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Found 6 results

  1. DCTF: Disc Collection Title Filter I've made a web-based tool to, among other things, help make 1G1R sets for any disc-based (redump) platform and it needs some final testing before I give it a wider audience. It should work on any current browser on any computer/OS. Tested with Chrome, Safari and Firefox on MacOS, Windows and iPhone (use it on a computer). Please let me know if you can give it a look. Bonus if you have a Redump account. https://salumba.com/romlist The tool can help make bulk download lists that can be imported into download managers, or download single titles. It can also make batch command files that can be used at a command prompt to manipulate your current set of titles - like to clean a huge mess that might be left after downloading every game from every region for a platform. Title selection goes through a de-duplification and priority system which looks at the base title, regions, version #'s, edition type and languages before finally applying a manually-created clone filter with North American or European preference (or it can be disabled). The result of the final list is that every single title will be displayed restricted by your filtering choices. Want only US titles? Want titles from any region as long as they support English? Want to prioritize the different macro-regions when selecting titles? Want only US and European but no Japan/Asia regardless of language? Want only titles released in North America that also feature French language? Want titles from anywhere in the world that have both English and German? All of this and much more can be done. In addition to pulling only the titles matching your settings, this tool will construct appropriate filenames to match the No-Intro and Redump standards. You can add any file extension you want to the displayed filename to match the downloads available to you - for example you might need files labeled ".zip" for one platform/site and ".rar" or ".7z" elsewhere. Quick overview: Pre-Filter & Restrict the Source Data: The tool builds a master list of titles according to the options you set Basic setting (mandatory) System/ Platform - supports Nintendo GameCube, Wii, Wii-U, Sony PSX/1-PS4 & PSP, XBOX, XB360, XBOne, Sega CD, Saturn & Dreamcast, PC, etc. Release Category (optional) - All Categories, Games, Applications, Educational, etc. Region (optional) - All Regions, Americas, Europe, ASIA, USA, Canada, Japan, Germany and more. Language (optional) - All Languages, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese Hide selected "Edition" types: Demos, Previews, Beta or Unlicensed (tool starts with defaults pre-selected) Final filtering Options: Language - huge list - you can set the data source to All or a different language if you want to force 2 languages on every title Regional priority of 3 top-level (macro) regions covering all releases allowing to block one of the three Clone lists to remove duplicates that have different titles from different regions (pick North American or European preference) Exclude any number of keywords or phrases you specify (example: you don't want to list anything that contains "tetris") Only include keywords of phrases you specify (example: you want to only list "Harry Potter" titles) Keywords can be match as whole words/phrases or as substring (example: "bat" won't match "Batman" for Whole Word but will for Substring) Import/upload your own file list (dir /b to a text file in Windows to a or cut-and-paste to a text file from Finder in MacOS) to exclude from results Import/upload your own "Have" title list made with ClrMamePro to exclude from the results Uploaded file should contain filenames in No-Intro/Redump format with or without any file extension Uploaded file is temporarily saved to the server with unique encrypted filename, overwritten when you process with new options and deleted every 10 minutes De-Duplification: Based on title matching Based on clone list (built-in and platform automatically selected) Versioning (higher versions have preference) Editions (Originals have preference) Regions (multiple region hierarchies automatically selected by your macro region priority setting) Languages (always contains the languages you selected, titles with fewer languages have higher priority) File naming: No-Intro standard "The" properly moved after base title Region inserted into the correct place Disc#'s correctly placed Languages only listed when more than 1 and in the preferred order Version # is optional - always omitted when "v1.0" - also supports "Rev #" style File extension is optional and can be set by you Custom formatting: Specify any text to include before filenames • URL text to make download links: "http://somesite.com/files/" - links can be copied/imported to download managers like JDownloader • Shell/command text for batch files: "mv " (for example to move the files in a *unix shell) Specify any text to include after filenames • Shell/command path/arguments: " /volumes/somedrive/files_to_keep/" (used with a move this would move all the files to this folder) Final (personal) lists also temporarily saved on the server so that you can download them directly instead of copy-paste Saved with unique & encrypted names so multiple people's lists will never interfere with each other & never be cached HTML list link can be copied with "copy link" and that can be pasted directly into JDownloader or other download manager Link files automatically deleted within about 10 minutes Screenshot:
  2. Hello I bought a PC GAMING and I'm building a complete arcade arcade machine with LaunchBox Premium and I have Emumovies subscription. The thing is that I have a 250 Gb solid disk and a 2 TB hard disk. I'm downloading ALL the multimedia files of each game but as I have installed Launchbox on the solid disk, all the multimedia files are also there and I see that the space I have left is going to be consumed at the rate that goes. There is no way to indicate that the multimedia files are downloaded to another folder on the 2TB hard drive so that it detects the multimedia files in 2 directories or move the multimedia files to the other hard drive and read it from there? My idea was to have the solid with the base of Launchbox and the other hard drive only for games but I see that multimedia files are occupying much more than I expected ...
  3. klyze_pt

    Moving rom files

    Hi there Im a new user of bigbox and i find this app really awesome! I usually google/solved most of the issues i came across pretty easily and my game collection is taking a nice shape (and space). 😅 But now i cant really find a easy/reliable solution for my problem. 1 - i have alot of arcade roms in a single folder "Arcade" 2 - i created cps1/cps2/taito/etc playlists and everything works fine ofc. 3 - but... what i really want ... is to move the rom files (and sub roms/apps associated) of those playlists (or from a platform) to separeted folders and this way create a platform for each arcade system and making my retroarch setup easier. Why bother? you ask well.. first i was thinking of doing that but had no reason except my OCD, and.... later on i found out the bezel project for retropie. I quickly managed to convert all those cfg files to the windows retroarch quite fast (using an app called text replacer tool) and having costum bezels for each game in several platforms (nes, mame, snes, etc) with minimal effort. But the arcade/mame platform (im using fba for retroarch) screwed my plans, some bezels had dif aspect ratios and i could not use the same core settings for all games like i did with all the other platforms. I quickly found out that was related to the system itself... so... basically if i place each system roms in their folder (cps1, cps2, nintendo arcade, taito, etc) i could easily setup core settings by folder in retroarch and problem solved! tl:dr Is there an easy way to move roms from a launchbox platform / playlist (and their associated apps or roms) to another folder? or i will need help from a rom manager? sorry for the wall of text, thanks in advance!
  4. knightCrawler

    Rename file

    I just found a 6,000+ Nintendo DS rom pack but I need to rename since they all have numbers in front of rom name exp. 0001-Mario, so I was thinking is there a mass file renames where I can remove those numbers in front of roms? Thanks
  5. Is there anyway to filter files within zips? For example, I have all of my Dreamcast images in zips, and there are 3 files in most. When trying to launch Demul, it does nothing if there is more than one file in the folder. If it's a single file it launches correctly.
  6. THRobinson

    File Management

    Hey guys, just looking for the best way to keep things organized. I have a 1TB drive... was thinking of making a partition, maybe 60GB for Win10/LaunchBox then have the other partition labelled GAMES and no folder with sub-folders, just the drive with a folder for each system. That way if I need to format, I can just format the C:\ and not touch the games. Not sure if that's a good way to do it, or just 1 partition, and a folder named GAMES with sub folders for each system. Ideally I'd get an SSD for the software and games on the HDD... how much space would the OS/LaunchBox/Emulators take?
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