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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This pack includes some images for this system. I'll upload more images to complete the romset. Ther're not included beta games. Hope enjoy.
  2. I don't know if this will be handy for anyone else, but here it is. Another Phoenix rom launcher. So, the other week, I came across an impressive emulator for the 3DO & Jaguar called the Phoenix emulator. After looking for a way to integrate it into LB, I came across @jophran's excellent "ROMLauncherPhoenix" program. It worked great for injecting the rom path into the Phoenix's config file, then launching and making Phoenix full screen. In fact, his program is probably a better option for those with uncompressed images or smaller collections. I decided to go "all-in" with this setup. But I also decided to update my collection to the entire N. American releases (yeah, I'm a sucker for cheesy 3DO games) and I wanted to compress the images to save space. Since Phoenix doesn't work with CHD, I used Phoenix's built-in compression format ".binar" (but I also compressed my bin/cue files to CHD for archiving). After getting over 170+ compressed 3DO images and 56 Jaguar roms imported into Phoenix, I noticed that Phoenix had an excessive lag time on startup - somewhere between 4 - 5 minutes! Crap, that's disappointing.... but it got me thinking about how Jophran's script was used to launch Phoenix. I got the idea that I could cut down on the excessive startup time by replacing all the rom info in Phoenix's config file with only the rom info for the image I was launching. Wrote it up, tested it, works great, now here it is. Here's how it works: Setup: - First, make sure all 3DO & Jaguar roms have been properly imported into the Phoenix emulator. The games don't have to be moved from LB! But Phoenix has to know where they are (and apparently their fast-md5, md5, & sh1 values). So import them into Phoenix first. - Put this script's executable into the Phoenix emulator directory. - Start the "_Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.exe" with no command line options to bring up the Backup Utility window. - Use the Backup Utility to create a backup copy of the "full" Phoenix config file. - Set Launchbox to use this program as the default emulator for 3DO and/or Jaguar games. (use the default emulator settings) Useage: - Launch a 3DO/Jaguar game from LaunchBox. (this will cause the Phoenix.config.xml file to be modified!) - The program will magically search the backup xml file for that game's info. - It will then delete all the previous game info from Phoenix's config file and inject this single game's info. - Last, it will launch the Phoenix emulator and make it full screen. As an extra bonus, I included the option to enable a builtin "AutoKey" feature that will close the Phoenix emulator with the [Esc] key (but only as long as Phoenix stays the active window). This option can be set either in the Backup Utility or in the ini file the program creates on first run. This program was created with AutoIt, so virus scanners may complain. I have included the source code for anyone to look over or compile for themselves. I've also included a couple of images to explain how to use the program to create the backup file or to restore from it. It's literally just a copy of the "full" Phoenix config file that gets moved back & forth. The program comes with no warranties, but I tried to make it as child proof as I can. Enjoy! and if you use it, let me know how it goes or if there's any problems. Oh.. as an additional note: If you want add any new games to your Phoenix 3DO/Jaguar library, you'll need to: - Launch the Backup Utility to restore the original Phoenix.config.xml file using the restore feature. - Import the new games into Phoenix. - Delete the old "_Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.xml" file that's inside the Phoenix program folder. - Launch the Backup Utility to create a new backup file. (This creates the new "_Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.xml" file) - Then use as normal. _Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.au3 _Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.exe
  3. Atari Jaguar 3D Boxes View File Some of the front covers that these use are not mine they were on my hard drives that I downloaded ages ago, don't know who they belong to, I created the 3D Boxes. If there are any mistakes or missing covers let me know at jayrox1965@yahoo.co.uk and I will try to fix them, thanks. Submitter jayrox Submitted 04/11/2022 Category Game Box Art  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Some of the front covers that these use are not mine they were on my hard drives that I downloaded ages ago, don't know who they belong to, I created the 3D Boxes. If there are any mistakes or missing covers let me know at jayrox1965@yahoo.co.uk and I will try to fix them, thanks.
  5. Got the two previous Phoenix launchers working but didn't want to have to preload all my games first into Phoenix for it to work as I usually add my games piecemeal. Decided to write a new one that will properly inject just a singular game with it's necessary data (hashes, file size, etc) into the XML and then launch the emulator and send it keystrokes to make it fullscreen. Future launches will clear out any previous written XML in the pertinent areas so that the rom area of the config file stays clean. 1. Install Phoenix emulator 2. Run it at least once so the config file is created. You also should click on the Jaguar icon on the left sidebar as seen in the image below so it's config section is also properly created. 3. If you're going to be using it for 3DO, you should go to 'File' -> 'Add BIOS to 3DO folder' and choose a valid 3DO bios. This will make it appear under the 'BIOS' node when on the 3DO view of the emulator. The next step is very important. You must double click the newly added bios file in the 'BIOS' node so it 'attaches' it to the emulator. The text becomes bold if you've done this. If you fail to do this when the emulator tries to launch a 3DO ISO via my launcher the emulator will complain you haven't chosen a BIOS file. You need only do this once. 4. Configure any other emulator settings you need (eg Controllers) 5. Close the emulator which will save the configuration file 6. Add your platforms (3DO, Jaguar) to Launchbox as you normally would 7. Go to 'Manage Emulators' and add a new emulator, call it Phoenix and for the EXE path point to LBPhoenixLauncher.exe (which should be in the same folder as the emulator). 8. Under the 'Associated Platforms' tab, add the platforms you're interested in (Jaguar, 3DO). In the 'Default Command-Line Parameters' field, for Jaguar enter 'Jaguar' (without quotes) or '3DO' (without quotes) for 3DO That's it. Games in your collection should now launch Phoenix then enter the necessary keystrokes to enter fullscreen If you're having issues, check LBPhoenixLauncher.log in the same folder as the EXE for clues as to what's going wrong. The app is written in C# for DotNet Core 3.x which you should already have installed as Launchbox also requires it. I've included the source code here as well for transparency Let me know if there are any enhancements / fixes that may need to be addressed! Note: For 3DO games I noticed Phoenix prefers the ISO files over the CUE files but Launchbox will add the CUE files when importing the 3DO games, so watch out for that. Phoenix won't load CUE files. LBPhoenixLauncherSource.zipLBPhoenixLauncher1.0.zip
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Custom Marquees for the Atari Jaguar platform. Examples:
  7. Hey all, has anyone gotten the former MESS systems playable in MAME? None of these seem to be working for me - (Edit: except for Arcade)
  8. Hi, I'm using Retroarch virtualjaguar_libreto.dll to run my Atari Jaguar games, and am running into a lot of issues. The games that are working fine are fun, but it seems to be running a hair too fast. Any tips on slowing this down a touch? Also I'm having trouble using that core with the following games: Battlesphere (not loading) Club Drive (retroarch crashes after driving for a second or two) Cybermorph (sound seems to not work for everything) Iron Soldier (won't get past gun assign screen) Tempest 2000 (super choppy at menus and transitions) Dino Dudes (screen cut off on right) Hover Strike (can't control ship) Power Drive Rally (freezes on race screen) Wolfenstein 3D (will not launch) I had other issues, but this is the primary stuff it seems. I looked up some other emulators and tried Project Tempest for Tempest 2000 and it works great for that specific game, which is nice since it's one of my favorite Jaguar games. I used the custom loader at this thread here, and it launches from Launchbox without any issues: https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/9199-project-tempest-loader/ - but it doesn't work so great for a bunch of the other games, just a few seemed to do well. Anyone having the same issues using the virtualjaguar_libretro.dll core? Also anyone using a different emulator for Jaguar that is running games with fewer issues? Thanks!
  9. Marquees - Atari Jaguar View File Custom Marquees for the Atari Jaguar platform. Examples: Submitter igotdvds Submitted 02/04/2017 Category Game Marquee Images
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