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About Me

  1. These custom console themed overlays were edited and assembled by me to play your retro console games with a unique nostalgic bezel on Retroarch. Please enjoy and have fun. Please give me credit and the others involved if you use it on your Youtube channel. Thanks. Most of the original artwork came from ReignStumble. Credit is given to RetroKenesis for the bezel frames. You can download all my console themed overlays here - http://bit.ly/2nbRtPs Here's a Tutorial on how to add them to Retroarch.
  2. Hi group, I have recently migrated the frontend of my arcade machine from Hyperspin to the Launchbox / BigBox / Retroarch triad. Now, I am choosing very well which platforms/games / ROMs to upload to my new system and prioritizing QUALITY and personal taste, instead of quantity (I don't want to have 20,000 games as before and not get to play at 1%) With this objective, to looking for modern games, and to refloat previous threads of this forum and other Google channels that I have been reading, I would like to create this new thread to serve as a list and repository where to add mo
  3. any help would be cool jus added the games for ps1 a cupule of them work nice but most are lagy jumpy and sound ecos allways says things twice but they load fine intros movies are fine just in game this is happing.im using windows on screen keyboard to type this . my new keyboard comes today . thanks
  4. I have read this problem in other sites without a clear solution. I have 11.7 premium version installed on my Windows 10 last update, but the start button in any control (gamepad, joystick) exit any game in any emulator. I checked the mapped buttons and exit all the steam, origin etc, but it does not seem anything wrong with that. Please any clue? Regards, Santiago
  5. I'm trying to import my steam library into launchbox but it's only showing 4 of my games out of 120 What i've done is: - Import Steam Games - Entered Steam Community ID from the screenshot - Entered my steam API key - Platform : Windows - Search for game information in the local metadata database - All Images Selected : Shows me 4 games
  6. Hello, I discovered launchbox not even a month ago and around a week ago i've purcharged the premium and started importing my games and setting up emulators. (big thanks to ETAprima & Brad for they're amazing YT Guides Sega Dreasmcast was a pain to do:P) Now that i have about everything setup i wanna focus on cleaning up my roms in launchbox. First i wanna sort out all the non playable roms and things like demos so i would like suggestion key words i should look for for example: - Intro - BIOS - GB Basic V1.06 - Music pack I want to mas
  7. I am curently running Mame version 0.139. I tried using retroarch for Mame but i always ran into sound and video issues but it opened all my games fine with launchbox! I decided to just use the stand alone emulator but now when I import my games the games they don't open. Nothing happens. If i launch the games inside of the emulator itself the games boot just fine. What should I do?
  8. Trying to import steam games, I registered an API Key and my account is set to public but I continue to get an error saying to import my games I must be connected to the internet. I have had zero issue importing any other type of game. I searched for other topics with the same issue but the only ones I could find where almost two years old. has no progress been made in two years to fix the broken steam import issue? If that's true how do I play my steam games on a cabinet without having to connect a keyboard and mouse? How do I force them to launch from big box and launchbox? Thank
  9. AxLauchBox v1.00 =============== Hey everyone i present to you my Second Launchbox plugin AxLaunchbox. With this plugin you will be able to launch all you're favourite shockwave flash games and movies all within launchbox Instructions Unzip the contents of the file into your launchbox plugins folder , all dll's must go into the folder for this plugin to work. There is also a file called dummy.exe you can put that in there too, import your games as Flash on launchbox and point emulator to dummy.exe , this will allow you to be reminded if needed that you launch t
  10. Hello everyone! Long time since I was on here, but the weather is bad now in the northeast and with some off time, i have gotten back to my arcade. So when I last left off, I was working on trying to configure in bulk, a way to setup my u360 joystick to load with each platform or genre quickly rather than settingit up for each and every game. Does any one know if this is possible? The last version of LB I had was 7.11 and recently updated it to 7.15 (I think that is the latest version). The goal is to setup one profile for each game that demands 8 way, 4 way, 2 way, etc...
  11. hola comunidad, este es mi primer post y el caso es que desde hace algun tiempo tengo la duda de si puedo agregar juegos java de esos de los telefonos antiguos a launchbox ya que a pesar que que la mayoria de juegos que salieron en esta plataforma eran malos, tambien tiene sus joyitas como son los doom rpg u otros varios juegos, el caso es queme descargue el kemulator pero no se puede poner en pantalla completa ni se abren los juegos al presionar doble click, alguien sabra si existe algun sofware que emule demanera correctaestos juegos..... eso seria todo lo que tengo que decir y espero que a
  12. Hi everyone, i finished my cabinet and started playing but noticed something terrible. When i use games on retroarch it doesn't saves or better, it does, but when i close it and open again the game, the save doesn't exist. I noticed even that if i close the content instead of forcing the closure of retroarch it works good but in my cabinet i cannot do that, to come back to the big box menù i use an ahk that force the closure of the emulators. Any suggestion to solve it? Thank you very much.
  13. Hey everyone, Wanted to see if anyone had any ideas about this: I've been looking for an option in Bigbox for how it shows game titles but not having any luck...maybe the option just doesn't exist. What I'm looking for is an option that appends the game 'version' to the title (which it does by default in LB desktop mode). I have rom hacks for different systems, and if i'm in Bigbox mode, all the rom hacks of a certain game just show as the base game title. I've attached some screenshots. 1st is the edit screen for a game, you can see the title and the version 2n
  14. Hi, I have windows 10 (64 bit), the latest version of Launchbox, and Retroarch. I am new to the emulation world. I originally had just a full set of SNES games and a few MAME games. Other than a few MAME games not playing, the SNES worked perfectly. Well, I added Sega, and NES. Once I did that I noticed my games drag at like half speed. Not just the new ones but the SNES as well. Music, the game itself, going from one screen to the next. It’s weird. Has anyone ever encountered this before? I feel like it’s a problem associated with Retroarch as its a gameplay issue, but I
  15. freerunner

    Master List?

    Is there a Master List to every Gaming Console with a list of every game made for each console, and separated by region? Trying to put an ultimate Launch Box build together and trying to find a list to use as a reference where I can scratch off what I currently have and then find what I do not have yet, or what I might be missing. There seems to be lots of different dumps of ROMs that are missing games or region specific games. I have tried looking through Wikipedia, but that is a nightmare to try and find everything. I was hoping maybe someone already had a Master List made with everything co
  16. File 2 LB View File This is a basic cmd/bat script. It's main purpose is to copy full sets from a huge source folder. It's only purpose is to copy or move roms and images to your LaunchBox Games or Images folder based on a list. Because the file extension is set up with a wildcard, it can copy or move any file with the same name of the rom. Example being: Super Mario Bros. (World).zip / Super Mario Bros. (World).nes / Super Mario Bros. (World).mpg / Super Mario Bros. (World).png all can be moved/copied because it ignores the extension.
  17. Version


    This is a basic cmd/bat script. It's main purpose is to copy full sets from a huge source folder. It's only purpose is to copy or move roms and images to your LaunchBox Games or Images folder based on a list. Because the file extension is set up with a wildcard, it can copy or move any file with the same name of the rom. Example being: Super Mario Bros. (World).zip / Super Mario Bros. (World).nes / Super Mario Bros. (World).mpg / Super Mario Bros. (World).png all can be moved/copied because it ignores the extension. Just make sure to run the .bat in the correct source folde
  18. Hey guys. How are you? I know that maybe this is simple for some or most of you, but I'm having a really hard time with this, and I am not being able to enjoy my games properly during my vacation time.. I have already tried to set the best configs. for my PCSX2, and I think I've already set up the Memory Cards correctly.. But as the saving function isn't working as it should, I feel that maybe I've done something wrong on the configuration process. Every time I am playing some game and chose to save it so I can quit and keep my progress, it seems that the system is doing what
  19. Hi guys, I am spending the last few weeks putting all my effort on this core to save more storage on my drive mainly using chd games but as long as I've been playing around with it is not giving me an easy time. I am finding some difficulties when running PAL games. Some of the won't load (they do in bin/cue or pbp on ePSXe) or they are showing faults on the bios screen and the overall aspect ratio (screen grabs below). I have tried different settings in the core options but it doesn't seem to change anything. What I want to avoid after a huge batch convert of all my PAL games into c
  20. Hi all, I am wondering which are the best emulators for both Xbox classic and 360 right now even if they are in development. What I am aware at the moment is there is Cxbx and Xenia for each console. Appart from this, is there any way these emus (or other you may know) can open other compressed game extensions? I am squeezing my hard drive at the moment. Thanks a lot and have a good weekend
  21. Maybe this is a very basic question but I would like to find any website besides Wikipedia or similar to have a nice and precise resource in terms of games lists. Some place to check or filter by countries, platforms or something like that. I’ve thought of creating my own in a spreadsheet but not sure if it’s going to be massively time consuming with the features I am interested in. Are you aware of anything? Thanks a ton!
  22. Hello. I am new to the LaunchBox forums, but I have a good amount of experience with LaunchBox itself. I have a collection of Sonic the Hedgehog ROM hacks which I would like to import into LaunchBox. I tried importing them into the Sega Genesis section, and several hacks, such as Sonic Classic Heroes and Sonic 3 Complete, actually have boxart attributed to them despite not being official Genesis games (instead being modified from an existing game series). bHowever, having many Sonic ROM hacks in the Genesis category without descriptions or boxart attributed to the vast majority of them makes m
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Hi all, Shared my personal Arcade (MAME) set, based on "All Clones 0.197 roms" - 2D (HD) 2809 files - 1534x2100 They use the MAME rom name pattern but it works perfectly on any frontend. Enjoy!! Cauptain Inc. - cauptain@gmail.com - youtube.com/c/cauptain
  24. Arcade (MAME) - 2D Boxes (HD version) View File Hi all, Shared my personal Arcade (MAME) set, based on "All Clones 0.197 roms" - 2D (HD) 2809 files - 1534x2100 They use the MAME rom name pattern but it works perfectly on any frontend. Enjoy!! Cauptain Inc. - cauptain@gmail.com - youtube.com/c/cauptain Submitter Cauptain Submitted 05/05/2018 Category Game Box Art
  25. Hello, well ive imported my steam library and there are some games that arent controller supported. i would like to play only controller compatible games on my htpc and it would be gr8 if i could hide, or make some games invisible which i added to launchbox. is there a simple wy to hide / make invisible single games? the problem is, if i delete single items from the launchbox list on steam, if i buy a new game and start the steam import wizard, it imports me again all the deleted + the new one. kind regards plonk ^^
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