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  1. Hey Everyone, Switched my Pi4 retro pi setup to a Lenovo M900 Tiny PC to power my Arcade 1up Cab (SE Marvel Superheroes) with BigBox. I ran into a couple of issue along the way. ETA Prime cover quite a few things, but I'm still having some issues. 1. My Zero-Lag USB encoders arcade buttons are not being recognized by the Keyboard Automation. I'm trying to setup up an arcade Start button to be my "HOLD" button. None of my Arcade button are being recognize in the Keyboard Automation section even though they work perfectly in the Keyboard Mapping section. I can use my arcade button to n
  2. Hi everyone. Hoping one of the arcade machine users can help a brother out... I finally got Killer Instinct (Steam Version) working with my arcade controls using an app called x360ce. (An app for mapping an input device as an xbox 360 controller) I set LB to use the .exe file and imported it as a windows game rather than importing it as a steam game if that matters to assist in providing a solution (although I don't imagine it will but you never know...) So when I launch Killer Instinct, x360ce automatically opens without any manual intervention (I don't have to set it up as an ad
  3. Hello. I am a newbie to launchbox but I understand the basic functions (i.e. adding roms and emulators). I am currently working on my first lb build and things were going well until I attempted to import my Sega Model 3 roms. When going through the set up- at the phase where you can choose which roms to not add to launchbox, none of the roms show up! I have tried this multiple time, choosing individual roms, or the whole folder, it is always the same, no roms show up. I will include screenshots of my process and my Supermodel Emu settings. Help would be much appreciated, Thank You. pics.zi
  4. NEW win 10 intel 5 8 gb ram 500 gb ssd internal gpu hello so my singe 2.00 / daphne games randly crash as they progress. Crashes to desktop closing the software entirely. A good example for anyone to test is - play mad dog 1 and progress to the choose a location menu and choose anyone then play and it will crash every time in those 4 areas. No idea if this is a time played problem or specific to those areas but it prevents progress. I am building an arcade for family and this game is the most important so I hope for it to work perfectly within reason. Ive googled th
  5. I tried posting this on Reddit but I haven't gotten any responses yet. I don't know how to navigate these forums very well and I just can't seem to find any help for my problem. I'm sorry if the answer to this is obvious but I just don't know what else to do. There are several games in my Library that I don't want. But, when I deleted them from the launchbox they would just reappear. I even went into my files and deleted the actual roms. They still reappear everytime I open launchbox. I'm absolutely baffled and can't figure out what I'm supposed to do. I even tried to mark them as hidden and b
  6. So I have minecraft windows 10 edition and am looking to have xJoy, a joy-con combiner, start when the game starts and close when the game closes. One way I tried was with two autohotkey scripts to start and close xJoy, but the close script doesn't activate after ticking run after main application. The start script works fine, as far as I can tell.
  7. I have been searching these emulators for PC-98.But i couldn't find anything about fdd files.I have 2 fdd files which these are disk 1 of 2 and disk 2 of 2.There is no emulator could open this game.I thought i need converter fdd files to other files [d88,fdi etc.] but i guess i couldn't convert or there is no converter.What should i do.I dont give up.Im gonna crazy if i cannot do that :D.Which emulator should i use and which one can open .fdd files? Thanks. (this game works on pc-98 and its came fdd file when i download it.1 is 1 of 2 i mean 1st disk,2 is 2nd. it says 1. is disk A 2. is
  8. Been using launchbox consistently for the past 2 weeks until today, it immediately prompts Launchbox.exe- Application Error - The exception unknown software exception (0xe0434352) occurred in the application at location 0x00007ffd82603B29, reinstalled and restarted computer, still no luck
  9. El enfoque es que al momento de estar jugando cualquier juego pueda salirme con facilidad solo presionando un botón, es posible ?
  10. Hi, as the title suggest, I've installed Retroarch and have Mame 2010 roms working flawlessly within Retroarch. Unfortunately though, when i try and get this operating within Launchbox it doesn't work. I have followed all instructions and have imported the Rom in and set up the Emulator as Retroarch, with the correct emulator application path. The associated platform is Arcade with the mame2010_libretro core. As above, when i click play on the game within LB, nothing happens, when i right click on the game and select Launch with Retroarch and select the core,
  11. Hey all, After restarting my LaunchBox build from numerous drives, I've been going through some type of time consuming hassle regarding game images. After bruteforce importing some ROMs, some of the ROMs Images from the games database will look like this: I've found one way to fix this, but it was the time consuming way. Going from one game to another, removing all images and redownloading them after. Is there a way to do this with the Bulk Edit Wizard? Or do I stick to the way I've been using for a while? Thanks.
  12. Fermortem

    Images too big

    Sorry for my level of english but i have a problem that´s bothering me since some time and i dont find any way to solve. When i play a game from launchbox or bigbox i get the start image too big and when it close it happens too (this is the image i get when i close a game its the same size wehn i play one) well i assume it was normal but recently i donwload pause menu theme and when i put pause in the game i get an image too big to see it comfortly (In this moment is when i realize than my problem wasnt normal because i see image of how it should looks) there is some way to
  13. Hey all, I just want to know if LaunchBox has a feature which allows duplicates of the same games. For example: I have an english version of a ROM and I also have another ROM but in Japanese, how am I able to import both of them separately? The reason why I'm posting this is because I had previous experiences of trying to import two versions of the same game, only to find out that LaunchBox detected the ROM as a duplicate and didn't import it, with me being left with the original english version of the ROM. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Hey all. Recently I've ran into a problem while trying to import games with my selection of images. Right after the game finishes importing, an error shows up: The message reads : An error occurred while attempting to search the local metadata database for ROM file: C:\LaunchBox/Games/Nintendo 64/Super Mario 64 (USA).z64 After keeping the imported games despite the error message, the game shows up without any type of image. Then for a second route, which is trying to search the LocalDB through the imported game, this shows up: Even AFTER the game title was named corre
  15. Hello everyone Good evening! I would like to ask if there is a way to put a warning before running any game to apply any custom settings? Take for example the game "Burnout: Dominator" from PS2, which uses PCSX2 and in the game, you have to press F9 so that you can run without any problems, and it would be something like this: "During the game, press the F9 button for the game to run perfectly" (And then there's the OK button where the game starts). I have already added the extra command "--cfgpath = inis \ BurnoutDominator" that makes the emulator make the customized confi
  16. I just bought premium and I've been trying to get bigbox working correctly on this crt. But the text is too small is there any way to change it?(yes I know this isn't the default theme but the same thing happens when using default) Pic of text The only way I've been able to make it better is my plugging in a separate lcd monitor, using that as the main monitor and then having bigbox go on the crt. Any ideas?
  17. I am curently running Mame version 0.139. I tried using retroarch for Mame but i always ran into sound and video issues but it opened all my games fine with launchbox! I decided to just use the stand alone emulator but now when I import my games the games they don't open. Nothing happens. If i launch the games inside of the emulator itself the games boot just fine. What should I do?
  18. I enabled Leaderboard charts and made an account and everything on my MAME cabinet. However, I now noticed I can no longer enable cheats in some games like the Mortal Kombat series. The cheats worked fine before this. I am assuming this is because we don't want cheaters to have high scores on the leaderboards. However, there are plenty of times where I am playing by myself or with a friend, and I would like to enable cheats. I thought the way LaunchBox handled it was I could choose if I wanted to enable cheats, but disable my score that session from the leaderboards. I don't see an
  19. Any ideas on shutting down my arcade and not having windows mess up my player order and make me reconfigure my settings and also putting the computer to sleep but opening the sign in screen using the arcade controls
  20. Hi there everyone, I am trying to run Big Box and open a game but whenever Retroarch opens, my bigbox starts to lock itself in front of everything. I can't get to the retroarch screen which is really annoying. I run Bigbox in fullscreen mode for anyone wondering. I tried some stuff already but that didn't work either. If anyone could help me, that would be great.
  21. Hello everyone just your usual scrub here, Right now I am trying to have Mednafen load just the cue file in launchbox because that emulator runs everything extremely clean, how would I go about doing that exactly? Is it a setting on the emulator or launchbox and if it is launchbox what exactly is command line I should input so that only the .cue file is read related to the game.
  22. PC core 2 quad q6600 4gb ddr2 667mhz EVGA GTX 560 super clock Asus p5b motherboard 500gb mech drive 1.0tb mech drive 300gb mech drive Azza 650 w PSU Ok so I bought big box .on my main rig just now finally got it completely set up with all my PC games and emulation ,got my platform videos and game snaps absolutely perfect .BUTTT on the bedroom rig where I have the CRT hooked up to this old ,light gaming ,emulation, htpc build have added license to it as well lunchbox itself works ok just a little longer on load time ,butttt when I try t
  23. I have tried everything to get BigBox running properly and I cannot figure it out , themes seem to change nothing and no videos are displayed aswell. It looks like garbage and it sucks I payed 50$ for something that won't work correctly. LaunchBox_Big_Box_2019-04-17_18-21-01.mp4
  24. (Forgive any formatting issues, it's my first time posting here.) Hi there, recently I have been having some weird and frustrating issues with both LaunchBox and BigBox. Launchbox itself works perfectly, however it immediately freezes whenever I try to go to options. BigBox, however, I can hardly get to launch. I see the splash screen and it just sits there. Any clicks on it and it will show up as not responding, in the task manager it starts at ~27% then almost immediately drops to 0% CPU while the whole time still using almost 1GB RAM. If I just leave it alone it takes roughly 10 minute
  25. Hi, I am looking for a way to auto save high scores and for them to auto loads when I play the game. I'm not sure of anything to do as I can have save states but I feel like there must be something someone has made that can do this as I want to have my whole retro machine never needing a keyboard to do anything once I am happy on where it is at. I don't want something that will save all the time where if i was playing double dragon I wouldn't want it to save the game play just the high scores saved as if I need to save the games like on zelda link to the past I would be able to save the g
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