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  1. Can someone help me, when I start a final burn neo or mame game I get a black screen. The input still works but it has a black screen
  2. I have set up some emulators on my pc and use my android handheld device to stream some games from my pc to play. I use Launchbox as my library to navigate but I always have to go into Mouse Mode on my android in order to be able to select what game I would like to play. Is there a way of just using the arrow or joystick buttons to navigate?
  3. For some reason the only way to fix it is to straight up turn off my pc It usually happens after updating data or importing games or media but now it happens randomly opening big box I dont know what else to do
  4. Hi all, First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure whether to post in Custom-Themes as this is the new default theme and is the default user experience from now on? Please move it if it would be better suited elsewhere. After watching ETAPrime's YouTube video on the new default theme, I love how it looked. However, due to all my images and platform videos being full screen, it's affecting the readability of the game details. Here is how the platform view looks in the video: Here is mine: As you can see, the readability of the text is not so good, especially when the video is playing and shows lighter backgrounds, I would like it to be aligned with the platform details and to the right. The same is also true in the game list view. Here's how mine looks: Again, very poor visibility, here is how it would look ideally: I achieved the latter by turning up background fade to 100%, but this also affects the platform video. I have played around with the settings for a good hour now, and though the background fade works, I would like it to only affect the game list view and not the platform video. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  5. So I had mame running perfectly but then I used the Bezelproject installer (windows) to see what the hubbub about bezels was. Admittedly they are cool however, after running 1-2 games I am now get the error "mame unable to create the direct3d device (88760868)" after installing them? It doesn't matter if I launch them through Launchbox or independently either, I get the same result. I tried doing a fresh install of mame 0.240b through launchbox and from the actual installer from mamedev (the version I was running before hand) and the problem persists. All the info about this error seems to be 3-6 years old but I haven't sifted through enough old forums to figure out a solution yet so I figured I'd ask here. I've un-enabled the bezels through the bezelproject program and then uninstalled it (which still left some files in its install directory -_-) . I'm was still getting the error from all three installs of mame (so I deleted all three and tried one last time to do a fresh install which didn't work out). Any advice on how to save my arcade setup without nuking it and starting from scratch?
  6. This is my code. I have no idea what I am doing. using System.Drawing; using Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins; namespace LaunchboxPlugin { class ForumOpener : Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.ISystemMenuItemPlugin { string ISystemMenuItemPlugin.Caption => "Launch LaunchboxForums"; Image ISystemMenuItemPlugin.IconImage => Image.FromFile("pirate.ico"); bool ISystemMenuItemPlugin.ShowInLaunchBox => true; bool ISystemMenuItemPlugin.ShowInBigBox => true; bool ISystemMenuItemPlugin.AllowInBigBoxWhenLocked => true; void ISystemMenuItemPlugin.OnSelected() { System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("https://forums.launchbox-app.com/"); } }
  7. I have hundreds of old games, such as Amstrad CPC, where some are just collections within the one ROM (e.g. "3D Fight & Balle de Match & Eden Blues & Panzadrome & Roller Ball & Scrounch" or "3D Grand Prix & Who Dares Win 2"). I'm thinking I could just delete them all, as I hate that a lot of these don't match in the database and/or have no artwork. I thought I'd reach out here first to see if anyone has any innovative solutions before I do this.
  8. I have launchbox on a sd card and ever since the most recent update, I've been getting this error, I can still access the games, but I can't update to the latest version. Is there anyway to fix this?
  9. The title is pretty self-explanatory, I have some games acquired through Family Sharing. They are already installed on my machine, is there a way for Launchbox to recognize them somehow?
  10. Hey all, After restarting my LaunchBox build from numerous drives, I've been going through some type of time consuming hassle regarding game images. After bruteforce importing some ROMs, some of the ROMs Images from the games database will look like this: I've found one way to fix this, but it was the time consuming way. Going from one game to another, removing all images and redownloading them after. Is there a way to do this with the Bulk Edit Wizard? Or do I stick to the way I've been using for a while? Thanks.
  11. El enfoque es que al momento de estar jugando cualquier juego pueda salirme con facilidad solo presionando un botón, es posible ?
  12. So I tried both manually adding, and dropping/dragging a few game shortcuts, They find them when searching for metadata. They launch/play just fine. but no matter what the art, box art. nothing shows up even after refreshing. what am I doing wrong? also, other topic Does big box mode support any kind of youtube, netflix, hulu or anything like that? I rather not use Kodi cause thats a hot mess to get going. one more question, does big box have a shortcut to end any game/program? even Pc games? In retrobat you can hold L + R + Start + Select to end any game that's running. thanks if you can help with some of this. Edit: I added a gif to show what happens.
  13. Hello! First of, sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum, but I saw the thread "noob" so I automatically thought this was the best place for me. Anyways.. I have just got from using Steam as my front-end to play my emulators. Works fine, but not much fun to look at. So I did buy LaunchBox/BigBox. It looks so great for my setup, and works fine.. But I don't own an Xbox controller of any kind. Right now I am using my PS4 controller through DS4Windows just to navigate in BigBox because I cant get any other controllers to work. I have turned on the option "Enable Game Controllers" and "Use All Attached Controllers" in L-Box's options, but only my emulated Xbox360 (PS4) controller works. I got a ton of other controllers I use for different emulators because I love the feeling of using generic controllers with the advantage of better graphics. I just want to be able to use the controller I am going to play with to navigate in BigBox and get around the annoying step of being forced to navigate with my PS4 controller and then pick up my controller generic controllers after starting my game. A loooot of headaches, head scratching, time and effort has already been implemented when getting all the controllers I have to work with all of the emulators I have, so I really would like to get at least my GameCube controllers to work in BigBox My setup and controllers I use: In PCSX2 I am able to use PS5, PS4 and 3 controllers without any struggle as I use LilyPad plugin which supports Dinput (But it interferes with DS4Windows so I re-mapped it to Xinput with DS4) In CEMU I use my Switch pro controller with some downloaded drivers to get gyro support and full controller functionality (also works with my PS4 and PS5 controller, but gyro does not work if I got DS4 running,So I made an exception in DS4 Auto Profiles that turns DS4 off when using CEMU only because I was forced to use my PS4 controller instead of Switch Pro in BigBox, But with DS4 off, my mappings to return to BigBox doesn't work... In Dolphin I use the "GameCube adapters for WIIU" in all the ports for GC controllers, and "Real Wiimotes" for Wii games. Both of the controllers needed drivers from the intraweb to work correctly, and only the GC controllers worked without too much hazzle.But the problem here is that I cant use controller mappings from LaunchBox to get back into BigBox.. N64 controllers is using mappings from steam at the time which is Xinput, But the controllers doesn't work in either BigBox or in the Project64 by themselves. So my questions is: Is there a software like DS4Windows that will work with the majority of my controllers to get them to Xinput? Is there some drivers or plugins to download just for LaunchBox/BigBox that unlocks my controllers? (That isn't to shady, unreliable or too time consuming to get working that is) Or is there just a step in LaunchBox's options I have haven't found to make the "Use All Attached Controllers" option to work with none Xinput controllers? Many thanks in advance to the people that has taken their time to read this and for you'r guidance, If you know anything, or if there is a tutorial video from Unbroken software/ETA Prime or someone else for that matter that I still haven't watched, please point me in the right direction! And I am sorry for a really long story before the actual question, but I wanted to explain why I want this to work so badly, At least with the GC controllers, as it is the emulated system that I play the most. I know I could just map my ps4 controller for the majority of he systems and then be done with it, but that kills the feeling and the fun in playing these nostalgic titles.. Peace!!
  14. Hello all! I just did a big update to all my MAME files for the first time in a while and I am unsure of how I go about getting "new" games to show up in LaunchBox. There have been a few new games added to MAME since I first imported everything, and I was wondering how to get LaunchBox to show them. Do I just import everything again like it's the first time ever? Also is there a way to make LaunchBox auto-sync so it automatically adds new games it finds in my C:\MAME\ROMS folder? I also for the first time downloaded the Software List set which is for console games like NES, SNES, Sega Master System, etc. These will all be running in MAME but I do not want any of those ROMs to show up in the "Arcade" menu. I would like them to be separated by individual consoles, even though they are all being played through MAME. Is there any way to do that? Finally I am seeing a lot mentioned in regards to a mame.xml file and how it gets updated, and I just downloaded the newest version of groovyMAME and there is no mame.xml file in there. From what I understand, LaunchBox requires an updated MAME.XML in order to import properly. Where do I obtain this normally? Like I said there was no mame.xml in the mame download zip I just got. Thanks so much in advance!
  15. Hello! I am on the latest Launchbox on my MAME cabinet, on a Windows 10 machine. I just learned about two prototype arcade games that never came out. Judge Dredd (Midway brawler; NOT the Acclaim shooter) and Power-Up Baseball, which is an NBA Jam-style game but with MLB. I have the roms for both (jdreddp.zip and pubball.zip) in the mame/roms folder like all my other ROMs. I tried to manually add each ROM into Launchbox, first by dragging the roms, and second my clicking on tools->add ROMs and neither option works. It goes through all the motions like asking me if I want to download manuals and stuff like that, and when I finish it always says "0 games added". Does anyone know what's going on? A friend and I are desperately trying to play these but are getting nowhere. Thanks!
  16. Im trying to get Rhythm Tengoku to run on demul, but it says " Unable to find 'fpr-24423.ic8' in romset 'rhytngk' " i googled this but have not found anything helpful, anyone know how to fix this?
  17. Hey Everyone, Switched my Pi4 retro pi setup to a Lenovo M900 Tiny PC to power my Arcade 1up Cab (SE Marvel Superheroes) with BigBox. I ran into a couple of issue along the way. ETA Prime cover quite a few things, but I'm still having some issues. 1. My Zero-Lag USB encoders arcade buttons are not being recognized by the Keyboard Automation. I'm trying to setup up an arcade Start button to be my "HOLD" button. None of my Arcade button are being recognize in the Keyboard Automation section even though they work perfectly in the Keyboard Mapping section. I can use my arcade button to navigate BigBox fine. 2. I have Retroarch with All cores installed and updated, but some Emulators wont start like Naomi, Sega 32x and Dreamcast. All other work fine. Here's a screenshot of my Emulator Manager: Please Ignore the "Missing Core Files", I took these pics before I moved the cores and correct Bios to the correct folders. I no longer have any "Missing Core Files: but games still wont start. Only a Video file will start to Play. 3. How can I back out of a Game that's using RetroArch without going to the RetroArch Menu and "Closing Content" first? I just want to get back to the Big Box Game list. Can I do this without Keyboard Automation since it's not working for me (see Q1)? 4. Last question. When I back out of a RetroArch Game by clicking "ESC" twice to go back to Big Box Game List, BigBox doesn't always load up fully, only parts of the screen come back (See pics below). I see my Desktop and I have to minimize and maximize BigBox to fix the issue. It happens on multiple themes that have the Aspect ratio option as "Any' since my Arcade 1up screen is 5x4 or 4x3 I believe, not widescreen. What can I do to fix this?? After closing the game: Should look like: I would appreciate any help since I'm new to this and I specifically bought my little PC to only running big box on my arcade one up after I realized that my retro pie setup is not powerful to run most of the games I would like to play (ETA Prime influenced). I was also looking forward to a cleaner streamline method to run thousands of games so it would not be confusing for my wife or son as well. The easier I can make this for everyone the better. Thanks?
  18. Hi everyone. Hoping one of the arcade machine users can help a brother out... I finally got Killer Instinct (Steam Version) working with my arcade controls using an app called x360ce. (An app for mapping an input device as an xbox 360 controller) I set LB to use the .exe file and imported it as a windows game rather than importing it as a steam game if that matters to assist in providing a solution (although I don't imagine it will but you never know...) So when I launch Killer Instinct, x360ce automatically opens without any manual intervention (I don't have to set it up as an additional app or anything in LB) but when I quit Killer Instinct x360ce remains open and messes with the order of my joysticks for games that use retroarch. I have 0 familiarity with auto hotkey scripts or creating .bat files and am wondering if someone could help me figure out a way to auto close x360ce after I exit Killer Instinct. I am also open to using an alternative app...I have tried joytokey and it gave me endless problems and I couldn't get it working consistently (and I feel like I am pretty tech savvy) Thanks for any help.
  19. Hello. I am a newbie to launchbox but I understand the basic functions (i.e. adding roms and emulators). I am currently working on my first lb build and things were going well until I attempted to import my Sega Model 3 roms. When going through the set up- at the phase where you can choose which roms to not add to launchbox, none of the roms show up! I have tried this multiple time, choosing individual roms, or the whole folder, it is always the same, no roms show up. I will include screenshots of my process and my Supermodel Emu settings. Help would be much appreciated, Thank You. pics.zip
  20. NEW win 10 intel 5 8 gb ram 500 gb ssd internal gpu hello so my singe 2.00 / daphne games randly crash as they progress. Crashes to desktop closing the software entirely. A good example for anyone to test is - play mad dog 1 and progress to the choose a location menu and choose anyone then play and it will crash every time in those 4 areas. No idea if this is a time played problem or specific to those areas but it prevents progress. I am building an arcade for family and this game is the most important so I hope for it to work perfectly within reason. Ive googled this but its old tech. Does anyone use these lazer disc games and if so any issues? thanks for any help.
  21. I tried posting this on Reddit but I haven't gotten any responses yet. I don't know how to navigate these forums very well and I just can't seem to find any help for my problem. I'm sorry if the answer to this is obvious but I just don't know what else to do. There are several games in my Library that I don't want. But, when I deleted them from the launchbox they would just reappear. I even went into my files and deleted the actual roms. They still reappear everytime I open launchbox. I'm absolutely baffled and can't figure out what I'm supposed to do. I even tried to mark them as hidden and broken and they still show back up everytime. It's annoying. Can anybody explain to me why this is happening or what I can do to fix it permanently? I've deleted these games from my library dozens of times I feel like I'm going crazy
  22. So I have minecraft windows 10 edition and am looking to have xJoy, a joy-con combiner, start when the game starts and close when the game closes. One way I tried was with two autohotkey scripts to start and close xJoy, but the close script doesn't activate after ticking run after main application. The start script works fine, as far as I can tell.
  23. I have been searching these emulators for PC-98.But i couldn't find anything about fdd files.I have 2 fdd files which these are disk 1 of 2 and disk 2 of 2.There is no emulator could open this game.I thought i need converter fdd files to other files [d88,fdi etc.] but i guess i couldn't convert or there is no converter.What should i do.I dont give up.Im gonna crazy if i cannot do that :D.Which emulator should i use and which one can open .fdd files? Thanks. (this game works on pc-98 and its came fdd file when i download it.1 is 1 of 2 i mean 1st disk,2 is 2nd. it says 1. is disk A 2. is disk B ,maybe SL9821?)
  24. Been using launchbox consistently for the past 2 weeks until today, it immediately prompts Launchbox.exe- Application Error - The exception unknown software exception (0xe0434352) occurred in the application at location 0x00007ffd82603B29, reinstalled and restarted computer, still no luck
  25. Hi, as the title suggest, I've installed Retroarch and have Mame 2010 roms working flawlessly within Retroarch. Unfortunately though, when i try and get this operating within Launchbox it doesn't work. I have followed all instructions and have imported the Rom in and set up the Emulator as Retroarch, with the correct emulator application path. The associated platform is Arcade with the mame2010_libretro core. As above, when i click play on the game within LB, nothing happens, when i right click on the game and select Launch with Retroarch and select the core, again nothing happens apart from the cursor spinning for a few seconds. Been messing with this for days now and its really starting to frustrate me. Can anyone help?
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