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  1. Getting this error when importing a full MAME set (.249). This is on version 12.16. Launchbox won't even let me import this set at all. Tried multiple times. Debug logs attached. Debug 2022-10-28 09-07-26 PM.log
  2. Hello I received the following error message when trying to import Epic games... This comes after I have entered code from authenticator app. I tried a few times to ensure code was correct, but issue persist. How can I fix this please? Thank you
  3. Hi! I'm completely new to LaunchBox and I'm having some trouble with importing my steam games. I have made sure my profile is public and I've typed my id correctly, I even tested importing from a friends account and it still won't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Edit: (August 10, 2022) beta version 0.04. Fixed: Import clones as Additional Apps now works. Edit: (August 26, 2021) beta version 0.03. Now strips (regions) and (notes) from game Titles. Added notes [below] for downloading Metadata. Edit: (June 28, 2021) beta version 0.02. Now supported in LaunchBox Version 11.3 and up. This plugin will import “Custom” made MAME xml files. With this plugin, you can import games from a Custom xml file into any Platform (new or existing) and set the Emulator for the imported games to whatever you want, regardless of the Platforms default Emulator (if importing to an existing one). If you import them into a new Platform, the “Scrape As” for the Platform will be set to “Arcade”. The xml file MUST be laid out in a standard MAME Machines format. MAME’s softlist xml files are formatted differently and WILL NOT work with this plugin. (Use the other plugin) This only imports the games into LaunchBox giving them their 'proper' game Name/Title as per MAME. Use LaunchBox's built in Download Metadata and Media Wizard to get you game data, images and videos. You'll also need to setup any required Custom Command Line Parameters for your Emulators (i.e. DEmul - for Naomi needs "-run=naomi -rom= ") History Years ago I imported a personally ‘curated’ set of MAME roms into LB/BB. This left out a lot of games available in MAME Including clones and games (partially or otherwise) unplayable in MAME. Including Sega Model 2/3, and Naomi. I keep this “personally curated set” in my D:\LaunchBox\Games\Arcade folder. I have also keep a Full (non-merged) set updated on my backup drive. Thought being, keep the games available in LaunchBox, “inside” LaunchBox while maintaining my full set elsewhere. As time went on and my Cab and I ‘matured’, I discovered SuperModel and DEmul. Great! But I can’t even create Playlists because these games aren’t ‘pre-existing’ in LB. So now it’s just a matter of getting those roms from the full set into LB/BB. That’s where this plugin comes into play. Using the plugin Download and unblock the zip. Copy the folder inside the zip into your ../LaunchBox/Plugins folder. i.e. D:\LaunchBox\Plugins\ImportMAMExml\MAMExmlImporter.dll Start LaunchBox. Select Tools, MAME xml Importer beta 0.03 The process should be fairly intuitive by just going through the Import Wizard. Select the folder where your Custom xml files are located. Select an xml. Choose a Platform (new or existing). Select your Emulator. Filter the clones (Import: All, as additional apps, none). Select the roms’ source folder (if copying them). Select the roms’ destination folder (required to set the launch path for the games). Select Copy & Import or Import Only. Downloading Metadata Right click on the new Platform and select “Edit”. Make sure the Scrape As: is set to “Arcade” and then click “OK”. Click on one of the games, then press CTRL+A to select all games. Now click Tools and select Download Metadata and Media and follow the prompts. Be sure to check the box for: Search for game information and media from the LaunchBox Games Database (recommended). I recommend at this point to not download Media. [just to make sure all goes well with getting the metadata] Click on Select None when prompted (again if you have an EmuMovies account). Click Yes, download and replace all existing metadata and media. Then click Finish. Creating your own Custom xml I imagine there are many different ways to do this and even places to download them. Here’s 2 methods to create your own Custom xml. In MAME itself: You’ll need the “driver.ini” file which you can get from http://www.progettosnaps.net/renameset/. Click on “category.ini (0.22x)” to download. Inside the zip file, copy the “folders” folder into your D:\MAME\ini directory. D:\emulators\MAME\ini\folders\ You may need to add ;ini\folders to your “mame.ini”, “inipath” line. (?) # # CORE SEARCH PATH OPTIONS # homepath . rompath roms hashpath hash samplepath samples artpath artwork ctrlrpath ctrlr inipath ini;ini/folders Open MAME and click “Category” [on the left pane]. Now select “File <driver.ini>”. Under “Group” select the driver you want to sort by and then “Return to Previous Menu” You’ll now see only the games (56 in this case) for this particular driver. Now click the yellow floppy disk at top [“Export displayed list to a file”] and double click “Export list in XML format (like –listxml, but exclude devices)”. Your “Custom” xml will be saved to D:\emulators\MAME\ui\exported.xml. If you do more than one, they will be named “exported_0000.xml”, “exported_0001.xml” and so on. Tip: If you want to expand you sort filters, instead of “Category” select “Custom Filter” (selecting the File and Group as one of your filters). Using the Arcade Database website: http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/default.php Click “Machines” “Additional Filters” “Driver” tab Under “Source File”, type in the driver you want to filter by. Click Search. You’ll now be seeing just the games for that driver/source file. Now click “Options” and select “Export the results”. Give it a Title. Click “MAME (xml)” and click “Export”. Your file is now downloaded. Tip: Look through the other tabs for more filter options. I don't know if this is practical or even useful for anyone else. Or if there's already an easier way to do it. But it was fun to make AND it works. At least it does on my cab. If you decide to try it and have any thoughts, suggestion or whatever (good, bad or indifferent), ... leave a post letting me know. ImportMAMExml-beta-04.zip
  5. In the games database (https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/), the total number of games for each platform must be indicated. I think it's something important that should be seen. Likewise, when you import roms from LaunchBox it should tell you how many games you are importing before hitting the accept button.
  6. I was running into a problem where Amazon games I added through the importer would launch the Amazon games app as well. This was fine until you exit the game and the app would be on top of BigBox. I was able to get around this by editing the application path to the game exe directly. This solved my issue but I was wondering if I missed something when I imported these games or if it was just an api thing. Thanks for any feedback and hope this help solve this issue for another.
  7. Hello all! I just did a big update to all my MAME files for the first time in a while and I am unsure of how I go about getting "new" games to show up in LaunchBox. There have been a few new games added to MAME since I first imported everything, and I was wondering how to get LaunchBox to show them. Do I just import everything again like it's the first time ever? Also is there a way to make LaunchBox auto-sync so it automatically adds new games it finds in my C:\MAME\ROMS folder? I also for the first time downloaded the Software List set which is for console games like NES, SNES, Sega Master System, etc. These will all be running in MAME but I do not want any of those ROMs to show up in the "Arcade" menu. I would like them to be separated by individual consoles, even though they are all being played through MAME. Is there any way to do that? Finally I am seeing a lot mentioned in regards to a mame.xml file and how it gets updated, and I just downloaded the newest version of groovyMAME and there is no mame.xml file in there. From what I understand, LaunchBox requires an updated MAME.XML in order to import properly. Where do I obtain this normally? Like I said there was no mame.xml in the mame download zip I just got. Thanks so much in advance!
  8. This is extremely frustrating. It does the same thing with Epic, but if I click around for a while I'm able to make it work with Epic, but I've been trying to import Microsoft games for 30 minutes with no luck, just a blank screen. What am I supposed to do here? Can someone help me please?
  9. I was adding some steam games last night and one of them kept giving me the error "Could not import game "": An item with the same key has already been added. " The game was Nights of Azure 2, and I did have the previous game, but I didn't have the game already synced. I'm not sure what is causing it, or what to do to fix it. I found kind of a work around by just adding it manually and directing it to the link in the steam file, but that is not a very clean solution as the steam menu pops up and then the game screen is tiny unlike the others that open full screen, and the screen that pops up asks me if i want to start the game, as in start the booting into the game process, this is very clunky and annoying, but it's the best I could do. I'm hoping that someone can help me fix this problem and get it working correctly, or if i will just keep getting this era every time i sync a new steam game, unless i scroll through and uncheck it. any help would be very much appreciated. ?
  10. Hello! I started setting up LB for the first time this week, and all but two of my systems have imported as expected. After I import Commodore 64 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum the copying of files and scanning for metadata goes as expected, but the platform is never created. I don't see them on my platform list or when I go to Manage Platforms. All the games are in my LaunchBox/Games folder for the respective platforms but there is no evidence of the platform in LB's UI. I have not allowed all of the metadata and images to download completely as I am importing several platforms and don't want to wait that long, could that be what is causing the issue? Like I said, these are the only two platforms I am having issues with, but I have not allowed any platform to fully download metadata and images yet. In my source folder for the ZX Spectrum roms each game has a folder of 5-6 individual flies but when I import to LB all files seem to get mixed up into a single folder. Does this mean that each file for each game is being recognized as it's own game? Do I need to convert each game folder to a single file of some sort before I import? Is there a way to tell LB to recognize each folder as a single game instead of each file? I have several filetypes in my Sinclair ZX Spectrum Games folder in the LB Games folder. .$b .asm .dsk .fdi .jsw .mgt .rom .scl .sna .tap .trd .tzx .z80 .zxs All of my C64 files are .tap. I have already ensured that I have a core loaded in Retroarch as the emulator for both of these platforms. Any help you can offer would be extremely appreciated!
  11. having issues when uploading my PSP ROM's to launchbox where its not differentiating between the files internals and the actual game therefore not uploading the game properly. any help with this?
  12. I've been trying to import my steam games in launchbox but I keep on getting this error message: " Your account could not be accessed " . I've done it many times on other pcs and never got this problem... I've tried it 10 minutes ago on my laptop and it worked fine i imported all my games. The problem occurs only on one of my pcs. I need help please.
  13. When Importing modern games and downloadable content add-ons I'm having a problem in which Launch box is unable to recognize DLC and group it with the games that they belong with, instead it imports DLC as separate games (DLC shows no data or pictures, games do). The files that I have for the X360 XBLA (Xbox 360 Live Arcade) don't have file extensions, so that may make it harder for LaunchBox to import the content properly. I also thought my issue might be caused by having different file names of games and DLC. Is there a proper format for DLC? This is an example of how I have mine labeled now: "3D Ultra Mini Golf 2 [258410A3B] Fairy Tales Map Pack (DLC)". Perhaps the title of the DLC should be in parenthesis or next to game title, is there a guide for this? (more modern console examples) Shouldn't Launch box show what DLC you have with the associated games in the games details? (that seems like a standard feature for modern consoles) Rather than combine each DLC to their game individually in Lunchbox after importing them (unable to do so, greyed out combine button). How do I properly import this DLC so that it is sorted properly? Also adding an option to not import .zip and .7z file format for ALL consoles would be helpful.
  14. Greetings - If this post is somewhere, I apologize but have not been able to find a similar issue posted. Recently, when I try to import, Epic, Origin, or Steam, it locks up after downloading pictures at "Searching for and deleting duplicate pictures" - I've waited hours to see if it was just taking a while, but never gets passed that portion. Any help would be appreciated. I am running the latest build. Thanks, Thirst
  15. I'm trying to import my steam library into launchbox but it's only showing 4 of my games out of 120 What i've done is: - Import Steam Games - Entered Steam Community ID from the screenshot - Entered my steam API key - Platform : Windows - Search for game information in the local metadata database - All Images Selected : Shows me 4 games
  16. I'm having an odd issue with Launchbox. In general had no problems but this specific game (Chaos Heat) will not work in Launchbox no matter what. It works without a problem in MAME when the application is used directly, but when the CHD (this is a CHD-only game) is imported to Launchbox, a couple of key things go wrong. First, the metadata does not get properly configured. The game is in LaunchBoxDB, but it is not recognized as a valid game and the name does not even set properly (screenshots below). I can manually go in and set the name and import the metadata after the fact, but this does not fix the second, primary issue. The game will not launch through Launchbox no matter what I do. This cannot be overstated, no matter what settings I play with I cannot get this game to work. I have several other CHD-only games that all function in Launchbox without a problem and there is virtually nothing I can find that is unique about this game's case to point to in this case. I have other games on Taito's G-NET System that all work and are running identical configurations (and in fact Super Puzzle Bobble is a G-NET game that also CHD-Only, and this game works without issue!). I am drawing blanks here and pulling my hair out over this game, so I wanted to post over here and see if anyone has any idea. I will include a detailed walkthrough of my setup below so you all can get an idea of what I am running to (hopefully) spot something that can help. First, the configuration of the specific MAME build I am using for G-NET games (Chaos Heat included): I use this config setup for all of my MAME games in general, and have had no issue before. Here is the listing in the import wizard. Usually it would list the game properly, such as listing "Chaos Heat" instead of rom name "chaosheat". This is the first oddity I notice when importing. When I click "Finish" and let it import, here's what the finished product has for metadata (nothing): A few oddities here. First, it does list that it is grabbing the images when importing, but goes way too fast and doesn't show any when finished. Also, you can see it does link to the correct LaunchboxDB item, but as shown it doesn't correctly grab the name for some reason? The metadata is at least there for this game, as inaccurate as it is. Once I manually import the pictures, the next thing is to try to play the game. When I try to do this Launchbox does the same thing that it would do if a game was missing a rom file or something similar: it displays the loading screen and then immediately quits back to the game list. No error messages or anything. Problem is, there are no errors for me to troubleshoot in this case since the game functions completely fine when I launch it directly through MAME, and it plays without any issue! This is a great game and it pains me that it is being so troublesome to set up. If anyone has anything they can suggest to try or at least if anyone can verify that the game works fine for them it would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to let me know if anyone needs more information on this and I would be happy to help, I just want my Chaos Heat! ? Here's a screenshot showing the game is indeed working for me through MAME directly:
  17. The new steam client is a disaster so I have found my way here! Your video tutorial is out of date and the forum links in the import wizard don't work so please help... I've used the Steam "profile" number as the identifier as the URL has changed since the tutorial was made I have created API key I have made my profile and games list public The import wizard says my account could not be accessed. Any workaround for this please?
  18. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this or not. But anyways, I'm missing 28 games from my ROMs folder. These ROMs have already been sorted out by myself as 'parents only' (from m HyperSpin set), and I'd have liked to have all of them imported to Launchbox (with or without meta data), but it seems that if a MAME ROM is not in the database, it is not imported. I don't like that - if a ROM is going to be skipped like that, it would be nice if Launchbox would at the very least create a list of games that were skipped, so that I can then add the games manually, and enter in the meta data. Any chance of something like this being implemented? Maybe Launchbox could generate a text file with the list of ROM files that were skipped.
  19. I have found a few threads from last year that provide a laborious workaround for this, but I can't find anything recent. Does this still require a kludgy hack? I have most of my games installed on a removable drive. Launchbox is on the same drive. I can point it at the correct folder for my DOSBox games, and it works fine, but it still seems to only look for games that Windows knows about and has in the Start menu. I have quite a few games from GOG, and a fair number installed from physical media. They are all nicely stored in specific folders, but DOSBox doesn't know they are there, and there is no option I can find to have it scan those folders for games. The hack, as I understand it, is to have LaunchBox scan those folders for either DOSBox games (which only works if the games are .exe files) or any given emulator, then correct the access type to direct run manually on each game. I am still just barely at the point where that might be feasible, but before I do, I would like to confirm that this is this seriously the way this still works; I am really hoping I am just missing a fix that occurred in the meantime.
  20. When I import MAME as an Arcade platform with a full set, it parses the file names and I can see that the Neo Geo games from the set are going to be imported, but when the import is complete none of them show up. Anyone else notice that the Neo Geo games don't show up under Arcade? Am I doing something wrong?
  21. Hi guys, I had to rebuild my LB library from scratch lately and did import my mame 0.194 merged set. Thing is, I usually had a last "screen" with several checkboxes allowing me to avoid importing clones, etc. This screen doesn't shown anymore and I now end up with all these terrible clones, adult games, gamble games etc. (8500+ games in total). Any clue how I can fix this ? thanks !!!
  22. Hello, I recently imported a full MAME set. During the process I selected to use games in their current location and to remove duplicates, hacked, mature, casino etc. This has left me with a significantly smaller list which I prefer. My question is I want to free up space on my hard drive and would like to remove the games that were not imported to Launchbox due to them either not working properly, not matching my preferred region, and/or my personal exclusion preferences. Is there an easy way to identify the ROMs in my current folder that were not imported to Launchbox for deletion (I have backups on an external hard drive) now that I have decided to not copy them into the Launchbox folder during the importing process? Thank you, Tom
  23. Hi, I've been importing 630 Mame games through Launchbox (the All Killer No Filler list to be precise) but 5 specific ones are not added to my library when I try to import them: - Battle Rangers - Caveman Ninja - Guerilla War - LIght Bringer - Spot Does anyone have an idea why and how to fix this? Thanks!
  24. I have been using Retropie but now moving to a PC based system and purchased BigBox.. Is there an easy way to use my retropie drive? I have over 2TB on an external drive complete with metadata and artwork.. Would love to be able to reuse them all.. I can import the ROMs but the drive is full of all the other stuff retropie uses and would be a PITA to clean it all out..
  25. The steam import app is not working!!! I try importing games and it just hangs in the screen forever, not sure why since it was working without any issues
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