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Found 9 results

  1. As a long time licensed Launchbox / Bigbox user i want to give you my thougths.... Maybe i am to critical but i think it is beneficial for developers and all users to have this discussion. I love Lauchbox / Bigbox however.... There are some serious performance and stability issues. Last week i have been doing fresh installs on my 2 cabinets with a lot of problems. One was with a fresh windows 10 install and one was with a half year old windows 10 install. First the performance. It is really really bad right now (12.6). As mentioned in other posts sometimes the menu's react very slow. Seems the longer you run launchbox the worse it gets. As i read in another post there is a 12.7 beta that sort of improves the problem. The word "improve" in the post triggered my attention. Sometimes the menu hangs for 10 seconds. This is not an improvement but a bug. I have also seen for years now that graphics load very slow in big box when you enter a large system like mame. If you scroll to the letter S for example the wheel art loads very slow. Sometimes it takes a couple of seconds to load the wheel art and sometimes it takes 10 seconds or more. I have never seen this poor performance on other front ends. It is not that i have seen this once. Have seen it over the years on many installs. Second the stability. I have seen different stability issues over the years. Now with my 2 installs i encountered: A couple of system freezes. On both cabinets. I have also seen that when launchbox is downloading media and you close launchbox it should resume downloading after you restart it. Most of the times this works. Not always however. I also notice that after importing games downloading media is a hit or miss now. Some other problems that i have forgotten My PCs should be more enough to run a graphical front end: CPU >> Benchmark score of around 5000 on passmark GPU >> GTX 950 RAM >> 8 GB My thoughts. It feels to me like the development of Launchbox is heavily skewed towards developing extra features instead of focus on performance and stability. It feels like we are building the fifth roof on top of a house where the foundation is crackling. Maybe the developers can send out a poll to all users and check if more people experience this. They can ask where the focus should be on the coming year, on Features or Performance/Stability? I am not a coder but the performance of other front ends suggests that better performance should be possible. A raspberry pi can run a decent front end like ES. Maybe the coding is done in a language/environment that asks for too many system resources? Maybe Launchbox itself is too complex? I do not know. Maybe it is a good time to make a fresh start? Maybe not. When you do I would choose the most efficient coding environment and i would start with basic features everyone needs. What is the most important? Add that and make the core stable with high performance. Evaluate what is not important and can be left away. I can think of a few important basic core things to focus on like: Importing systems/rom sets Automatic downloading of media/videos Settings up the emulators Sorry again for the critical message...... I love LB/BB for the easy of use and active development. I hope we can add performance and stability in the near future!
  2. Just a few suggestions to make the app a little better. I would love the option to rearrange the systems on the main screen so that I could put the systems I play most up front and put them in the general order I choose ect... Also it would be nice to be able to hide "all games", if you have a large collection, that category will be super hard to navigate anyway. I noticed a lot of the Retroarch cores in the app are not available as a choice in LB for android. and vice versa, some of the choices for cores in LB Android are not in the list of downloadable cores in Retroarch. it would be nice if this were fixed. And finally it would be cool if there were a page up/down function like in proper launch box, navigating thousands of Mame titles can take quite a while if your just scrolling... It would be even better if you could assign it a gamepad input. If any of this is already implemented, I apologize...
  3. A lot of my ROMs are zip files, containing different region versions of each game. Recently I've noticed Launchbox/Retroarch seems to be picking a random region each time it launches, rather than following the region priorities I specified in Launchbox Settings. Do I need to Re-import my ROMs? Or does anyone know of anything else I could try first?
  4. Some Features I haven't heard mentioned but would make great additions to Bigbox: On screen controls/buttons at the bottom of Bigbox. On screen clock RSS Feed (default could be Emulation/Launchbox news ) in the top middle or bottom middle Sub-categories for console addons. Example of the structure: Consoles>N64>N64DD , Consoles>NES>Disk System , Consoles>SuperNintendo>MSU1 , Consoles>Genesis>Sega CD , ect. iTunes/Spotify/Pandora/Youtube music player Steam friends list & messaging integration with either keyboard or controller After these features are added Bigbox would simply be perfect. Thank you guys.
  5. Is there an "other platforms" option in LB/BB? The one FE I know that has it is GameEX. You go to a game screen where the description, year released, etc. is and there is a separate menu that lists all the other versons and platforms there are of the same game. So you can just scroll through each item without having to go to that game screen and it instantly shows you the movies of what that game looks like. I find it very useful to be able to go to any version of "donkey kong" let's say, and then scroll through to see every different version and what it looks like. So I can instantly see the arcade version compared to the Atari XXXX version. And I can click that menu to go play that version instead if I want.
  6. Hello LaunchBox Community, What are your thoughts on having other video game rating systems to be included in Games DB and LaunchBox? I think not only ESRB should be included but others too since there are different regions of video games with its region of ratings. I think it will be great if these were added (alphabetical order): 3DO Rating aDeSe Rating Apple Rating BBFC Rating CCE (IGAC) Rating CERO Rating ClassInd COIAO Rating DJCTQ Rating ELSPA Rating EOCS ESRB Rating FPB Rating GRB GSSR IFCO Rating Kijkwijzer Rating KMRB Rating OFLC (Australia) Rating OFLC (New Zealand) Rating PEGI Rating RSAC Rating SEGA Rating SELL Rating TIGRS Rating USK Rating VET/SFB Rating VRC Rating I think it will be a lot of work, but as a whole, we can accomplish it.
  7. Hello LaunchBox Community Forums, I am new here, and I am thankful for being in this community—thank you for having me here. I would like to kindly provide suggestions: What do you think of adding the missing ESRB ratings to Games DB and LaunchBox software? AO - Adults Only (it is missing in Games DB) KA - Kids to Adults (it is missing in Games DB and LaunchBox; there are a lot of Sony PlayStation 1 video games with that rating) Any thoughts? Regards!
  8. The games database is a fantastic thing to have, but given the nature of Launchbox and how easy it is to get it to launch a player and watch any movie, would a movie database be possible? Or maybe a connection to The Open Movie Database API? Seems a bit silly, since Launchbox is mainly a game-focused launcher, but I want to know if there's any chance of putting movies into the mix. ...Or books...
  9. Hello and good morning guys! I am so happy That I've purchased LaunchBox! Now i have this cool idea we play our games. The old games having achievements, also i think you can create your own. It would be a lovely combination, leaderboards, all of the cool stuff. I'd love to see this happen Retro Achievements
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