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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone! I made this Overlays to use simultaneously with Retroarch + Launchbox, as it contains their logos. Obviously they can be used for Retroarch alone, of course! I thank the original creators for each material used! They are all 1080p overlays based 4:3 displays. Use to your home console systems INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip to Retroarch's overlays folder SCALING SETTINGS: Integer Scale: OFF Aspect Ratio: Custom Custom Aspect Ratio (X Position): 270 Custom Aspect Ratio (Y Position): 60 Custom Aspect Ratio (Width): 1342 Custom Aspect Ratio (Height): 950 Shader: anyone for flat screen Have a good time!
  2. Launchbox 1080P Home System TV Overlay View File Hello everyone! I made this Overlays to use simultaneously with Retroarch + Launchbox, as it contains their logos. Obviously they can be used for Retroarch alone, of course! I thank the original creators for each material used! They are all 1080p overlays based 4:3 displays. Use to your home console systems INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip to Retroarch's overlays folder SCALING SETTINGS: Integer Scale: OFF Aspect Ratio: Custom Custom Aspect Ratio (X Position): 270 Custom Aspect Ratio (Y Position): 60 Custom Aspect Ratio (Width): 1342 Custom Aspect Ratio (Height): 950 Shader: anyone for flat screen Have a good time! Submitter soqueroeu Submitted 07/03/2020 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  3. Hi, I am trying to set up PPSSPP currently and got it all mapped with AHK using the standard "key down, Sleep 10, key up" method which works fine except I realized something playing Mega Man. Because it just recognizes that the key is pressed down for a short amount of time he only jumps a really low jump. I could increase the sleep time but then he would always just super high. Does anyone have a script for different variables which I can use? What is the workaround that people use for this issue? Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone! I´m trying to use launchbox to execute PS3 games with Rpcs3. I add the rom using the path of the EBOOT.BIN file, under "dev_hdd0\game\Name of the game\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\EBOOT.BIN" but this doesn´t work. If i open that bin file using the RPCS3 emulator all works ok, but if i point that path with launchbox to open with the RPCS3 emulator, nothing happens, it shows "Failed to mount disc directory for the disc game (Code of the game)" Does anyone knows how to launch rpcs3 games with Launchbox? There is a command line parameter or something? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello All, This is a follow up to my previous post regarding demul and Sega Naomi. I was able to import the Naomi games thanks to @DOS76, unfortunately when I try to launch a GD rom, demul appears but nothing happens after that. I receive no errors from Launchbox or Demul. Could this be an issue with a plugin in Demul? Non-GD roms are able to launch fine and I have the roms & bios directory highlighting my mame folder with a merged chd set included. Thanks!
  6. These custom console themed overlays were edited and assembled by me to play your retro console games with a unique nostalgic bezel on Retroarch. Please enjoy and have fun. Please give me credit and the others involved if you use it on your Youtube channel. Thanks. Most of the original artwork came from ReignStumble. Credit is given to RetroKenesis for the bezel frames. You can download all my console themed overlays here - http://bit.ly/2nbRtPs Here's a Tutorial on how to add them to Retroarch.
  7. I am curently running Mame version 0.139. I tried using retroarch for Mame but i always ran into sound and video issues but it opened all my games fine with launchbox! I decided to just use the stand alone emulator but now when I import my games the games they don't open. Nothing happens. If i launch the games inside of the emulator itself the games boot just fine. What should I do?
  8. Version 2.0


    Native Launcher for MS-DOS LaunchBox for MS-DOS 2.0 is here! If you run MS-DOS (or the DOS console in Windows 95/98), this should be very much enjoyed. It allows you to easily sort through and manage your games/apps within DOS, without taking any extra memory from your apps or introducing any compatibility issues at all. This is done via a simple batch file that starts up and shuts down the launcher as needed. LaunchBox for MS-DOS also works very well with DOSBox if you'd like to use a menu system inside of DOSBox. System Requirements MS-DOS 3.30 or higher 286 or higher CPU (uses 286 CPU instructions) Installation Unzip the zip file and place the contents onto a floppy disk or other media. Copy the four files into a folder on your hard disk (or just keep it on the floppy, it runs from the floppy as well). Navigate to the folder with the files and run LAUNCH.BAT. LAUNCH.BAT can also be called from your AUTOEXEC.BAT file if you'd like LaunchBox to start on boot. You can then add Windows 3.1 or 95/98 to LaunchBox in order to optionally start up Windows by just browsing for WIN.COM. Change Log Version 2.0 - Released Sunday, January 29, 2018 - Many new fields are available for each item: Genre, Series, Developer, Publisher, Release Year, Status, and Favorite - Can now sort items by Title, Favorite, Release Date, and Status - Can now filter items by Genre, Series, Developer, Publisher, Release Year, or Status - LaunchBox now remembers your last selection - List titles and counts have been added Version 1.1 - Released Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - New "Move to Top" and "Move to Bottom" options are available under the Edit menu - New "Insert Separator" option available under the Edit menu - Each application can now have a separate set of commands for configuring the application - New explicit "Run Selected" and "Configure Selected" options are available under the File menu - New "Browse and Run" option is available under the File menu - New "Lock" option is available under the File menu to help prevent accidental changes - Changed the batch file process to better support DOSBox and older versions of MS-DOS Version 1.0 - Released Friday, January 13, 2017 - Initial Release Easter Eggs There are several incredibly stupid easter eggs in the program. Hint: What is the second most popular cheat code ever? Version 1.0 Announcement Video Screenshots
  9. Hi i have imported successfully Bally Astrocade to launchbox but unfortunately i cannot get the emulator to work. I have seen some information on the forum but still i cannot figure it out. I have tried mame and retroarch but no success. On retroarch i have tried Mame, mame2014 and MESS core i get a flash of a window and then dissapears. I have also read that i have to do MESS bioses to system folder of Retroarch and i did. With-regards MAME i do not even get the flash window. I have also put the bioses on rom folder of MAME. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue with AHK and finding my joystick names for remapping. I'm using a GP-wiz 40 encoder and I'm trying to remap the joystick for up/down/left/right respectively. I read through some documentation and I'm not able to figure it out unfortunately. Devices in control panel only lets me see which number the buttons are relating to, not the joystick. Is there an easy way of figuring it out? I tried the test script AHK has but it doesn't seem to recognize my gp-wiz40 for some reason, even though it does in launchbox. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hello, all. I've run into an issue with certain games that won't show RetroAchievements information when I select them. I believe it has something to do with how they're named on the RetroAchievements website, since the names sometime don't match up with the LaunchBox Games Database names. Is there a workaround to fix this without renaming my games? An example of this issue would be Neo Turf Masters under the arcade platform. On RetroAchievements its named "Neo Turf Masters | Big Tournament Golf," while on the LaunchBox Games Database, it's named "Neo Turf Masters." Another example would be The Simpsons. On RetroAchievements, the game is named "Simpsons, The," while on the LaunchBox Games Database, its named "The Simpsons." Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  12. Hey! I was wondering how to add Breakout to Launchbox. This game does not have any rom files associated with it (that I downloaded) weirdly enough and as such I cannot find out how to add it to Launchbox.
  13. Just thought I would give people a little tutorial here on how to use "mklink" to create a Symbolic Link for the Launchbox Cache. Some people say it improves performance (I certainly noticed it) and some say they don't notice much of a difference, I guess it depends on your set up. This method worked for me very well when I moved the Cache to my SSD, I found that I could now use images set to there highest quality without any impact on performance and the images look great on a 4k TV. So here is what worked for me: 1. First download and install LINK SHELL EXTENSION found here http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html (be sure to install the dependency's first)You should now have the option when you right click on a file to "Pick Link Source". 2. On your SSD where you want your CACHE to be located create a folder called "CACHE" (I find that creating a Folder named something like "Launchbox Cache" and then placing the new Cache folder inside it works best). 3. Go to your Launchbox folder and find the original CACHE folder in the IMAGES folder and copy everything in the CACHE folder to your new CACHE folder on your SSD. (this may take a while, alternatively you could just delete everything in the original cache folder if you wish but you will have to repopulate it later after the folder is linked, not a big deal really I just leave launchbox in "attract mode" so the Cache gets filled up). 4. Once you have copied everything (or deleted everything) from the original CACHE folder also delete the actual ORIGINAL CACHE folder itself as well (this part is important). 5. now go to your SSD and right click your new CACHE folder (or the folder it's in) you created earlier and select "Pick Link Source" 6. now go to your IMAGES folder in launchbox right click it and select "Drop as Junction" This will automatically create a new CACHE folder (where you deleted the original) INSIDE the IMAGES folder with a little chain icon attached to it indicating that it is now linked to your SSD CACHE folder! That's it simple but took me a while to get my head around so I just thought I would post this. A way to test if this is working correctly is to do the same with your platform videos folder, if after following the instructions above your videos display properly, everything is working fine! or of course you could just watch the space left on your SSD as the cache fills up.
  14. When I want to open a stella game in launchbox, it doesn't start, I need help. PD: sorry if it is misspelled, I am from Argentina
  15. Hi guys. Hope you're doing well. My question, Is there a way to add a specific background image to a playlist? So for example, say the platform is Arcade and the playlist created in Arcade is for Sega. I would then like a particular Sega background image to appear for just that Sega playlist. Is this a current feature or perhaps planned for a future update? Thank you to all the developers and contributors.
  16. I just uploaded a video of my collection for your perusal - first time builder, be kind!!
  17. Can't seem to find the answer to this, though I found a very similar post, that seems to have gone unanswered: I have my bin/cue Neo Geo CD games loading directly from Retroarch using the FBAlpha core. But, I cannot seem to get these to launch form within Launchbox. I used to do this through RocketLauncher, but i'm sick and tired of using it and would like to streamline things. Any ideas? I'm probably missing something simple... i'm still a little new to LB.
  18. Just wondering why I'm having this issue, if it hasn't been addressed by anyone else yet. Background fanart images do appear, but any game that only has a clear logo, the logo will not display
  19. Howdy-Howdy everyone! I have two questions and both are related to LaunchBox (not BigBox) and to using LaunchBox in List View. First Question: Is it possible to have LaunchBox sort Favorites to the top of the list when I start up LaunchBox? By default simply alphabetizes the entire platform though I have Arrange by "Favorite" chosen in the arrange options. I use LaunchBox for absolutely everything and I use the Favorite tag to show me everything DOS & Windows-based that is installed. It only takes me two clicks of the Favorites column header to sort this so this is nit-pick on my part but I use LaunchBox for absolutely everything gaming-related so I thought I would ask. Second Question: Can the badges introduced in the 10.11 update be used in List View? It would be great to see those listed on the right side of the filename. I do have "Show Badges" enabled along with a few badge types selected but none of that shows. Love your frontend and all the people who mod for it. Keep up the great work and thank you!
  20. Hi guys i have a question i have xenia downloaded and launchbox i can launch xbox 360 iso's through the emulator but when i launch them through launchbox I get this a target error but when i right like and check the directory path is right and when i right lick and laucn the emulator it boots the games just not when i double click on the game this pic is what i get does anyone know why its giving me a error? Im new here so thanks for any help in advance.
  21. View MAME High scores in Game Details - A plugin for LaunchBox/BigBox View File View MAME High scores in Game Details - A plugin for LaunchBox/BigBox Use this plugin to see a games top 3 high scores in the Game Details. Features Shows high scores for most games in your Arcade platform in the Game Details. After playing a MAME Arcade game that saves its' high scores [and is supported by the included hi2txt program], this adds a Custom Field called "Hi-Scores" to the game. It will store 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and appear in the Game Details when the game is selected. What's needed (3) files that are included in the downloaded zip file (the plugin) MAME configured to save high scores Saved high score files (These are automatically generated by MAME [once configured to save them] in the "hi" and/or “nvram” subfolders of your MAME emulator) What it won't do Show high scores for games using emulators other than MAME. MAME does not save high scores for all arcade machines, so not all games are supported by this plugin. Contributors @jayjay and @JoeViking245 A HUGE Special Thanks goes to GreatStone’s utility “hi2txt”. This utility converts MAME’s high score files into a readable format which ultimately makes this plugin possible!! http://greatstone.free.fr/hi2txt/index.html Installation and setup instructions: Step 1: Installing the Plugin Step 2: Making sure MAME is set up to save high scores Installing the Plugin: Download the plugin, LB-BB_Hi_Scores_v1.0.zip, from the LaunchBox download section After you’ve downloaded the zip file, be sure to unblock it in Windows by right clicking it, selecting Properties, and clicking Unblock Open the zip file and extract/copy the "Hi_Scores" folder into ..\LaunchBox\Plugins e.g D:\LaunchBox\Plugins\ If you have previously installed “MAME Hi-Score Display - A plugin for BigBox”, you will only to copy the “HiScoreCustomField.dll” file into that same folder. Otherwise all 3 files are required. The 2 plugins will not conflict with each other. Setting up MAME to save high scores: Using a recent official MAME release – By default, plugins are enabled in MAME. You can verify this by looking at the “mame.ini” file located in the root MAME install folder. Open “mame.ini” and scroll down to (or press Control + F and search for) “Scripting Options”. “plugins” should be set to 1. If it’s 0 (zero), change it to 1. Next, open “plugin.ini” also located in MAME’s root directory and change “hiscore” to 1. If you have an older release of MAME, you may need to do the following steps. Go to this website: http://www.mameworld.info/highscore/download.htm and download a copy of the file hiscore.dat that corresponds to your version of MAME. The file (hiscoredat.zip) will need to be unzipped. Place the file hiscore.dat in your MAME/Plugins folder Open up your MAME.ini file in a text editor. In newer versions, this file will be in the same directory as the MAME.exe Press control + F and search for “Scripting Options” Next to the word Plugins, type “1” no quotes Next to the word Plugin, type “hiscore” no quotes It will look like this: How to use: Start LaunchBox or BigBox Go into the "Arcade" Platform Select a game, run it, then close it Now select a different game, then go back (poor man’s version to refresh the Game Details) If the game has saved high scores, they will now appear in that game’s Detail pane Depending on the BigBox theme you use, the amount of data shown in the Game Details may be limited. So you might need to go into Options, Game Details and deselect some of the Details. Be sure that “Custom Fields” is checked. Submitter JoeViking245 Submitted 12/04/2019 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins  
  22. Hi guys ! My setup of Launchbox/Bigobox is all fine on my computer and I can launch all platforms and play my games without any issues. Things get annoying for me when I want to play my games on my Tv through HDMI. Here is why : I can play all games when I use stand alone emulators (snex9, yabause, epsxe, etc.) except when I choose to play them through Retroarch. This multiplatform emulator works fine when I use it on my computer but crashes when my computer is connected through hdmi to my tv ! I searched on the forums and googled this problem but no one seems to have that issue Can anyone please help me solve this problem since I don’t want to configure stand alone emulator for each platform. It’s a lot more convenient to play my games and platforms using just retroarch Thanks in advance for your help
  23. Hi fellow Retro Monkeys. I am finally settled in Ireland with an awesome 500mbps connection and main Rig built and doing great for PC Gaming and everyday Work/Use. Now the time has come to build me a Retro Gaming only Micro-ATX rig. Nothing extravagant, just enough to run everything from GB all the way to GC/PS2 and maybe PS3 if emulator permits. Budget is less than 400GBP (I use Amazon UK). So far I have a build on both PC Part Picker and Amazon UK. I already have a 4TB WD Red NAS Drive for LaunchBox and ROMs. That's my limit for now. Use Poll to vote for best build, even though difference between the two is minimal at best, tell me what you guys think after voting. Thanks
  24. Hello! So I'm currently trying to run .bin of Sega Saturn games, just any Sega Saturn game, through MAME. I've set up MAME in launchbox as the default emulator for Sega Saturn ROMs. I believe the commandline prompt I have for Sega Saturn ROMs being booted through MAME is "saturn -cdrom" (I'm not at home so I can't remember, but I have a setup for the other platforms (MegaDrive, SNES, NeoGeo, PlayStation) with no issues. When I double click a Saturn ROM (be it zipped or extrated and accessing the .bin file), the Saturn startup sequence loads through MAME no problem, then it goes to the "drive empty" screen the Saturn would have used. Wondering if I'm perhaps using the wrong ROMs, but not really sure. I understand that showing where to get ROMS etc is prohibited, and I'm most definitely not asking for that, however if I am using the wrong content (I don't even know how you would be able to tell from this post, sorry in advance!), I'd like to know, and any keywords that might aid my search for finding appropriate working Saturn ROMs. EDIT: Just want to say thanks in advance for any help anybody is willing to take the time to give me, the community here has helped me a great deal through simply using the search function (which I 100% used for this problem but found nothing, sadly). So, thank you for your time!
  25. Introduction After figuring out how to implement PS2 games into my Launchbox library properly i thought i'd share my findings. This is a slightly different approach than the guide by Zombeaver. It has a bit more manual configuration work but it's also more elegant in that it does not require a third party tool or individual command line options. It still features individual configurations (and mem cards) for each game. Step 1 - Setting up your PCSX2 installation: You should be using one of the experimental 1.5.0 builds at this point. The last stable release is 4 years old now and simply outdated. Provide Bios file to Bios directory and start PCSX2 Misc > Uncheck "Show Console" Config > Memory Cards: Convert your memcards to folders and make sure the "Automatically manage saves based on running game" checkbox is tickedSet up like this PCSX2 will automatically create new memcards based on the running game. You don't have to manage mem cards anymore. Config > Emulation settings - GS Window: Enable "Default to Fullscreen" Config > Emulation settings - GS Window: Enable "Always hide mouse cursor" Config > Emulation settings - Speedhacks: Choose Preset 3 Config > Emulation settings - Speedhacks: Now disable Presets Config > Emulation settings - Speedhacks: Disable MTVU Option Config > Controllers > Plugin Settings: Set up your controller of choice in Lilypad plugin settings Config > Video > Plugin Settings: Feel free to adjust Internal Resolution to your liking(Thanks to Suhrvivor for pointing out OpenGl as the better default) Config > Video > Plugin Settings > Shader Configuration (optional)Recommended Shader options: PIXEL_VIBRANCE & TEXTURE_SHARPEN Step 2 - Setting up PCSX2 in Launchbox Go to Menu > Tools > Manage Emulators > Add Select PCSX2 from the Emulator Name dropdown menu Point the Emulator Application Path at your PCSX2 executable Use the following Default Command-Line Parameters: --fullscreen --portable --cfgpath=inis\%gameid%The %gameid% variable will tell launchbox to parse the game's ID from the XML data and insert it into the command line. The --cfgpath=inis\ infront of this will result in a unique subdirectory in your PCSX2's ini folder where the configuration for each specific game will be saved. Unfortunately %gameid% is the only available parameter to use for this to work. It would be nice if there was a parameter to just use the rom's filename (twice) but launchbox doesn't have it right now. Go to the Running Autohotkey Script tab and remove the ESC > Close script for now.. Step 3 - Import and configure your PS2 games Import your PS2 game image as rom file and choose PCSX2 as emulator. Now try to start the game once.You will get an error message like this. At this point PCSX has already created a new subfolder in the inis directory based on the %gameid% variable. But since it is empty, you are greeted by the config wizard. Choose cancel and navigate to your ..\PCSX2\inis directoryHere you can see an example for the auto-created ini folder. It can be identified by being the newest folder and only containing these two files. Now copy all .ini files from your inis folder to the subdirectory and overwrite when prompted.We have now supplied this game with the chosen default settings. Start the game again from Launchbox. This time it should run with your chosen default settings. Now it is time to finetune your game config. As a source of information for game configs i used each game's entry in the PCSX2 wiki. Here you can find detailed information about most game's issues and their known workarounds. Alternatively, you can use the PCSX2 Config Spreadsheet Zombeaver provides in his guide. Press ESC, make adjustments and hit File > Resume to test the settings. At this point making changes on the fly like this is very reliable in PCSX2. Once you are pleased with the result, just close PCSX2. Your changes will be saved to the game's individual config. Now repeat Step 3 for all your PS2 games (I know ... *yawn*) Step 4 - Finalizing When you have all your games imported and configured there are 2 more steps to make integration into Launchbox perfect. Change the Default Command-Line Parameters of your PCSX2 Emulator in Launchbox to: --fullscreen --portable --nogui --cfgpath=inis\%gameid% By adding --nogui each game will start directly without invoking the main PCSX2 window. Go to the Running Autohotkey Script tab and restor the ESC > Close script as follows: (Thanks to Retro808 for providing a cleaner close command) ; This section closes PCSX2 when pressing Escape $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe pcsx2.exe } This will restore the functionality of the ESC key to quit the PCSX2 process. This is especially important if you are using the --nogui parameter because using the (regular) ESC in PCSX2 with --nogui and disabled log window will leave you with no visual indication that PCSX2 is still running. And you will have to kill the process from the task manager every time. Afterthoughts You may have guessed it by now, with the gameid being cryptic as they are, the only sensible way to re-adjust your games is to undo Step 4, make the corrections ingame and then reapply it. That is the one gripe i have with this approach at the moment. But it's really a minor inconveniance. The result is a really easy import process on the Launchbox side and still getting those per/game configs & saves. So i am very happy. Let me know what you think and please share ideas for improvement.
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