, server, multiple machines, lan, etc. (this aside probably should've been in a seperate post but eh...)
  13. Hey guys, Great job with Launchbox - keep the features coming! 2 requests: 1) Is it possible to have more than one definition in the sidebar? Like sub categories? Or be able to create custom folders? Using Platform example as the main NES (12 games) -RPG (4) -Action (8) and so on Please see mockup jpg attachment for easier understanding lol Maybe combinations option? Like Platform and then Genre. 2) Also access to arrange separate platforms by their own optional 'individual' arrange by rather than a global setting. Example: Windows platform arrange by Last Played SNES platform arrange by Title If I need to submit a ticket or something for these 2 please let me know how. Thanks
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