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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all! I have been happily using LaunchBox for over a month now. I use Big Box mode for my stand-up CRT-based arcade machine (everything runs very low resolution; just the way I like it). Out of seemingly nowhere, I am now getting a lot of lag scrolling through games in Big Box mode. I have a pretty beefy machine (core i7 running at 4.2ghz, 24gb of RAM and an SSD). I am not sure what could have caused it. The only thing I did to my machine was add 2 AimTrak guns. I doubt that could be the cause (it doesn't even have software running in the background). I have pretty barebones
  2. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help. I'm getting a lot of lag when I'm moving between platforms in Bigbox - it's around 10-13 seconds for each right now. There are over 220 platforms in there and I thought this was the issue but I've just finished over 270 playlists and those videos are fine - click, wait 1-2 seconds, they play. I've tried several things including move them to their individual folders (A, B etc) with changes to the .xml files, defragging, moving the videos to an SSD drive and more. I'm not getting why they're quick in playlists but not in platforms. One of the videos is o
  3. I'm very impressed with RetroArch's lag-reducing run-ahead system. However, I'm very disappointed that it doesn't work with the MAME core (due to lack of save-states). The FinalBurn Alpha core in RA is great because of the runahead feature, but it would be fantastic if the MAME core could also utilise this amazing feature (especially as MAME supports more games than FBA). I am currently using the standalone version of MAME (0.198), but the lag is noticeable. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce it? Thanks
  4. Hi mates - Thankyou in advance for examining my issue, I really appreciate it. After the most recent update (beta 15) the mouse became sticky and laggy intermittently when using desktop mode. With a few days Desktop mode and Next mode ceased working altogether although Big Box worked perfectly, I decided to roll back to 8.3 and thankfully I am up and running again but unfortunately the mouse lag issue has persisted. This fault is unique to this program as I have not experienced it elsewhere. Needless to say any help solving these issues would be truly wonderful - cheers.
  5. I've been experimenting with latency-reduction via RetroArch's runahead method and am very pleased with the results. Whilst a truly lag-free experience can only be achieved with original hardware and CRT displays, RetroArch produces results that are, in my opinion, good enough. However, this technique often comes with a serious performance cost. I have been experimenting with various RA cores to see which are better suited to latency-reduction on more modest specs. Surprisingly, Genesis Plus GX has no noticeable performance loss, whereas BSNES-balanced suffers audio and framerate stutters
  6. Hi there, Launchbox has been running flawlessly for me until I deleted my arcade complete set platform to replace it with a different set. Since then it takes about 8 seconds to switch between categories. This is true even for categories with just a few games. BigBox however is running really well, I experience no lag at all there. Related info: 9934 games, No background images in launchbox options, Optimized images, Was changing categories in like 1 - 2 seconds until I deleted a massive category. Thanks in advance.
  7. I just built a new computer, and I am in the process of porting my collection from my laptop over to it. I currently have a 250 Gb SSD, and I will be getting a 2 Tb Hard Drive. Launchbox is on the SSD, because I want it to be as fast as possible. However, due to space limitations, I cannot put my entire library on the SSD. I don't want BigBox to lag when browsing my library; I want it to be as smooth as possible. Because of this, would Bigbox perform the smoothest with all games (aside from Steam) being in the Launchbox folder on my SSD, or would keeping my games in a separate folder on my Har
  8. chronichemp

    VERY laggy

    Ok, so i am looooovinng my launchbox premium but for some reason it lags like hell the ui. I have a gtx 1070 and i5-4690k, 16gb ram 2133hz. Shouldn't it run smooth as butter? I do have alot of games, could that be the problem? I cant even scroll, the program just takes a long time to load and freezes. 6315, games so far. is that why? what could i do?
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