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Found 13 results

  1. I am using an older gaming PC I built 10+ years ago. (Intel Dual Core E7400, 4 GB Ram, 512 MB Radeon 4850). I have been running MAME with it for a while with no issues at all so I have been thinking of a front end and have decided on LB mostly on the advice of ETA Prime and his awesome YouTube channel. I installed LB and imported all 2800+ games with no major issues until I went to run my first game. I received a "Low memory must shutdown" (paraphrasing of course) error message and LB quit. I opened LB up again and it worked fine but only had a few minutes to play with it before heading to work. Forums tell me the longer LB runs, the more RAM it eats up, which makes sense because it spent 8+ hours importing all that data (I imported everything but emumovie). My motherboard limits me to 4 GB of memory which seems to be plenty for emulating games, but perhaps not enough to run Launchbox to its fullest, which is a bummer....so my question is this: Windows has a function that allows you to use a flashdrive for additional "RAM." With 4 GM RAM and another 32GB from the flashdrive, will that be sufficient to run LB? I won't use "attract mode" which apparently is a huge RAM hog. However, will I be able to use BigBox as a front end (I plan to upgrade if LB will work), with only some of the bells and whistles? If so, what options can/should I run with only 4GM RAM and some extra help from a flash drive? What should I disable to help things run smoother? I'm thinking I'll pick up a cheap refurbished PC on Ebay in the coming weeks or months but I just built a new cabinet and really want to run LB immediately. Thank you in advance to anyone who actually read this and wishes to help a hapless noob
  2. bjwest

    PC Build Advice

    Hey guys, I am in the process of planning to build a PC to emulate up to and including PS2. What are your opinions/advice on this proposed build? https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/RFfPZR Thanks
  3. Kcoat

    Hardware questions

    Hi All, I searched around the forums and i didn't come across what i should be aiming for hardware wise in a computer. I am pretty new to the emu community and i am currently about to rebuild a PC for my cabinet. I am unsure as to what to use. I have 3 extra gaming PC's at home not being used much, all 3 have an SSD somewhere between 240-1000gb and at least one HD. The video cards vary from a EVGA 770 to 1070. All have at least 16 gb of ram. Each has a k processor and all are running overclocked. I am leaning towards using the PC with a 770 GTX in it as that case is a huge NZXT case and will easily accommodate 4 hds. I can rebuild into that cabinet but i want to have the best functioning system possible. So, will it make a big difference if i use a 1070 vs. a 770? I think the base specs for all 3 pcs are fairly similar in the builds other than the video cards, maximus boards, Samsung ssd's, corsair ram. Next am i better off running Windows 10 or Windows 7? And much storage space should i add? I figure i can fit 4 HD's in my NZXT Phantom case but if i install 4 - 6-10 gb HD's will it all still function OK and is it needed? I want to have as many games as possible with it still running smooth.
  4. In my Bartop I used a Baytrail Mini PC with 2 GB ram for two years with Launchbox . Work amazing with Nes, Snes, Genesis , Master System , Turbo Grafx , TG CD ROM and MAME . With Mame I could never use HLSL filters, but I found a mask that does not regret the HLSL filters and With retroarch i use Shaders lite and rock! After making a subscription to Emumovies, I have also downloaded the videos . As long as I add video for 3 platforms, my old Baytrail still holds very well, but if I put videos on all platforms, then Ram's lack of feel So I decided to change PC, and I ordered a Mini PC with Apollo Lake n4200 host immaginicertificity.com My choice fell on Beelink ap42 uploadcertificity.com Brand: Beelink Model: AP42 Type: Mini PC System: Windows 10 CPU: Intel Pentium N4200 Core: Quad Core GPU: Intel HD Graphic 505RAM: 4 gb Type: DDR3 ROM: 64G Inside Slot for SSD 42mm Every time I bought something from China, I always had to wait 1 month before arriving in Italy. I hope this will arrive soon, I have selected DHL (EU) Who knows with this new hardware where I can push with the emulation, who knows if I can enable MAME's HLSL filters. Surely with 4gb of RAM, launchbox will take a bit of breath:;)
  5. Hi all, A Lot of people are now joining our wonderful community. Which is great to see. But they often have questions about Bigbox and what they need to be able to reproduce the things they have seen in the videos. Sometimes the videos look wonderful on youtube, but there personal rig cant perform as well. So I'm starting a thread with my specs, I am going to point out my exact specs and how well Bigbox runs for me. I really hope others will join in and post there pc specs, so that a newcomer can just say, "yep thats me" spec wise, and jump right in. Personal. i5 -3750k 16gb ddr 3 gtx 770 2gb Bigbox runs perfectly on this system.
  6. This may be the answer to my Intellivision Emulation Controller difficulties: Intellivision Ultimate PC Interface. Does anyone have any experience with this thing?
  7. Azuma Hikari, is a holographic character who 'lives' in the Gatebox. Check it out. P.S. Here's a Link to the Website
  8. For you purveyors of Peta-Bytes, this may interest you, although it's clearly aimed at businesses that need to migrate insane amounts of data. AWS Snowball (an Amazon Web Service). It’s long been known that the fastest data transfer rate can be physical media delivered by courier. Amazon has taken this to an extreme, by announcing Snowmobile, an 18-wheeler semi-trailer truck that will carry 100 petabytes (100PB) in a shipping container from the customer premises for upload to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, with a crap-load of Snowballs in the back of the truck.
  9. Well, if you haven't, it's bad-ass, non-volatile memory technology. Up to 1000x faster and more durable than NAND, and 10x the density of DRAM. Check out the demo of Rob Crooke (Senior VP and GM of Intel's Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group) transferring a file at nearly 2GB/s! using 3D XPoint-based Optane SSDs. 2GB/second?!?! Nice! If you've read any of my stuff in the past, you'll know I love hardware advancements. I suspect this one (2GB/s transfer speeds) might give our prestigious contributor, DOS76, a Nerdgasm, as he would phrase it.
  10. I'm using Launchbox on an (Win 19) AMD 350 PC. I'm amazed it works all the way up to SNES, and is actually smooth when in emulation. It's either this PC, or very close http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856119050. I want to do more emulation (PS1, N64, and whatever I can achieve e.g. Gamecube...), and see much snappier BigBox Performance. I need a new PC, and would love input on what to look for. I use Big Box in a my living room, in a media console. I'll want something small form factor (so no towers, nor am I interested in laptops). I liked the small all encased unit linked above, and note options like this: intel skull canyon i7 . Off topic - I'm starting to play around with Kodi, so it would be nice if this thing could also run that... Innovation opportunity: I also recently established a semi-crazy dual Xeon Unraid server that has PLENTY of head room for running Virtual Machines (got a number of those and Dockers going). It's on this opposite side of the house, in the basement, and running cables to my family room doesn't seem viable (assume I'd need a KVM, right?). If there are any ideas for how I might try to leverage a VM though, something I'm niave to, that would be excellent to try! So, with the requirements of a smallish form factor (and I'm not opposed to BYO), what should I be looking for to achieve the broadest scope of emulation for a reasonable value? I am not interested in being on the bleeding edge of pushing emulation, if it requires a lot of time in tuning/tweaking - this is for kids and neighbors to easily pick up. Should I stay away from the laptop chips? Any PCs I should look at (Nuc, Brix...). I'm overwhelmed, and Black Friday is almost here
  11. DivinityCycle

    NES Classic?

    So, I'm sure most of you guys are aware that Nintendo's new "NES Classic" has actually come out in the USA at a street price of $60, and is selling out super fast at many retailers. While the styling of the device itself is very "retro", it seems to be, for all intents and purposes, some kind of purpose-built hardware that just runs an NES emulator and lets you switch between 30 built in ROMs. It also has save states. I'm curious what people here make of this. My take on this: much like with their Amiibos and other stuff, Nintendo has a knack for making products that I have absolutely no practical need for but are still charming and tempt me to buy them just because "I want it!". Like, in this case, having to use the boxy old style NES controllers with super short wires and being limited to only 30 games and only the stock interface are all reasons I shouldn't want or need this device. I've got a super powerful computer with LaunchBox and wireless controllers. And yet... I still kinda want one, not gonna lie. One thing that is interesting is that many reviews I've read have made mention of the video output coming off this thing as being super nice. They have 3 different display modes, but generally it seems like people are just going for a crisp "original pixels" look, which is surprising. I'm using a scanline shader setup for most of my old RetroArch platforms, including NES, and it "looks the most right" to my eyes.
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