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Found 11 results

  1. I'm not sure where to ask this, I'm guessing 'Features' might be the best place but I'm not sure. This isn't strictly a Launchbox thing but I'd like to use this alongside it... What I'm looking to do is create a 8 (or so) button touchpad program with 8 images / text button I can touch / click that will send a keyboard command, like "Esc" or "Alt F4" or "down arrow" or a combination of several. Ideally this would be placed on an old phone or tablet near my build that I can use for MAME or other emulators that only has the hotkeys that I want for that emulator, right beside me, without the use of a full keyboard or mouse OR hitting TAB or somesuch to open another gui mid-game... I'm thinking maybe an HTML webpage with shortcuts, or a 3rd party program where I can just build a menu / tab driven GUI where I can choose MAME or SEGA or whatever, then have the hotkeys I'd like for each emulator. My issue is that there are different hotkeys to minimize, maximize, exit, bring up the menu, etc etc etc within each emulator and I don't want to have notes or scraps of paper or stickers on my keyboard for everything I need. I want to streamline this and just have a phone or tablet set up with tabs or menus I can set for each emulator i need with my chosen hotkeys. Am I making sense? I'm happy if this is a 3rd / 4th windows screen on the tablet or phone, there's software to extend screens to android. I can easily have this set up to open software, websites or run videos or whatever, but just to press a key or combination of keys... I'm not having much luck so far. I was going to use 'Autorun Typhoon' but it doesn't allow single or multiple key-presses per click/button, only .exe's, videos and other programs. Maybe I'm overthinking this?? Hopefully you understand what I'm trying to achieve, otherwise I'm just another guy who's drunk on the internet.
  2. Ever since the introduction of the screenshot grabber. I've been having a strange issue with certain cores in retroarch. Mainly cores for computers with keyboards. Also requests to save Phantom screenshots after exiting. Its as if my joypad movements are sending keyboard commands to retroarch. It renders the spectrum fuse core unusable. Its definitely a launchbox issue as it all works fine in an earlier version (which i have setup separately & not updated). Also works fine when running retroarch alone. I've changed nothing in settings. I don't have my pad set to do anything like this in launchbox settings either. Strange
  3. Hi, I am trying to set up PPSSPP currently and got it all mapped with AHK using the standard "key down, Sleep 10, key up" method which works fine except I realized something playing Mega Man. Because it just recognizes that the key is pressed down for a short amount of time he only jumps a really low jump. I could increase the sleep time but then he would always just super high. Does anyone have a script for different variables which I can use? What is the workaround that people use for this issue? Thanks.
  4. This issues has been driving me nuts for weeks. I can’t seem to figure it out. I’m trying to configure Retroarch for the first time. I want to use it to emulate NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, etc on my Arcade. The arcade has an Xtension 2 player control panel, configured for keyboard inputs. Works just fine with MAME games & the standalone MAME emulator. But I’m just focusing on NES & Retroarch for now. This should be simple, since I just need to enter control inputs for up, down, left, right, A, B, Start & Select. I just can’t figure out Retroarch. I’ll load the NES core in Retroarch (NestopiaUE), then go to Input and then Input User 1 Binds. I assume these are the general inputs for Retroarch overall. Not sure if I need to setup a config file for each core tho. This should be simple, but it’s not. I head down to the User 1 D-pad settings. The correct settings should be up, down, left, right arrow keys. When I press enter to change & then press down on my joystick, the key is changed to keypad2, not down. So all my settings are set to keypad8, keypad2, keypad4, keypad6. It doesn’t matter if I enter inputs with the joystick or arrow keys on the keyboard. Doesn’t matter if the keyboard number lock is on or off. So when I launch an NES game, the joystick controls do not work. I’m at a loss how to fix. I suppose I could manually change the config file in notepad++, but I cannot locate the config file on my hard drive, and I’m not sure if config files need to be made for each core. And if individual config files need to be created, how do I get them to launch with each Retroarch core? Setting up my Arcade has been a ongoing battle every step of the way. So damn frustrating. This shit is going to take me years. Any help appreciated.
  5. Hi Everyone, My setup consists of 4 xinmo joystick controllers. Running windows 10. Windows 10 has successfully configured the sticks numbering them 1-4 I am trying to configure xpadder or antimicro. I cannot save button config files and auto_launch profiles. Does anyone have a quick tutorial I can follow that shows 2 controllers setup simultaneously from the same keyboard, with auto_launching so that the profiles change with each game being loaded. cheers Bman
  6. Please vote for this option here VOTE HERE Enable the ability to assign button combinations Enable assigning multiple buttons to the same hotkey I would like to get more keyboard/Controller/Mouse hotkey options For instance currently there is no hotkey: to go to next system to go to next alphabet letter to go to bottom of list to go to top of list to open options to edit a file **to mark a favorite** disable mouse **INTEGRATE MOUSE AND CONTROLLER** (make them act as 1) record a video take a snapshot Yet we already have a shortcut key to: Show status Show sources Show developers show publishers set star rating And there are odd shortcut keys like: Volume up = + but volume down = n Page down = next (I did check this and it works correctly) Also more abilities to quickly edit the location of image directories, this could be handled by xml, cfg, a built in program, or simply a bulk edit for the root of the images For example I have my Nintendo 64 images on d:\images\Nintendo 64 in all the sorted categories fron, back, clear logo, etc. The default location is d:\frontends\launchbox\images\Nintendo 64\Images, so if I could do a bulk edit feature and put in d:\images\Nintendo 64 and everything moves to that. Please vote for this option here VOTE HERE
  7. I have an IPAC Ultimate in an arcade cabinet, and would like to use the following with Mame and RetroArch - Two 8 way 6 button digital setups (P1, P2) - Up to 2 PS3 controllers (Xinput as X360) - One Thrustmaster wheel (recognized as wheel, but could be mapped to joypad) - One Dolphinbar with 2x wiimotes (used as real wiimote for wii games, and as a mouse for MAME shooters) Any thoughts or best practice keyboard layouts? Walkthroughts that helped you, maybe? Should I say to hell with the whole thing and use a software like XPadder? I'm trying to create a key bind that works for all emulators is proving to be a huge headache. Thanks for your input
  8. Hello everyone! I'm having an issue binding the keys for RetroArch. I am unable to bind arrow keys; the bindings automatically say "Keypad 8" and so on. I have an Xtension Arcade Control Panel and I am unable to use it because it uses arrow keys whereas when I try and bind said arrow keys, it makes it a keypad instead of an arrow. Does anyone know how to bind to arrows and not the keypad? Also, is there anyway to clear all of the bindings for the hotkeys I don't need? My player 2 stick uses "F" which changes the full-screen mode and I'd like to clear that.
  9. FYI: Noob here.... I have managed to setup Retroarch on Launchbox; however I am not able to play games accurately on my laptops keyboard as there is no configuration that I can access for the keys, it seems the option is grayed out. The only working keys for games on my keyboard I believe are: X, C, R, P (pause) Space (reset) and Shift, but I do not have access to a directional Pad either UP, DW, Left and Right don't do anything when pressed. Do I have to buy BigBox as the only way to access this configuration option ??? Please Help... Also I have tried a PC controller (PS3 style) from GameStop with no luck, but I anin't worried about that now.. If someone can guide me on a how to setup a keyboard Launchbox that would be highly appreciate it. Thank you
  10. Hi everyone! I posted a topic yesterday regarding redefining joystick in Bigbox and have a feeling that it is not possible at this moment. While I searched everywhere on how to swap axes, I decided to use xpadder to overcome this issue. Now I can simply use my joystick mapped to keyboard in BigBox. However, when using joystick I found controller automation really useful, particularly Hold button+Close Active Window to exit emulators and with xpadder and keyboard I can't seem to achieve the same functionality. When I try to define either Hold or Close Active Window actions, it doesn't respond to keypresses. Is there another way on how to automate certain functions, or I have to use the 3rd party software? Thanks
  11. I was wondering if there is a way to add a place for controls/controller icons. Purpose/example: In my DOS collection there are some games i am able to play with a controller/joystick and others I am able to play with Keyboard and Mouse. It would be cool to see an Icon of say a controller (allow different controller icons to be selected such as PS4 or XBOX360/ONE Controller) or a Keyboard/Keyboard Mouse. This would also be beneficial for Wii Games since they use various controllers and controller addons this would help to quickly see what controller would need/supported to be used (such as the wiimote, nunchuck, pro controller...) Icon Ideas: Xbox 360/one, PS4, Wiimote, wii nunchuck, Wii pro controller, arcade stick, nes, snes, keyboard, mouse, KB/Mouse, joystick What do you think? REQUEST Link: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2603/controls-icons
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