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Found 9 results

  1. I decided to give launchbox a try again. spent close to 2 hours importing my mame roms in, with no extras like the manuals or boxes. and coming close to taking a long time with a handful of n64 games. i dunno what's going on cause previous versions never took this long.
  2. So I just made the jump over here from GameEX. I loved the front-end but the UI just didn't update well, so hello! I've begun importing my ROMs and was wondering if I could queue a handful of system to scan say over night. It seems that I can not add a new set of ROMs till the past one is done scanning. Am I able to import the info (for example) Sega 32X, NES, Playstation, of where all these ROM are located, then set LaunchBox to start scanning all new ROMs? Thanks for the help and can't wait to get creating!
  3. I know Steam mucked up a lot of things recently, but this has been happening intermittently for quite a while now. I am keeping up with the latest betas (lifetime premium member) in the hopes this is a bug, but now it is getting to be more consistently bad. I import games with my Steam API Key, check every box to metadata and images, and some games don't import anything except the Steam banner. I have plenty of other games that do import the metadata (like Publisher, Genre, etc.), but many do not, and the process is the same for me each time. When I try to update metadata it usually only gives me the Wikipedia prompt (which I don't want) and still does not give me anything from Steam. If I check the Steam game itself on Steam, the game has plenty of videos, images and metadata, and I can manually save them and update each game, but that is not something I do for the other games that work. Am I doing something wrong, is this a fundamental misunderstanding on my part on how this feature works (like if it is not in the Games DB it won't update the game?), or is this a bug? Anyone else have this issue? Some examples of missing game data: TINY METAL (meta and images) Sorcerer King: Rivals (images) Dungeons & Robots (meta and images) Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (images) In these above examples, they were all imported at the same time with other games that had both metadata and images (on July 2, 2018, if that helps). I have more examples if needed, but that is the most recent import. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! As a side note, I turned off my firewall to make sure that was not affecting anything, but then again, I would think all the games would fail with it it on if it was part of the problem. Either way, the result is the same. I also went through the Download Metadata and Media Wizard with no change.
  4. For some reason when I am trying to import my steam games I am getting stuck on the "Please wait while parsing your steam account..." Some additional information this only happens when I am importing steam games. Windows and roms are fine. However I noticed that when I import windows games and it also has the "parsing files" window it has a loading wheel on my mouse when i hover over it. However, this does not happen when I am stuck on the same parsing window for steam. So is it not even running a process? Please let me know what I can do I really do enjoy this interface.
  5. Hi, first time posting here. First of all, the software is awesome. The best thing that happened in the emulation scene for me. I really like it! With that said, I have a simple question that didn't returned a proper answer while doing a quick search both on the forums or google: Is the connection to Launchbox servers really that slow? I'm asking because when I try to import let's say... 5 games. Only 5 games takes me around 20-30min! I double checked the speed while downloading the metadata and it never goes past the 0.5mbps. Also, even when trying to update my Lauchbox from 7.10 to the new 7.14 takes me forever, and the speed is about the same: 0.5mbps (megabit, not megabyte). Emumovies is slow but not that much, as it gets past the 5mbps mark, even with a Lifetime account. Please don't blame my ISP 'cos I switched recently to a new one and the speed issues with the launchbox server is the same if not worst then before. I had a 10mbit connection when I bought Lauchbox 7.10 some months ago, now I have a 120mbit connection from a different ISP. It seems to me that the software or the server does not allow multiple connections at once from the same IP address. I tried to force it with a download manager, and the lauchbox server only let me open one single connection to download the software. I had to download my 7.14 update from Majorgeeks site due this issue. I'm not here to complain, so all I would like to know is: Is the connection really so slow indeed? Is there anything I can do to improve the situation? The only thing I've tried until now is to change the DNS to the google ones (, instead of using the ones provided by my ISP. The issue persists. I live in Brazil by the way. Again, thanks for the software and for the updates. Really amazing piece of software!!!
  6. I have read through the forums but can not find how to import all of my ps1 games. It is the latest US playstation redump collection with 1719 roms. I think they are all in bin and cue format. Only around 1450 import. I Did the rom scan and the missing games are found but at the end it says 0 games imported. I did see where someone said to delete the LB xml file but i did not see this in the newest version of LB in the root of the LB install folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. N64 roms imported great. Thank You for any help with this.
  7. I have all of my systems setup and running great! Mame, Consoles, Steam etc. However, I cannot get the new KI to import. Also, because it's a Microsoft store game, I can't find the .exe to create a shortcut. It can't be this difficult! lol, I'm not a complete noob... Any advice you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated. Also, I searched for the folders and did find a killerinstinct folder buried in appdata\local\packages... but there was no .exe. Double also, I'm using win10 Thanks for taking the time to read/reply, Jmog
  8. When try to import WiiU ROMs in Loadiine format, I found that Launchbox list every single files in the game folder. How can I tell Launchbox to import *.rpx files ONLY? I didn't found such settings. Example: importing two games: Mario Kart 8 and Xenoblade Chronicles X This is what happened when I try to import ROMs using `Scan for Added ROMs`, there're only 2 roms, but launchbox listed like 25k files, the window freeze for 5+ seconds if I try to select and delete some of them. I mean, seriously? Launchbox even list *.tga, *.h264, *.svg, *.url, *.xml files. I don't know there were WiiU games in *.url format, amazing, can I play it with my Firefox? I know I can import from files instead but `Scan ROMs` is much better if it has a file type filter: 1. `Scan for Added ROMs`with filter - Simply click, click `Next` 3 times then we arrived the Ready to Import window, since there're only *.rpx files we can click Finish immediately. - Done, we finished importing for newly added ROMs in 4 simple clicks gracefully 2. `Scan for Added ROMs`without filter - Simply click, click `Next` 3 times then ....then window freeze for 10+ seconds, then we arrived the Ready to Import window - Ok we need to delete everything except *.rpx files, which means you need to found those *.rpx files out in 25k+ files, and each action (select/delete) freeze the window for 5+ seconds - After few freezes we finished importing for 2 new ROMs. I can tell you it will be {5 * roms} seconds of freeze before the Ready window showing, {15k * roms} files listed in the Ready window. Good luck filtering manually. 3. Import from files - Choose add files, then navigate to the deep path where you store your roms because Launchbox can't remember what the folder was last time - Type *.rpx in the right top corner and try to figure out which one is the newly added ROM because game name & rpx file name are usually different and unrelated. - Choose what platform the game is, again - Choose what emulator it use, again - Choose dont-move-my-roms option, again - Click `Next` 4 times then wow, finally we arrived the Ready to Import window - Done. But next time you added a ROM, you need to repeat all the steps above, AGAIN. Every SINGLE time. That's extreme tedious and annoying. So I hope there're filters before Launchbox list all unrelated files. Wildcard, regex, autohotkey script or whatever, better than nothing.
  9. Hi Everyone, Just discovered Launch Box and I'm impressed with what I have seen so far but I wanted to give it a try with my Steam games before I attempt to import the many Emulation Roms that I have. But right away I have run into a big issue. I followed this video tutorial below but my steam profile page does not list my name in the adress like in the video. It goes more like this: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005098215/ Instead of: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SentaiBrad Like with Sentai Brad's is in the video. So I put my name into Launchbox anyway and it finds a bunch of games but only a few of them are correct, most of them are not even in my steam library and most of them don't even come up at all (many of them well known games). I also just tried putting the numbers into Launchbox but it tells me that nothing is found and it cant continue, also I made sure my profile is public so that cant be the problem. How do I fix this please?
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