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  1. These custom console themed overlays were edited and assembled by me to play your retro console games with a unique nostalgic bezel on Retroarch. Please enjoy and have fun. Please give me credit and the others involved if you use it on your Youtube channel. Thanks. The Mega Bezel Reflection Shader is by Hyperspacemadness Some of the original artwork came from ReignStumble Credit is given to RetroKenesis for the bezel frames You can download my updated console themed bezels here - https://www.mediafire.com/file/nae92pk4834fbqb/ConsoledThemedBezelsByOrionsangelHSM.zip/file You can download all my older console themed overlays here - https://www.mediafire.com/file/ngh4h47lr4d0i45/OrionsangelRetroarchOverlays.zip Here's a Tutorial on how to add them to Retroarch. Older versions...
  2. I have made a quick tutorial on how to make 3D PC/Windows Game Cases (as requested) in Photoshop. I have been told the Action File also works in Elements. Any size cover can be used as long as they are full size covers (not Just the front of a cover). Please note that Because the action file is expecting to save to my directory on my PC changing the save location in both parts of the Action file may be necessary. The Action file is attached. PC DVD BOXES.atn
  3. I'm still relatively new here and build this cave within a few weeks, behind the screens I'm also helping out in moderating for the game database everyday and creating/photoshopping graphics for future releases as well as working on a theme, bezels and collecting data to expand my collection for Big Box. The cave is still not finished yet, have to do some sweet black/UV-light and arcade/retrogaming artwork from Etsy to finish it off. Today I finally finished my mini gameroom (check it out @jaceroni), the square (check carpet boundaries) inside the small room is about 2x2 meters lol. I just installed and setup my last addition; the marquee screen. I was a bit nervous it wouldn't work out as I hoped it would but it did. My pc has only a HDMI and VGA port so I had to use the VGA port. It's a bit of a risk as the screen (the cheap 21:9, LG 25UM58-p) native resolution is 2560x1080, not possible through my VGA. I got a VGA-HDMI converter from Startech which outputs 1920x1080 max through VGA which is very nice but to get a good aspect ratio on 21:9 in 1920 you'll have to set (in my case I had to hack the registry for the old AMD HD 7660) the resolution to 1920x810 and it friggin worked! At this distance I can hardly even see the difference between 2560 and 1920 as the screen is pretty small. But for the future I'm set when switching to a different system which will support the UHD 49 inch screens resolution and the 2560 on the marquee screen. The carpet was cheap, the recliner was a second hand for 40 euro as was the media cabinet. Behind the 49 inch I placed 2 cheap led strips to get a bit of that Philips ambiance vibe. On the screen you'll also see a theme/project I'm working on which is based on Futurestate by @Hexxxer whom very kindly gave me permission to release it in the future. It's still in a very early beta stage and I'm planning to release the theme with custom and cut out high res arcade cabinet images, as well as cut out arcade carts/pcb's and more. I'm still thinking about the theme's name, something like 'Futurestate Neon Deluxe'. I think that covers it I guess I can't say it enough, everyone should have a marquee screen, it looks amazing with those beautiful high res marquee artworks out there, it really adds to the experience, there's some amazing bezels out there as well which will make the experience even more complete in my opinion, ofcourse a real cabinet is even cooler but I'm not that handy so this is my alternative path, I'm in heaven now lol
  4. having issues when uploading my PSP ROM's to launchbox where its not differentiating between the files internals and the actual game therefore not uploading the game properly. any help with this?
  5. Hello everyone Good evening! I would like to ask if there is a way to put a warning before running any game to apply any custom settings? Take for example the game "Burnout: Dominator" from PS2, which uses PCSX2 and in the game, you have to press F9 so that you can run without any problems, and it would be something like this: "During the game, press the F9 button for the game to run perfectly" (And then there's the OK button where the game starts). I have already added the extra command "--cfgpath = inis \ BurnoutDominator" that makes the emulator make the customized configuration, but because it is about pressing a button in the middle of the game, I am afraid to forget after a while.
  6. Darius is amazing in my Bartop (mini PC Beelink AP34 ) but have a bad launcher Is possible skip Launcher with command ?
  7. Pretty self-explanatory. Don't want to see it when I select a game.
  8. Hi everyone! Just as a brief context: I'm currently in a let's-learn-new-things type of project and the main goal is to build an Arcade + an App. Using the app, the player will choose a game and will get a QR-Code. The arcade will read this code and launch the game. Is there anyway to create some kind of integration with LaunchBox so that i can start a game systematically? thanks in advance! Best regards, Breno.
  9. Hi, I have just downloaded Launch box and set up mame using the tutorial I found in the forums. I have set up mame outside of launch box and I can use it to run games. When I run Launchbox and try to start a vertical game it just says Initializing, some times looks like its loading (a percentage counts upwards) then just switches back to Launchbox. I have checked my rom location is the same in both mame and Launchbox, I have uninstalled Launchbox abd reinstalled it and checked my ini file is in the mame folder not the ini folder. Can anyone think what is causing this? I was hopping Launchbox would be easier to set up than Hyperspin because I couldn't get that to work either I have tried different games and different manufacturers, and no Vertical games will start. All the other ones I have tried (5 from different manufacturers) all start but are extremely slow and laggy. Thanks for any help Eric
  10. Hartung Game Master Silver Ring View File Template and Platform logo files are included in the archive. Submitter dragon57 Submitted 09/28/2018 Category Game Clear Logos  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Template and Platform logo files are included in the archive.
  12. Hi everybody, 11/05/2021: Discontinued, see the new version. it tooks more time than i expected but i finished the first version. Currently it's an alpha, i need feedback. It's in debug mode with a window tracing all the work on the game treated. I link the github profile, there is all. https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game Current version Alpha10 PackMyGame x64 PackMyGame x86 Help on the git-hub page (wiki in progress) What it do: It copies then compress everything about a game contained in the db of LaunchBox app. It generates a short xml file with the main information about the game It takes images, pdf manual, video, music, rom file. It takes also the cheatcode files if you fill the path ('GameName-.') It generates a tree view file. 7z and zip compression Why ? Because as a french gamer i wanted to save everything i fill about my games and keep it for later, just in case there was a problem. Note Use it only with roms. Don't move or delete files from the source (never) Ask before to overwrite roms, manuals, music, video that are in the working directory meanwhile the copy (the target directory) Currently it ask a global permission to overwrite for the image/pictures files, even if there is no image file in the the destination folder. The clones are added only if they are grouped with a main in LaunchBox Compression 7z and zip
  13. Okay, this is a really weird problem I cannot figure out. I have added tons of system and games to my LaunchBox and when I did so originally I had everything ticked for EmuMovies (I have a full premium account), Everything has worked perfectly up until now. Recently I updated all the metadata and media for my 15k+ games, I selected the option to not replace any existing stuff but just to fill in the blanks. It took 4 days to do but afterwards in BigBox most of the game preview videos do not work. I only mention that as it is the only thing I have done lately to everything. Not the games are either showing a game-play screenshot instead or nothing. Here is an example: I only have 8 PS1 games and before they were ALL showing their preview videos, then they did not, just before posting this I updated the media for the 8 PS1 games only selecting to update the videos from EmuMovies and now they are all showing correctly again. I cannot figure out what is going on as everything originally worked just fine.
  14. Maybe it's not worth emulating the dreamcast because many of the best Sega Dreamcast titles are available natively for Windows. #Windows Crazy Taxi Jet Set Radio Nights Sega Bass Fishing Sonic Adventure DX Space Channel 5 : Part 2 Ikaruga TrickStyle Grandia® II Anniversary Daytona USA Deluxe Virtua Tennis Virtua Tennis 4 Guilty Gear X 2 ------------------ MAME Mr.Driller Puzzle Fighter Mars Matrix Considering that the emulation for dreamcast to men seems optimized and well taken care of, we are really sure that it is worth emulating the dreamcast?
  15. Enhancer View File Enhancer 1.051 by Sh1nRa358 Description: Changes your desktop resolution to a different resolution when using user defined programs and restores your original resolution once said app has expired. This is but one of many features of this program. See the rest of its features below. Who is this for: This tool is for people who do not like the size of the desktop icons when in a higher resolution but enjoy the resolution benefits that is given to certain programs. It's also for users who tire of lazy developers that don't include the essential features of their programs. Who this isn't for: This is one of the Ultimate programs necessary for a great PC gaming experience! What is it for: This tool was created to accompany poorly coded games/apps in order to support their maximum resolutions if it isn't supported correctly. Games that use your max rez as a factor in determining the game's internal rez for example. It is also used for if a game doesn't detect your highest DSR factor unless your desktop is already set to it. Think of it as a baggy pair of pants. If you are a small person, the pants will be loose. If you are a bigger person, the pants will get filled in. So the tighter they are, the lesser the wrinkles. Internal rez is like the person's size. Desktop rez is like the amount of room that needs to get filled. The closer the desktop rez is to your desktop rez, the lesser the jaggies. Lightning Returns Steam is a good example. If you increase your internal rez without changing your desktop rez (if desktop rez is smaller) you will have to cake your game up with post processing effects to barely get rid of all jaggies. But if you match your desktop rez with the internal rez, the game will be significantly jaggy reduced! This is why you see most games change the desktop rez with the internal rez it is taking. Low Int Rez + High Desk Rez < High Desk Rez + High Desk Rez. However, High Desk Rez + Higher Int Rez could go either way, depending on how much higher the Int Rez is. But if it is not that far past, it could improve the picture even more! Low end 4K (3840x2160) could still leave a bit of jaggies behind. However, high end 4K (4036x2304) seems to obliterate jaggies completely However, this can only support the rezzes that your pc can support. So if your rez can't get that high, consider the same for your emulators and games that can get that high internally. This tools also rids the moronic implementation of blacklists/whitelists that MSI Afterburner uses for 2D/3D profiles. This tool makes it way less bothersome to overclock your graphics card per app! Just make sure MSI Afterburner is running and set up your 2D/3D profiles in-app and this tool with do the rest for you! Just indicate the program you want to overclock on in the whitelist and you are good to go. No more wasting energy for games you can play on 25% cpu power and no more manually overclocking just to play a graphical intensive game. Enchancer also downclocks and overclocks your cpu via the windows maximum processor power settings. Just set your overclock to your cpu with your favority program and Enhancer will manage the rest! Works the same way as the above feature with the GPU but this time with your CPU. This is for people whom Intel XTU isn't compatible with. CPU Overclock per app! Other features include, but aren't limited to: -launching your app with commandline options; no more wasting time making and configuring shortcuts! -hiding your mouse cursor on idle. Setting 0 = Mouse Cursor Completely Off; 1 = Cursor Always On; 2 = Hide After Inactivity and show when activity resumes -toggling snap to and cursor trails; some programs don't work well with these features. that is why they are here. -temporarily disabling the screensaver per app -making pc games save where ever you want them to. know where they save, plug that location in and then plug in the new location and it will take care of the rest for you! (experimental!) -Monitor Arrangements; can position them however you like to direct the mouse cursor path toward the 2nd monitor through any side of the screen. You can check the coordinates you want by right clicking on your desktop > choosing change resolution > and dragging the monitor pictures to create an overlay of the coordinates. NOTES: The best way for the ultimate gamer to play anything is to have an SSD as their OS drive and an HDD for their program installs and games. Never install everything on the same drive or you're gonna have a bad time With that said, make sure MSI Afterburner, Rivatuner Statistics Server, and Enhancer are not positioned on the system drive! (untested on a standard user account) Enjoy the extra clarity!~ Report problems if you find any. RELEASE NOTES: (Dec 24, 2015) -1.0: Initial Release. (Dec 24, 2015) -1.01: Removed QRes Dependency. Fixed Desktop Transitioning. Code Optimizations. (Dec 28, 2015) -1.02: Changed Program Name. Added Per App CPU Overclock Manipulation. Added MSI Afterburner GPU Overclock Profiler. Added mouse options. Added commandline usage. Added Screensaver options. (May 30, 2016) -1.03: Added OS check Fixed up resolution code so that invalid values wouldn't result in a black screen/reset. Added ability to make PC games save where ever you want. (June 6, 2016) -1.04: Optimized GPU Overclocking code. Optimized Save Feature code. Optimized Resolution code. (July 17, 2016) -1.05: Dialogue Boxes. Dual Monitor Support. (July 24, 2017) -1.051: Fixed Resolution Bug. SPECIAL THANKS TO: ; just me ; Flipeador ; Lexikos ; SKAN ; ahklerner ; lonewolfdon ; Menixator ; JoeWinograd ; None For guidance. Submitter shinra358 Submitted 12/17/2017 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins
  16. PS2 Game Intro's (16:9) View File Just a HQ recording of the game intro's for anyone that wants it. (maybe you theme video makers can use these to make something nice) Will be adding more to this in the future. All video's are recorded at the highest settings my setup can handle. Current Intro List Submitter GunerX Submitted 10/20/2017 Category Game Theme Videos
  17. Similar issue to the last one. On Big Box how do I change it so that the background of my game (image 3) is the same as in the video (image 1)? The Console select screen (image 2) has that background so i'm quite confused
  18. You may recall (but I doubt it) I was playing (and really enjoyed) LIMBO a while back. I think I might go for the sequel, INSIDE. It looks equally creepy and spooky. Plus, the puzzle-types (some speed needed now and then) are more well-suited to my slower reaction times.
  19. So, through Monday, the steam link is 60% off. I wanted to know if anyone here has used one with BigBox remotely, and if you can use an XBOX 360 controller with it. Is steam link worthwhile? I was very hesitant about it for $50, but I'm a little tempted at $20. EDIT Can I use Plex Media Player on Steam Link? To remotely stream DTS HDMA and Dolby TrueHD sound? EDIT 2 and since I'm thinking about this more and more. I was wondering if TriDef Ignition and NVIDIA 3DTV Play could send the signals out to the Steam Link to play games in stereo3D on my TV in the livingroom.
  20. OMG! When I was young, we practiced the ol' "Air Raid" drill in Elementary School (later 1950's), where we'd get under our desk and ball-up somewhat. I could love this game! Fallout Shelter. The Soundtrack of the Video is so 50's. It's great!
  21. Francis Ford Coppola has propelled a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the Apocalypse Now video game, which is for Coppola’s Vietnam flick that was released almost four decades prior.
  22. Click here for more info and/or the game Trailer.
  23. I was following the tutorial found here but when I went to try open Super Mario World it just cycled through a bunch of background images. What did I do wrong?
  24. I looked around the forums and googled a bit but couldn't find an answer to this. I have a bunch of SNES games loaded into launch box using retroarch as the emulator. I opened Big Box mode and went to launch Metal Warriors but instead it launched a different game (some racing game specifically the next game in the list of titles). I then went into desktop mode and launched Metal Warriors and it worked perfectly. Does anyone know what the issue might be or is there a way to manually adjust the game in big box mode? Thanks for the help.
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