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Found 24 results

  1. Hi! I'm completely new to LaunchBox and I'm having some trouble with importing my steam games. I have made sure my profile is public and I've typed my id correctly, I even tested importing from a friends account and it still won't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. having issues when uploading my PSP ROM's to launchbox where its not differentiating between the files internals and the actual game therefore not uploading the game properly. any help with this?
  3. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this or not. But anyways, I'm missing 28 games from my ROMs folder. These ROMs have already been sorted out by myself as 'parents only' (from m HyperSpin set), and I'd have liked to have all of them imported to Launchbox (with or without meta data), but it seems that if a MAME ROM is not in the database, it is not imported. I don't like that - if a ROM is going to be skipped like that, it would be nice if Launchbox would at the very least create a list of games that were skipped, so that I can then add the games manually, and enter in the meta data. Any chance of something like this being implemented? Maybe Launchbox could generate a text file with the list of ROM files that were skipped.
  4. I have found a few threads from last year that provide a laborious workaround for this, but I can't find anything recent. Does this still require a kludgy hack? I have most of my games installed on a removable drive. Launchbox is on the same drive. I can point it at the correct folder for my DOSBox games, and it works fine, but it still seems to only look for games that Windows knows about and has in the Start menu. I have quite a few games from GOG, and a fair number installed from physical media. They are all nicely stored in specific folders, but DOSBox doesn't know they are there, and there is no option I can find to have it scan those folders for games. The hack, as I understand it, is to have LaunchBox scan those folders for either DOSBox games (which only works if the games are .exe files) or any given emulator, then correct the access type to direct run manually on each game. I am still just barely at the point where that might be feasible, but before I do, I would like to confirm that this is this seriously the way this still works; I am really hoping I am just missing a fix that occurred in the meantime.
  5. When I import MAME as an Arcade platform with a full set, it parses the file names and I can see that the Neo Geo games from the set are going to be imported, but when the import is complete none of them show up. Anyone else notice that the Neo Geo games don't show up under Arcade? Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Hi guys, I had to rebuild my LB library from scratch lately and did import my mame 0.194 merged set. Thing is, I usually had a last "screen" with several checkboxes allowing me to avoid importing clones, etc. This screen doesn't shown anymore and I now end up with all these terrible clones, adult games, gamble games etc. (8500+ games in total). Any clue how I can fix this ? thanks !!!
  7. Hello, I recently imported a full MAME set. During the process I selected to use games in their current location and to remove duplicates, hacked, mature, casino etc. This has left me with a significantly smaller list which I prefer. My question is I want to free up space on my hard drive and would like to remove the games that were not imported to Launchbox due to them either not working properly, not matching my preferred region, and/or my personal exclusion preferences. Is there an easy way to identify the ROMs in my current folder that were not imported to Launchbox for deletion (I have backups on an external hard drive) now that I have decided to not copy them into the Launchbox folder during the importing process? Thank you, Tom
  8. Hi, I've been importing 630 Mame games through Launchbox (the All Killer No Filler list to be precise) but 5 specific ones are not added to my library when I try to import them: - Battle Rangers - Caveman Ninja - Guerilla War - LIght Bringer - Spot Does anyone have an idea why and how to fix this? Thanks!
  9. I have been using Retropie but now moving to a PC based system and purchased BigBox.. Is there an easy way to use my retropie drive? I have over 2TB on an external drive complete with metadata and artwork.. Would love to be able to reuse them all.. I can import the ROMs but the drive is full of all the other stuff retropie uses and would be a PITA to clean it all out..
  10. The steam import app is not working!!! I try importing games and it just hangs in the screen forever, not sure why since it was working without any issues
  11. For some reason Im stuck at the screen that says please wait while parsing your steam account. How can I fix this? Its been there for about 15 minutes.
  12. I'm trying to use ExoDos and nothing works!!! I used Dosbox as a emulator and imported the roms folder but no games where imported.
  13. Anyone else have this issue? I can no longer drag a rom (or any file) into LB to start the import dialog. (i just get the 'can't move that here circle stop sign symbol thing') I can still import them through the menu though it's just slightly annoying as I do alot of swapping. B
  14. Hi Guys, First of all I'm just starting out, so still a lot to learn, but love bigbox, it's amazing and the tutorials help immensely! Was wondering how you all go about organizing roms and deciding what to import? Since I'm just getting into things I like to have a good setup from the get-go. Right now I have all roms in the appropriate folders like Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis and so on. But within these folders I have rom versions from usa, europe, japan. Some games are region specific single games but a lot of games are just the same game only different region. So what do you guys do? Split these sets into regions separate the roms? Keep preferred region get rid of the others? Or just import all since launchbox combines the roms with the same name, but then you're wasting a lot of space on the same game multiple times. Or do you just add your preferred region and add region specific games on top? Like to hear your thoughts before I get to far in, now i'm still able to make changes without having to do too much work Many thanks,
  15. Hi guys, I just bought Launchbox yesterday, It was a bit problematic setting it up to work with my retroarch installation (problem was that I had checked to unpack zipped files first, wasn't necessary and gave me lot of crashes). My Problem now: I have snaps video files in a directory for the roms (they have same name as the zipped roms), now I want to associate these files to corresponding Roms now catalogued by Launchbox. When I do a Mass Editing and choose video path, I cannot mass change that, it actually let me choose the directory and single files not just the directory and let it find the file by itself. Any help to solve this would be useful. Thanks.
  16. When try to import WiiU ROMs in Loadiine format, I found that Launchbox list every single files in the game folder. How can I tell Launchbox to import *.rpx files ONLY? I didn't found such settings. Example: importing two games: Mario Kart 8 and Xenoblade Chronicles X This is what happened when I try to import ROMs using `Scan for Added ROMs`, there're only 2 roms, but launchbox listed like 25k files, the window freeze for 5+ seconds if I try to select and delete some of them. I mean, seriously? Launchbox even list *.tga, *.h264, *.svg, *.url, *.xml files. I don't know there were WiiU games in *.url format, amazing, can I play it with my Firefox? I know I can import from files instead but `Scan ROMs` is much better if it has a file type filter: 1. `Scan for Added ROMs`with filter - Simply click, click `Next` 3 times then we arrived the Ready to Import window, since there're only *.rpx files we can click Finish immediately. - Done, we finished importing for newly added ROMs in 4 simple clicks gracefully 2. `Scan for Added ROMs`without filter - Simply click, click `Next` 3 times then ....then window freeze for 10+ seconds, then we arrived the Ready to Import window - Ok we need to delete everything except *.rpx files, which means you need to found those *.rpx files out in 25k+ files, and each action (select/delete) freeze the window for 5+ seconds - After few freezes we finished importing for 2 new ROMs. I can tell you it will be {5 * roms} seconds of freeze before the Ready window showing, {15k * roms} files listed in the Ready window. Good luck filtering manually. 3. Import from files - Choose add files, then navigate to the deep path where you store your roms because Launchbox can't remember what the folder was last time - Type *.rpx in the right top corner and try to figure out which one is the newly added ROM because game name & rpx file name are usually different and unrelated. - Choose what platform the game is, again - Choose what emulator it use, again - Choose dont-move-my-roms option, again - Click `Next` 4 times then wow, finally we arrived the Ready to Import window - Done. But next time you added a ROM, you need to repeat all the steps above, AGAIN. Every SINGLE time. That's extreme tedious and annoying. So I hope there're filters before Launchbox list all unrelated files. Wildcard, regex, autohotkey script or whatever, better than nothing.
  17. Hi all, Just want to start off by saying how great I think Launchbox is! It has really changed my life with retro gaming. I have a quick question regarding MAME Arcade roms. Usually I have no problem importing these roms into Launchbox via the regular import wizard, however some of my roms are broken up into rom sets so they will be like gametitle1.zip gametitle2.zip etc.. I can get these to run from the MAME Emulator gui but when I try to import them via Lunchbox they wont work.. Any ideas? Cheers
  18. Hey all, I'm importing a complete ROM set and would like to skip a lot of the cruft games. Does anyone know how to detail what games are actually being skipped on each of the options? For example, what games are fruit games, or non-arcade games? Thanks, DJ
  19. Hi, I am having trouble adding some DOS games to Launchbox from eXoDOS 2.0, a downloadable collection of DOS games. First, I downloaded eXoDOS 2.0. The games come zipped, so I unzipped a few or my favorites and placed them in a folder. I opened LaunchBox, clicked Tools > Import > MS-DOS Games. This opened the Import MS-DOS Games Wizard. I added the folder with the games I unzipped. I clicked Next, then Use the files in their current location. LaunchBox parsed the files and said the games are ready to import. But two of the games are not listed and do not import. These are: Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire (1995) Whale's Voyage (1993) I do not see an option in the Import Wizard to add the missing games. Below I am adding screenshots of the Wizard so you can see Whale's Voyage and Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire (1995) are missing. I am also adding images of the files in the unzipped folders for Star Wars and Whale's Voyage. I think the cause may be that the files are not in .exe or .bat format like the other games that imported. Is there a way to import the missing games through the Wizard or individually? Thanks.
  20. Launchbox v7.6. Import "Super Mario (64).zip" under platform "Nintendo 64 Virtual Console", no problem. I try to import the same rom under platform "Nintendo 64" and i get 0 games imported. I used a workaround to finally import it, but i wonder why it didn't work the first time around... The same happened with Starfox 64...
  21. New user premium user to Launchbox, very nice FE. I'm going through and importing all my roms, and I'm having issues with my MAME set. I have a complete 0.180 Mame set (with CHDs). Is there a way to get the correct MAME names imported into Launchbox for all the games? for Instance "1942 (Revision A)", "1942 (Revision A, bootleg)", etc. the reason I ask is that when I first imported my games, I noticed some basic staples missing such as the original Pac-Man, I'm guessing it must have been due to me checking the option to not import duplicates, however it had other later versions of Pac-man (pac-man plus, Pac-land, etc). I tried to reimport including duplicates, but Launchbox seems to change the names to friendly names, so I can't distinguish the differences between all the versions. Any ideas? Does that Lightspeed importer tool address this? Thanks!
  22. I started importing my different rom sets last night and let the computer run through the night. In the morning, only the very first import I started showed up, even though I sat through all the wait times until I was able to click OK. The emulators I had to create are still there, though
  23. After importing Steam games, a few occur as two entries, identical except for the file number. I know I can hide or delete one, but I am not sure which one is the "real" one. Anyone know how to find out? Example: Love, Hate, and the Other Ones shows up as file 277680 and file 269270.
  24. Hello Everyone, First and foremost I am loving launchbox and the community here on the forums. This is my first post and I am having an odd issue. I got Killer Instinct working on MAME but when I try to import it to Launchbox it shows the game as being imported then imports 0. Has anyone else had this issue? Thank you, 8BitJay
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