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Found 2 results

  1. JamesBaker

    Big Box Cinematix

    Welcome any and all! Some of you may know who I am and some of you may not. For those of you that do, HELLO! For those of you that don't, NICE TO MEET YOU! And perhaps I should take this time to introduce myself. My name is James Cristopher Baker. I am 34 years old, and absolutely love EVERYTHING graphic design. 2 years ago I set out to do something different when it came to theme designs for Arcade Frontends. At the time, HyperSpin. During my duration there I learned a lot of valuable knowledge pertaining everything Graphic Design. I made a lot of friends that were helpful. From Vector redraws in PhotoShop and Illustrator,,,,to Video design in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Now allow me to backtrack a little and establish that everything video has been self taught. As some of you may know, most of the artwork at HyperSpin is made through PhotoShop. Themes that feature High Quality PNG's. I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted more effects and more ways to create animations. So, "The HyperSpin Cinematic Project" was born. It has been the hardest, most grueling thing I have ever taken on in my life. There is nothing I can do to make any of you understand what I go through to design my themes. Now, don't think I'm trying to give the impression that I'm the best thing since peanut butter and jelly, BECAUSE I'M NOT! I am a loner at heart, yet crave attention! Take that however you want to perceive it. Mainly all of my closest friends understand that I am very blunt and straight to the point. I never yell (Except when I'm watching football) and ALWAYS treat people with respect. So with that said -- I HOPE TO ONLY ATTRACT respectful individuals to this thread. People who are willing to give positive critique and feedback. People who are willing to respect me for what I do. Anyhow, why did I come to LaunchBox? Easy.... Talking with Jason and browsing through the forums gave me this wonderful feeling of positivity. Something I hadn't really felt in a long time. HyperSpin has become so over-run with negativity, I seriously believe there will be no recovery for them. I expect sometime in the future for them to release a new and improved frontend, but with everything I know about the founders and what goes on there,,,,they WILL NOT have what it takes to maintain it. LaunchBox on the other hand has BY FAR the most positive person I have ever met in this world of frontends behind the reigns. You guys know him as Jason Carr. I know him as.....well..................................Jason Carr. His live update streams and CONSTANT involvement made the decision very easy. I hope in time that most of you will open up and get involved. I love you all and well...............HERE GOES NOTHING!
  2. mcfilmmakers

    McFilmMakers Cinematix

    Original Post: JamesBaker has inspired me to share my own projects but I'm not sure how I'm going to distribute them. I would much prefer sharing them through the same method as James rather than freely available online for other software users to abuse without a Bigbox license (sorry guys). I have a handful of other cinematix I made (all 1st gen). So for now, he's what I'm currently working on: Original box: