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  1. Version 1.0.0


    The FreeIntv core does a great job of making the Intellivision's unique controls accessible on modern pads. But even with easy access to all the buttons, I'm always wondering "which ones does this game actually use?". Scans of the overlay sheets, in wildly varying quality, are easy enough to find but I wanted something a little more unified and true-to-life. So I went through 135 original Intellivision releases and made these side-by-side images of the left controller with the overlay and the right controller without (or featuring unique overlays for a couple specific titles). Sources & Design The image of the Intellivision controller comes from Ricky Romero on Dribbble. I edited it to cover the game overlays somewhat realistically and add some shadowing effects. The overlays themselves come from various sources but were mainly copied from intvfunhouse.com (and by extension, Psycho Stormtrooper and the LaunchBox Games Database). Very little editing has been done to the overlays to clean them up. Some received a basic sharpening, some blemishes were cleaned up, and the tops of a few were split apart so the titles show more legibly above the frame. These are NOT meant to look 100% exactly like they do when nestled in a real Intellivision controller. Unique Overlays Most Intellivision games came with two identical overlays for Player 1 and Player 2, but some ambitious releases used unique designs and functions across multiple overlays. In these cases, images are provided to show each one. These titles include: Mr. BASIC Meets Bits 'n Bytes Melody Blaster Microsurgeon Triple Challenge (Checkers, Chess, Backgammon) USCF Chess World Series Major League Baseball Games Included I did not create an image for demo, test, prototype, unreleased, or homebrew titles. Basically this is just the retail releases and any handmade overlays that Psycho Stormtrooper had contributed in the past. Below is a list of the games with images that I created: ABPA Backgammon ~ Backgammon (World) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (USA, Europe) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Treasure of Tarmin (USA) Air Strike (USA) (Proto) Armor Battle (USA, Europe) Astrosmash (USA, Europe) Atlantis (USA, Europe) Auto Racing (World) B-17 Bomber (USA, Europe) Beamrider (USA, Europe) Beauty & the Beast (USA, Europe) Blockade Runner (USA) Body Slam! - Super Pro Wrestling (USA) Bomb Squad (USA) Boxing (World) Bump 'n' Jump (USA) BurgerTime (USA, Europe) Buzz Bombers (USA, Europe) (Alt 1) Buzz Bombers (USA, Europe) Carnival (USA, Europe) Centipede (USA) Championship Tennis (Europe) Checkers ~ Draughts (USA, Europe) Chip Shot - Super Pro Golf (USA) Commando (USA) Congo Bongo (USA) Defender (USA) Demon Attack (USA, Europe) Dig Dug (USA) Diner (USA) Donkey Kong (USA, Europe) Donkey Kong Junior (USA, Europe) Dracula (USA, Europe) Dragonfire (USA, Europe) Dreadnaught Factor, The (USA) Duncan's Thin Ice (USA) Electric Company, The - Math Fun (USA, Europe) Electric Company, The - Word Fun (USA, Europe) Fathom (USA, Europe) Frog Bog (World) Frogger (USA, Europe) Happy Trails (USA, Europe) Horse Racing (World) Hover Force (USA) Ice Trek (USA, Europe) Jetsons' Ways with Words, The (USA) Kool-Aid Man (USA) Lady Bug (USA, Europe) Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (World) Las Vegas Roulette (World) Learning Fun I - Math Master, Factor Fun (USA) Learning Fun II - Word Wizard, Memory Fun (USA) Lock 'N' Chase (USA, Europe) (Rev 1) Lock 'N' Chase (USA, Europe) Loco-Motion (USA) Magic Carousel (USA) (Proto) (Alt 1) Magic Carousel (USA) (Proto) Major League Baseball ~ Big League Baseball ~ Baseball (World) Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man (USA, Europe) Melody Blaster (USA, Europe) Microsurgeon (USA, Europe) Mind Strike (USA, Europe) Minotaur (USA) Mission X (USA, Europe) Motocross (USA) Mountain Madness - Super Pro Skiing (USA) Mouse Trap (USA, Europe) Mr. BASIC Meets Bits 'N Bytes (USA)(Mr. BASIC) Mr. BASIC Meets Bits 'N Bytes (USA) (LEFT Vampire Bats) Mr. BASIC Meets Bits 'N Bytes (USA)(LEFT The Cannon) Mr. BASIC Meets Bits 'N Bytes (USA)(RIGHT The Cannon) NASL Soccer ~ Soccer (World) NBA Basketball ~ Basketball (USA, Europe) NFL Football ~ Football (World) NHL Hockey ~ Hockey (World) Night Stalker (World) Nova Blast (USA, Europe) Pac-Man (USA) (Atarisoft) Pac-Man (USA) (INTV Corp.) Party Line - Blow Out (USA) (Proto) PBA Bowling ~ Bowling (World) PGA Golf ~ Golf (World) Pinball (USA) Pitfall! (USA, Europe) Pole Position (USA) Popeye (USA, Europe) Q-bert (USA, Europe) Reversi (USA, Europe) River Raid (USA, Europe) (Beta) River Raid (USA, Europe) Royal Dealer (USA, Europe) Safecracker (USA, Europe) Scooby Doo's Maze Chase (USA, Europe) Sea Battle (World) Sewer Sam (USA) Shark! Shark! (USA, Europe) Sharp Shot (USA, Europe) Slam Dunk - Super Pro Basketball (USA) Slap Shot - Super Pro Hockey (USA) SNAFU (World) Space Armada (World) Space Battle (World) Space Hawk (USA, Europe) Space Spartans (USA, Europe) Spiker - Super Pro Volleyball (USA) Stadium Mud Buggies (USA) Stampede (USA, Europe) Star Strike (World) Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (USA, Europe) Sub Hunt (USA, Europe) Super Cobra (Europe, Canada) Super Pro Decathlon (USA) Super Pro Football (USA) Swords & Serpents (USA, Europe) Tennis (World) Thunder Castle (USA) Tower of Doom (USA) Triple Action (World) Triple Challenge - Chess, Checkers, Backgammon (USA) Triple Challenge - Chess, Checkers, Backgammon (USA)(Backgammon) Triple Challenge - Chess, Checkers, Backgammon (USA)(LEFT Chess) Triple Challenge - Chess, Checkers, Backgammon (USA)(RIGHT Chess) TRON Deadly Discs (USA, Europe) TRON Maze-A-Tron (USA, Europe) TRON Solar Sailer (USA, Europe) Tropical Trouble (USA, Europe) Truckin' (USA) Turbo (USA, Europe) Tutankham (Europe) US Ski Team Skiing ~ Skiing (World) USCF Chess ~ Chess (USA, Europe) Utopia (USA, Europe) Vectron (USA, Europe) (Alt 1) Vectron (USA, Europe) Venture (USA, Europe) White Water! (USA, Europe) World Championship Baseball (USA) World Cup Football (Europe) World Series Major League Baseball (USA) [LEFT American League] World Series Major League Baseball (USA)(RIGHT National League) Worm Whomper (USA, Europe) Zaxxon (USA, Europe)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The front covers that these use are not mine they were on my hard drives that I downloaded ages ago, don't know who they belong to, I created the Carts. If there are any mistakes or missing covers let me know at jayrox1965@yahoo.co.uk and I will try to fix them, thanks.
  3. Mattel Intellivision - 2D Cart Fronts View File The front covers that these use are not mine they were on my hard drives that I downloaded ages ago, don't know who they belong to, I created the Carts. If there are any mistakes or missing covers let me know at jayrox1965@yahoo.co.uk and I will try to fix them, thanks. Submitter jayrox Submitted 04/22/2022 Category Game Cart Images  
  4. Can anyone help me run intellivision roms in launchbox? I have no idea what i'm doing What emulator should I be using and such. p.s. I've got the roms installed.
  5. Mattel Intellivision Silver Ring View File Template and Platform logo files are included in the archive. Submitter dragon57 Submitted 09/28/2018 Category Game Clear Logos  
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Template and Platform logo files are included in the archive.
  7. Mattel Intellivision Clear Logos View File Here's clear logos for the Intellivision. I made them for myself but I thought I would share. I like all my wheels sexy Submitter Antny Submitted 05/04/2018 Category Platform Clear Logos
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Here's clear logos for the Intellivision. I made them for myself but I thought I would share. I like all my wheels sexy
  9. Intellivision Cinematic Video View File Intellivision Cinematic Video I call this one "All good things..." 1080p60fps Submitter RetroHumanoid Submitted 06/07/2017 Category Platform Theme Videos
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