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  1. Hello everyone, I speak from Brazil and I am not fluent in English and I will use the Google translator to make this post, I apologize for possible errors. I have faced a difficulty / doubt in relation to uploading images to GamesDB more precisely images for Android games. games for android / ios are obviously distributed by their respective stores and in no way on physical media, so there is no cover, cart front's, etc. but I use android emulators to make it possible to run them on the PC and use the launchbox to start from it ... adding the missing games to GameDB I find the absence of a suitable category to place the images of the icons of the games (the same ones that are displayed in the menus of the cell phone and in the GooglePlay stores) so I started to upload these icons in the Cart Front category because it seemed the most suitable for this type of image and to be displayed correctly in the launchbox. but some of my uploads started to be rejected, claiming it is not a 'cart front' image, obviously it is not and this type of game will never have a cart front image The question is which category should I use correctly to upload these icons of apps for android / ios or if it would be possible to add a category for Games DB special for this type of app / games in relation to the covers I have searched for names like Zombie Tsunami Twitch Cover or Facebook Cover to find vertical covers in the pattern ation to the covers I have searched for names like Zombie Tsunami Twitch Cover or Facebook Cover to find vertical covers in the pattern so I would like some help on how to do this in the most correct way possible or that is creating a new category for these types of games in games db
  2. Okay, this is a bit psycho, I know. But I plan to get every single Acorn Electron game in the Launchbox games database. As of writing this of July fifth, the year of our lord two-thousand and seventeen there is exactly 2600 different video game programs for the Acorn Electron. That includes: 1955 Games, 403 utilities or programs, 155 game demos, 283 educational games, and 27 music demos. This is known games and programs. There are most likely hundrends more that has been lost to the sands of time. This is why we at the GamesDB find it is so important to catelog every single video game that we can find, especially the mostly forgotten ones. Here is what I imagine to some FAQ's Q:"Why bother?" A: Launchbox, in my opinion is the premier service for what could be the greatest way we can preserve the artwork of important pieces of history and technology. Video games are massively underappreciated for their value, not only culturally but how they communicate ideas delighting us and asking us to engage in someone elses creative expression. Q: "Oh goody, can I help?" A: You don't even have to ask. Q: "What's your source?" A: http://www.everygamegoing.com/landing/machine_types/electron/games.html Q:There are certain screenshots that I cannot transfer to launchboxDB? What in God's green gravy is going on? A:The image must be converted to a jpeg, or png format you can do this easily by pasting it into a paint document and saving it. Repeat this ad infinitum. Q:How far have you gotten with this lunatic stunt you are pulling? A:AS OF JULY 8TH 2017 there are roughly 250 GAMES ACORN ELECTRON GAMES I SUBMITTED Q: Don't you have something better to do? A: No, I find it relaxing. Here I am going to post my blog, updating the status of this lengthy and tedious journey. Q:How many are there in the games database now? A: As of writing this on July 8th 2017, there are 209 GAMES (MANY ARE PENDING AFTER TONIGHT Ive been since 6pm and it's 4 in the morning now) Q: Can I see a list of games that you cateloged? A:https://pastebin.com/e0fkRA0L Q: Where is this (one game)? A: I probably havent putted in yet. If not, it was most likely released on a compilation cassette and therefore I cataloged the compilation cassette and not the game on it. Im trying to get the Front box art first. If you see a missing item put it in immediately!
  3. Hello LaunchBox Community, What are your thoughts on Games DB and LaunchBox adding serials (like catalogue numbers)? An example will be SLUS-00001 which is for Air Combat. I think it is great to have it. Regards!
  4. well I have the version of launch box 1.7.14 and I have a problem the metadata of the database is not updated when I give it the task of updating metadata and images and when I do it manually they are not updated either but if I go to the page of the data of the game in gamesdb are the metadata that is missing in the video game
  5. Hello and thank you so much for creating BigBox! I can't play retro games without it anymore Something strange happened to me yesterday on the LaunchBox Games DB site. Almost all of my uploads are gone from my Changes Status site. In the last weeks I created a lot of fanart backgrounds for games without a single background or games with backgrounds I didn't like, and a couple of North American box fanart for games only released in Japan. I had 26 pages on my Changes Status site, and now only one with the stuff I uploaded today and yesterday. I also notice that the Moderation Queue Length was reduced from over 1000 to almost zero (80 yesterday, 160 today). Is all the stuff gone? What happened to it?
  6. I have a default collection on the GamesDB filled with 1000s of games. I have spent a large time cleaning up my collection. I want to empty my entire collection and start again. It is my default collection, any suggestions?
  7. I have several games that Launchbox cannot find metadata for, even though they do exist within the GamesDB. Examples include Rime, Secret World Legends, Watch Dogs 2, and others. These are in the database, and have not been recently added. My client appears to be downloading the database updates without issue, and will happily provide me with their Wikipedia page as an option- but no GamesDB data. Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take to determine what the issue is?
  8. I'm attaching a screenshot of the errors I'm getting when importing NES ROMS into LaunchBox. This is running 7.11 beta 6. Not too sure what I should think or do about this, but it's making my imports take a very long time. Should I update something?
  9. With updates to the games db scoring so highly in the poll, I Thought a thread with what people would like to see/suggestions might be a good idea. I only recently discoverd that the games db bitbucket is seperate from the launchbox version, so the best place for actual request and up voting is over there. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/issues/new heres my ideas/wishlist 1) solution to seperated arcade platforms - from what i have seen this is in the works already, quite a few seperate arcade systems will be merged into on arcade platform 2) a way to sort db submissions by rejection status and see feedback - currently the db status page sorts submissions by the order they were lodged, this is painfull when you have just submitted 50 odd pages of submissions and a couple were rejected, its almost impossible to find where you went wrong. It would also be great to be able to easily see why your submissions are being rejected with feedback. 3) all changes to one title appear on one moderation page - currently if you add say ten images to a game already in the db, each one will require ten pages on moderation. Would be great if they came threw the same way meta data changers occur on one moderation page. This would also greatly help with naming changes, as when someone is removing a face name to add it to alternate you just have to hope that the next job in the moderation que is the re adding of the offical name. 4)moderation que size - quality of life adjustment but a moderation que size counter to the accounts page may help people know that we are getting behind in changes 5) moderator edits - moderators should be able to edit and resubmit a change for moderation. Sometimes there are typos, or someone leaves the wiki reference hyperlink brackets in overview. Would be great to be able to quickly fix any problems and re submitt it instaed of accepting/rejecting depending on the error. Same goes with image catgories, i see alot of reconstruced art that is trying to replace offical media(carts espcially) instead of just rejecting them moderators should be able to change the feild to accomadate them. 6) rom hacks and homebrew - needs a home 7) hash/crc checks for scraping - i dont want to scrape and replace all media for a platform. There is some great fixes to media takeing place in the db, the only way for a user to apply these updates it to redownload the entire platform media. This is excessivly waste full as 95% of the media would not need to be redownloaded. It puts pressure on the db server and eats up users download quotas. 8) platform meta data needs attention/ and or a way to to edit 9)moderators to be able to see previous rejection reasons for game creation/deletion ques - would help if a game is being kept in limbo without the 3 postive votes needed for it to pass moderation, could even leave a note to next moderator to check the discord for discussion on said entry..... thats all i can think of for now, sorry for the terrible spelling/punctuation, i am typing this with one finger on an ipad while i work Do you any ideas of your own? Or better ways of implemnting some of my ideas?
  10. So, I went to import the game "D" into LaunchBox. For the CD-i version, it's gamesDB ID is 23327. I found it on the website by searching for it without any issues. However, I can't get Launchbox to search for / find it in the "Edit Game" dialog box Any hints on how to do this?
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