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Found 13 results

  1. So I installed the 11.9 update then changed my theme to retro, then for some strange reason, when I exit an arcade game with the button I have mapped, the buttons and joystick will no longer respond until I use the KB to go into Big Box Options and go into the controller mappings section, then click esc a couple of times and it starts working again. Does anybody know what is causing this? I dont want to have to re-do everything again, I have approximately 4TB's worth games in there and dont want to go through the hassle of re-importing everything if I can avoid it. Everything was working until I did that. I should also mention I needed to delete the bigbox.xml file to get it to see my Aimtrak Lightgun again. It wouldn't pick up my cfg file. Once I deleted the XML file and re-opened big box the guns started working but then I noticed the bug, when I exitied my games. I have done this without the guns plugged in as well.
  2. Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue with AHK and finding my joystick names for remapping. I'm using a GP-wiz 40 encoder and I'm trying to remap the joystick for up/down/left/right respectively. I read through some documentation and I'm not able to figure it out unfortunately. Devices in control panel only lets me see which number the buttons are relating to, not the joystick. Is there an easy way of figuring it out? I tried the test script AHK has but it doesn't seem to recognize my gp-wiz40 for some reason, even though it does in launchbox. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I helped my dear friend build a Bartop. . In the two Joystick sets he bought, these encoders were present . With Mame I have no setting problem , But with retroarch each time you check a button command, the backward menu moves back and forth on its own . Every time I look for a backward solution, I find timely news on retroopie . https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/4794/problems-while-building-my-arcade-with-dragonrise-inc-generic-usb-joystick https://github.com/libretro/retroarch-joypad-autoconfig/blob/master/udev/DragonRise Inc. Gamepad.cfg Now I do not have the bartop with me to do some tests, but somehow I have to try to fix this problem. Does it seem to me that the solution is setting playstation gamepad or wrong? Suggestions?
  4. Hey guys I’m going to build my own 4 player joystick so I’m selling my 2 player recroommasters xtension emulator edition “nes” version to raise some extra dough. Its in great shape, have only had it about 6 months. With 3 young kids and a full time job it hasn’t seen much use. here’s the link on Ebay: https://m.ebay.com/itm/Xtension-Two-Player-Control-Board-Emulator-Edition/272920879451?hash=item3f8b5a215b:g:Ew4AAOSwsYpaAxEv if you’d rather make an offer directly you can email me pattonthompson@gmail.com
  5. Hi Everyone, My setup consists of 4 xinmo joystick controllers. Running windows 10. Windows 10 has successfully configured the sticks numbering them 1-4 I am trying to configure xpadder or antimicro. I cannot save button config files and auto_launch profiles. Does anyone have a quick tutorial I can follow that shows 2 controllers setup simultaneously from the same keyboard, with auto_launching so that the profiles change with each game being loaded. cheers Bman
  6. Ok so currently I have 2 zero second encoder (Bought here), as well as a bliss-box 4-play (purchased here), which is an all in 1 usb controller adapter. It allows you to use any systems controller on the pc. Anyway back to my trouble. My problem is primarily based on the Zero second encoders, as sometimes when I load them they come up as controller 1 and 2, but sometimes they come up as controller 3 and 4. How do I set these up, so that they don't change. I would like to set them up so that they always get 1 and 2 and the bliss-box grabs 3,4,5,6. I was trying to play mame yesterday and earned of this issue, I then reloaded everything and then I got 1 and 2 again.
  7. Hi All, im having some issues with BigBox. After a period of time of non-use (aprox 15mins), BigBox becomes unresponsive with my joysticks and buttons and even the Attract Mode stops working. However when i attempt to interact with BigBox using a PS2 keyboard it responds. Therefore this issue seems to be related to the iPac2 USB controller, however I have enabled USB devices not to sleep in Windows (8.1) but I am still having this issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  8. Ever since I discovered that with the x360CE software I can run Arcade joysticks like an Xbox pad, a world has opened up in front of me. Now I would like to create with you a list of Windows titles that fits in with Bartop Braid Limbo Castilla Maldita Sonic Mania Shovel Knight Volgar The Viking Donkey-Me
  9. Hi all, I've been trying to find a way to automatically swap the joystick ports when loading a C64 rom. Many games use Port 1 as the default for Joystick 1, however a number of games have Port 2 assigned as the default controller. In CCS64 I believe Alt+F10 will swap ports when you launch the application, but does anyone know of a way to send this to CC64 on load or a way to configure per game? Just would rather not have to mess with hitting Alt+F10 whenever I load a ROM that has the joystick swapped to the other port. I am guessing I could map that combination someone to my Xbox One controller someone with a third party app each time I launch, but not sure I'm that committed to this idea. Just curious if anyone has come across any easier way to do this.
  10. Hi Is possible play PC Game like SonicMania with Arcade controller ? Native mode , the encoder is not compatible with directinput . is there a free software or maybe some advanced launchbox option that allows me to control, for example, the directional arrows of the keyboard and the A key?
  11. Hi everyone! I just recently finished building my first bartop and after I assembled everything I noticed that I mistakenly connected X-axis instead of Y. Now, I can reconfigure left, right, up, down in emulators, but in Bigbox/launchbox I can only reconfigure the buttons not the actual stick. I started searching for solutions and I was able to find vJoy+UJR, which works for me, but the problem with it is that I no longer can replace explorer.exe with bigbox.exe, because in this case UJR app won't start. Current workaround is to add both UJR and Bigbox into startup folder and wait until everything loads. Please don't recommend me to disassemble everything and reconnect the joystick as it will involve way too much work and likely will ruin my artwork. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Alex
  12. Ok, I'm just throwing this out here because a "wouldn't it be nice if this where a thing" post in this forum inspired me to develop this. I've got a crazy crude joystick driven PDF viewer for viewing manuals with a Joystick. Currently, the controls are hard coded to support the two controllers I happen to own: XBOX 360 wireless and iBuffalo SNES pads. It MIGHT work with others. I am NOT a .NET developer (I do website development to pay the bills). This is an ALPHA release. It's only a proof of concept and has had super minimal testing. It could crash in any number of horrible ways so please use with caution. In other words "use at your own risk". You can find the full source on GitHub as JPDFViewer. XBOX Controller: A -- Page Down B -- Page UP Pov Hat -- Tap up/down to move a single line. Currently it doesn't scroll, so you must tap per line. Back button: Exit the viewer SNES Pad A -- Page Down B -- Page UP DPAD -- Tap up/down to move a single line. Currently it doesn't scroll, so you must tap per line. Select: Exit the viewer I'm attaching the binary to the Alpha release. To use it, extract the files to the directory of your choosing and make it your default PDF viewer. Obviously this is intended for systems that are used exclusively for LaunchBox/BigBox. Future versions may include a pass-through feature so that only PDF's in your manuals directory open with this. How much dev time this gets depends on if anybody actually wants to use this. JPDF ALPHA.zip
  13. Hello everyone! So I've had this problem with Nestopia. I have two Xbox 360 controllers that I've configured with it. I didn't like the fact that if both weren't on, Nestopia would have a popup saying "One or more joysticks is not connected would you like to remap?" And no matter if I clicked Yes or No, it'd erase my config. So I set the .xml file to read only. That helped and I even managed to get rid if an annoying popup when I closed it saying "Can't save the configuration!" by copying a ePSX ahk script I found online. So what could I do to get rid of the popup "One or Joysticks is not connected"? I've looked everywhere online and on AHK forums and I can't figure out how to automatically close the window when opening a rom using Nestopia. Here's what I've tried: ClosePopup: WinClose, Nestopia return $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } I'm not a coding expert, but I've tried examples similar to what I've read but nothing will get rid of that startup dialog box. I'm just trying to make my setup so I don't need to use a keyboard or mouse.
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